30+ Air Fryer Desserts Ideas With Easy Recipes

Although it’s been in existence for quite a while, we realize that you can use the air fryer not only for frying but many other things. Did you know you can use it to make delicious and easy-to-make desserts?

This simple gadget is simply too good to be true yet an essential piece to use for the different needs of most people.

Air Fryer and desserts

Believe it or not, you can have almost any kind of dessert you want with this gadget. The list is endless for what you can make in the air fryer from the doughnuts, brownies, cookies, and pies.

Check the ones I will show you below for ideas on the one types or ones you can make.

Best air fryer desserts

1. Air Fryer Deep Fried Oreo Beignets

Air Fryer Deep Fried Oreo Beignets

One thing you may think is how can this gadget even make this favorite dessert. We are here to tell you that, yes, this tool is going to make these desserts. The fantastic thing is that they will smoother this Oreo dessert using powdered sugar.

If you enjoy the Oreo cookies, you should try this type as it’s one of the most remarkable ways to enjoy the Oreo. Whether you are out here looking for a coffee snack or just want to make your meal finisher, consider this one.

Anyone with a sweet tooth like mine will understand where I’m coming from. I know you may want to make your traditional type, but then you can also enjoy this one ready in minutes of making it. The process of making this chocolaty and creamy beignet is everything as it takes a shorter time.  

Don’t ever forget the fact that you will have a healthier dessert than the traditional style in no time.

Check out this recipe for ideas when you want to eat it.

2. Easy air fryer donuts

Easy air fryer donuts

I’m not sure it’s always okay to refer to these goodies as desserts but trust me, when you taste them, you will know why I set them in this category. They are sweet and delicious to use, and of course, it reduces the need to use a lot of oil.

These goodies are surprisingly going to be the best ones you can use to serve to your guest in a matter of minutes after you start the process of making them. These are the quickest yet the ease it to make, and you know how? When you use the air fryer.

Surprisingly you will have the healthier options as you don’t have to use a lot of oil to fry them. If you want to try the fluffy, crumbly, and delicious donuts, make the process easy using this recipe.

3. Air Fryer Churro Apple Pie Bombs

Air Fryer Churro Apple Pie Bombs

You can be sure to have it ready in just 20 minutes. The most fantastic thing then is that you need only about five minutes. If you then use some vanilla ice-cream as a topping, you will have made it into an ideal dessert.  

The most fantastic thing is that you will take the shortest time to make the most amazing bombs with the air fryer. Notice that you can also use it to make the canned biscuit dough.

When you are short of ideas to use in making these meals, you should consider this recipe as it’s not only easy; instead, you will make it fast too.

4. Easy air fryer churros

Easy air fryer churros

Did you know you could make the best churros using the air fryer? Well, now you know you can do so. The one thing you will never understand is how it then develops the crunchy exterior while maintaining the perfect golden brown color.

You will then need to pass it through your cinnamon sugar for an even better taste in most cases. I know you may not know much about it, but if you like the Mexican dishes, you probably already come across these perfect goodies.

Those of us with the sweet tooth know such sugary deals are everything for us. We just have to make the dessert goodies as we would like to enjoy them. But for ideas on how to make them this delicious, then you can try this recipe.

5. Chocolate soufflé

Chocolate soufflé

Here you have another one of the best ideals of the dessert you can use alongside your different meals. It’s a small-size dessert option. Remember then you will need only three components when you’re making the desserts.

I know you may be surprised at how the air fryer can make it, and I would like to make it easy. For those addicted to chocolate, here is the perfect choice to use soufflés. Find the recipe here for the perfect ideas.  

6. Best Chocolate Air Fryer Cake

Best Chocolate Air Fryer Cake

One of the most common deserts to have is the cakes, and you can be sure to have the perfect cakes in the air fryers, too, you know. The truth is that if you like the ooey-gooey tasting cake, you will have it when you try this recipe we have here.

Of course, this is not your regular cake. It’s an excellent lava cake, and I must say you will love its moist texture. You can be sure you will mostly have the pure bites of goodness when you make the cake. You have no reason to look for other recipes when you literary can make it following this recipe.

When you try this recipe, you will never want to make any other chocolate cake because this is a pack of goodness.

7. Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies

Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another one of the most common dessert meal choices then is usually the cookies, and here then you have some of the best cookies you could ever like to use. The cookies are the perfect addition to your different meals. You will like it the most because of the chocolate chips.

Of course, you can bake these goodies, but you don’t have to when you have the air fryer. If you have the best air fryer, then you should make these cookies inside. The perfect thing that will surprise you is that you can make them in such a short time.

The best idea then is to cook it following the recipe to the latter.

8. Easy air fryer brownies

Easy air fryer brownies

So if you like the chewy but also the thick brownies, this is your recipe. Notice that here you will have the easy-to-make yet very delicious option of dessert.

We like shortcuts, so the brownies will give us the dessert shortcut. You will like the crumbly nature of the chocolate desserts.

You can be sure to have the most delicious option in no time. Thanks to the air fryer today, you can make different meals without using a lot of oil. Bottom-line, you will get the perfect texture.

You will like this option because it takes you just a few minutes to cook the brownies in the air fryer, you know. Check out the recipe we have here for ideas.

9. Easy air fryer cherry turn

Easy air fryer cherry turn

If you are on a diet trying to stay snatched, we have some meals for you to try here. You will amazingly enjoy adding the best meal to your desert list, especially since it delivers the perfect meal.

I like that it’s such an easy to make one type of meal. I know this one makes the perfect snack but also the ideal snack to use when needed.

You can be sure you will use it ideally with the apples or cherries. Check out the recipe we have here for the best ideas on how to make it.

10. Easy Air Fryer Apples

Easy Air Fryer Apples

When you are tired of eating the apples as they are, you can find ways to make them even better when you fry them in the air fryer and then coat them in cinnamon sugar.

One thing standing out is that this is one of the easiest desserts you can use.

Of course, if you like apples so much, you should wait for the fall to have as many as you can. Also, consider making the desired style of the apples.

This will be perfect, and whether you want to name it an air fryer apple recipe or even apple fries? Here is the perfect recipe you can use.

11. Air Fryer S’mores

Air Fryer Smores

Do you love s’more? Are you one of those who would like to make them every weekend, then you need an air fryer? Until I tried it, I never thought it would be even easier to make the s’mores in my air fryer.

Once you understand what to do in avoiding the s’mores pop, you are good to go. You then have the chocolate in the middle of it all.

It’s crunchy, and of course, it makes the best dessert to use or even use the coffee. You will like it mostly just because it’s ready in 7 minutes.

So when you are looking at golden marshmallows with chocolate and graham crackers, you should try the recipe we have here.

12. Best molten air fryer lava cake

  Best molten air fryer lava cake

When you get to try this cake, you won’t believe how delicious it is. You will most of all enjoy the smoothness and the deliciousness, mainly because it is effortless to make it.

When you intend to make an outstanding dessert, then this is the best choice. The fact that you can easily make it in the air fryer stands out.

This is the easiest way to come up with the best dessert cake. Notice that this one is still a molten lava kind of cake.

If not for anything, you will like the tastes of the cake. This is going to be a delicious choice of cake you can use alongside most other meals. Be informed that the tastes you have, therefore, will help blend with your other meals. Check out the recipe we have here.

13. Air fryer caramelized bananas

Air fryer caramelized bananas

The incredible thing is that you are going to attain crispy delicious, yet tasty bananas.

This will be softer or better known as gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside. Such then make the perfect blend for the different other foods you have.

If you want, then you can blend it with the different food you have. The best part of this food is that you have it be ready in such a short time.

This is a healthy yet inexpensive kind of meal, and don’t forget then that it’s such a sweet dessert you can use.

It’s going to be caramel-like, and if you want, then you can pair it with the other toppings of your choice. You don’t even have to think a lot through this recipe because you will need to have only three ingredients, and that’s about it.

14. Air Fryer Blueberry Cobbler for Two

Air Fryer Blueberry Cobbler for Two

When you are talking of the cobbler, then you have the easy-to-make recipes. The good thing then is that you can pair this with your favorite coffee. Of all the recipe options you have here, you will be surprised that it’s one of the easiest to make options.

It will make for an easy to prepare dessert that you can easily blend with your meal course. Notice that this is yet a delicious meal to use.

Here, you have an easy recipe to make, and the best part is that you will only need a few ingredients to make this recipe faster. To make it a perfect dessert, most people even like to add on the vanilla ice cream.

This is a kid-friendly dessert which is also why most people like it. You will like it even being a gluten-free choice of meal. The best part is that you don’t need a lot of the ingredient to make the recipe.

15. Air fryer biscuits

Air fryer biscuits

This one will work great as appetizers, but you can as well use them as desserts. Notice that the air fryer biscuits will always work for any meal you like—people like it because it’s easy to make and you will do so fast.

The best thing to do then is to make them and use them alongside your course.

Mix all the ingredients you intend to cook and then cook them in the air fryer. This one is great but mostly packed with the cheesy flavor making it one of the top and best to use desert.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to making the biscuits; you will find it relatively easy to use. This is the best recipe you can use.

16. Air fryer fried ice-cream

Air fryer fried ice cream

I know, just like myself, most of you didn’t know you could have such a great dessert. You see, we make the ice cream in the air fryer. So although we refer to it as fried ice cream, it’s not fried.  This one will taste the same way as the real fried ice cream.

Do you want to attain almost the same tastes as you do when you’re in restaurants? If you have ever made the deep-fried ice cream, you can be sure you will have the same here when using the air fryer. The only difference is that it will not be deep-fried.

So you will make it just the same way you usually make the others. It would help if you fried the ice cream quickly deep. So then you will have the whipped cream to make it a perfect addition to any of the most common meals.

While I’ve always made mine in the deep fryer, when I found this recipe, I knew it was the best one for me.

17. Air Fryer Apple Pie Chimichangas

Air Fryer Apple Pie Chimichangas

This is very close to apple flautas and apple pie tacos, but it makes the perfect desserts. You will not even need to fry it in oil.

When you have the apple season, this is the best choice to use as an addition to your favorite meals. The fact that it’s easy to make is just what makes people like and enjoy it the most.

When you are looking for a delicious addition to your meal, this is what you should use, you know. So when you’re looking for a dessert meal, consider making this one at home.

If you’re anything like me who likes to try all the new recipes, you should come on and try this recipe with me. I’m sure you will love the apple-style dessert.

18. Pizza Dough Pretzel Bites

Pizza Dough Pretzel Bites

Pretzel is the addition of the best dessert you can use alongside your regular meal. If you’re going to use the air fryer, then you are sure you will enjoy making it.

If you are not into sugary foods, this will work for you as it’s nicely salty. Nonetheless, you can have it cook in less than ten minutes.

Notice too that this one is way too easy to make the pretzel. Notice, though, that you will most likely enjoy it, especially if you like all the different kinds of pretzels. I just like these types, especially since it’s more like the traditional soft pretzel.

You will most likely understand the two types. Whether it’s the traditional pretzel or the new ones, then it’s the same. Check out this recipe today for ideas.

19.  Air fryer cinnamon apple rings

Air fryer cinnamon apple rings

Here you have another more straightforward way to make your snacks. But this you can also use as a dessert meal. After all, when you’re buying the dessert, you aim to make it within a short while. Of course, if you’re going to use them as snacks, you need to prep them early.  

You see, this is more like the perfect snack you can use for the weekends when the kids are back home. But the same ingredient then you can use as a dessert when you’re short of ideas.

Remember to enjoy this meal together with your hot cup of coffee. You can be sure to enjoy the withstanding crunchy apple tastes if you use this recipe.

20. Air Fryer Baked Apples

Air Fryer Baked Apples

This one will be ready in less than 15 minutes, and the fantastic thing then is that you’re going to use it with your everyday ingredients. So then you can use it whether you have an air fryer or the oven.

So when you’re craving the sweet delicacies, you can then add the ice cream on top of the apple treats. So, of course, you only need the apple, cinnamon, and fill it with the butter. But you can add on the oats to make the apple crunchy.

Make sure you use the perfect measurements to make sure you get it right. But if you then follow this recipe guide, you can be sure it’s going to be a great meal.

21. Air fryer strawberry pop tarts

Air fryer strawberry pop tarts

Here you have the nostalgic goodies that you can use as desserts, too, just because it’s easier to make and it takes a much shorter time.

Notice that you can make it with the fridge pie crust. And you can then quickly insert them into the air fryer.

You can then drizzle the simple powdered sugar onto the surface to make it appealing to the eyes. Here then you will have the perfect tart to use alongside the different foods.

Notice that the sweet icing makes it stand out and thus match the different meals you may have. Check out the recipe here if you want to try it, though.

22.  Air fryer shortbread

Air fryer shortbread

In most cases, you can be sure to have the shortbread anywhere in the restaurants and bakery stores. But did you know you can make them in your house? I like to use my air fryer for this. You see, you can also make homemade cream for the addition to your cookies.

So once you make the dough, then the easiest way to go about everything is to use your cookie cutter to shape the cookies. If you like the chocolate chips, you should wait until they are about 50% done to add the chips on and make it even more delicious.

Just remember to use your air fryer baking mat to stop the sticking of the cookies. For those looking for a dessert or some cookie to eat alongside your coffee, try this recipe.  

23. Air fryer chocolate cake

Air fryer chocolate cake

One of the easiest ways to make a dessert is just to make a beautiful cake. Well, while most of us don’t know this, you can make a cake in an air fryer, and it will come out just as good as you would make it in the oven.

Of course, if you haven’t made one in the air fryer, you are probably wondering how in the hell this one is going to be great but trust me, you will always like it.

However, the more remarkable thing is that you will have the exact recipe you do when making the same cake in the oven. But the best part is that when you finish baking, then the cake will slide right through.

So when you’re looking for the moist, sweet, nicely crumbly cake, here is the recipe you should use.

24. Air Fryer Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake

Air Fryer Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake

Even in your wildest thoughts, you would know that this is more than possible. A cinnamon nut mug cake can be for anything; it could make your breakfast, but it’s also ideal to use when you’re looking for the quick desert.

You don’t even have to think about the kind of meal you are prepping; this one will always work to deliver the perfect combo.

This will make the perfect addition to use alongside your coffee or as a finisher for the meal course. Don’t worry; you will have it easy to make it, and also long as you add on the walnuts, you will have made the perfect additions. Check out the recipe we have here.  

25. Air Fryer Apple Fritters

Air Fryer Apple Fritters

Have you tasted the fritters that are literary made using the air fryer? You will never again deep fry yours when you learn this trick to use to make the apple fritters. Making it a favorite in most homes today is that you can even use it for cooking your meals in lesser time.

It will take about 30% less than the usual time. It will also make it easy to cook the fritters but in a healthier way.

Of course, if you use the proper methods to use it, you will even get the perfect crisp to cook the apple fritters. Here you are going to have the few ingredients to use when making a perfect meal. Would you like to try this one? Check the recipe here.

26. Air fryer donuts

Air fryer donuts

So now you will realize that you have the donuts even much more accessible. So, of course, you can use the donuts that they deep fry.

But then here, you make it in the air fryer, which makes it healthier. The first thing you should know is that it’s much easier to make them and it takes away shorter time to cook you know.

Notice then that this is going to be soft on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It has a tender interior notice that the donut is then dipped in the sugar glaze to make it an even sweeter treat.

Make no mistake when you use this one; you will be surprised that it tastes more like the ones you find at the donut place. Check the recipe we have here.

27. Air Fryer Glazed Cake Doughnut Holes

Air Fryer Glazed Cake Doughnut Holes

One of the things you may never know is how in the hell they make this kind of donut, and of course, when you have such a recipe, then you can make it perfect. You will like about it then that you will save a lot more calories when you use this one.  

The other thing is that you will like the cakey glazed doughnut that gives it a more donut feel but with the cake exterior. This is the perfect sweet treat to use as a dessert.

Of course, you will need to use the same ingredients you use to make the donuts.

But if you want it now and have an air fryer, you should try this recipe here.

28. Blueberry bread pudding

Blueberry bread pudding

Here you have nothing short of creamy filling, satiating, and beautifully delicious. So then you will like this one because it’s a blend of the best dessert you can use alongside your different meals.

This is one of the best brunch favorites just because it blends the best ingredients.

This recipe you can use whether you will make it in the air fryer, instant pot, and the oven. The best part is then that you will have the spice cravings also fulfilled. You will have different areas to cook it. In this case, though, we are talking about the air fryer.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make the perfect desserts.  

29. Very Berry Bread Pudding

Very Berry Bread Pudding

One of the most common desserts in the different restaurants is the bread pudding. You may never know that then the bread pudding is quite versatile, and you can use different berries to make it even better if you like to.

If you don’t mind adding the different things, do so; even when you add the bananas, you will quickly make it a banana bread pudding. I like the old-fashioned cinnamon bread pudding, but we are talking of the berry-style bread pudding in this recipe.

This one is easy to make if you have an air fryer.  Check out this recipe to make this one.

30. Air fryer apple hand pies

Air fryer apple hand pies

Do you want to eat some apple pie?  I like to make this over the weekends for dessert. This is mainly because you have a little more time. The good thing is that it will be ready in just a little over 10 minutes.

These are easy to make, and of course, you can make them snacks or even desserts. Of course, nothing will beat the flavors and the deliciousness of the apple pies. When you have the recipe right like the one we have here, you will make it first for those days when you want a quick pie.  

31. Healthy Air Fryer Peaches

Healthy Air Fryer Peaches

And when the peach season is here, then you can find other methods to eat them raw. So, of course, this will make a great summer dessert, and it’s perfectly incredibly flavored. So notice then that you will have it being even tastier when you add the ice cream on top.

When making this one, the aim is to make it vegan-friendly, and of course, here we have a vegan choice of meal. Of course, it’s during summer that you will have your peaches ripening perfectly. Here then you have the guilt-free perfect recipe to use alongside the meal.

32. Air fryer pineapple

Air fryer pineapple

I know you may be thinking, how is this even possible yet it is. You can make your pineapples in the air fryer to have them even better desserts.

Here you, therefore, have the healthy sweet pineapples that you will use as part of your perfect dessert. They will be almost the same as your grilled pineapples, and of course, it’s easy to make.

Here then you will have the minimal effort you need for the process of making the pineapples. Such desserts are more common during the summer days. And of course, since it’s easy to make most of us rush to make them.

It’s even better to use it when you have the recipe so easy to follow.  

33. Air fryer grilled pineapples

Air fryer grilled pineapples

I can’t wait for summertime to make some of these goodies. The one thing you will like about it is the perfect colors it has.

Besides, you are going to make the perfect desserts in the shortest time easily. When you have had your family eat the pineapples and look for other ways to have them eat them, you should try this recipe.

Well, this is one of the sweet tarts that you’re going to enjoy because you don’t even have to use the ripe ones. Remember, you will have the addition of the sugar to make it even sweeter. If you like the colorful treats, then check out the recipe we have here.

34. Air Fryer Blueberry Hand Pies

Air Fryer Blueberry Hand Pies

One of the easiest ways to make the pies is to use the blueberries to make it delicious with the perfect crust on the outside.  When you learn to make these pies, you will never again go to the restaurants to get these meals.

When you’re craving these goodies, get your ingredients out and use the air fryer to fix a dessert or snack quickly. So, of course, you will have the sweet fresh blueberries that you combine with other ingredients to make the perfect meal.

You will like it the most because it’s easy to make and it takes such a shorter time to make it. But you can then use the recipe we have here for the best way to make it.

35. Air fryer beignets

Air fryer beignets

Here is another one of the best air fryer beignets that you use to blend with the different other meals. You know this one is another one of the best snack or dessert meals you can use. Now this one is air fried, and this then makes it a healthier dessert.

When you’re looking for an easy dessert, then you have it here. This is one of the most accessible use desserts. Don’t forget chocolate and raspberry sauce because that then is the easiest to make it and of course sometimes you can use it even alone.

Check the recipe we have for this meal.

36. Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings

Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings

This is more of a snack than a dessert. Be informed then that you can make these frozen onion rings. I like that it takes about 20 minutes to have the dessert and meal on the table.

When you’re short of ideas, this is one of the quickest to make, and you will more than anything loves its flavors. This one is the type where you make the rings using frozen onion rings.

Such is found in the grocery stores.  When you then add the ketchup, you make it a whole meal. Use the perfect recipe we have here to make the golden brown delicious rings.

37. Crispy apple fries

Crispy apple fries

Here you have the apple slices you will make to chips just in the air fryer. Everyone uses it. Of course, when you have used the perfect meal, it’s delicious just to eat the apple chips. This one will make even the perfect desserts.

Of course, you don’t need to have a heavy other meal when making the dessert. Consider using the apples to make the perfect dessert or even snack. Do you know how to make them in the air fryer? Try this recipe today.

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