8 Beef Broth Substitutes – What Can I Use Instead Of Beef Broth

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, then the beef broth is something you come across from time to time. You will often use it in soups, sauces, casseroles, and about anything you want to make.

This is also why you need this broth when you’re almost always in the kitchen. But do you know some beef broth substitutes to use when you don’t have beef broth?

So when you have the time, it’s best to make just your beef broth. However, the sad part is that we don’t always have the time to make it.

Regardless there will be times when you do not have the broth in-store already. At such times then you don’t have to stop making your favorite meal. You can use other substitutes to make it.


Whats the beef broth?

It features a special liquid where the chef simmers the veggies, bones from either chicken or beef alongside some rich spices.

This makes it more like a rich sauce that you can use alongside other meals or even eat alone.

beef broth 1

It’s one of the significant ingredients in the kitchen. It gives that savory flavor that’s also a delicious addition to your meal every single time.

With that said, this is one of the most vital ingredients to use in the kitchen for those who like to cook.

The broth is not stock, as most people will think. The difference is that it often also contains aromatics seasoning and herbs.

After it simmers for hours, you will have a thin but richly flavored liquid to use to enhance the different meal flavors.

In this case, we are talking about the beef broth, which means that it has beef bones but with different seasonings like onions and other spices. All these will make it an even better meal.

So, this is to say that when you are looking for an alternative, you want a liquid that is flavorful with the perfect seasoning.

Check the substitutes below.

1. Bouillon cubes

Of all the ones we will list here, this is my personal favorite. Of course, these are richly flavored cubes that aim to make the sauce tasty and balanced in flavors.

So anytime you’re making a meal, and you need to use a beef broth, it’s also possible for you to use the bouillon cubes.

Bouillon cube with soup

Most people will therefore want to know what the ratio to the bouillon is. You know you need a single cube in 8 ounces of water. So this means that if you need a cup of broth, that’s the perfect measurement you can use.

In most cases, people use it as a substitute for the chicken stock, but you can also use it as a beef broth substitute.

Regardless, I should mention that the regular bouillon contains a lot of sodium, so you always need to use a lot of water.

If you are using the cup measurements, you will need to use a cube for half a cup of water. Before you combine it, though, you will need to granulate it.

Again, you will then add it to the boiling water to make the perfect sauce like broth.

So then you can scale it up to make the amount of broth you would like to have.

Now when you are making your broth using the cubes, you should know that these cubes already have a lot of salt. So always remember to scale down on salt.

2. Use the stock

If you don’t have the bouillon, then you should use the stock. It will work almost the same way the broth works, with the difference being that you need to season it a little bit.

If you have either the vegetable stock, the beef stock, or the chicken stock in your kitchen, you can make it quickly into the broth.

beef soup stock

In the beginning, we already described the difference between the stock and the broth. In most cases, it’s just about one having the seasoning while another one doesn’t.

So to make the broth then you should add seasoning to enrich it. Also, you can boil your stock for at least 20-30 minutes.

When making the broth, you will be reducing the meat alongside the bones. This means that you’ll have the blend of perfect flavors from the bones and the flesh when boiling the content.

Of course, you will not have the beef meat flavors, but you will have the rich flavors from the bones. Expect to have it with a less meaty taste.

Other broths

Remember, the whole process of making the broth entails a lot. So then you can make almost any kind of broth; the vegetable broth and the chicken broth are the most common.

3. Chicken broth

If you don’t mind whether they used the chicken or meat, then this is the best solution after the bouillon if you have it. It will deliver the meaty flavors, and this one is rich and closer to the meat.

The only difference is that they didn’t use the meat to make it.

Black Chicken Soup

If you are not so concerned about the type of meat they are using, use the chicken instead. It’s meaty and delicious and easy to make as you will use the same method to make it.

4. Vegetable broth

This is another type of the most common broths in the market. Of course, with many individual vegans, you can expect an all-veggie meal. Of course, the vegetables you can add together with the seasoning.

Vegetable broth

Notice that you can add flavorful veggies and then the mushroom, carrots, onion, and garlic, and this is you will have the rich taste.

In most cases, people also add the Italian seasoning, pepper, bay leaves, and rosemary when sautéing the veggies and before you add the water. When you use it then, know that if you are supposed to use a cup of beef stock, you should use a veggie broth.

To flavor it more, you should add red wine and soy sauce. In the end, you will add the twist to your broth.

5. Mushroom broth

Contrary to what you think, the mushroom will also make the perfect broth to use at home. It can make a substitute for your beef broth.

Even when you are adding the mushroom, you should also add on the different kinds of veggies to enhance the flavor even more.

Of course, the easiest way is to sauce the veggies, and then you can add water and let it simmer for hours. This is going to make just as rich broth as when you are making the vegetable broth.

You can use either the assorted mushroom or the button mushrooms. So then, when you want to make the mushroom broth better, add on the soy sauce or the red wine as well.

Other substitutes

6. Wine but sometimes even beer

Of course, you may think about how this is possible. You do know that we use different wines for cooking different meals. This is also true for the beers. You can use different beers to make the rich flavored liquid that makes a perfect substitute.


So if you have a light beer or white wine, you can use half a bottle and then add it to the water. If you are going to cook with this, you should be cautious about allowing the alcohol to evaporate entirely.

Of course, this is an ideal option if you know how to use it.

So whenever you are making the gravy or braised meats, you can use either the wine or the beer, which will give it a distinct flavor.

Also, remember that these mixtures are explosive, especially when the alcohol is yet to evaporate. You can either use white or red wine and even the nonalcoholic ones if you need to.

Just remember you should never set the broth ablaze as that will damage and cause even burning.

Other instances you can take are white wine and water in a ratio of 1:1. Next, go on to add the melted butter to it to make it flavorful.

7. You can use soy sauce.

Another one of the most common ingredients in the house is soy sauce, and of course, it will make the perfect substitute for your broth if you need it. Here you can use the vegetable stock or any other stock you already have.

Soy Sauce

For even better flavors, add the steak to the mix. Next, go on to add a tablespoon of soy sauce to the steak and into the vegetable stock. This will help to create the perfect flavors you need to add to the meal.

It works perfectly when you are using the stock. But if you don’t have to use the stock, you can add the tablespoon of the soy to the cup of water. Of course, this single cup of soy will substitute your broth cup.

8. Liquid amino or worchestire

Lastly, you have the gluten-free alternative to soy sauce that can also work as a beef broth alternative. Worchester sauce is another one you can use to work in place of the beef broth because of the umami flavors.

So, of course, you will need to add the cup of water to the liquid, thus making it an authentic meal. In other instances, then you can add the sauce to the veggie broth, and it will then work as perfect.

When you then do this, you will attain the exact flavor as the one you have with your broth.


Medically is it okay to use beef broth?

Of course, you can, and it’s okay to use the beef broth. This is especially true for the ones where they mostly use the bones, and it’s outrightly nutritious.

Most of the bones you use will have bone marrows that are all a pack of nutrients. They often contain the vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and then they come to the phosphorus.

The good thing then is that it will provide cartilage improvement. It’s just good for your bones.

No wonder you will have most people encouraged to take it even when they aren’t well. Also, you will deliver the amino acids.  

It may be your solution to your joints issues.

If you struggle with a joints problem, you will be surprised that it aids in the healing of the joints. Like any other animal, your joints will be affected after you continue to use them for a long time.

It means that you will need more of the cartilage. You can attain the perfect nutrients if you remember to consume both the broth or the beef soup.

It will help to prevent osteoarthritis.

If you make it a duty to eat the bones or soups and broth, you can help curb arthritis. If you are already experiencing a problem with your knees, you should introduce it to your diet.

It will sometimes even aid in the reduction of inflammation.

It will start to make sure you have the perfect gut health. Also, you will not experience the problem with mucosal lining problems. It will make it easy to start being healthy and thus reducing those problems with your stomach.

It will aid in weight loss.

This is a form of protein, and you can be sure it will make you feel fuller, and therefore you won’t be eating just anything. If you are in the process of shedding weight, this is going to serve you best since it keeps you from overheating.

Uses of broth

There are so many ways you can use beef broth. You can use it as part of your special soups; use it when you’re making your smoothies, sometimes it will make part of your breakfast.

I like to use it when I want to flavor my potatoes. You can even use it when you’re making the gumbo and the cocktails. The list is endless for the things you could do with it.

My take

Just because you don’t have the beef broth on your pantry right now doesn’t mean you can’t make an authentic meal. As you can see, we listed about eight substitutes you can use in its place. Go on to find the one that works best for you.

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