How To Make Beef Fried Rice – Step By Step

A great way to enjoy a different and popular style of fried rice. This is a super easy and delicious recipe, with loads of great tips about getting the most of your fried rice!

Beef Fried Rice

The first time I ate beef fried rice, I was in a tea restaurant in Hong Kong. When it reached the table, I was very intrigued by the look and smells. After trying it, with the tender beef, fresh and crispy vegetables, and delicious fried rice – I was immediately hooked!

Beef Fried Rice

There is a large variety of fried rice in China, including Lamb, Egg, Chicken, and the more famous Yangzhou fried rice. And, when it comes to fried rice, there are quite a lot of small details to pay attention to:

The first is which rice is used.

It is best to use polished, long-grained, non-glutinous rice. Thai rice is also good.

The rice used is best left to sit overnight because a considerable amount of the rice’s water evaporated, so it would not stick the pan.

If the rice was cooked at the time, it would be very easy to stick the pan whilst you stir-fry it.

Of course, if you really don’t want to use the rice that rests overnight, you can try my other favorite- golden Fried Rice.

The second is the timing of adding the eggs. After the egg is started, don’t wait for the eggs to be cooked to put the rice in.

The eggs will continue to cook after the rice is added, so you don’t want to overcook the eggs.

Then there is the heat of the fried rice. You must use high heat to fry the rice.

If the heat is too low, the fried rice will definitely not be fragrant.

But we always don’t have higher heat at home than in the restaurant, at this point, we can use more cooking oil (I don’t always recommend using too much oil for cooking)to achieve the fragrance.

The lettuce is used to add color to the fried rice, and it can also add some aroma.

The aroma of the lettuce is very good with fried rice. If you don’t like lettuce, you can put some kale or cabbage, which is also good.

Finally, and most importantly, timing is important. If the rice is not cooked long enough, there will be too much moisture still in it. If it is cooked for too long, the rice will dry out.


  • 1) 250 grams of rice
  • 2) 50 grams of Ground beef
  • 3) 2 eggs


  • 1) 15g of Light soy sauce
  • 2) 2g of Dark soy sauce
  • 3) ½ tsp of ground white pepper
  • 4) 50g of Lettuce
  • 5) 10g of Green onion
  • 6) 2Tbsp of Vegetable oil

Chinese Beef Fried Rice Recipe:

Step 1. Place the ground beef into a bowl.

Beef Fried Rice step1

Step 2. Cut the lettuce into thin strips and cut the green onions into small pieces.

Beef Fried Rice step2

Step 3. Heat the wok and put a proper amount of oil. Turn to low heat and add the beef. Brown.

Beef Fried Rice step3-1

Beef Fried Rice step3-2

Step 4. Strain the beef and set aside. Clean out the wok, then pour the proper amount of oil. After reheating in the medium fire, add the whisked eggs, immediately add the rice and stir-fry. Add the ground white pepper and stir-fry in high heat.

Beef Fried Rice step4-1

Beef Fried Rice step4-2

Step 5. Add the beef, then stir.

Beef Fried Rice step5-1

Beef Fried Rice step5-2

Step 6. Put light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, stir well.

Beef Fried Rice step6

Step 7. Then put the shredded lettuce and diced green onion and stir well.

Beef Fried Rice step7-1

Beef Fried Rice step7-2

It is now done and ready to enjoy!

Some more tips:
Light soy sauce and dark soy sauce are best placed in a small bowl and mixed. Spread the rice out and add at once, so that it colors evenly

Beef must be fried with low heat and warm oil. If too hot, the beef will stick together.

After the lettuce is added and mixed, stop cooking the dish, or the lettuce will turn yellow.

When frying rice, don’t use the spatula to smash back and forth. Be sure to turn the rice so the bottom doesn’t stick.

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