Best Bread Box For Keeping Bread Fresh

by Tiana Matson

Bread Box

There’s nothing that makes my heart sing than waking up to a fresh and yummy bread for my break first. While bread makes a staple food for most countries in the world today, you can’t always cook fresh one whenever you need.

In fact, many at times, people cook bread and use them for about 5-7 days.

Depending on your storage style, your bread may or may not remain fresh and yummy. So, what’s the storage system behind the fresh bread that you find in various stores or sometimes at home?

If you hate eating bread that has moulds or is somewhat dirty then the secret is the bread boxes that are readily available in the market. You see, bread boxes retain the texture, color, freshness and taste of your bread.

Nonetheless, just like every other thing in the market, since you can find it in most stores, you can’t avoid the presence of counterfeit products. To be on the safe side, know exactly what you are looking for in a bread box.

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  • The material

Your bread box material will determine its durability and storage ability. The box is either made of wood, plastic, metal among others. Wood boxes are way common because they have the natural ability to allow air into the bread thus maintaining its freshness. Other kinds, however, use ventilation holes.

The market is so flooded with claims of the best material bread box that it’s hard to draw the line between legit and fake ones.

It’s advisable to go for a famous brand. One such famous brand is the mountain woods wooden bread box that assumes the acacia antique style. Go ahead and choose the material and decoration that fits well with your kitchen décor.

  • What size do you need?

This is a personal preference. The question is, how many breads do you intend to store at a time? You also need to know whether the box is meant for large or small bread. In my opinion, it’s better to choose the large size ones because both your small, medium and large bread will fit in.

  • The price

As expected, what is your budget? I believe that you can have something good to suit whichever price range. This is especially true if you patiently take time to research. Nevertheless, take your box from the famous brand section even though it may cost slightly higher.

  • The shape

The common shape is the oval one. Sometimes you find larger and taller oval shaped box. This doesn’t mean however that you cannot get other shapes like rectangle, square and circle boxes. It all goes back to choices and preferences.

  • What’s the weight?

You most definitely need a box that is not only easy to carry but move around the kitchen. Ceramic boxes are weighty although they aren’t as popular today.  Next, we have the wooden boxes that are famous but weightier than the other available choices.

  • What lid style suits you?

There are various kinds of lids available to choose from. The roll top design, metal with the ceramic lid or a flip down traditional design.

  • Its performance and use

Since your bread needs to remain fresh and moist with the perfect texture, you need a box that allows in some air while closing the lid properly. Without air circulation, you will allow the growth of fungus not only on your bread but also in your box.

  • Is the box generally easy to clean?

This factor determines not only the state of your bread in it but also the durability of the box.

Bread Box



The aim of the bread box is to maintain the bread’s texture, taste and freshness. As you probably know, leaving your bread on the countertop will make it dry and bland in taste within a day or two. Some people decide to refrigerate their bread.

The truth is that refrigerating your bread doesn’t lock the moisture to help avoid going stale as expected. The cold temperature is, in fact, harmful to your bread. It makes it dry in a day although you stored it while fresh.

This leaves us with the bread box option which is good at controlling the bread temperature and its humidity. The box retains enough moisture to reduce dryness while keeping the inside moist and outside crispy.

While the bread box has a lid, in the cases where the box isn’t wooden, the design allows in air through selected areas of the box. Under normal temperature, the bread should stay fresh for between 3 to 4 days.

It’s easy to use a bread box. You simply take your bread and place in the box then close the lid. When you aren’t using it, clean it then place it away from direct sunlight, oven or cooker when you are using them.

Classifications of bread boxes

Bread boxes are classified based on the kind of material used to make it. There are about 5 kinds of bread boxes as you will see below.

  • The wooden bread boxes

These are the most famous one. In fact, whenever people here of the breadbox a wooden type comes to mind. Wooden boxes are traditional and have survived the test of time. Depending on how you like it you may go for the traditional style or the modern kind which functions the same way.

This is another ancient style of a bread box. Today, they assume the modern style while featuring its clean and simple design. The box simplicity means creativity because it comes in different shapes and styles.

  • Plastic bread box

You will find this one in different creative styles that suit your cabinets and pantries. They are the flexible and elastic kinds.

  • Ceramic bread box

In the olden days, they were popularly used. However, over the years better options have risen in the market. People prefer them for the decorative purposes rather than storage because they are fragile and heavy.

  • The enamel breadbox

This features a thin kind of metal with decorations on the front. They are not only easy to use but also easy to clean.


Bread Box

The way you keep your bread in the bread box will determine its lifespan. Check the following tips:

Avoid wrapping your bread when using a bread box. Keep your plastic bags and kitchen towels away when using the box. Trust the box to maintain your bread’s freshness without the use of other wrappings. This is because wrapping it will make it hard for air circulation and make it spoil.

I know the temptation to place the bread in your box immediately when it’s hot. This will cause excess moisture which will work against the bread. It will lose its crispness and develop molds way faster when stored hot.

Continue to check your bread’s state just to make sure it is still fresh in the box.

Clean your bread box frequently this helps avoid the growth of molds in your next bred. But, how do you clean it?

Assuming you have a wooden box, handle it with care. First, remove the crumbs that may have remained from your last storage. Check to see if it may have developed some molds and use a soft brush to wipe out the molds then rinse in warm soapy water.

The case of a stainless steel, ceramic or enamel is easy to clean.

Bread Box


1. Cookbook People Classic Filigree Wood Bread Bin

Cookbook People Classic Filigree Wood Bread Bin

This bread box prides itself on being the most durable kind with a sturdy construction. It features a honey-colored bamboo and is therefore the best choice for those looking for eco-friendly equipment. It’s solidly a bamboo make that is unbreakable.

It has ample storage space for your large bread. Besides, you could use it to store your other baked items. It has a full roll-up kind of lid which makes storing the bread easy. Since the bamboo tree is normally affected by temperature it expands under high temperatures making it hard to open the lid.

Always keep the box away from high heat or use a candle to resolve the opening and closing issue. Its appearance requires that you clean it then rub some mineral oil to maintain its shiny surface. What’s more, the cookbook people offer you a 100% money back guarantee.


It’s a good quality product having been made from the best material.

It has an aesthetic outer surface that assumes a honey color bamboo.

It has a sturdy construction.

Its inner storage is enough for all your bread.

Its roll-up lid design makes it easy to utilize all the storage space.


The lid may stick when you are experiencing extreme temperatures.

In a hot and humid room, your bread will develop molds quickly.

2. Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box 

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box - Matte Steel Fingerprint Proof

This sleek design box features a stainless-steel gleam. You can get it in up to 5 colors and different sizes. It’s a durable product having been constructed using one of the strongest metals in the world. Aside from that, it is rust free.

The item further has a finger proof coating to rid of unwanted people/children using it. Its compact and sturdy construction means it can stand whichever kind of environmental condition. Besides its roll-up lid makes it easy to use and utilize all the space.

Its design suits even those who have small kitchens allowing you to store up to 2 large loaves of breads. It features the use of plastic on the inside to avoid noise while you are using it. The base is designed in a unique way that allows for ventilation. The brabintia has a flat top to increase your storage space.


It will fit any design of the modern kitchen fashion while performing its role of storage.

Its large enough to store 2 large sized bread.

Your bread will stay fresh due to creative ventilation style.

The metal used is corrosion free and durable.

It’s smudge free.


The metal-like a chameleon will adapt to the environmental temperature. This is negative when its hot because it will make your bread develop mold or dry quickly.

It could easily slide because it has no rubber feet.

3. Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box

Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box

This is the closest we have to the old Egyptian style of preserving bread. The box has a unique rustic design that is woven by skilled artisans. Its also made using the acacia hardwood and if you are familiar with the wood then you will know that this is a high-quality item.

It’s highly versatile, strong and beautiful. The item is further sustainable and large enough for your large bread pieces. How good does it get with its magnetic flip down lid? This is meant to maintain a balanced airflow while making it easy to operate and access.

Besides, like the preceding box, the magnetic lid is for the safety of your treats. The loaves of breads are safe from cats, rodents and kids who would have otherwise opened it. To maintain its shiny surface, wipe it clean with a cloth and apply some mineral oil.


It’s large enough to fit a lot of the small breads and baked goods

It’s easy to open and close.

It arrives to you already assembled and ready for use.

A sturdy construction with a strong flip door.

Suits those who love the traditional charm design.


The wood will easily absorb the food odour.

4. Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box 

Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Lid

This is another innovative and famous design of the box. It features a heavy-duty steel that will fit in any kitchen design. Talk of durability, this item’s construction will last longer than most. Like it’s body construction, its handle is also made from the same steel making it a sturdy construction.

To avoid sliding and moving around your working surface it has rubber feet. It has a roll top tempered or frosted lid which is easy to open and close. This is an extra-large box for your 2 large loaves of bread. You can use it for muffins and bagels.

Its design keeps your bread fresh for longer.


It will fit in any kitchen design with its great aesthetic value.

If your sole aim is functionality then this is your on the go-to box.

It’s made from the best metal in the world. Besides, it features a durable construction.


Its gaps are big enough to allow air in which will lead to your bread spoilage.

5. Now Designs Bread Bin, Turquoise Blue

Now Designs Bread Bin, Turquoise Blue

And now a sleek design for all your baked goods. For those who are design sensitive then this is yours because its color is meant to add a splash to your room. It has a very large storage capacity with ventilation holes behind to allow for air circulation.

This bin is made using stainless steel then coated with powder to give it an aesthetic value. Unlike other designs that would easily capture the food odor this one doesn’t. this earthy construction bin is durable and corrosion free.

Moreover, its top surface will act as your storage space because you can place other items on top of it. It has a swing lid with a strong handle at the side. Its available in about 4 colors and you should only clean it with a damp cloth.


The material used to make it is durable and the entire bin shows a sturdy construction.

It has a large storage capacity and is best used for serving bread.

Its swing lid is easy to open and close.

Its retro design will fit any kitchen.


Since its large, it may need a wider storage space in your kitchen.

The powder coat will begin to chip off soon.

6. The cooler kitchen bread box

Space Saving Extra Large Vertical Bread Box With Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid | Holds 2 Loaves | Cream Breadbox By Cooler Kitchen

Another eco-friendly breadbox. It prides itself of having a seal that is not airtight to allow for maximum air circulation. This makes no room for molds on your bread. The bin has a vertical design allowing you to stand it against the wall and not necessarily on the countertop.

Its cream-colored finish is meant to fit into your kitchen design. It owes its sturdy construction to the metal used to make it. Moreover, for your bread or other baked products safety its smudge proof. This is a flip off lid which makes it easy to place the bread in the bin and take it out.

You may use the lid as a cutting board for the bread. The best part is that it’s easy to wash.


Do you love a stylish design? This is for you.

Highest ability to maintain your breads freshness.

The bamboo lid is easy to clean.

It has a durable metal construction.


Since the lid is not attached to the bin it’s easy to lose.

The metal is easily dented.

7. LOCK & LOCK Airtight Rectangular Food Storage Container with Divider, Bread Box 

LOCK & LOCK Airtight Rectangular Food Storage Container with Divider, Bread Box 169.07-oz / 21.13-cup

This features a leak-proof and water-proof container. It’s a specific plastic type of bread box. It has a four-hinge lock system and a silicone lid to ensure your food lasts longer. The plastic material is durable and strong.

Its material is a BPA free and FDA approved stackable tins. In addition, when empty it’s easy to store. It’s convenient and versatile in that you can use them in a microwave as well as a fridge. It offers you space to store your bread. Since its transparent, you can tell whether the bread is fresh or getting stale.


Will fit different kitchen design.

Its versatile uses make it more appropriate since you don’t need to buy new items for your fridge and microwave.

The stylish design can keep your bread fresh while making your kitchen clean.

You can store your bread and cakes on different sides.


Not for large bread.

Limited spaces for circulation of air making it easy for the bread to spoil.

8. Betwoo Natural Wooden Roll Top Bread Box

Betwoo Natural Wooden Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage (Bamboo)

Another versatile design not only for your bread but also for easy arrangement of your desk. Made by a famous brand that sells home products, the bin is made using bamboo. It features an easy to use a sliding door with a knob to further make the sliding easy.

It’s large and able to store your bread and other baked items. The top surface works as your extra storage place especially when you have a small room. The back side and bottom side of the bin is made using density board.


It features a sturdy construction.

Reduces the clutter in your kitchen or office as it gives you large storage space.

It’s easy to clean using a damp cloth and you can use mineral oil to make it shiny every so often.


Avoid extreme heat because this is bamboo and it will expand.

9. Wesco Grandy

Wesco Grandy – German Designed - Steel bread box for kitchen / storage container, White

Don’t you just love its vintage design and sturdy construction?

The box is made of sheet steel that is powder coated which means that it’s a heavy and durable item which will maintain the texture and freshness of your bread. It has a large capacity to store bread, muffins roll and doughnuts. Aside from its functionality, it will fit perfectly in your kitchen.


It has the perfect handle to lift the lid.

It has the ventilation holes for air circulation.

Its storage capacity is enough for lots of items at the same time.


Its coating will soon begin to chip off.

It’s too large and occupies a large space in your kitchen.

10. Rubbermaid Specialty Bread Keeper 

Rubbermaid Specialty Bread Keeper Food Storage Container , Red 1777190

The bred box fits a standard bread and can keep it fresh for long. It’s made of a BPA free plastic that gives it a durable construction look. The design is versatile and could allow for other food storage. It protects your bread from being crushed.

You can see whether the bread is still fresh since the container is slightly visible.


It’s fridge safe.

It’s easy to clean since you can see all sides.

It suits your standard bread and it has a sturdy construction.


The lid will not stay in perfect position.

It might be too large for a single bread.


The list of best boxes is endless. However, if you know what you desire in a box you will find it easy to choose what suits you. From our list, the best box is Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box not only is it affordable but it offers the best features which include durability and sturdy construction.

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