The 10 Best Coasters For Sweaty Drinks


Humanity has greatly evolved and while we can control almost everything going on around us, we can’t control the weather. Have you ever invited your friends over for drinks and while you are laughing and having fun, you realize that your sweaty drinks are messing your precious wood surface?

This is often a result of humidity that happens regardless of the fact that your drinks remain cold.

Luckily, the drink coaster is designed to protect your furniture from heat and moisture. They are becoming very popular these days.

Your coasters exist in different materials which include: silicone, stainless steel, wood, sandstone and felt.  Nevertheless, the design depends on your interest, hobby or home décor.

Coasters For Sweaty Drinks


Whether you are buying drink coasters for your home use or restaurant use, you should choose those that fit the events that you intend them for. Example: a personalized coaster is best used for weddings.

  • Personalized coasters

When the coasters are for home use then personalizing them is great. You may choose to have your name, a particular event date or favorite quote/message on the coaster. The end goal with this is to give it a personal touch.

They act as a reminder of a particular event or thing that is important to you.

  • Blank coaster

This is a simple design of a coaster that will suit whichever occasion you have at hand. It’s often made using wood, glass, paper, cork among other materials.

  • Image coaster

Sometimes people prefer the image one. It acts as your drink coaster but also as a photo frame where you showcase your image.

  • Paper coaster

Lastly is the disposable paper coaster. They are often used in restaurants and they feature the restaurant logo, theme or design. They are cheaper and also you don’t need to wash them after use only discard and replace them.


  • Wood

These coasters are made using wood and are easy to DIY. You can print or carve whichever images or message you like.

  • Glass

These coasters feature tempered glass that can stand high and cold temperature. The coasters design are four feet to keep them off your wood or glass surfaces. They are mostly sophisticated in design which makes them appealing to many people.

  • The stainless steel

They are easy to personalize and therefore suit giveaway options. You can engrave the message on the surface using pad printing or lase method. They are designed using a rubber surface to make their picking easy.

  • Bonded leather

It’s naturally resistant to water and sliding and they are low-cost design coasters. They are commonly used by food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants and culinary schools. They are easy to print or mark your logos or messages on them.

  • Ceramic

For those who love pottery then this is your best bet.

  • Natural stone drink coaster

It’s one of the most popular coaster materials today. This is attributed to its force and weight that make it seem real and permanent. A stone coaster is described as a canvas that you can personalize with your fancy messages or images.



1. Barvivo Drink Coasters Set of 8

[amazon_link asins=’B01AD9X6JO’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dfea3a14-d015-11e8-a7ee-fd2b6e1f2e00′]

Do you have a home bar or you love to protect your surfaces? This barvivo coaster will offer the ultimate protection you need. They are made using the silicon black material. Since they are effective you will enjoy time with your friends and family.

The packaging design is artistic which makes it a presentable gift to friends and family. Besides, this gift makes a part of their daily life and they will avoid stubborn stains with them. This is a premium coaster design that has a lid and rubber to avoid slipping and sliding of your drink.

For your info, these coasters are endorsed by 5-star hotels and restaurants because they are effective and fit into any kind of accessory. Aside from using them for your sweaty drinks since they are absorbent, you can use them as trivets for your hot pans.

Additionally, they could protect your drinks from flies whenever you are drinking outdoors. The nature of the coaster is a flexible kind of coaster that is water resistant and moisture absorbing. What’s more, they are dishwasher safe and ideal for both hot and cold drinks.

Since silicone has the most dependable non-slip feature you may use this sturdy and beautiful design coaster for ages without needing another kind/piece.

2. ENKORE Coasters Set of 6 With Holder, Espresso Brown

[amazon_link asins=’B01BVP7C2Q’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ecf24128-d015-11e8-b1a7-c988af26a4da’]

Here is another design that will add a splash of color to your interior décor. Made of an absorbent silicone material, the coasters will work for your sweaty drinks. Moreover, the glass or cup will never stick to your coaster because of its nubs structure.

The nubs also provide an efficient grip to the drink which consequently prevents slipping. It features 4.3 inches and it has a groove pattern on the back and front that is leakproof. This attribute protects your surface against the possibility of the drinks leaking.

From your whiskey, to beer, to brandy, to beverage no sweat will ever sip through. Consider the fact that currently, this is Amazon’s choice. This means that it meets the demands. If you had to choose between this silicone coaster and sandstone, never hesitate to pick this silicone one.

It’s dishwasher safe and eco-friendly yet effective on your wooden tables. Besides, they are not only meant for protecting your wooden surfaces but also act as your home décor. They specifically work well as your table tops or spoon rest.

Are you thinking of a gift to take on that housewarming party you have been called to? Why not choose this as a gift?

3. Coasters for Drinks Set of 9

[amazon_link asins=’B07BR4SS79′ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f840ff74-d015-11e8-9fa4-abdfdd52692c’]

This design is made using the premium quality European felt that is greatly absorbent and better quality than using cork or sandstone. They are soft and lightweight with a waterproof bottom coating to protect your tables. The coasters are dishwasher safe if you use cool water.

They have a simple hexagonal shape and color to complement any interior décor. It features a 4-inch diameter and 4-inch size and instead of using a laser the felt material is cut using a blade. Its thickness is .16 inches making it a length away from the surface.

The design not only acts as your drink’s coaster but also as your table surface scratch protector. You could use it to protect your smartphone from scratches. All your drinks sizes will fit on the coaster and thus help to avoid stain.

The coaster packaging is designed perfectly to suit a gift to your friends and family. It’s designed from dark Italian Burano cardboard and enhanced with a beautiful stamp. All this is made to suit both the men and women.

The company further gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4. InterDesign Forma Drink Coasters

[amazon_link asins=’B00F2H5PD8′ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’02dc73f8-d016-11e8-9496-110fdc326153′]

This coaster is made using the stainless-steel which has black ribbed accents on its bottom. The sturdy construction keeps your water stains from the sweaty drink within the coaster. In this case, the raised edges come in handy.

To prevent slipping, the coaster has rubber ridges grip base of the bottles or glasses. For easy storage, the coasters are stackable in 3 of 4 pieces. The 4.25 by 5 inches is a day to day functional coaster. The InterDesign product is not only affordable but functional in all the aspects needed.

The coaster is smart enough to fit in your home décor because the designing company makes it with your decoration in mind. Now, aside from making the home bar neat, cleaning the coaster is easy while maintaining it is a breeze.

It has a firm rubber to prevent slipping and getting stuck on your surfaces. The rubber used on the bottom is a hard kind of rubber which means it won’t mark your surfaces. From the design, one may think they are heavy but they are not heavy.

5. Dulce Cocina Cork Coasters for Drinks

[amazon_link asins=’B01G8SQM7W’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’38a4ea6f-d016-11e8-bab7-a7b7d1322c35′]

Representing a deluxe cork drink coaster that will protect your furniture against stains. The coaster is designed to contain the water from your drink while absorbing it. From the design, you can rest assured that your coaster won’t stick on your drink making it hard to pick.

Moreover, the lifted lip rim helps to make sure your drink doesn’t slip from the coaster. Slipping on your table is also not possible with this elegant design. Don’t they look classy to you? The coasters will add some elegance to your room.

They protect your surfaces from hot and cold drinks alike.  It features a diameter of 4 inches which will suit all the major drinks on the market. The 8-piece coasters pack is a thoughtful gift to your friend or family since they are durable and effective.

From its size, the material used, the extra lip design and color we must thank the designers because they are keen to detail when making the coasters. That’s why they offer you a satisfaction guarantee of 100% money back guarantee.

You may use the sturdy construction for your artwork while you forget about water stains forever.

6. Lifver Absorbent Stone Coasters

[amazon_link asins=’B06XCP87JX’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’42f10639-d016-11e8-93be-0b44fc625c50′]

It’s made using stone and it features a modern design of grey lines on the cream-brown stone. This neutral color feature suits your interior décor. It has a strong water absorption ability compared to wood coasters and some silicone makes.

It absorbs water quickly which ensures your tables never get stains resulting from the water or drink sweaty drops. It has a cork on the back to protect your tables from scratching while also protecting your drink from slipping. It contains 6 pieces a pack which is appropriate for gifting a friend or family.

This beautiful and strong design coaster performs well with your sweaty drinks. Although it’s not as thick as others nor wide it serves its purpose effectively. Its only problem is that it gets stained quickly and is hard to clean when stained.

You could try soaking in bleach and water till the stain lifts off.

7. Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster

[amazon_link asins=’B001CKSZ2M’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’82a7e897-d016-11e8-b61d-e30a55d18257′]

This soaks up condensation of the sweaty drinks while acting as a barrier to the heat. The coaster is made from a sandstone material that is naturally an absorbent design. The coaster has thousands of tiny pores to allow for absorption.

The coaster is made using natural gradients which means that the coasters will appear slightly different from each other. The coasters are a heavy design which means slipping is impossible but, take care that you don’t drop them on a hard surface because they will break easily.

They are great sweat absorbers although in the event that your drinks keep dripping, ensure you keep changing the coasters. They are easy to clean using warm water and mild detergent. The stones are durable which means you will have them for a longer time.

The pack contains 4 coasters and you can use them for large cups. They are neutral in color to suit your home tone. You could use your coasters for surface decorations. Their major downside is their weight.

8. Don’t Fuck Up the Table Wood Absorbent Drink Coasters

[amazon_link asins=’B01M9AC8ZS’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’90677f8b-d016-11e8-ad26-4f445e10b062′]

This genuine handmade product is laser cut from wood. It’s however only yours if you have a great sense of humor. They will make both you and your guest laugh while sending a powerful message. The coasters are handmade using the Baltic birch which is handpicked.

Then they are coated with an absorbent material to protect your surfaces on the bar kitchen or coffee table. These coasters are reusable and durable to class up your room. A packet contains four pieces of coasters.

When you need to clean the coasters just wipe them with a damp cloth because they never get stained. For your housewarming gift, Christmas or other gifting days, consider using these coasters. It has a satisfaction guarantee of 100% refund in case you aren’t satisfied.

9. HODA Coasters for Drinks Absorbent Felt Coasters with Holder

[amazon_link asins=’B06VY9921B’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9c041021-d016-11e8-834d-cbe7a3e965c0′]

These 8 pieces absorbent designs are the best coasters for your countertop. They are suitable to use if you have a bar counter or other solid surfaces. They are designed to provide a cushioned support for your drink while showing off its elegance.

If you have a steaming cup of liquid, these coasters will provide protection for your surface. The coasters are made using the eco-friendly materials that stop spillage. Its color and design will suit any home décor. Forget not its strong handle that keeps the coaster in place.

They are washable and easy to maintain but you should not use it when you have a drink that excessively sweats.

10. XL Coasters Kaleidoscope (9 Inch) Oversized cork absorbent drink coaster

[amazon_link asins=’B00BFUG1WA’ template=’largeimagewithurl’ store=’yumoc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a6b7c810-d016-11e8-9e11-254de975b715′]

This is an eye-catching design of coaster that is extra large in size and able to work with any size of glass or container. The coasters are absorbents and are thick to handle any weight of the glass or mug drink. Meanwhile, it shields your surface from the heat.

The rubber on the bottom protects the drink from slipping. It’s made using an eco-friendly material that is the bark of the oak tree which makes it sustainable. Whenever you want to clean it, use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe the surface. It’s also a perfect gift for your friends and families.


Choosing a drink coaster for your sweaty drinks shouldn’t be hard.

Always make sure it suits your home design and decoration. You can also consider the various party events that you hold and buy based on the events. Here, I would consider the images of fruits of different kinds.

You could also choose a neutral kind that features the image of vehicles. Choose model cars or trucks for your coasters. Consider old kind of ships and other sailing vessels as well.

Go for coasters that depict a seashell design or other sea animals. Waves and sea color go along way too.

Lastly, choose the image of either an animal or cartoons.



The major benefit that almost everyone understands is:

  • To protect your surfaces from the moisture and heat that would ultimately spoil your wooden surfaces.
  • Other coasters are used as a promotional design for your business. This happens when you use your company logo images or information on them.
  • They act as decorative items. Some people use them to blend in their interior décor.
  • If they are made using a good material the drink coasters may act as ashtrays for smokers in the house this helps to contain the ashes.
  • Absorbent coasters will work best for those who are preventing their furniture from moisture that drops from sweaty drinks.
  • If you can choose a fantastic coaster that will make the impression, the coasters will act as your gift to someone you care for.


With all the above coasters, you now have no reason to spoil or stain your table surfaces. Of all these coasters the ENKORE Coasters Set of 6 With Holder, Espresso Brown is the best because of its effective performance and worthwhile design.

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