The 14 Best Countertop Burners

We all love big houses but if the one we have is small, we must design it to serve our needs. A countertop burner will make your cooking experience a fun experience because it allows you to prepare an array of meals. It also works on a limited space.

So, today we look at the best countertop burners.

What Is an Induction Burner?

In the ancient days, the induction stovetops were only found in the professional kitchen or culinary schools. Today, you will find this burners and stovetops at home. So, we ask what exactly is it?

Induction burners are closely similar in appearance to the glass-topped electric stoves. However, they work differently.

The induction burners work when it heats the surface using electromagnetic energy fields. This happens under the glass top and that’s why it’s not possible to use every cookware on it.

On deeper research, we discover that only the cookware with iron works on the induction surfaces. We all know that Iron is attracted by a magnet. In this regard, the cookware allows the magnetic energy to transfer heat from the stove to the pan.

It works when your copper coil gets hit by the electric current and at that point, the electromagnetic energy is created. When the cookware touches the surface, it gets heated right away. Mind you, other parts of the stovetop remain cool except the pot that heats up.

For your own safety, the induction burner never heats up until you have a pan on the cooking surface.

Note that, aluminum, copper and glass pans won’t work on your induction surface. Although, if it has a layer of iron or magnetic material on the outer part it will work.

You can also tell if the pot will work on your induction surface when you take a magnet and place beneath your pot and it sticks. If it doesn’t, store it for other uses.

Why You Need A Countertop Burner

  • It cooks fast

I would buy any item that will cook my food fast. One of the best-selling points of a countertop burner is that it cooks fast. It heats the pan fast and begins to cook right away. Some of the countertop burners depend on electricity and gas while others are induction surfaces.

I tend to lean towards the induction surfaces when buying the counter burner because if you have the right cookware, it heats up fast.

  • Space

You don’t need to create extra space to place the cookers. The burner is molded to fit small space on your counter thus decluttering your kitchen in a way. Aside from decluttering, you create space for other appliances and uses. It also enhances the beauty of the kitchen.

  • Cleaning is a breeze

Most countertop burners occupy a small space yet they are smaller than the regular standalone cookers. This means that cleaning it happens fast. They are also made using the best materials that are easy to clean. In fact, for some, you only need to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Best Countertop Burner

  1. Evergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooktop | Portable Countertop Burner


Maybe I like the countertop cookware because I own one. The thing is that it has never disappointed me as it works efficiently. This item is best used by large families or those who are busy and would like to cook fast. It has dual plates and it’s an induction countertop.

This design is the best choice for those who have had their hot cookware damage their cookers. Evergreen induction cooker is made using the crystal plate entirely. This makes cleaning easy.

Moreover, thanks to the advancement in technology that has led to the growth of digital control settings. The cooker has sensor touch control which will never fade. It has different levels of cooking that will meet your cooking needs.

It comes with a magnet that you will use to test whether your cookware is suitable for use on the induction surface. It uses a high voltage of 110-120. Lastly, with its construction and size, the cooker is portable.

  1. DUXTOP 1800W Portable Electric Cast Iron Cooktop Countertop Burner (Double)


If there’s something that people like nowadays is a cooker that is both stationary and portable. I love double burners maybe because I have a large family. It allows you to cook 2 meals at a go thus reducing the time you take in the kitchen.

This model features two cooking plates with one being big and producing more power while the other is smaller then producing lesser power. You have the bigger plate that will offer fast and efficient cooking while the smaller one is best used when you need to fry, simmer or stew.

You will notice that the 2 plates are made using the cast iron which heats evenly fast. It further retains the temperature a while longer after you switch off the cooker. You have the 2 thermostats to control the temperature of the countertop.

For your own safety, it has cool handles that you may use to move the cooker around. It remains cool to touch even after heating. Brushed with stainless steel, this cooker is easy to clean and fits in all the different kitchen decorations.

This cookware is not only a high-quality cookware that will deliver quality cooking but also a durable piece. It’s exactly the cookware you need when you want to save on space as it occupies lesser space.

  1. Ovente Countertop Infrared Burner


If you don’t like the countertop burner that offers cookware restriction, this is your on the go-to countertop burner. It uses infrared technology to cook your food and mind you it’s highly effective.  I like that it heats up fast and evenly.

It has a thermostat that will help in the controlling of the temperatures when you are cooking. Moreover, with its 1000watts it generates power that is similar to the traditional stoves we use.

Since the plate is lightweight, flat and compact you can carry it anywhere you go and you can also use it in the office. Of course, you could also use it in your living space because it’s sleek and a modern design.

It’s small, flameless with non-slip rubber feet making it easy to use. If you have limited space or are living alone, this item may be of service to you.

  1. CUSIMAX Single Countertop Burner, Portable Infrared Cooktop, CMIP-B120, Black (Stainless Steel)


Most of the countertop burners are portable but this one gives you the ultimate solution to your traveling needs. It’s ideal for use at home in schools or other places where you don’t have large cooking surfaces because it’s small.

Being an infrared burner, it works with any pot you have even the glass and aluminum. It further heats your cookware evenly and efficiently. You don’t lose heat while using it. Since you can cook your food in small spaces it’s convenient for use.

The item is safe and easy to use because it automatically shuts off when your food is cooked. You can regulate the temperature using the thermostat and the cooker is durable for use.

Its designed for frequent use with its sturdy construction. It’s further easy to clean.

  1. Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black



Talk of one of the best portable countertop burners.

One thing that you must remember is the fact that it’s an induction cookware which means you will only use it if you have the right cookware. You can use cast aluminum, enameled iron or steel. The cooker can heat up to 460˚F and 1800 watts. It generally has a 15-power level.

Like most other cookware above, it has a digital control panel for easy operation. It’s a lightweight item that has a compact design that makes it easy to store and travel with to your outdoor activity. It works well with duxtop and other magnetic cookware.

This also happens to be one of the cheapest induction countertop burners that gives you control as to how you want your food cooked. What I like most about induction cookware is that it has heat generated on the pan and never around the cooker.

Moreover, this cooker is safe as it will auto shut off if you don’t place the pan on the cooking surface within 60 seconds. When it comes to cleaning, you only need to wipe it.

  1. Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double Burner, Stainless Steel


Whenever you are looking for an electric hot plate with 2 burners, think Cuisinart. It has 2 heavy-duty cast-iron plates which are durable. The Cuisinart has durable plates where the larger burner has a power of 1300W while the second small one has a 500W power.

It works with indicator lights and it has about 6 adjustable temperature control for each of the burner. The lowest setting will help your food to remain warm as you are cooking. It has non-slip rubber feet that make cooking safer by making sure the cooker remains intact.

It further has the stainless steel brushing on the exterior surface that fits any kitchen design. The fact that it has 2 burners makes it ideal for use when you have visitors and would use the help of extra cookers. The burner’s material makes it easy to heat up fast and retain the heat for easy cooking.

Are you planning any outdoor event soon? Consider buying this budget-friendly cooker. You could also use it in your dorms or other camping activities since it’s portable. Whether you have a small or big kitchen, this is a great addition to your kitchen.

  1. Ovente Countertop Burner, Infrared Ceramic Glass Double Plate Cooktop, Indoor and Outdoor Portable Stove, 1700 Watts


Do you have limited space in your kitchen? This cooker will serve you effectively. It’s ideal for your portability needs since it’s flat and compact in design. Its ability to heat up fast and evenly makes it your ideal work partner.

This cooker will work with all kinds of cookware not like the induction cookware. It’s however advisable that you use the cookware that has the size of the plate for cooking. This way the distribution of the heat is faster.

It has a flat top with a stainless steel polish. Its glass top and crystalline ceramic make it functional yet stylish. I like that you can place it even in your living room to entertain your visitors. It further has 5 levels of temperatures on both sides.

With its 1500 watts, you can cook almost everything you desire. Whether you want to use it in your apartment, dorm or caravan the flameless cooker is safe for use and easy to store. Try to use a mild soap that isn’t made using petroleum when cleaning.

  1. Elite Cuisine ESB-300X Maxi-Matic 750 Watt Single Burner Electric Hot Plate, Black


At 750 watts of power, this might well be the lowest power cooking hot plate electric burner. Although it has a low wattage it still cooks fast. Its small design makes it ideal for using on your outdoors. It has a control knob that lets you choose among the three temperature settings.

With its high heat temperature settings, you can use high heat for high heat cooking then low heat to simmer or warm your food. It further uses a coiled burner for the even heat distribution at every temperature level. You can use it for camping, holidays at home or in your dorms.

Cleaning the item is a breeze as you only need to lift the coil then clean the drip pan with your warm wet cloth. Its handles remain cool to touch for your safety when you need to move it. It also has non-skid rubber feet for non-slip cooking.

Having this single burner makes cooking fun and easy even when you need to travel somewhere. You can also place it anywhere even with minimal space.

  1. Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner


This works best as a portable counter and a double plated system. Its best used when you have parties and its large plate will give you up to 1300 watts. The smaller one features a 500 watts plate. It further has an easy to control knob with different levels of temperature control.

It also uses the light indicators to alert you when it’s ready for use. The item has a cast iron plate which is ideal for retaining the temperature and heating up fast. You can use the warring counter top burner for the extra cooking and light-duty cooking.

The flat surface is easy to clean and with its brushed stainless steel, it looks great on your countertop. It further works great when you need to cook a variety of foods. You can fast cook on the larger burner and simmer on the smaller burner.

  1. Rosewill 1800 Watt Induction Cooker Cooktop, Included 10″ 3.5 Qt 18-8 Stainless Steel Pot, Gold, RHAI-16001


This is amongst the best single burners in the market. Being an induction surface, it works using the power of the magnetic field. It’s a powerful device that heats up faster and retains the heat for safer cooking.

It has 3-hour timer settings with 8 level temperature settings. Its crystal plate surface isn’t only nicely polished it’s also easy to clean. With its ability to heat up faster you reduce your cooking time which consequently saves you money.

Whether you want to braise, fry, roast or stir-fry this item is going to serve you. Just remember to use the right cookware.

The cooker can reach a temperature of 450˚F which is the ideal temperature for high heat cooking. It also has a touchscreen control panel which makes it easy to use.

  1. Nesco SB-01 Stainless Steel Electric Burner, 1500-watt


This high-powered electric burner can boil, fry, sauté or prepare your different meals when you are out camping or in the college dorms. The cooker features a high-quality cast-iron burner that serves you in retaining heat and heating up fast.

Besides, the hot plate has your control knob to help regulate the heat. It also has the thermal fuse that prevents overheating. With this cooker, you will have a steady cooking because it has the skid-proof rubber feet that ensure it’s stable as it’s cooking.

Unlike other cookers, with this burner, if you have a flat-bottomed cookware you can cook your food fast and easily. Be it glass or woks or ceramic cooking has never been this easy. Furthermore, it’s small and lightweight which makes it easy to store.

It has a stainless steel housing for your sturdy construction but I specifically love that its high powered which gives me the chance to cook like a chef. From boiling to frying and even stir frying the Nesco countertop is the real deal savior.

This hi-tech design cooker is your proof that you don’t need an expensive item to deliver a high-quality meal.

12. Elite Cuisine ESB-301F Single Electric Heavy Duty Flat Cast Iron, 1000 watts


The elite single burner has a flat plate cast iron burner that is easy to clean. It utilizes the 1000 watts of power that is perfect for your small sized kitchen. The powerful hot plate will give you a fast cooking experience as you save energy.

The cooker further uses the adjustable cooking knob to regulate the temperature. It utilizes 3 simple settings low, medium and high settings. Its rubber feet make it stable and skid free thus easy cooking on the countertop.

With the cooker, you are allowed to cook a variety of meals. You can heat up your food or grill your steak to perfection, cook your pasta or eggs just to mention a few. The compact design is ideal for traveling with when going for recreational activities.

13. Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hi-Power Single 120-Volt Hot Plate


Cadco like most other cookers is lightweight and easy to carry to your tours. It features a coil for even distribution of heat.

It further has a Robert Shaw thermostat that will help to regulate the temperature as you control the heat. It uses the power on and off switch to light it and switch it off. Since it has a 1500 watts electric power it will cook anything you desire.

14. IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, Black


Another 5-inch heating coil that heats up fast and evenly. Imusa is powerful as it will reach up to a power of 1100 watts. It has the ideal dimension that makes it portable that is especially perfect for traveling and other outdoor activities.

With its rubber feet, it prevents skidding which makes it safe to use on most countertops. Nevertheless, its feet are raised enough to prevent the tendency to burn your cooking surface.

How to Choose Countertop Burner

· The type

There are various types of countertop burners that you could choose from as you may have noticed. You can have gas burners, induction burners or electric burners. You get to choose which one suits you best.

· Where you intend to use it

The burner is ideal for use if you don’t solidly depend on electric power. Some may decide to use it on other power outlets away from home which makes it still fine to use.

Use the burners at parties, barbecues at school in the office or dormitories. The burners are flexible but where you want to use it will determine the one that is ideal for you.

· Is it portable?

I believe the major reason I would buy a countertop burner is that I can carry it to anyplace for use. I know this isn’t a major factor but it may also be a determinant.

Most of the countertop burners are small and easy to carry but the other factor of consideration would be if you can access the heat source from where you intend to take them to.

· The price

Your countertops will come in different shapes and sizes as well as the prices. You can have very cheap countertops yet you could also have expensive ones it’s all your choice of the price range.

Remember, the induction burners are a little high priced so you may want to consider that before buying.


Understand that you can have a burner to suit all the different occasions. Always note that you will use your regular cookware on the electric and gas burners but never the induction burner.

From the list, the best is Evergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooktop | Portable Countertop Burner because not only is it easy to use it’s also powerful.

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