Top 10 Best Dishwashing Liquid For Sensitive Hands

Let’s just say that doing the dishes is not something that most people like. It’s even worse when you have sensitive skin because then you must choose your soaps wisely. It’s no wonder, most people are buying dishwashers for use at home.

The question, however, is, what if you still don’t have a dishwasher? Another scenario is where you have it but some utensils you have aren’t dishwasher safe.

Besides, even when you have a dishwasher in one way or another you will find yourself washing the dishes sometimes.

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Puracy Dish Soap
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You dont have to dread washing the dishes

You see, the market is flooded with good quality dishwashing soaps, however, when you have a sensitive skin make sure to choose one that is sensitive skin friendly.

How to keep your hands healthy regardless of the soap you use

The repeated use of detergents that scrap off the skin’s natural oil is bound to become hazardous to you. You may need to employ self DIY protective measures.wash your hand

Before you begin cleaning your dishes, moisturize your hands. There are many good skin moisturizers out there. Vaseline is one of the best when dealing with water.

It’s not only cheap but readily available in almost every shop in the world today.

If you don’t know this, even swimmers apply it all over their bodies before they begin to swim.

So, don’t stop at that, go ahead and moisturize yourself after you finish cleaning the dishes. You may even use the skin ointments given to you by your doctor for protection.

Your hands the most important part of your body

Using Dishwashing Liquid For Sensitive Hands

You may not know it but try tying your hands on your back for the whole day one time. Believe me, you will be amazed at how much your hands do in a day. This means that you need to protect them from harm as much as you can.

In the case of washing your utensils, the dishwasher is good but there are stains that it just can’t clear. A good example is grease stains.

You will need a good dishwashing soap and your hands to scrub out the stubborn stains.

Therefore, if you know that your skin is the sensitive type, why don’t you invest in a sensitive skin dishwashing liquid?

You in fact, need the kind that is certified by the doctors as the best for you. It shouldn’t matter that they may cost extra.

Remember, there are many soaps that claim to be sensitive skin friendly when they aren’t. Do your research. The article will suggest a few options.

But first:


  • What’s its ability to clean?

Dishwashing Liquid before and after

Although you may be more after a product that suits your skin problem, the question of concern is; since its duty is to clean your dishes will it do so effectively?

Most of the detergents could remove the solids and oil from your dishes but the difference and factors of concern are how fast and effective it can do it. You should enjoy using just a little amount of soap to clean the dishes.

A good liquid soap will clean with a minimal amount of soap and without having to use so much energy. It should do all this while not harming your skin.

  • Is it environmentally friendly

The environment is a factor of concern today with every item. If the potential soap contains chemicals like phosphates and 1.4 dioxane which are globally known as harmful to our health and the water, avoid them.

Such hazardous chemicals may cause asthma, skin reactions, reproductive issues and cancer.

  • Have they addressed your sensitive skin concerns?

When you looking for a dishwashing liquid and you have this skin related issues, then maybe you should consider checking the ingredients used. Alternatively, confirm that it’s dermatologically accepted as a good product.

  • Is the soap appealing?

Most people don’t like washing utensils but what would put you off the more is when you have a bad soap that either causes your skin reactions or doesn’t have an inviting fragrance. When it comes to such characteristics, personal preferences will come to play.

You are the only one who understands what you like and why.

  • What’s its cost?

The cost of buying the soap should compare to its effectivity. We all want to reduce the pennies to a minimum but still get the value. Conduct the research to know which detergent matches the work it does.

  • Does it produce a long-lasting foam?

If your liquid can produce a long-lasting foam, chances are that it will be able to clean your dishes effectively. While if the opposite is true then it may not serve you as you wish.

  • What is its expiry date?

I used to be this person who would take items without checking their expiry dates but not anymore. I had to learn the hard way when I cooked long expired noodles and ended up with a stomach upset.

It’s not different in this case using items that are already expired may cause you skin irritation. Don’t take the expiration date for granted.

Moreover, a good liquid soap should maintain a longer shelf life. This allows you to use it longer especially when you buy in large quantities.

  • How about the packaging?

You need a product that is keenly packaged to make your work easy. Some packaging will make the better part of the liquid to run out dripping whenever you aren’t using it.


1. Attitude Natural Baby Bottle & Dishwashing Liquid

ATTITUDE Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic Baby Bottle & Dishwashing Liquid, Fragrance Free, 23.6 Fluid Ounce

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Are you ever scared at the thought of having to wash dishes or your hands because you fear they will dry out, become itchy or you develop soars? Worry not because now you can use warm water for your dishes and with the help of attitude soap your hands will do just fine.

This liquid soap is specifically made for those with the sensitive skin. To maintain your skin’s natural oil, use this natural dishwashing soap. For those who experience allergies that result from strong perfumes, this is your liquid because its fragrance-free.

The soap is further made using plants and minerals. The colloidal oatmeal is used to manufacture the soap because it has a calming effect on your skin. The soap is tough on grease and dirt stain but gentle and smooth on your skin.

Moreover, the product is tested and certified by the national eczema association. The bottle is a safe one for a baby bottle since it’s made by environmentally friendly plants.

2. Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap

Puracy Dish Soap, Green Tea & Lime, Sulfate-Free, Natural Liquid Detergent, 16 Ounce (3-Pack)

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With puracy you are sure that the soap is made without the use of sulphates. It’s a tough soap on the greases, dirt on your plates and rinsing it happens in an instant all while being gentle on your hands.

The liquid soap is made using natural fragrances from lime, green tea and other minerals. The soap is 99.9% natural which only gives you further assurance that it won’t harm your skin. The soap is developed by doctors and doesn’t make use of animal ingredients or harsh chemicals.

The bottles are also recyclable which generally makes it an eco-friendly product.

You no longer need to use gloves when washing your dishes because the soap won’t cause you irritations and eczema. What’s more, it’s reviewed as one of the best soaps for those with sensitive skin. The whole family is welcomed to use this soap.

3. Dawn Free & Gentle Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap

Dawn Free & Gentle Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Sparkling Mist, 21.6 Oz (Pack of 2)

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This is another dishwashing liquid that cuts the grease while being gentle on your skin. It specifically has no hypoallergenic components. The dawn soap features a soap with 4× cleaning power. It takes care of the dishes that you left on the sink after using the previous night with ease.

It’s effective and doesn’t have strong perfumes. It will cut the stuck grease without causing harm to your skin. Furthermore, if you have food stuck on your baking sheets you won’t have to use energy in scrubbing like other soaps.

While it’s a little costly you only use a little bit per wash compared to the cheaper soaps available.

Moreover, the soap is made using biodegradable ingredients. In addition, the bottles used to package it is from recycled plastic.

Whether its children or adults, everyone will use this soap without getting skin irritation.

4. Dish soap natural moisturizing dishwashing liquid

Dish Soap Natural Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid - Dish Detergent with Essential Oils Lemon Bergamot Lavender and Orange - Soothing Aloe Vera Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oil for Sensitive Skin

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Have you been looking for a moisturizer in a soap? This is your perfect one for that role. It utilizes the ingredients like Aloe Vera, macadamia nuts and vitamin E which makes the soap soften and soothe your skin. It is a natural non-irritating soap.

Aside from the above feature, like other preceding soaps it works to remove grease and all kinds of dirt from your dishes all without using a lot of force. Moreover, the lavender oils, orange bergamot and lemon oils give your skin and dishes the perfect aroma.

The packaging is eco-friendly since its free of BPA. In short, it contains no harmful chemicals. I specifically love that it has macadamia oil which is a good antioxidant. It together with the Aloe Vera and other ingredients used will hydrate your skin while moisturizing it.

It further prevents the reddening and the itchiness. With all these qualities and offering a return policy of 100% money back guarantee can only mean that it’s a trustworthy product.

It will even clean your greasy pans and a little bit goes a long way with this soap. It matters not if you need to dish wash in bulk like in the hotels or hospitals this is your saviour as you clean while being skin soothed.

5. Frosch Natural Unscented Dish Washing Soap

Frosch Natural Unscented Sensitive Provitamin Dish Soap, Vegan Hand Dishwashing Detergent, Free and Clear, 500 ml (Pack of 4)

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Here is another soap for all those who are allergic to strong perfumes. This soap is scentless and will wash your dishes without living a single stain. The ingredients used to make the soap are good for your sensitive hands because they live your hands humid.

Moreover, the soap can kill bacteria that linger on the plate days after you wash it. The soap will help you fight the tendency to acquire hygiene diseases like typhoid and cholera. For a better shine of the utensils, the lemon ingredient brightens your utensils.

The soap is manufactured by a company that knows the essence of durability. They have been in business for over 30 years. Whether you want to use the soap in a hotel set up, hospital or at home the soap will never cause you skin irritation.

6. Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap, Free & Clear, 25 oz, Pack of 6

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This soap is your best choice if you are on a budget. Despite being the cheaper option, it is certified as an EPA safe and USDA bio-based product. Now, this is to assure you that it’s eco-friendly. The soap is safe and made using plant ingredients.

It doesn’t have triclosan, phosphates, dyes or fragrance. The soap is biodegradable and is packaged in recycles bottles.

What’s more, the product has been tested by the dermatologists and its hypoallergenic formula suits the sensitive skin.

The plant ingredients help to work on the stubborn grease stains while making it easy to rinse.  The soap never uses the synthetic fragrance and dyes which gives it an upper hand. The natural liquid makes use of essential oils, French lavender and botanical extracts and is still scent free.

7. Babyganics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap

Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap, Pump Bottle, Fragrance Free, 16oz, 3 Pack, Packaging May Vary

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What makes this product admirable is the fact that it’s made with the baby skin in mind which means its utterly gentle to use. Imagine the fact that its designed to suit even your little baby items while cutting of the greases.

It’s produced using plant-based ingredients and without the use of dyes, phosphates phthalates and fragrance.  The soap hasn’t ever reported the possibility of one developing any allergies. Besides, its approved by paediatricians and dermatologists.

It’s easy to clean your bottles and other utensils because of the soap foams easily and its easy to rinse with less water.

8. R. Watkins Liquid Dish Soap

J.R. Watkins Dish Soap, Liquid, 24 fl oz, Aloe & Green Tea (6 pack)

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This product is 100% made in the USA. It doesn’t contain phosphates, dyes, ammonia or bleach of any kind. The brand is more trusted because since 1868 it has produced natural kitchen products. You can source whichever scent that suits you among the 7 available scents.

The scents are mild so you have nothing to worry about. It cuts on debris and stuck on grease but not as much as it works on your dishes and glassware leaving them sparkling clean. It works even on your dried food and yet it’s gentle on your skin.

9. Biokleen Dish Liquid Soap

Biokleen Dish Liquid Soap, Dishwashing, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based, No Artificial Fragrance, Colors or Preservatives, Lemon Thyme, 32 Ounces

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Whoever uses this dishwashing liquid understands what moisturizing to the skin means. Biokleen features a blend of synergistic botanicals, plant-based surfactants and grapefruit seeds. This is used to break down the tough greases.

The lemon and thyme stimulate your scent. It only uses high-quality zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for skin protection.

It’s approved by dermatologists and it has no irritating chemicals. The main aim is to clean your dishes while soothing and protecting your skin.

What’s more, it’s highly concentrated and without thickeners.

10. Ecover Zero Dish Soap

Ecover Zero Dish Soap, Fragrance Free, 25 Ounce (Pack 6)

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The last soap on the list is ecover zero. The soap uses minerals and plant-based ingredients to offer a powerful cleaning ability.

The product is tough on those greases while being gentle on your skin. One uses just a little amount of soap for the sparkling clean dishes.

The soap is also made of biodegradable yet nontoxic products and it’s eco-friendly. It contains no fragrance, dyes or chlorine. For over 35 years the brand has produced cleaning products successfully. You can therefore, trust this dish soap.


There are dishwashing liquids with different fragrance, shapes and textures you get to choose whichever works best for you.

  • Is it safe?

There is no doubt about the fact that your dishwashing liquid should be gentle on your skin. Note that, some people react to some soap ingredients.

Try and identify the ingredient that you are allergic to. If you do, make sure you screen your potential soaps ingredients for traces of the allergy’s enhancers. If you spot it just don’t buy it.

This is something that may harm you but not the other person so don’t buy a soap just because your friend did. Nevertheless, there are various soaps that are specifically meant for sensitive skin. Choose those ones.

  • Is it scientifically tested?

If the soap is embraced by the public, it’s highly likely that the liquid is dermatologically tested. Nevertheless, some of the brands will indicate that its dermatologist approved. Choose this kind of soaps.

  • How about gentleness?

A good dishwashing soap shouldn’t compromise on the gentleness fact. They should make a liquid soap that is gentle to your skin but effective when cleaning the dishes.


Buying an expensive dishwashing soap isn’t the answer to your sensitive skin issues. You need to do your research to find out which soap doesn’t irritate you. For this review all the liquid soaps are amazing but Puracy Dish Soap is the best.

It’s not only selected among the best soaps on business insider but also most reviewers applaud it. Second best one is Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap especially when you are working on a budget.

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