9 Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen Window

Exhaust Fans For Kitchen Window

Assuming you own a big kitchen with a high ceiling and large windows, you would never know the need for ventilating it because there’s proper air circulation.

On the contrary, if you have a small kitchen or live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions you will need to ventilate it.

Ventilating your home will save your energy and money. This is especially so when you use the energy conserving methods such as roof insulation, providing a shade tree and mechanical air insulation method. The mechanical air circulation method will keep your in-house environment cool.

It’s a cheaper option and technique that prevents excess moisture from accumulating in the kitchen. The exhaust window helps to implement this.

Essential tips for choosing an exhaust window fan

Most people may think that the window fans are similar. But, what works for one kitchen may not in the other kitchen. Therefore, look at the factors below as you hunt for a good window fan.

  • The size

The window exhaust fan will be fitted on your window, choosing one that fits perfectly is a plus for it to work efficiently. If you buy a fan that doesn’t fit on the window, it will topple over making you buy a new one soon.

On the other hand, if you don’t fit the fan properly, chances are that it won’t work properly by circulating the local air within the room. The best way to avoid this is by sealing the gaps between it using the masking tape.

  • Is it safe

A window fan that has a screen helps avoid animal intruders from gaining access to your home. Criminals can’t also use the window to access your home.

  • The fans power

If your fan is powerful, it will be easier to blow out dirty air while drawing in clean air in large amounts. When the fan is powerful, it gets easier to cool and refreshes the room.

  • Your budget

The fan isn’t as costly as an AC yet is effective and cost-cutting. Nevertheless, you will find more expensive fans than others. Contrary to most consumer beliefs the effectivity of a fan isn’t dependent on its cost.

The window exhaust fan features

Exhaust Fans For Kitchen Window

  • The reverse function

When sourcing for an exhaust fan, confirm that it has an inverting function. These fans blow the wind in 2 directions which helps to ventilate your room as it cools it. In this scene, the air is blown faster which allows for the hot and sticky air to move out.

It is safer to go for the fans that have the button reversible fans as opposed to manual ones.

  • The Noise

Some fans are noisy which can irritate you especially when you are working in the kitchen after a long day. No one needs the loud humming industrial fan when cooking because for some people cooking is therapeutic. You want to pick a fan that is less noisy or operates quietly.

  • Does your fan have an extender?

Most people won’t carry their window measurements around. Therefore, its good to buy the exhaust fans that have extenders. These ones fit on every window.

  • Does it have the speed settings?

The multiple speed setting option is better because it gives you leverage to choosing the amount of air you want to be sucked in or out of the room.

  • Is it water resistant?

This is essential for areas that experience massive rainfall. If the exhaust fan is water resistant then you are safe. Remember, when water mixes with electricity, accidents may happen. A water-resistant fan will mean enhanced safety.

  • The air flow

A good fan should deliver high-quality air to your room. It blows the air far and wide thus maintaining the freshness of the kitchen.

9 Best exhaust fans

1. Bionaire twin reversible airflow window fan with remote control

Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades and Remote Control, White

This is amongst the most powerful window fans we have in the market. It’s also best suited for the kitchen operation. The window fan is designed to fit into the casement, vertical side or the double hang window. It’s designed to allow one fan to suck in air while the other exhausts the dirty air.

The fan has a remote control and a 3-speed setting. It’s the best choice for the kitchen window. Moreover, it has a sleek design for its economic value.

The fan is convenient for it has a digital programmable thermostat and its LED screen allows you to see what you have selected. This digital thermostat means it will turn itself on and off when the room gets hot or stuffy.

Although it has 3-speed settings the fan operates quietly which makes it conducive for use in your bedroom. It comes with extenders which means you don’t need to worry about the possibility of it not fitting.

Installing it is a breeze as it will settle on any window.

2. Holmes HAWF2043 dual blade twin window fan

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan 2 Speed Setting

The window fan like the preceding one has 2 airflow designs. It features a perfect design of strong and steady blades that are best for the high cooling effect. Its nature of sucking out stale air makes it suitable for any kitchen window.

You can set the two fans independently to either draw in the air or suck out stale air. It also has a thermostat program for easy operating of the fan. With the thermostat, you can manually or automatically operate the fan.

The thermostat also turns the fan on and off automatically to maintain a set temperature. It has a 2-speed setting and a single touch control setting for ease when operating it.

The fan will suit virtually any of your windows. It features a water-resistant design that works where there’s light rain. It further has extender panels and its screen expands for easy fitting of slider windows. In addition to the slider windows, you could use it for the casement windows as well.

Powerful fan

All the preceding fans aren’t only kitchen fans, they are also powerful. However, I wouldn’t mind adding one more to your choice list.

3. Air King 9166F

Air King 9166F 20" Whole House Window Fan

This fan choice fits any setting whether it’s at work or at home. While other fans require that you close the window down to the fan, the air king design allows you to close the window behind. This works for both safety and when its windy or during the rainy season.

The fan prides itself of having the powerful motor that instantly cools the air by rapid circulation of air. Your fan’s powerhouse is in the motor, therefore, the fan has 3-speed settings, a phase motor which has 120 volts and the sleeve bearing. It also has a permanent spit capacitator.

The combination of the above 4 features makes it a powerful fan that needs little to no maintenance. Its front-mounted rotary control will select the suitable speed setting which makes it good for any room.

Unlike most companies that don’t care about being compliant with the environmental requirements, this fan is. It’s tested and approved suitable by the OSHA and ETL.

Lastly, the fan is made using an impact resisting house, powder coated steel front grill and blade.

best window fan for smoking

4. Genesis twin window fan

Genesis Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades, High Velocity Reversible AirFlow Fan, LED Indicator Lights Adjustable Thermostat & Max Cool Technology, ETL Certified

This is a high-velocity fan that has a built-in adjustable thermostat that has the temperature ranging between 60-80 degrees. It further has the LED light indicators that will help you know the settings you have chosen. The fan features 3-speed levels. From slow to medium and to high.

This allows you to choose whichever speed works for you. The fan further has 9-inch fan heads that also has the copper motors. The copper motor fan heads are built to stand any temperature and condition. The fan design makes it durable.

Since it has both the exhaust and intake abilities it would work best for the one person who smokes. You don’t have to turn the exhaust fan or the intake fan to work, they can both works simultaneously. The fan is further portable since its lightweight and it has an easy to hold handle.

You can choose between fixing it on the window or having the freestanding legs. Whether you want to use it in your bedroom or kitchen it will give you a maximum cool technology.

Kitchen exhaust fan window mount

5. Extractor Fan

Extractor Fan, 220V 4" 6" Ventilating Exhaust Extractor Fan For Bathroom Toilet Kitchen Window Wall Mounted(6寸)

This fan features a good quality ABS plastic material that won’t easily deform and is durable. It also depicts a creative workmanship. It further won’t discolor even when you mount it on your kitchen window.

It’s built to stand the high temperature of up to 90˚. With this feature, you begin to enjoy the workmanship of the manufacturers. Furthermore, it’s easy to install it both on the wall and the window.

Its exhaust feature is at a high level. It further consumes less energy making it eco-friendly. Apart from the kitchen, you can use it in your bathrooms and toilets as well.

Large window exhaust fan

6. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, White

Holmes Window Fan with with Twin 6-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades, White

The exhaust window fan is designed to fit the double hang windows and slider windows. This makes it appropriate for large rooms. It has two blades to offer high-speed velocity and air circulation. You can also find the Twin Window Fan at Home Depot.

Since it is usable on large windows, the adjustable extender screen and extender panel helps to secure the fan when fixed on large windows.

The dual blade combines effectivity, reliability and efficiency. It also features a high speed and powerful fan. It has 2 airflow setting to suck in air and exhaust the hot air. I like its strong and efficient blade because of its effective cooling of the room.

It works best in the kitchen but also if you are a smoker as it will suck out the stuffy air with ease. The fan like the preceding one has a digital thermostat program that you can set to use in high or low speed. The fan fits in all sliding and hung windows.

It operates quietly which makes it suitable for the living room, bedroom and kitchen. It has a manual reversible feature that allows you to control the airflow. In addition, it has a 2-speed setting. Then the fan is also used in large windows, the adjustable extender screens and panels will secure the fan.

For the vertical orientation, the slider extension will offer safety. With this fan, it matters not if you burnt the pizza or you are frying chicken and your visitors are present because the fan will suck out the bad odor.

The small window fan

7. Bionaire BWF0502M-WM Thin Window Fan, White

Bionaire BWF0502M-WM Thin Window Fan, White

Here is your ideal design for the small windows. It has manual controls for coolness and maximum freshness. It has a 3-speed setting for the thermostat control. Compared to other fans in the same settings, it has a 40% speed of air circulation.

You can manually reverse the fan to take in fresh cool air while exhausting the hot stuffy air. This helps to circulate the fresh air within your room. The fan when not in use should be unplugged because it remembers the previous temperature.

It has a firm fit locking screen extender. Although it mostly fits the small windows, you can use it for your large windows as you enlarge the screen. This fans technology allows you to live in harmony with the environment.

8. Nature’s Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan

Nature's Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan

This window fan is uniquely designed to serve you over the summer days by cooling the room. Its supply and exhaust fan help to regulate and maintain the high-quality air for your indoors. It’s easy to install in your kitchen, living room or bedroom windows.

For it to work efficiently, set it below your AC thermostat. This will help to cool the house with the crisp outdoor air. It has temperature sensors that sense both the indoor and outdoor weather. It will automatically turn on when the air outside is cool and dry than the inside air.

It also shuts off when the inside temperature reaches the required state or the outside air isn’t cool anymore. Its louvers will automatically close to keep the cool air within the house and hot air outside.

It like many other fans has a 3-speed setting that automatically sets to the lower level that will cool your house. Mind you, it works quietly and automatically. So, for those summer days when the temperature is high at night, you don’t have to worry because the fan will regulate the temperature for you.

What’s more, the fan fits at the bottom of your window.

9. Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan with Remote

Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan with Remote | 3 Speed, High Velocity, Dual  Blade Fans

This 9-inch window fan is a high-quality design. It has a remote control for your comfort and convenience when operating it. You get to choose from the 3-speed settings how fast you want the fan to operate. The two turbo blades will powerfully take in the air, circulate it or exhaust it.

It’s a powerful item that features electronically reversible motors. What’s more, it has the removable feet for a stand fan. Its locking accordion expenders makes it fit on any window.

Install Exhaust Fans For Kitchen Window

How to install the window fan

The dos and don’ts

It goes without saying that the exhaust fan is a necessary investment. The good news is you don’t need a professional to install it for you. They are easy to install if you keep notice of the following dos and don’ts


  • Consider installing both the in blowing and out blowing fans. This helps to amplify the air circulation in your kitchen. The best choice is the one that you can reverse the direction of the air blowing at the press of a button.
  • When you want to clean your window fan, unplug it from the electricity then wipe it with a damp cloth. Then to remove dust from the grates, brush it with the soft brush.
  • To prevent the local air circulation, close the window then hold the fan tightly on the window.
  • Go for fans with screens that are sturdy and strong.


  • Never install the window fan above your trash can or other strong-smelling places. As the fan will blow in the bad odor.
  • Never operate the fan when the weather isn’t conducive. Though they are resistant to rain its best to avoid using them when it’s raining. Just before you use it after the rains wipe it off the wetness.
  • Don’t place the extender when you are still installing the fan. You should place it at the top.
  • Don’t forget the slider safe extenders of the fans as they help to install the fan in a vertical position.

Benefits of having an exhaust fan

  • Controlling the kitchen air

The window exhaust fan is a must-have for those who like cooking strong smelling meals. They also come in handy if you burn some food and your small kitchen has one window. Another instance is when you have overdone the chicken or you are cleaning your kitchen with a strong disinfectant.

I love having the fan during summer too. During summer, the temperature is normally at its extreme hot level which makes it hard to work. The kitchen window exhaust fans are designed to regulate the overall temperature at an optimum level.

This is done by drawing out the hot air then supplying the room with cool air from outside. The invert windows work well to get rid of the strong smell from the kitchen, smoke and strong sticky air. All this happens while regulating the air within the room.

  • They are cost effective

When compared to the air conditioner, the window exhaust fan is cheaper yet it works effectively. Since it’s mostly cool outside during the night, the temperature is cooler in the house when using a window exhaust fan thus you don’t have to use the AC.

You will save money with the exhaust fan because it keeps the energy cost down thus helping you save on utility cost.

  • Installation is easy

The fans are not only easy to use but also easy to install. Most exhaust fans come with the instruction guide to help you fix it easily. You will need a few basic components to install it. This is an easy DIY project for all.

Set it in your window then expand the side panels. Next, plug it in and begin enjoying the cool environment.

  • Reduce the regular use of the AC

With your exhaust fan, you need not use the AC on summer days. Installing the exhaust fan in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room doesn’t only keep your house cool, but, you also reduce the cost you would incur if you were using the AC.

The exhaust fan is eco-friendly because it reduces the need to use the energy, regulates the temperature and it circulates the cool air.

  • Your indoors remain comfy

Within a short time, the exhaust fan gets rid of the hot and stuffy air. They also regulate the temperature of your indoors making it easy to stay indoors.

The window exhaust fans are temporary. This means that you can use them on one window then move them to another window when the need arises.

Where to buy these fans

As you may have noticed our window fans are sourced from Amazon. It has a wide selection of window fans, FAQs and customer reviews for you to use before buying the item. You can also buy the fans from the Home Depot stocks or Walmart.

Bonus- what about the dust?

If you have the window fans, it’s almost inevitable that the fans will accumulate dust. While you don’t need to clean your fan off dust every day, you shouldn’t avoid cleaning it either. If you let the dust to build up you will have a low performing fan.

Cleaning your fan shouldn’t be hard work though. You always need the screws, vacuum with a hose, fan user’s manual, Windex and paper towels.

The cleaning steps

  • Unplug your fan from the socket then unscrew the fan from the back and front side.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dust that’s on the blades and motor.
  • Use the paper towel and Windex to wipe off the remaining dust.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the back side and take care of the motor casing.
  • Go ahead and clean the grates using the brush or hose pipe and hot to warm water.
  • When you have removed all the dust and grease, let the grates dry.
  • Screw your grates back to the fan and place the fan on the window ready to work again.


It matters not whether you have a small kitchen or a large one. If you have a good exhaust window fan, you will easily work on your yakitori grills or different fried meals. This happens without worrying about the stuffy, hot air that may suffocate you.

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