What Are The Best Pizza Cutters

Almost every household has a designated pizza night. Parents love it because it’s simple and kids enjoy it because it tastes great. The one thing that could make it even better is a pizza cutter that slices without the mess.

Why Do You Need a Pizza Cutter?

Certainly, you can slice and enjoy pizza without a cutter, but there are a few points to consider before doing so. Whether slicing a homemade or a store-bought pizza, hot from the oven, a pizza cutter could make the slicing process quicker and less messy. The slices come out even and toppings stay in place.

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If you want to make a pizza in your own kitchen, some cutters can be used to slice veggies, cheese and meat toppings added to the pizza. One of the biggest benefits of using a pizza cutter instead of a knife is safety.

You could experience cuts or nicks when cutting with a knife, but most pizza cutters are designed to ensure safety during use. The right pizza cutter could be safely handled by any responsible adult, as well as older kids that want to help out in the kitchen on pizza night. Pizza cutters can be great house warming gifts or pack them with other essential kitchen items when kids go off to college.

What Features to Look for in a Pizza Cutter?

The features that could be most beneficial will vary among users. There are a few common features that are shared among each, but most cutters are classed in a specific category. A traditional cutter is typically described as one that has a sharp edge and precisely cuts pizza slices, flatbreads, waffles or pies without compromising the fixings or crust.

The half-moon rocking blade pizza cutter also cuts more than pizza. The style of this cutter allows a rocking motion which could make it easier to chop, mince, cut or slice vegetables, cheese and sometimes meat. Consider what the pizza cutter will be mostly used for to decide which features are most beneficial.

One feature that you may find useful is a large blade, which is generally made of durable cast material and easily cuts thick crusts. Large blade cutters may last longer than those made of small plastic pieces. Dishwasher safe is a feature that helps to keep the blades clean and protected from food build-up.

Non-slip handles could help to reduce the number of drops and possible breaks, which means it will last longer. This might be especially helpful when used by teens or for pizza parties. Blade covers provide protection to the blade and others during handling when not in use.

How to Choose a Pizza Cutter?

While it all comes down to a personal preference, there are things to consider that may help you choose the one that does most or all of what you need it to do.

There are qualities and features that help to identify a cutter that could be the better option for you, and they should be considered when deciding which to buy. Pizza cutters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials but their functions and convenience may be among top considerations when choosing your next cutter.

  • Style and Durability– style has more to do with comfort than appearance. It’s a cutter that is made with very few spaces or gaps, which prevents food particles from becoming trapped. This also helps to minimize cleaning time.A style that gives a sturdy rivet to the blade and handle area could be a convenient option. A pizza cutter that serves multiple purposes and lasts for an extended period of time should be considered as a leading contender. One that is durable and sturdy in use could be the better value.
  • Comfort & Safety– a pizza cutter should be easy to grip and comfortable in the hand. A handle with smooth, even ridges makes it much easier to hold and less bulky to the feel. Safety features to consider are limited but some come with blade covers and/or storage bags for safe keeping.
  • Versatility– proportioned slices, number of slices cut at once and the ability to slice foods other than pizza makes a versatile and convenient pizza cutter.

The Best Pizza Cutters

Choosing a pizza cutter can be easy when you have the necessary information about which features would be most beneficial or more adequately meet your needs. With a variety of styles and functions available, below is information on what some of the leading cutters have to offer.

1. ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter - Laser-Etched Stainless-Steel Blade with Solid Zinc-Alloy Chromium-Plated Body

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The stainless-steel pizza wheel that’s shaped like the Starship Enterprise with laser-etched stainless-steel finish, makes it fun to use and produces even slices so everyone gets equal servings of pizza.

More than your ordinary pizza cutter, as it is a big hit with the Trekkies, which makes it a great gift to fans of Star Trek. It cuts your favorite thin or thick crust pizzas, as well as veggies, cheese and other baked goods. The starship cutter is made of zinc-chromium alloy and has a high-gloss finish, which gives it a nice, shiny look.

Officially licensed as Star Trek CollectableNot recommended for dishwasher
Stainless Steel CutterOddly shaped
Cuts Even Slices of PizzaNon-detachable saucer

2. BruArcher Premier Pizza Cutter

1 X Premier Pizza Cutter - Stainless Steel 14' Heavy Duty Rocker Style Blade. Commercial Grade Gourmet Slicer

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The BruArcher Premier pizza cutter is great for personal or commercial style pizza cutting. The half- moon style cutter comes with dual ergonomic grips for safe handling during use. Long blades make it efficient for slicing and even works to chop and mince a variety of foods.

Toppings stay in place during cutting and pies can be cut without the mess or concern of jagged servings. Maintenance is easy, as the cutter washes off simply and is dishwasher safe also. User-friendly cutting tool that slices evenly by rocking the blade back and forth once or twice for a smooth unjagged cut. Eliminates the need to roll a wheel back and forth before the slice is cut for use. The blade is sharp, therefore use on a cutting board is recommended to prevent scratching countertops or tables. Chefs and pizza makers could use the tool with precision cuts with each slice.


Multipurpose cutting abilityHeavy to hold
14” blade length 
Professional grade 

3. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel. Best Way To Cut Pizzas And More. Dishwasher Safe.

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The Checkered Chef SYNCHKG080476 Pizza Cutter is designed with a stainless-steel blade designed for heavy duty use. Combine this with the razor edge it presents and serves up eight slices of a thin or thick crust pizza after only four cuts.

Toppings remain neatly in place while cutting to enjoy generous servings on each slice, without having to pick up the pieces from the board after cutting. There is a protective cover that conceals the blade during storage and allows for safe keeping, but be mindful that the cover slides off easily. So, handle with care. It is easy to clean and has minimal ridges, which makes it difficult for germs to conceal themselves while being cleaned.

Sharp blade for precise cuttingHandle becomes warm when held for a while
Comfortable weight; Not heavySmall cutter
Multipurpose UseNot very durable

4. OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel and Cutter

OXO 1270980 Good Grips Easy to Clean Pizza Wheel and Cutter,Red/Black,1EA

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The design of the OXO 1270980 Good Grips Clean Cut Pizza Wheel and Cutter is uniquely set apart from others and is described as a universal cutter. The hand-held top makes it comfortable and easy to guide when slicing pizza.

There is a stainless-steel wheel with a 4-inch blade, which makes it easy to cut thin, hand-tossed or thick crust pizza. The detachable handle allows for the blade to be removed for safe handling when being cleaned. Cleaning is also easier because of this feature. There is also a non-slip handle that is dishwasher safe for effective cleaning. The compact design makes it easy to store and requires little space. Cut through cakes, sandwiches and cakes without disturbing the smooth texture.

Easy to holdCutter fits loosely
Cuts and chops multiple foodsOversized cutter
Convenient blade cover 

5. Kitchen Aid Pizza Cutter

KitchenAid Pizza Wheel, Red, One Size - KC113OHERA

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The Kitchen Aid Kc113OHERA Pizza Cutter has a classic design and simple make-up. It is the traditional styled rolling blade positioned on a medium sized handle. Handling, cleaning and storage are convenient because of the simplicity of the cutter.

There is a guard for the finger and thumb, which makes it safe to hold. The cutter is available in three colors, which makes it easy to coordinate with the style and color of the kitchen. In all its simplicity, the cutter is durable and made of stainless steel and resistant to rust. There is an angle to the wheel that makes it more comfortable to hold when slicing pizza.

Comfortable to holdMiddle screw rusts easily
Easy to cleanTight blade makes rotation difficult
Cuts clean slices without messHandle not durable

Best Pizza Cutter

Based on the above details and reviews, and considering the pros and cons of the pizza cutters recommended above, the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover is the one that could probably accommodate the needs in most kitchens.

Made of stainless steel, it is less susceptible to rust and won’t corrode easily. The unique design makes it safe to use with less risk of finger exposure to the sharp blade. Moreover, it is extremely comfortable to hold and cleans easily with easy storage. The multi-use ability of cutting pizza, sandwiches and cakes places it in a top tier for convenience. The removable handle simplifies cleaning and blade safety during use or handling.

A tool that could possibly cut most of the foods prepared daily in the home is how this cutter ranks. Therefore, it is likely one that will accommodate most of the needs in the kitchen. Assess your primary needs or uses of a pizza cutter and you will likely find that this model will help you accomplish most of them. You get style, effective and simple use, with easy storage capabilities with the OXO 1270980 Good Grips Pizza Wheel and Cutter. Therefore, it is our pizza cutter of choice!

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