Black Pepper Sauce

The ultimate goal of gourmet food is definitely the great taste. If you’re looking to get the very best taste in the simplest way, then you will definitely have to try various kinds of sauces.

It is said that the easiest way to inspect a professional chef is to mix sauces.

A perfect understanding of the characteristics of the ingredients themselves as well as the understanding of the interaction between the flavors are all very essential parts of this seemingly simple process.

black pepper sauce

It is actually pretty simple for you to make a lot of seasoning sauces. For example, everybody eats dumplings, and each has its own unique formula; some people can have some vinegar, while some people like to dip some soy sauce.

There are also those people who prefer to have garlic and sesame oil, parsley and the like, etc. none of these cooking recipes can be described as superior and inferior, especially considering the fact that the appetite and taste of the person eating is usually the key.

However, the slightly more complicated sauce is a little difficult. It is difficult to match the desired effect with the feeling that you have. To wit, a lot of people eventually choose to buy finished sauces in the supermarket.

Unfortunately, these sauces are like supermarket bread; even if you have a thousand and 10,000 dissatisfaction with them, it is really not a simple matter to make a better visit in your own kitchen.

The list of ingredients used in the black pepper sauce is as follows:

  • -Freshly ground black pepper: 1 tablespoon (15 ml) (Grated black pepper is very light, even if the electronic kitchen scale is also difficult to measure accurately, so it is more convenient to use volume measurement.)
  • -Butter: 25 grams (Butter can not only increase the aroma of the sauce, but also has the function of auxiliary coloring.)
  • -Peanut oil: 25g
  • -Beef stock: 75g
  • -Sweet Paste, Yellow Sauce, or Miso Sauce: 75g
  • -Onions: One (cut into minced)
  • -Dry white wine: 30g

The production method is as follows:
The first step is to take a smaller pan. Due to the fact that the total amount of sauce is not large, it is much better for you to use a smaller pot (below is a 20cm non-stick pan).

Pour the pan slightly warm and pour 25 grams of peanut oil, then add 25 grams of butter. When the butter melts and the pan starts to foam, it looks like this:

black pepper sauce step1

Place the chopped onions in a pan and stir until the liquid in the pan is foaming again. Then, reduce the stove firepower and continue to stir fry over the onions. This process is to make the onion tender and tender so that it can be better combined with the sauce. It takes about 20 minutes to stir fry.

black pepper sauce step2

In the second step, 75 grams of sweet noodles (or yellow sauce, miso paste) were decocted with 75 grams of beef and poured into a pan.

black pepper sauce step3

Stir the added sauce and onions and add 30 grams of dry white wine. Then use medium heat to heat, and use a wooden spoon to flip it when necessary.

black pepper sauce step4

When the water in the pot is almost completely evaporated, the butter in the pot will foam again. Along with the aroma of the nose, the color of the sauce will also become a bit deeper.

black pepper sauce step5

Black pepper can be added at this time. The reason why the black pepper is added last is that the black pepper itself is a volatile component (so the freshly ground black pepper tastes better than the black pepper bought in the supermarket. Better). If you put it too early, the taste of black pepper itself will be greatly reduced under the effect of high temperature.

black pepper sauce step6

Add black pepper and heat over medium heat for about 2 minutes to turn off the heat. Wait until the sauce is completely cool and store in a tightly sealed container.

black pepper sauce
It’s not too much to say that black pepper sauce is a killer weapon in the kitchen. Its use is too wide: it can be used to cook vegetables (such as black pepper beef, black pepper chicken, etc.) It can also be fried with minced pork in order to make black pepper pate.
Now, that is the real rice killer!

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