Brick Toast Recipe With Honey (Amazingly Yummy)

Are you a fan of tantalizing unique dishes, then this is going to be the perfect choice to use? I like to wow my family with meal creativity. I can tell you are going to love the brick toast recipe.  

If you have been to karaoke bars, then you most likely have already tried these goodies. It’s a delicious, soft, and flavorful toast that you can use for breakfast or sometimes as a snack.

For centuries now, people have used toasts for breakfasts. French toasts are one of the most common ones. Brick toast, though, is to the Japanese what French toast is to the French.

brick toast 1

Brick toast is a different kind of toast that has various variations. Typical of the Japanese, they will turn a simple meal into a great choice of meal.

So, of course, it features bread, but then with the additional ingredients they like to use, you then have a different style of toast.

Put the brick toast, which some people refer to as honey toast or Shibuya toast, is one typical toast in Japanese restaurants.

It features a slab of white bread that has a hollow in the middle to set the different fillings, as you can see above. In most cases, they will make it have butter, syrup, and honey.

brick toast 2

When you have made the holes, you can toast it in the oven for as long as possible. With this then you can add the different ingredients to make it just better and better.

I mean, you can stuff it with almost anything: berries, ice cream, honey, just about anything. So then you will notice that you will make it quickly into a dessert.

So the brick addition then they will make on the inner parts of the bread. The aim is to make it crispy, and caramelized remember. So then you have the sweet treats to use in the cooking of the bread.

You don’t have to think so much about it because, as we already mentioned, anything will go into the brick toast.

You can have ice-cream spheres, cheddar cheese shavings, and even some fruits. You will notice that everything and anything will go into the brick bread, remember.

brick toast 3

How did this bread come to be?

The truth is that the bread origin is unclear. Remember, we already said that you would hear people refer to it as the Shibuya toast in some places. Most Japanese, therefore, believe it was first made in the cafes and restaurants in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

It became popular in the market in the early 21st century. At the time, most people wanted to go for all sorts of meals in restaurants.

A good deal of the toast will be crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside especially mixing the different goodies.

So if you are anything like my family where the weekends are special days for us, especially Sundays, you will find it a good idea to learn the step by step.

On Sunday, you will find my family cooking together and just enjoying each other. Keep reading; you will learn all the basics to follow and learn how to cook the bread.

You can be sure that if you have never eaten it anywhere, you don’t have to worry as you will most likely enjoy it. This one tastes excellent. I mean luscious good. If you make it suitable, then you should have it being silky, velvety, and soft. This is more or less like bread pudding.

I feel like nothing compares to this whether you are going to use it as a dessert or as a main meal.


So they make it by creating a hole in a large piece of bread; you will then get the bread toasted before you start adding the fillings to the bread. In most cases, they will top it with the scoops of ice cream, and then they add the berry fruits. It blends different colors and flavors, so you will always have people attracted to it.

Just know that you can make it using the different fillings. This will give you the perfect treat. Although it looks like it will take too long to make, you will be surprised when I say you don’t have to spend too much time making it.

And if you don’t know much about this Japanese dessert, you will be excited you learned it.

brick toast 4brick toast 5

What you need

Here’s what you should know if you’re going to be successful at making the brick toast, then you need the fluffiest bread ever. When you have chosen the fluffiest bread, you are going to have a problem making the hollow without breaking the bread.

I like to use a curved knife to make the square and take the bread out. When you get a proper cut-out, you’ll be sure that you will have the perfect brick toast. Always make sure you leave some parts of the bread thicker to make it easy to hold onto the bread.

How to make brick toast


  • Half the bread Toast
  • 40g Honey
  • 40g Unsalted butter


  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 Helbling
  • 12 Blueberries
  • 2 pcs Long biscuits
  • Moderate Vanilla ice cream
  • Moderate Caramel Butter Sauce

The process

To begin, get yourself a loaf of bread and then cut it into half parts. Choose a 450g toast and cut it in half. You will need to cut out about 4 inches of the bread. You should therefore have a five-inch border of the bread.

brick toast step1

Use a serrated knife or the curve knife to make the square hollow and pull out the remains. So then cut a square out but be sure to have the surface remaining to hold on to the fillings. Do not cut through; leave the edges and bottom of uniform thickness.

brick toast step2

Work on the cut-out bread

So then you will need to cut out the square cut out into even tinier pieces. Cut the bread core into even-sized pieces, any size. I cut 18 pieces. And then this one you will need to work on then to eat it too. We are not going to throw anything in this recipe.

brick toast step3

Butter it

You can use any butter, but for this recipe, we like to melt the butter first. It will allow the butter to seep into the bread. After the butter has melted in water, add honey and stir evenly.

brick toast step4

Layer the bread with the butter and honey

Use a brush to evenly brush a layer of honey butter on the inside of the bread. You should have it looking below, which will make it even better when you are toasting it. So it will be flavorful, but then it toasts efficiently as well.

brick toast step5

The tiny pieces of bread are also better brushed. So then you will brush them with the melted butter and honey. Brush the cut small pieces of toast one by one.

brick toast step6

Prep it before you start to toast it.

Spread it flat in a baking tray, put it in a preheated 180-degree oven, and bake for 8-10 minutes until the color is golden brown. This toasting will give your bread a crispy exterior and a pillowy soft interior.

You can leave the bread brick as it is or moistens it a little with milk. With this then we didn’t bother moistening it because we know it will still be perfect. And, of course, we still want it to maintain its texture.

brick toast step7

Prepare the fillings

Start with the fruits. Wash the fruits and cut them into small pieces, then set in a bowl as below. I love to use different fruits but remember, this is one dessert that will let you use almost anything.

brick toast step8

Start to add the fillings.

Put the small pieces of baked toast neatly back into the toast box, and put a large scoop of ice cream on the surface. Don’t you love to dig into the different flavors of ice cream? Which is your favorite ice cream? You can add a scoop to this dessert.

Here is when you realize just how versatile this one is. You can add passion juice drops for more zing; some people like to use the Nutella, others bananas. I mean, you can almost add anything here. In fact, what’s your favorite filling comment down below.

brick toast step9

Place fruit biscuit sticks and drizzle with caramel cream sauce. You should have the image below to know you made the perfect treat. I like this treat during summer, or whenever I’m visiting Tokyo, I’ll go to my favorite restaurant for the treat.

brick toast 5

Please do not wait to go for a trip to Japan to enjoy this one because anyone can comfortably make it to the comfort of their home.


  • Homemade or bought toast, square or mountain-shaped toast is ok.
  • The baking time and temperature are based on your oven, and you can bake it until golden brown.
  • There is no limit to the type of fruit; the caramel cream sauce can also be replaced with chocolate sauce.

What fillings should you make?

I’ve seen different fillings for this treat; that’s why I didn’t want to make a clear cut at the beginning. We already used the different berries and the vanilla ice cream here. But you can also use the following fillings.

  • Use strawberries, bananas, and vanilla ice cream.
  • Nutella bananas ice-cream and pineapple
  • Rhubarb and custard
  • Fresh pineapples and rum
  • Fresh fruits and honey
  • Matcha ice cream, passion fruits, strawberries

I mean, the list is endless. What do you like to use? I would like to hear and make some of your fillings as well. But have fun with this one.

brick toast 6

Can I make them for a crowd?

Of course, you can make them for a crowd. The toast is going to be unforgettable. It acts so much as a perfect pudding. You can make them and have your family enjoy them as part of the desert.

While it’s fun and delicious, they will be happy you made it as it just makes a perfect complete meal. You will enjoy the sweetness but also the different flavor mixes.

What kind of bread should you use?

Of course, there are many kinds of bread, but I encourage you to use fluffy bread. I like to use the brioche bread for the additional sweetness. But if you want you can use your regular bread.

Can I find it in the shops?

Not always, it’s not such a popular dessert in the shops, so you will not walk to any shop and find this delicious filling toast. However, when you spot a shop where they have it, you can be sure you will love it a lot more.

Making the best brick toast ever

Cook time if you have everything ready this should take you roughly 20 minutes to have ready. Remember, you need to cut the bread, coat it, and then fill it. Generally, though give it about 40 minutes to be sure.


Have you tried to make it yourself? This is the easiest yet the tastiest dessert you will make. The ingredients make it richly flavors and even colorful. The good thing though is that it takes a short time to make it. Try it today and see how it looks.

brick toast 5

Amazingly Yummy Brick Toast Recipe

Are you a fan of tantalizing unique dishes, then this is going to be the perfect choice to use? I like to wow my family with meal creativity. I can tell you are going to love the brick toast recipe.
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 2


  • half the bread Toast
  • 40 g Honey
  • 40 g Unsalted butter


  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 Helbling
  • 12 Blueberries
  • 2 pcs Long biscuits
  • Moderate Vanilla ice cream
  • Moderate Caramel Butter Sauce


  • Cut your bread into half and then dip cut it to remove the inner square parts.
  • Cut the inner bread parts to the bite sizes then. Set them aside and prepare the butter.
  • Melt the butter and the honey. Stir it to make it easy to apply.
  • Set the bread on the baking pan
  • Brush the inner parts of the bread. Ensure you have all the bread inner parts added to the filling. So then also brush the other diced parts.
  • Now start to set the fillings, in this case, the scoop of ice cream, and if you like, you can add the Nutella and bananas.
  • Serve them as a snack or as a dessert.
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