The Best Cast Iron Teapot

When I was little, I noticed something about my grandma’s china. She had a blue kind of teapot that she held so dear to her. She would use it every other time she wanted to sip her hot tea and trust me that was several times a day.

Today I know that those beautifully designed pots were made using the cast iron and since cast iron is durable, they have been passed down to generations. I searched far and wide to come up with this guide that will help you choose the best-cast iron teapots to buy.

The Cast Iron Teapots Benefits

  • They are durable

People started using cast iron teapots in the 19th century. The good thing about cast iron cookware and utensils is that they last generations. If you will take proper care of them, they will serve you for several years to follow.

If you want a set that will serve you, your children and your grandchildren then this is the set you want to buy.

  • They are free of toxins

In the recent past, the manufacturers keep producing cookware and China that are full of chemicals. Some of the chemicals coatings used here include the perfluorocarbons (PFC). This chemical compound damages the liver.

The good thing about cast iron china is that they are free of toxins.

  • They are healthy

While the modern advancement in technology means a rise in other unique utensils, they have unintended health consequences. For this reason, most people are going back to the use of cast iron for the utensils.

The good thing about cast iron is that they infuse the iron metal into your drink thus your body consume the rich iron from your utensils. This prevents anaemia and other iron-related diseases.

If you have noticed, the iron deficiency problem was never experienced by our ancestors, they ate healthily and used the unique utensils.

  • The ancient tradition

These items become part of the family treasures as they are passed down to generations if you will take time to maintain them. They are also ideal for use as part of the Asian tea ceremonies, for example, Japanese tea ceremony.

The Reasons Why You Should Use the Cast Iron Teapots

  • The traditional way of brewing tea

If you know how to make tea you will realize that every part of the teamaking process is important. The quality of water and tea leaves, the temperature and the steeping time are all important parts of the tea brewing parts.

A delightful cup of tea means you are brewing the tea in the right tools with the right ingredients. The use of Cast iron teapots to brew tea in most Asian countries is gaining fame across the globe. They are mostly advisable for those with iron deficiency.

  • The heat absorption

The cast iron teapot is best used as it absorbs heat evenly and the water in the teapot always heats up evenly. Since you will keep the tea leaves in the teapot together with the water, you expect the tea to become full of flavor and rich with nutrients.

Cast iron can retain heat more compared to the ceramic and clay teapots. They will normally keep your tea warm for an hour.

The other downside to ceramic and clay teapots is that they break to pieces with every single fall.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Cast Iron Teapots

Like any other cookware or utensils, you must consider some factors if you are going to buy the ideal item. Some of the factors to consider include the following.

  • The origin

It’s important to know where your product of choice was made and how it was made. This will guide you into knowing whether its ideal for you or not. Consider the fact that the earliest cast iron teapots were made in Japan and China.

This means that when you buy the teapots from the two countries you expect nothing less than the highest quality type. Make sure you consult your seller to tell you where it comes from.

  • The quality

Depending on where you buy the item the quality differs. Today, telling the uniqueness of any item can be tricky because there are vast number of counterfeit products. Your local store could claim to be selling the teapots only to give you the fake ones that will break easily.

Ensure you refer to the origin of the product and preferably choose those from Japan as they have the best cast iron teapots.

  • Design

The cast iron teapots can come in varying shapes, sizes and colors. Therefore, you will never miss a piece that will suit your personality or home decoration. Their patterns are inspired by nature and different figures.

Remember, the pots are handcrafted which means that there’s attention to detail when designing them. You can use them for serving your tea or even the decorative purposes of your house.

  • It is durable

Check the economic life of your utensils as they are supposed to last long. Remember, the durability of your piece is determined by the quality. If the manufacturer used the right kind of cast iron material then the item will last for ages.

  • The budget range

They will come at different costs so when you know the amount you wish to invest in the item the better. If you wish to buy the ones that are durable, mostly made using pure cast iron, be ready to part with a whole load of cash.

1. Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot Black

Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot Black (26 oz 800FY)

If you want a teapot that is not only made to serve you the tea but also act as a decoration on the dinner table, this is the best choice. Coming in black with maple tea leaves decoration, the item is made using the heavy cast iron material for durability.

It enhances the tea flavour as it retains the heat better. The teapot has an enamel coated interior surface that prevents its rusting and its further easy to clean. Furthermore, it has the stainless steel mesh that infuses tea leaves flavour with ease.

The item features the nail head which is a symbol of strength and beauty in the traditional Japanese culture. Like all other cast iron material this one heats up evenly and it retains the heat within the liquid.

Aside from it working as your teapot you can also use it to heat your water when need be. However, always make sure you don’t leave the water in the pot for long. Also, thoroughly dry it after cleaning.

Traditional Japanese teapot

2. Traditional Cast Iron Teapot with Strainers

Traditional Cast Iron Teapot with Strainers by Horizon Fine Goods Japanese Cast Iron Tea Maker - Teapot Infusers For Loose Tea - Makes Up To 24 Oz. - Skillfully Crafted Teapots Gift Set

Generally speaking, the Japanese people made this great teapot using cast iron for enhanced durability. The cast iron compared to other metals like ceramic and stainless steel among others is a premium piece of metal that is also durable.

It distributes the heat evenly so you don’t have to find uneven heated points of tea. Since it will heat your water evenly, it has the best steeping method that infuses the flavors into your tea. This means that will every sip you have the tea tantalizing your taste buds.

The kind of steeping allowed through this process makes it easy to infuse the nutrients into the liquid. Most people don’t know how to get the most out of tea leaves because we mostly use an instant method of cooking.

With this teapot you use the traditional method of brewing tea, thus infusing all the nutrients. The teapot here features the enamel coating on the inside to avoid stains and make it easy to clean.

It further helps to protect your liquid from oxidation. The teapot is beautifully designed and unique in construction.

The square Japanese teapot is easy to use and clean yet great addition to your home décor. It further symbolizes strength and beauty. Its stainless steel steeper will function to infuse all the nutrients.

Asian cast iron teapot

3. Empress Of China Cast Iron Teapot

Empress Of China Cast Iron Teapot - Temperature Retaining Cast Iron Kettle - Teapot With Infuser from Resveralife - Vintage Chinese Tea Pot with Handiwork - Make Time for Tea with this Tea Kettle

In the global scene, we enjoy tea when its warm or hot. In this case, you need the teapot that will maintain the temperature. The Chinese teapot is that kind that will give you the uniform heating.

These teapots feature an efficiency characteristic in that they will enhance the tea flavour and deliver the desirable nutrient from the tea. With this item’s well-sprouted spout you can easily pour your ingredients without a mess.

This item will deliver the massive benefits of having been made using the cast iron metal. With the Chinese craftsmanship skills, you expect quality teapots. It features the beautifully designed exterior with an attractive color that is eye-catching.

4. Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot

Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot, 26-Ounce, Dusk

Another Japanese tetsubin cast iron teapot will offer elegance by brewing and serving tea to your guests. The items are considered the best ones to brew your tea and extract the full flavor of the same.

They have great heat retention-ability and within it is the stainless steel infusing basket that is convenient when you need to brew your loose tea. Since it’s made using the cast iron, it will retain the temperature of your liquid to a serving maximum.

It has the porcelain and enamel interior and chances are that you will keep the taste of your tea thus allowing for the ease in cleaning. When cleaning it, you only need to rinse it in warm water. However, remember to dry it fully.

  1. JapanBargain Hobnail Cast Iron Teapot #15446, 38 oz, Black
Black Hobnail Cast Iron Teapot 38oz #15446

This is basically a cast iron teapot with the hobnail design. It symbolizes your strength in the Japanese culture. Remember this was the way the Japanese people showed off their status. It has the enamel coated inner surface with a stainless steel tea strainer.

The enamel coating will prevent the tendency to rust. For this kind, you should never use it over an open flame. Only use it to serve and brew your tea when you need to.

  1. Sotya Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot Kettle Peony Flower Pattern,1.3 L
Cast Iron Teapot, Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle (1300ml, Brown)

The cast iron kettle is ideal to use if you intend to use it to heat your tea on the charcoal fire, induction surfaces, electric heating surfaces and gas stove. Its interior surface is designed to resist rusting and it’s therefore easy to clean the item.

Since the tetsubin changes the taste of your water, when you brew the tea, you will have it being mellow and sweet. It has additional health benefits. The teapot features the Fuji mountain design which makes it be known as the Fuji kind of teapot.

It has a round texture with the peony to symbolize wealth and prosperity. It can keep your tea warm for an extended period but it also assumes a great color.

  1. Teavana Maromi Bird Cast Iron Teapot


This features a pot-bellied cast iron teapot. It has the peaceful decoration of the birds and cherry blossom. It has the enamel interior surface to keep it free of stains and the beautiful exterior. You should hand clean to increase its shelf life.

  1. RIKYU RKTS508CP Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Pine Copper, 24 Ounce, Gold
RIKYU RKTS508CP Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Pine Copper, 24 Ounce, Gold

This is another beautiful set that has the removable stainless steel mesh. Coming in a blend of the brown and black interior enamelled surface, the teapot and cups will serve you the warm tea every time.

Since its exterior is made using cast iron, and the interior made of enamel you have it resisting stain and dirt. It further features the symbol of the dragonfly which is a symbol of joy and happiness. It’s also a symbol of strength, unity and courage.

  1. Primula Cast Iron Teapot – Durable Cast Iron with a Fully Enameled Interior
Primula PCI-7440 Black Hammered Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot Stainless Steel Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea, Durable Construction, Enameled Interior, 40 ounce

Made of cast iron the item will evenly absorb heat then infuse it’s ironic flavors to the tea. Besides, even the nutrients from the tea leaves are infused back to your tea. It further retains the heat more than any other material.

The item has a fully enamelled interior for easy cleaning of the interior surface. It further reduces the rust build up. Moreover, the stainless steel infuser ensures you develop all the flavors of your tea.

It’s beautifully designed with the bold black color. This also symbolizes the strength and beauty. Through the article, you should have noticed that brewing the tea in the cast iron teapot gives you the ultimate flavour you need.

Large cast iron teapot

  1. Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot, 52-Ounce, Black
Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot, 52-Ounce, Black



This 52-ounce teapot will keep your tea warm and ready to serve for up to an hour. It further has the porcelain enamelled interior that keeps your pot free of stains and maintains the temperature. It further makes it easy to clean the inner surface.

It’s large enough to serve a few of your friends and family. It includes the infuser which ensures the tea attains the desired flavour. When cleaning it, always use warm water to rinse it. You should also hand dry it.

Thanks to the cast iron material that keeps your tea at a proper serving temperature. The best part is further that you won’t have the alteration of taste.

  1. Old Dutch Mini Cast Iron Tokyo Teapot, 11-Ounce, Black
Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot, 11-Ounce, Black

This teapot is a small design that will carry two regular cups of tea or a single large one. It comes in at 11 ounces. Luckily the cast iron material will keep your tea warm for about an hour. They keep your tea taste pure and full of flavor for easy cleaning.

It comes with an infuser being the stainless steel make. You can rinse it with warm water to keep it stain free.

  1. Primula Cast Iron Teapot | Blue Floral Design w/Stainless Steel Infuser,34 oz
Primula Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea, Durable Construction, Enameled Interior, Blue

The teapot features the traditional design that offers durability and its exquisite for use. With its enamel interior surface coating, the teapot keeps your tea warm and ready for service for over an hour.  The interior surface gives you easy care and cleaning ability.

It carries along a stainless steel infuser to add flavor to your tea. When you are brewing the tea, you don’t have to worry since the tea will cook evenly. Made of heavyweight cast iron material the teapot remains durable for use.

Let’s talk about the exterior surfaces. It features the floral patterns with the blue color, durable design and the perfect sprout that will pour your tea with ease. It’s easy to carry the teapot kettle with the perfect handle making it easy to pour the tea.

  1. Old Dutch Greek Wine Cast Iron Kamakura Teapot with Stand, 26-Ounce
Old Dutch Greek Wine Cast Iron Kamakura Teapot with Stand, 26-Ounce

As you all know the cast iron teapots will keep your tea warm for over 1 hr. Coming in the purple color this item is your must-have item if you love tea. This one like all the other old Dutch Greek wine teapots has its interior surface coated with porcelain.

It carries along the cast iron stand and stainless steel basket mesh for your tea leaves. When you wish to clean the item, you should always use warm water with it. The stand will help to keep the item stable when you are serving your tea.

The brand name is of Japanese nature which means that you can trust their teapots. They remain durable for ages since the item is made following the elegant and traditional design of the teapot making.

Black cast iron teapot

  1. THY COLLECTIBLES Black Cast Iron Tea Set Teapot Tetsubin, Oriental Symbol
THY COLLECTIBLES Black Cast Iron Tea Set Teapot Tetsubin, Oriental Symbol

For you to craft the perfect design of a teapot you need the perfect material that comes in form of cast iron. This material is not only the perfect design for the aesthetic value but also durable. It further retains the heat better than all other materials.

Its enamel interior means that cleaning is a breeze but its cast iron exterior helps it to distribute the heat evenly. Unlike some teapots where you except the alteration of the taste, this one won’t interfere with your tea taste.

It has the gorgeous oriental patterns for the exterior surfaces which will work to make you begin a conversation while enjoying your tea. The item isn’t dishwasher safe you should, therefore, hand clean it with warm water and mild soap if need be.

After one hour you should remove either the tea or water from the pot and clean it. Though it looks sturdy you should never place it on the stovetop surface. Just boil your water in another vessel then transfer it in this item.

The green cast iron teapot

  1. Primula Cast Iron Teapot | Green Dragonfly Design w/Stainless Steel Infuser, 26 oz
Primula PCI-5228 Green Dragonfly Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot Stainless Steel Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea, Durable Construction, Enameled Interior, 26 oz

The item features a perfect construction of the heavyweight cast iron material. This one isn’t only about the tea rather it features the detailed jade green dragonfly decorative design.

It’s a beautiful design that is durable and has the dragonfly design to symbolize the Japanese new beginning symbols. Its interior surface is made using the enamel which keeps it clean and able to maintain the temperature.

It further works like most other teapots to distribute your heat even when you are cooking the tea. It will further trap the heat and therefore maintain it for over an hour. It comes with the fold-down handle, the perfect sprout and removable lid which makes it easy to pour your tea.

White cast iron teapot

  1. Elegant Ceramic Hobnail Teapot with Stainless Steel Handle 28 fl ounce Oriental Style Glazed Finish (White)
Elegant Ceramic Hobnail Teapot with Stainless Steel Handle 28 fl ounce Oriental Style Glazed Finish (White)

Here is another inspired design of the teapot. It features the simplistic and elegant design of the traditional style of teapots. It comes in varying colors and white is one of them. The white color is always a great indication of the perfect design of teapot we have.

Talk of simplicity and elegance, this item is yours to enjoy when you have guest around or on those days when you feel like pampering yourself. It will also serve as the perfect gift. The item is lightweight and it has the porcelain to keep your interior surface free of stain.

The item is comfortable to hold and it has the perfect bending. It’s further made using the stainless steel and it features the effective heatproof way of serving tea. The item is enhanced with the colored Asian style glaze.

The item like most other cast iron teapot is durable and effective. You shouldn’t place it on the stove top rather boil your water aside when making the tea.

  1. Happy Sales Cast Iron Tea Set Imperial Dragon Black & Gold
Happy Sales Cast Iron Tea Set Imperial Dragon Black & Gold

This is a great set for the service of your tea. Featuring the dragon design, the set comes in sturdy and durable for use. It has an 18-ounce capacity teapot. The items are lined with the porcelain enamel.

You should never use it for boiling water. Only use it when you are steeping the tea. With its two cups, the teapot, trivet, saucers and stainless steel strainer this item will serve as a gift to your loved ones.

18. HCT Teapot Antique Cast Iron Tetsubin Japanese Teapot Cast Iron Teapot – 1.2L Handmade, Boiling Teapot, Boiling Kettle

HCT Teapot Antique Cast Iron Tetsubin Japanese Teapot Cast Iron Teapot - 1.2L Handmade, Boiling Teapot, Boiling Kettle, teapot, a

Here is another beautifully designed teapot which has a capacity of 1.2L to serve your guests. It works as a great tool to evenly prepare your tea. You can take your tea hot with this item as it keeps it in the ideal temperature.

For an enhanced shelf life, you should rinse it with the boiling water after each use. This will help you make the most out of the item. You can further keep it in your kitchen when you aren’t using it.

19. Iwachu Japanese Artisan Iron Tetsubin Square Teapot, 42-Ounce, Antique Brown

Iwachu Japanese Artisan Iron Tetsubin Square Teapot, 42-Ounce, Antique Brown

This is amongst the few large teapots that were used to heat tea and keep the houses warm during the winter season. With its brown color and rounded offset square design, the item offers you the vintage and antique structure in a teapot.

Iwachu is one of the single most respected brands in the Japanese ironware manufacturing design. It has a history of being the best company for the past 100 years. It’s a global manufacturer of the best Japanese tetsubin.

You should never use it over an open flame.

20. JUEQI Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser/Strainer, 27 Ounce (800 ML)

JUEQI 900 ML Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapot, Enamel Craft Tetsubin Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser Strainer, Enamel-Coated Interior Fish-scale Pattern

This teapot is mostly a much-decorated piece of centerpiece item that will even be a great conversation starter. It works as a great brewing device. It features the cast iron metal and stainless steel infuser.

It will be your great gift to your loved ones as well as those you respect. The handle features the sturdy design for ease in pouring of the liquid. Only use warm water to clean not the dishwasher.

21. Flameer Cast Iron Tea Kettle. Fireplace humidifier Wood Stove Humidifier Gold Peony

Cast Iron Tea Kettle. Fireplace humidifier Wood Stove Humidifier Gold Peony

Lastly is this pot that will retain the heat for a longer time. It features your ergonomic handle for ease in the tea pouring. It further has a sprout that is wide enough to pour the content easily. It has hard wear resistance as well as a great thermal conductivity.

They may differ in colors but the item is sure to serve you for ages.

How to Use Cast Iron Tea Pot

Cleaning cast iron teapot

If you will take care of your teapot it may serve you a lifetime. Below are the essential caring tips to consider:

· Always let the teapot cool down after use before you begin the cleaning process.

· If possible, only use the warm water in cleaning the pots. Never use any kinds of detergents.

· When the pot is still warm, wipe it with a damp cloth. Let it air dry, then wipe the inner part with the dry kitchen cloth. Next, replace its infuser and lid.

· By all means, avoid the oil and salt as they may react with the iron content of the pot. Also, you should use table linen or coasters to avoid the discoloration possibility.

· You may still use the pot even if it has developed rust as it still remains safe. However, if you don’t like having the rust on your pot you can either use a soft brush to clean it or fill it with used tea leaves and add the boiled water. Let it rest for 20 minutes before pouring it out and rinsing.

· This method is to prevent the future occurrence of rust.

· Notice that although some teapot above allow you to use them on the stovetops, the cast iron teapots aren’t exactly the best to use on stovetops.

Brewing Your Tea in The Iron Cast Teapot

Begin by choosing the right tea that won’t form a patina on the inner surface. Choose a single type of tea that you will use on the kettle.

Next, preheat it

Consider the fact that you are using the cast iron and for it to be effective you need to preheat it first. This you do by boiling the water in a different item and heat source then pouring it in the pot. Rinse it once or twice as this will make it clean and ready for use.

Measure the amount of tea you plan to use proportionate to the water. A teaspoon of tea will work with 7 cups of water. However, if the pot has the built-in strainer you can reduce the tea you are producing.

Boil your water in a different heat source and when it reaches the ideal temperature just pour your water over the measured tealeaves. Let it cover the tea leaves and rest for 2 minutes.

Serve your tea and clean up the teapot.

Are cast iron teapot safe?

Yes, they are safe. They are the traditional types of teapots that were used in most Asian countries. If you will follow the correct procedure in their usage, they will remain safe for use. They are also decorative for your home so you have every reason to buy them now.


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