15 Amazing Chinese Beef Recipes That Are Easy To Make

Beef is an essential ingredient in Chinese cuisine. In a dim sum meal, you will hardly miss the beef.

It is enjoyed during brunch, lunch, and dinner. It is also enjoyed as a snack in dishes like dumplings.

Beef is cooked in many different ways in Chinese cuisine, as you can see below in the listed recipes.

Beef chow mein

This means that you should never get bored by eating the same type of beef over and over again.

Beef is flexible and can be manipulated in many ways.

The type of recipe you choose will also influence the part of beef you buy and vice versa.

Some recipes require you to have beef from a specific cut, like spareribs.

Always look at the recipe before purchasing your beef. Alternatively, choose a recipe that works with the part of beef you have.

I have listed down many recipes that I have tested and used over time.

They are simple, straightforward recipes that even a beginner can follow. Enjoy.

1. Chinese beef stew with potatoes

Chinese beef stew with potatoes

Chinese beef stew is a fantastic one-pot meal that you can enjoy any time of the day.

It is easy to prepare therefore you can enjoy it even on weekdays.

The beef is braised in the same pot with potatoes and carrots in a savory broth until it softens and cooks.

It is flavourful and tender and perfect for kids.

Chinese dishes might be pretty challenging and hands-on to make. That is why I love my recipes being one pot.

If you go online, you will find many beef stew and potatoes recipes that cook them separately, and you will realize how tiresome it is, yet the result is not as delicious as this recipe. That is why I adore this recipe so much.

For this recipe, you should use beef chuck roast. This is because the beef is tender, and it will make you save some dollars since it is affordable. It is also lean.

However, if you want to make the traditional Chinese beef stew with potatoes, you should use a fattier cut like short ribs.

A fattier cut will make the beef melt in your mouth with every bite.

While cooking this beef, you do not need to brown it, but you can if you prefer it. Additionally, you should pay attention to the heat.

It wasn’t until recently (when I read this recipe) that I learned that boiling influences how tender the meat becomes.

Ensure you bring the beef to a gentle boil and then simmer until it is ready for it to be tender. A full boil makes it hard.

This recipe is adaptable. You can make it as gluten-free as possible. Also, you can use cornstarch to thicken the broth.

However, for me, I let the starch in potatoes do the work.

This dish is flavourful. If you want to spice it a bit more, add some pepper flakes. Serve this over rice and a side of salad. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

2. Sweet and sticky crispy beef

Sweet and sticky crispy beef

I love to enjoy this sweet and sticky crispy beef as a snack. But there are times I serve it as a main meal.

This beef is sweet and spicy. If you cannot tell how good it tastes from looking at it, then I assure you it is divine.

You have probably ordered this before from your favorite Chinese restaurant; however, with this recipe, you will be able to make a dish that will taste better than takeout.

One of the challenges is ensuring that your meat does not become soggy and remains crispy.

If you follow the instructions on this recipe to the latter, then you will be fine.

The ingredients for this beef are readily available. You will find them in your nearby grocery store.

However, you will need Shaoxing cooking wine and hoisin sauce, only available in an Asian store.

You can either use skirt steaks, flank steaks, or top sirloin steaks.  Marinate your steak to get the most flavor infused.

Ensure you use potato starch, the oil is hot, and that you double fry so that your beef can be as crispy as possible.

You can enjoy this beef as a leftover. However, the beef will no longer be crispy the next day, but it won’t be soggy either.

Instead, it will be chewy but still impressive.

When your sweet and sticky, crispy beef is ready, serve it hot and with a bowl of plain rice. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

3. Low Syn Sweet Chilli Beef

Low Syn Sweet Chilli Beef

This is a lovely dish consisting of strips of beef that are deliciously coated and thrown in a sweet chili sauce.

In case you’re wondering what to cook for your dinner date, then this is it. Your significant other will love it so much.

It can also be a leftover dish if you had leftover stir fry beef strips.

All you need to prepare this divine dish is a few readily available ingredients. It is straightforward to make and super quick too.

You should coat the beef with starch to get the delicious coating. This will also make your sauce mouthwatering and glossy.

Ensure your sauce is sweet and that the fantastic chili kick is as per your desire.

If a member of your family cannot stand chili, you should better go easy on it.

Serve this fantastic Low Syn chili beef with your favorite accompaniment.

Here is the recipe.

4. Chinese beef with Bok Choy in Oyster sauce

Chinese beef with Bok Choy in Oyster sauce

This is another delicious Chinese beef dish. It tastes so good. If you are tired of beef in thick sauces, you can enjoy this recipe as the sauce here is a little thinner.

First, ensure you marinate the beef so that it can be flavourful. I like to marinate mine overnight.

But you do not have to do that. Thirty minutes in the fridge is okay.

Add the sauce and veggie when the beef is almost ready.

Throw in the bok choy in the cooking pan and let it cook for a minute.

Serve this dish while still hot with noodles. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

5. Panda Express Beijing Beef(Copycat)

Panda Express Beijing BeefCopycat

Panda Express Beijing beef has to be one of the tastiest beef I have ever eaten. The juiciness of the meat is overwhelming.

It is perfectly tangy-sweet and spicy. So I decided to make it at home, and that is when I came across this recipe.

Panda Express Beijing beef has sliced onions, bell peppers, and marinated beef. I love onions.

I tend to put many onions in dishes, and I believe the more the onions, the more delicious the beef.

Therefore do no be shy with your onions.

The beef is crunchy on the outside because of breading and tender on the inside. The sauce is sticky, sweet, and spicy.

The bronzy brown, glossy, mouthwatering look of the beef will make your family ten times hungrier.

The red and yellow bell pepper make the beef more attractive due to the different colors.

The ingredients are quite a lot, but the result is worth it.

Serve your well-cooked panda express Beijing beef(copycat) over rice or noodles.

You can as well eat it a lot with a side of veggies or your favorite salad.

Here is the recipe.

6. Black beans and beef vegetable stir fry

Black beans and beef vegetable stir fry

Chinese food is interesting. I love how the Chinese mix different foods into one pot to create something phenomenal.

You will mix beef, black beans sauce, bell pepper, and other vegetables in this dish.  

You can add snow peas if you like too. I add peppers to make it spicier.

Making this dish only takes 15 minutes. Therefore it would be better you prepare a side dish like jasmine rice first.

You can also serve it alongside chow mein.

Balck beans and beef vegetable stir fry is a mouthwatering dish that tastes as good as it looks.

The garlic and black bean sauce make the flavors pop more. If you want your sauce to be thicker, you can add cornstarch.

This meal is divine, and your family will love it. Serve it while hot.

Here is the recipe.

7. Kung Pao Broccoli beef

Kung Pao Broccoli beef

When you see the name Kung Pao on a Chinese menu, the said food is stir-fried.

Kung Pao Broccoli beef is a fantastic meal. It is perfect when you are looking for a quick fix.

Additionally, with this dish, you do not need a side dish. Broccoli is very filling, and together with the beef and sauce, you will be satisfied.

I love how this dish looks. It looks so simple, with most of the ingredients mixing to form the sauce.

When you look at it, you only see the thick sauce, broccoli, and browned beef.

This simplicity is so attractive and would make you want to make this dish every day.

This dish is so quick to make that the delivery guy would arrive long after your kung pao broccoli beef is already on the table if you were to order it.

If you want the best result use the sirloin steak cut since it is lean but has a lot of beef flavor.

The beef flavor goes well with the vegetables and sweet sauce.

When your broccoli beef is ready, serve it over rice.

Here is the recipe.

8. Big batch Chinese beef

Big batch Chinese beef

Food cooked for a large number of people tend not to be that tasty.

Therefore if you are having a party for many people and do not know what dish to cook for your guest, you can try this Big Batch Chinese beef.

This is a tasty beef that you can prepare before the function and let it slowly cook.

The brown color of this beef brought about by dark soy sauce is attractive.

All you need for this meal is your beef, ginger, beef stock, button mushrooms, dark soy sauce, Chinese five-spice, garlic, all-purpose flour, and scallions.

Serve this meat hot with fluffy white rice and stir-fried broccoli.

Here is the recipe.

9. Hunan beef

Hunan beef

Hunan beef is a spicy dish consisting of stir-fried, thinly sliced steak, some broccoli(or vegetable of your choice), and a hot spicy sauce.

Hunan beef is a classic in Chinese cuisine.

In Chinese cuisine, there are many traditional culinary and Hunan is one of them.

Hunan cuisine is famous for how hotly spiced its dishes are. Therefore expect the same for this meal.

This dish is easy to make as much as it is delicious. Serve this to your guests and watch their faces of awe.

It would be best if you had flank steak for this recipe. Brown it in a pan until it gets completely brown and dry.

Then stir-fry the vegetables. You will need to make your sauce at home.

This sauce is a little thin, but you will pour it over the vegetables and meat and let it simmer until it thickens.

You are not limited to the ingredients in this recipe. This recipe is meant to be your guide.

In case you have other vegetables of choice like carrots, mushrooms, bok choy, water chestnuts, and snow peas, use them.

You can add nuts like cashew nuts for some crunch. You can also use this recipe to make a chicken or pork variation of the same.

Serve hot with rice.

Here is the recipe.

10. Beef teriyaki skillet

Beef teriyaki skillet

The days of you eating takeout on weeknights are over. Now you can make this dish in 10 minutes.

It cannot get any easier and faster than that. Additionally, this teriyaki skillet is delicious.

You must have five ingredients, including ginger, garlic, minced meat, teriyaki sauce, and onion. Your kids will love this flavorful meat.

You will be shocked by how they will keep coming for more. You can warp it to in a tortilla and take it as a snack.  You can use lettuce wraps too.

If you make this dish part of your main meal, serve it with rice and steamed broccoli. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

11. Ginger beef

Ginger beef

Ginger beef is for Saturday dinners in my household. I have to make it every week, or my family will not let me be. It is a delicious way of making beef.

I love it too since I can make it with a cheaper steak and still enjoy a fantastic meal. You can use either flank steak or skirt steak.

These cuts are known to be relatively lean and tough. The hack to enjoying a softer skirt of flank steak is in how you cut it.

Slice it thinly against the grain and watch the meat become as tender as other meat cuts.

I love ginger, and I do not think ginger can be too much; however, my family would disagree.

For this reason, I have had to tame myself and learn how to go slow in the beef. The measurements given in this recipe are ideal for anyone, even kids.

If you want to go the extra mile and be different, you can stir fry your ginger beef with baby bok choy.

When your beef is ready, serve it with rice or fried noodles. You can have it with sauteed broccoli on the side.

Here is the recipe.

12. Chinese Beef and Tomato

Chinese Beef and Tomato

I have been cooking Chinese dishes for a long while now. Unlike most of the dishes here, most Chinese foods do not have tomatoes.

I found this recipe intriguing when I came across it, honestly speaking.

I was shocked to know that this is one of the classic Chinese dishes, and most Chinese people grew up eating this dish with tomatoes. I knew I had to try and make it at home.

This dish is delicious. It tastes so good, your friends and family will love it.

It is an easy dish too, make and takes a short time to make since it is one pot.

While making this dish, the most challenging thing is ensuring the tomatoes do not turn to paste while cooking.

Also, be careful not to overcook.

I love how you can tailor this dish to fit the needs of a paleo and keto dieter. It is also gluten-free.  

You will need dry sherry instead of Shaoxing cooking wine.

Use coconut aminos or tamari instead of soy sauce. Additionally, you will have to use arrowroots to thicken the paste instead of cornstarch.

Serve this Chinese beef and tomato with cauliflower rice, egg drop soup as an appetizer, and sauteed broccoli. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

13. Hoisin Beef noodle

Hoisin Beef noodle

I came across hoisin sauce when I started cooking Chinese dishes. That is when I learned that I could enjoy noodles which I initially did not like, and make them taste better.

This hoisin beef noodle is delicious and has the perfect umami flavor that you look for in all Chinese dishes.

It is quick and easy to cook, and all you need is 30 minutes. Stir-fry the noodles and beef together in a homemade hoisin sauce.

As simple as that. The result is a savory dish that is somewhat spicy. Every bit of this beef noodle is a burst of flavor in the mouth.

This dish is colorful and attractive to the eye. So your kids especially will not need coercion to eat dinner anymore.

But, of course, your partner, too, would keep asking for a second serving.

All you need for hoisin beef, noodles is noodles, beef, vegetables, protein, and sauce.

All this I believe you will find in your nearby local store. Alternatively, you can make your hoisin sauce to have a more fresh, authentic taste.

Serve this dish while hot with your favorite accompaniment.

Here is the recipe.

14. Chinese beef and mushroom

Chinese beef and mushroom

This is a favorite takeout for many. Imagine if you could make it in your kitchen, how much you would and save!

How much fun you would have! It is easy to make, and the result is a mouthwatering dish that your family will love.

Butflavourful, of course, it tastes better than the takeout version.

The beef is tender when done well, and the mushrooms produce this rich umami flavor that is quite complex.

The Chinese brown sauce tops it all to make it one of the best meals I have ever made in my kitchen, and I make many unique dishes.

Gpo for flank steak when buying beef for this recipe. Marinate the meat to tenderize it. You can use baking soda to make it tender.

All you have to do is coat the beef with baking soda and let it rest for a quarter of an hour.

Then rinse it in cold water and remove all the baking soda.

For the best results, you should use authentic Chinese ingredients. This is what will make your beef and mushroom, similar if not better, than the one at Panda express.

Serve Chinese beef and mushroom for friends during a friend’s hangout.

Serve it while hot over fluffy plain rice. You can have soup as an appetizer and a side of vegetables.

Here is the recipe.

15. Crispy orange beef

Crispy orange beef

Crispy orange is a delicious dish. It is many people’s go-to food in a Chinese restaurant.

However, during this pandemic, it is safer to stay at home and make your food instead of takeout as everyone is trying to limit contact.

So you probably miss your favorite dish – crispy orange beef.

However, worry not. I discovered the best crispy orange beef recipe that I can share with you to enjoy your favorite Chinese food again.

This recipe is simple, and the result is a mouthwatering delicious glossy brown dish.

Additionally, the meat is crispy, and the sauce is very spicy.

I love mine very hot spicy; therefore, I add chili flakes to mine, but if you prefer yours less spicy, you can reduce the quantities of the spices.

Serve this dish with a bowl of rice.

Here is the recipe


Making Chinese beef recipes is quick and straightforward. These dishes make the best after-work meals for all weeknights.

You can also enjoy them during parties or date nights.

Chinese Beef recipes are suitable for beginners. I hope you have enjoyed trying out these recipes.

Black beans and beef vegetable stir fry

Chinese beef recipes

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