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Chinese candy

Show me one person who doesn’t love candy? I’m this person who has had to see a dentist every after 6 months because of my sweet tooth.

One unique thing about my Chinese people is that they don’t enjoy sugary food as they do in the west. I think I’m just the exception to the rule.

Nevertheless, China has its own list of sweet treats that both adults and kids alike enjoy.

They may differ from the regular ones that you like eating. But they are tasty.

How to Say Candy in Chinese

 How to Say Candy in Chinese

The 28 Chinese Candies

1. Chinese hawthorn candy

Haw Flakes, Chinese Sweets Made From the Fruit of the Chinese Hawthorn

This haw flakes also known as hawthorn candies and are made from the hawthorn fruit and sugar.

It’s a traditional Chinese candy that appears to be paper thin wafers.

The candy assumes a dark pink or purple color and it’s usually formed in cylindrical discs.

hawthorn candy

They are often packed in the cylindrical stacks to retain the shapes. The packaging has art that resembles the Chinese firework.

If you are wondering about the taste then know that it will leave you with a tangy aftertaste.

Moreover, it has a sweet and tart taste that gets you hooked up. Even for those who are conscious about the calorie consumption, this is hard to control.

The Chinese traditional herbal medicine is often bitter so most of us eat these sweets alongside the medicine.

Such sweets are sometimes given to children for the purpose of deworming them.

2. Chinese plum candy

Chan Pui Mui Chinese Traditional Fruit Candy

Chan Pui Mui Chinese Traditional Fruit Candy Net WT.14 oz

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You can easily describe this as the plum hard candy or dried plum sweets. They feature a strong flavor or better said light and sweet flavor.

It appears to be a tart that gives you the whole flavor through the eating process and trust me you can’t eat so much of this.Chinese plum candy

When eating it you expect to taste the hint of root beers, ginger and saltiness yet it remains sweet. You can feel that chewy central part.

It has no additives other than just the Chinese plum seed that you should watch out for when eating it.

3. Chinese Good Luck Candy

Chinese Good Luck Candy

In accordance with Chinese traditional ceremonies, the new year is one important day in the Chinese calendar.

During this time, there are rituals to be done along with food eaten. Everything done on that day is about wishing everyone a lucky new year.

There are so many food types that we enjoy on this day but the special dessert we use is the lucky candy.

You can give it to your loved ones as a gift or just have it as part of the meal for the day. The essence of it being the lucky year message.

When eating these sweets, you spread the good fortune message.

It features the strawberry flavored sweets that are individually packed in beautiful red wrappers.

You may use the sweets during your wedding events and different other parties aside from the regular new year ceremonies.

I don’t know any other way in which you can wish your friends and loved ones a lucky new year or success in their endeavors when you don’t use the tasty, highly flavored and rich lucky candy.

4. Chinese hard candy

Lychee Candy (Dakeyi/50-ct)

Lychee Candy (Dakeyi/50-ct) - 13oz (Pack of 1)

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This is a new flavor of the hard candies in China. It’s basically made using lychee fruit as you can see from the name.

Chinese hard candy

The unique flavor of lychee in the candy makes it addictive.

One thing about this candy is that you will find it in every Hong Kong restaurant across the US.

5. Green candy

Classic Guava Hard Candy

Classic Guava Hard Candy - 12.3 Oz

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Here is yet another special treat. This hard type of candy is first very cheap and sweet.

It has each piece dusted with sugar for the preparation. To best describe it, we can say that they are sweet and sour candies with smooth textures.

Green candy

They tend to leave the guava taste in your mouth. For some people though you may find that you feel the taste of apples and kiwi.

That is perfectly normal but the lingering taste will be that of guava. This package contains about 130 pieces of individual packs of sweets.

In summary, this candy is a burst of richly flavored guava fruit that is also slightly chewy.

6. Chinese sour candy

Soeos Chinese Guava Candy

Soeos Guava Candy (32oz), Guava Hard Candy, guava asian candy, Guava Fruit Hard Candy, Japanese Guava Fruit Candy. 32oz (2 lbs).

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This is another type of green candy that makes a rich guava flavor that is also hard.

It features the uniquely sweet and sour taste of the guava that lingers in your mouth after you finish eating it.

They are made using safe raw materials that have great impacts on your body.

They feature some tiny bits which means it could easily choke your child so you want to be cautious when giving them the sweet treat.

The sweets are famously used in weddings and other celebrations.

They are categorized under the sour candies since they are sweetly sour.

7. Gummy candy

Wangzai’s QQ gummy candy

Gummy candy

For all of us with a sugar craving, this is just enough to satisfy it. This gummy candy is just one of the flavors of the candy.

It contains eight flavors in total pineapple, apples, peach, blueberry and lychee.

I like it because it’s juicy yet strongly fruit flavored and cheap for its taste. I always finish the whole packet while sitting with friends.

Unlike the gums in the west, this one has a strong fruit flavor that gives it a direct distinction.

8. Chinese brown sugar candy

Blooming Brown Sugar in Bar 14oz

Blooming Brown Sugar in Bar 14oz

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This brown sugar is the one that is also known as the brown candy. You make it using unrefined cane sugar.

It’s rich in nutrients since it uses the natural sugars as opposed to what most candies use. It basically has fewer calories than the regular white sugar.

For all your red-cooked dishes, use this candy to give your meal the deep and complex flavors.

If you also want to eat it raw you could do so in small pieces. It’s sold in most Asian markets in form of wafers.

9. Chinese coconut candy

Chun Guang Coconut Candy

Chun Guang Coconut Candy, 5.6 Ounce

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These ones are yum yum. Made using the fresh raw materials with the main ingredient being coconut, you know how rich the flavor is.

They are originally manufactured in Hainan China. They are large and oval-shaped hard-boiled coconut flavored candies.

Chinese coconut candy

The taste is something close to sugary sweet when you begin sucking it then it bursts with the coconut taste and flavor.

They are also brown in color which makes them attractive.

Try these candies today and I promise you will never look elsewhere for candies.

10. Tuckahoe pie

The best way to describe a tuckahoe pie is that it assumes the shape of a full moon and its snow white in color.

As you may notice from the name, this is a speciality snack that showcases one of the famously unique desserts of Beijing.

You make its outer crust using the tuckahoe powders and refined flours.

You will also notice that it has stuffing between the crusts which are made using honey, granulated sugar, pine cones, confectioners and lastly the crushed kernels. Additionally, it has the fulling as part of the pancake that has some medicinal value.

Mostly, fulling helps you with the digestive tract tissues and urinary tract. It then helps to keep a healthy spleen.

Thus, eating the sweets as a snack has more value to your body that you can ever imagine.

Its history dates back during the Qing Ming dynasty when the snack was served to the royal family.

Today, the snack is regularly found across the Chinese bakeries especially in Beijing and other large cities of China.

11. The Chinese jelly candies

Chinese jelly candies

When it comes to jelly fruits you can have them in different flavors.

We have one common type called orange jelly which is native to Hong Kong.

It’s small and almost a finger sized jelly kind. It’s further sweet and richly flavored.

Jin Jin Assorted Fruit Coconut Candy

Jin Jin Assorted Fruit Coconut Candy Lychee Mango Peach and Grape Jelly Cups 52.9 Ounce Container

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This kind of candy features a 12 serving of the jelly cups. It’s a mixture of different flavors that are cholesterol free, fat-free and delicious.

You get to choose which flavor suits your taste buds. They are nicely made and packaged to suit different needs.

12. Dragon candies

Dragon candies

This is an ancient candy that best tells the story of the Han dynasty. For most people, it found its image and name when the emperor used to eat its pulled sugar. While eating it he had white wisps sticking to his face that resembled the whiskers of the dragon.

For other people, making the dragon candy involved a lot of work which meant that only the royalties would enjoy eating it. All these beliefs have led to what we know today as the dragon bear candy.

What makes it unique is that the filling is covered with a cotton candy-like wisps the old-fashioned way.

It mostly consists of lightly toasted coconuts, peanuts and sesame seeds that is finely chopped and cooked.

You expect to taste the delicacy and crispness of the candy as it melts into your mouth.

Its sweetness makes it suitable for your coffee and tea accompaniments.

You could buy the dragon beard on Amazon.

13. Chinese chocolate candy

If there’s one thing that our county China has struggled to bring to the global market scene is chocolate.

There are very many chocolate varieties from Europe and other parts of the west that are hard to compare with.

Although we still have our own candies that are well known within the country.

I believe that in the near future we will also penetrate the global market.

chocolate candy

This happens to be the closest I have to the Chinese chocolate candies. These ones are best used during the popular festivals that are dragon-themed or sometimes even the new year.

You can have the pieces in either milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate.

The packaging and the coloring are meant to be eye-catching. Remember you can have them in different colors of choice.

Alternatively, you could visit this recipe to make your own candies at home.

14. Chinese noodle candy

We all know just how much Chinese love noodles. It’s almost a must-have in every meal.

When it comes to Chinese noodle candy basically, we would find them mostly making it at home. However, there are the colored ones that you could easily buy in other Asian shops.

In most instances, we make our own noodle candies at home. This is attributed to the fact that this may be a perishable meal to keep in the online store warehouses.

This haystack butterscotch if one type of the noodle candies.

15. Chinese lollipops

Chinese lollipops

I don’t know a country that doesn’t sell lollipops in their local shops today. This is basically a must-have item of every other country.

We look at the Chinese lollipops that are produced within the country.

Chinese delicious several favour lollipop candy

China food co. LTD. 20X7g Chinese delicious several favour lollipop candy free shipping不二家棒棒糖

View on Amazon

This is one of the lollipop types you will find in the Chinese markets. They feature the different desirable flavors and the packaging has cartons to further attract kids into buying them. One thing that makes it distinct is its sweetness.

Chinese New Year candy

Chinese New Year candy

The Chinese New Year is one vital holiday on the calendar. It is a time when the families come together to catch up on the latest events as they perform traditional rituals. It’s also a time when you come to wish each other the very best of the new year coming.

During this time, eating sweets is encouraged as it calls on the sweet happenings in the following years.

There are a number of candies and chocolates to share during this time as you will see below.

16. Gold chocolate coins

Although these are chocolates, we should gladly list them in the new years’ candy.

They symbolize richness and good fortune of the new year coming. The coins are placed in a large tray for people to enjoy.

This is important to many as it calls on the riches to come for the new year.

17. Chinese New Year Candies – YOUNG COCONUT CANDY – Mut Dua Non

You may use almost all the candies mentioned herein for the new year celebration.

The young coconut candy that has an assortment of colors in one of the Chinese snacks.

What I like most about it is that it’s cholesterol-free and richly flavored with coconut.

18. HFC Assorted Crispy Candy

HFC Assorted Crispy Candy (380g x 5 pack) , Chinese New Year Candy

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For the new year, you can also buy these assorted crispy candies. They feature a blend of different flavors and colors that anyone will enjoy.

You have coconut, sesame, peanut and orange in the package for you to enjoy.

19. White Rabbit Creamy Candy

White Rabbit Creamy Candy 6.3 Oz (180 Gram)

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Talk of one of the most famous candies in China. I believe almost every child in China has at one point eaten this candy.

To most people, sweetness of the candies is an understatement. The candy is a blend of creamy richness.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

When eating the white rabbit, don’t remove the rice paper wrap as it will melt in your mouth.

Also, you don’t have to chew the candy as it melts in your mouth. These candies are popularly eaten during the lunar new year.

For those who love chewing the small cylindrical shaped candy, it’s still okay since within a short while you will have the vanilla flavor in your mouth.

20. Chinese ginger candy

Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy

Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy, 5.25 Ounce

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In my opinion, this happens to be the best ginger candy you will ever find across the globe.

The candy is made using the fresh and rich ginger and in its natural form.

It features a chewy, smooth texture that is heavier and thicker than most sweets.

Chinese ginger candy

Some people like to add it to a warm cup of tea or a cup of warm water. Remember the benefits of ginger go far and beyond.

It freshens your breath, helps you with digestion and can act as an aphrodisiac.

It’s rich and spicy giving me the peace of mind in a stressful environment.

21. Chinese peanut candy

Duxun Peanuts Crispy Candy, Chinese Specialty Sweets

Duxun Peanuts Crispy Candy, Chinese Specialty Sweets, Snack, Food (500g (17.6 Oz))

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In summary, the chewy, sweet and crunchy peanut candies are Chinas favorite and they have been for a long time.

The major ingredient here is peanut that is responsible for the nutty flavor.

I know that since the sweets are rich in both flavor and texture, they will get anyone hooked.

Chinese peanut candy

Try this today and if you can go to your Hong Kong shops for the handmade peanut candies, the better.

They are softer than the factory-made ones yet richly flavored.

22. Botan Rice Candy

Botan Rice Candy

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What makes people like this candy is that it comes alongside a toy for you to play with.

The soft chewy lemon-orange flavored rice candy is the rice candy you all need in your mouth right now.

Like the white rabbit candy, the paper wrap is edible.

23. Chinese New Year Candies – WINTER MELON CANDY

This one happens to be a favorite during the new year festivals. The best way to describe it is the sweet that is watery when you bite it and also cold. It gives you the refreshing taste of the melon. The candies are cholesterol free.

24. Chinese coffee candy

These sweets are made using the pure coffee from Hainan China. They feature a pure coffee taste and flavor as well as the strong aroma.

The coffee beans are roasted and then there’s the addition of coconut milk which is responsible for the rich coconut flavor too.

25. Zaotang


This candy is also known as the candy for the kitchen God. It’s used as a sacrifice to the kitchen god every 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It’s your other sweet candy made using maltose.

Traditional Chinese candies

Some of the traditional Chinese candies we have mentioned already so we won’t go back to them but we have about 3 more common ones.

26. Tanghulu

Bing Tanghulu

This is a snack that has its origin from Northern China. It’s a combination of various fruits that you cover in candy or syrup then skewer them on a bamboo stick.

Originally the fruit used was hawthorn but today you can use kiwi, strawberry, orange or banana.

The coating could also contain the sesame seeds. Don’t confuse them with the hawthorn flakes because they are big and round pieces of hawthorn that you cover in syrup or candy to bring out another level of rich taste. It’s also skewered.

27. Mooncakes


This is eaten during the mid-autumn festival. It’s the time when you celebrate your good harvest as you eat the sweet treats.

You will find them all over China. The fillings used in the mooncake recipe differs from one individual to the next.

Some may use sweeteners while others will use eggs and minced meat to make it savory-like.

They act as sweets in some parts of the country though.

28. Candied kumquats

Candied kumquats

Kumquat is a golden orange that is from the Cantonese part of China. You can eat every part of the fruit except for the seeds.

They act as a symbol of prosperity to the Chinese community.

Moreover, since the fruit is often sour and tart like, you have the option to make it a candied option to sweeten it.

Best Tasting Chinese Hard Candy

It’s important for you to know that taste buds’ preferences differ. What is sweet to one is not to the other.

For me, anything with the nutty or coffee flavor is bound to get me hooked.

A good majority though love Classic Guava Hard Candy.

Where to Buy Chinese Candy

I would say that the list of places to buy the candies is endless. You may go online to shops like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Asian candy house among others. Moreover, if you have an Asian store near you, I expect that you can find the candies.

Some large chain supermarkets have sections dedicated to Asian foods these areas will give you the candies.

Additionally, some Asian restaurants also sell the candies or give them to you as a gift.

How to Make Chinese Candies

You may have noticed that there are different kinds of Chinese candies, therefore, their preparation also differs.

One must have ingredient for the candies is the different Chinese fruit for flavors.

If you would like to make the candies at home, visit the link below.

Chinese candy recipe

The Chinese ginger and lime candy

Chinese Candy Box

Chinese Candy Box
This is usually a beautiful box where you place your candies during the various festivities of the year.

You can have them made of plastic or lacquerware. Today, the boxes aren’t for Chinese New Year only you can also have them for weddings among other important days. They usually have lids.


In a country where most meals have a particular meaning, candies are also part of the special events.

I like our candies because they contain minimal sugar as opposed to other candies from other countries.

hawthorn candy

The 28 Best Chinese Candies You Should Try

Show me one person who doesn’t love candy? I’m this person who has had to see a dentist every after 6 months because of my sweet tooth.
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  • Chinese Coconut Candy
  • Tuckahoe Pie
  • The Chinese Jelly Candies
  • Dragon Candies
  • Chinese Chocolate Candy
  • Chinese Noodle Candy
  • Chinese Lollipops
  • Gold Chocolate Coins
  • Chinese New Year Candies – YOUNG COCONUT CANDY – Mut Dua Non
  • HFC Assorted Crispy Candy
  • White Rabbit Creamy Candy
  • Chinese Ginger Candy
  • Chinese Peanut Candy
  • Botan Rice Candy
  • Chinese New Year Candies – WINTER MELON CANDY
  • Chinese Coffee Candy
  • Zaotang
  • Tanghulu
  • Mooncakes
  • Candied Kumquats
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