Chinese Garlic Chicken

Chicken wings are one of the most iconic foods in the US, up there with hamburgers. And chicken is enjoyed all over the world in many forms.

Chicken is also a lean meat, so it is healthier for you with vitamin A and collagen.

chinese garlic chicken

There are some other recipes that I have shared before for chicken wings, such as Soy Sauce Chicken, and Fruity Coke Chicken Wings.

Today, we are going to try Chinese Garlic Chicken (chicken with garlic sauce Chinese), also very delicious and simple to make.

Before we begin the recipe, you should pay attention to four points first:

1. It is better to use a mixer to process your garlic instead of cutting it by hand. This will bring out more of the juices and flavors. Also, it will take less time to marinade the chicken. (however, the longer you marinade, the more flavor it will have.)

2. After marinading, be sure to keep the garlic, as it will be used later. Wash the garlic, squeeze excess water out, and let dry.

3. It was originally intended to be deep fried, but I wanted to use half-fried and half-sauté. It gives a better texture and helps coat with the garlic flavors. (be careful when cooking the last time, as garlic is easy to burn without the chicken being fully cooked yet. If this happens, the garlic will turn bitter.)

4. When finally frying the wings, wait until the color of the garlic is golden brown to pull the wings.

chinese garlic chicken


  • 500g chicken wings


  • 1) Two heads of garlic
  • 2) 3g of Salt
  • 3) 10 grams of honey
  • 4) 3g of Black pepper
  • 5) Half of an egg
  • 6) A little starch


Step 1: The chicken wings are first poked with a toothpick. Of course, you can use a meat tenderizer, which is much more effective.

chinese garlic chicken step1

Step 2: First, add the salt, pepper, and honey on the wings and mix (easier if just done by hand, but don’t forget to always wash your hands as much as possible when handling chicken). Then add the processed garlic, mix again. Cover with plastic wrap, and put in the fridge to marinade for 3 hours.

chinese garlic chicken step2

Step 3: After marinading, separate the garlic from the chicken(make sure you get all the garlic off the chicken, or it will burn whilst frying). Add the egg and starch to the chicken and mix together.

chinese garlic chicken step3

Step 4: Rinse the garlic, squeeze out the excess water, and set aside to dry.
chinese garlic chicken step4

Step 5: Fill the wok with enough oil to cover the wings about half way, as we are not deep-frying to save on oil. Heat the oil. Carefully add the chicken wings.
chinese garlic chicken step5-1

Fry until both sides are browned.

chinese garlic chicken step5-2

Step 6: Properly discard of most of the oil, leaving just a bit at the bottom, turn the heat down to about medium so as not to burn your garlic, start to sauté the garlic until it starts to turn slightly yellow.

chinese garlic chicken step6

Step 7: Put the chicken wings in the wok and toss with the garlic for about half a minute or so, or until you see the garlic starting to turn a little browner. Do not let the garlic turn to dark brown or black, as it will be bitter. Then serve and enjoy!

chinese garlic chicken step7

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