Chinese Pork Burritos Recipe

The uniqueness of the Chinese burritos lies in its crispy and delicious burritos as well as its unique flavored bacon. Preparing the burrito and bacon at the same time might pose a challenge to most people, particularly the bacon part.

In most cases, especially with the bacon, following the recipe adequately might still not produce a satisfying result if the materials and other details are not properly used.

Chinese Pork Burritos

For this purpose, we used nicely tasting and good looking bacon from the supermarket. We should however, note two things when getting the bacon from the market.

First is, the bacon must be already cooked. This is because we will have to eat it that way after slicing and inserting into the burrito.

Second is, we should ensure that the flavor from the bacon we are buying is from the natural process of smoking and not from perfumes added as is the case with many products in the market.

Chinese Pork Burritos

The bacon is cut into thin slices before proceeding. The purpose of slicing is to make sure that the Chinese burritos is eaten in the thinnest possible form, and also, that it is easily rolled up and tastes better.

As it will be seen later, Sweet Bean Paste and chopped onions will be used to top the burritos, so they must be made readily available too.

Chinese Pork Burritos step1

To prepare the burritos, the following ingredients are needed:

Burritos skin:

  • 1) Medium-gluten flour: 300 g
  • 2) Water: 175 g
  • 3) Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Soft pastry:
  • 1) Low-gluten flour: 70g
  • 2) Chinese pepper powder: 2g
  • 3) Salt: 3 g
  • 4) Peanut oil: 50ml

The first step is to make a pastry dough.

Pour 300 grams of medium-gluten flour on the chopping board. Then, with the aid of a scraper or any other similar tools, burrow into the flour and create a nest making it look like a crater while ensuring a diameter as large as possible. A little amount water is then added into the nest sufficient for mixing with the flower without leaking to other side of the nest.

Chinese Pork Burritos step2

To the middle of the “crater”, add 175 grams of water and approximately ¼ teaspoon of salt. Then mix careful with the hand until the water is homogenously dispersed into the flour.

Chinese Pork Burritos step3

The water added to the middle of the nest is then mixed with the flours on the inner side of the nest gently – to prevent spilling – until it forms a mixture of high viscosity. The flours left on the other side of the nest is then added to form a single dough.

Chinese Pork Burritos step4

The dough formed from this process is then constantly kneaded for about 15 minutes with the hand to form a smooth and regular shape.

To the surface of the dough, apply some peanut, then cover it with the plastic wrap and keep on one side of the chopping board for 20 minutes. This ends the preparation of the pastry dough.

Chinese Pork Burritos step5

The second step is to make a soft pastry.

The crispy effect that distinguishes the Chinese burritos can only be achieved during the production of the pastry by using grease to separate thin layers of skin, the same way it is done for western pastas like the classic French croissants.

Start by pouring 70 grams of low-gluten flour in a container that is stable to heat. (This can also be replaced with 56 grams of medium-gluten flour and 14 grams of gram corn if the low-gluten flour is not available.)

This is followed by adding 2 grams of pepper powder to produce a nice aroma. Then add 3 grams of salt. Add 50 grams of the peanut to a small empty pot and allow it to heat up on a stove. (The level of heating should be sufficiently high to produce a very hot peanut without smoking).

Chinese Pork Burritos step6

Pour the hot oil to the pepper powder and thorough mix with the flour. This further manifests the fragrance of the pepper powder.

Chinese Pork Burritos step7

A good soft pastry would be one that is viscous enough to insert in-between the dough layers without flowing.

Chinese Pork Burritos step8

The third step is to make the burritos.

You start by rubbing the chopping board with peanut oil to prevent the dough from sticking to its surface. Roll the loose dough into layers and cut equally into three parts with a knife.

Chinese Pork Burritos step9

Roll one of the three dough into a 35 cm long strip while keeping the other covered in the plastic wrap with the oil applied. Then, coerce them into small pieces whose length and width are approximately 40 cm and 10 cm respectively.

The dough must maintain a constant thickness and an almost rectangular shape. If after kneading, it feels sticky, add more peanut. Do not pour the flour. The spread about 1/3 of the soft pastry to the surface of the dough. This should be done such that a 1 cm space is left both at the top and bottom of the dough, and a 1 cm and 4 cm gap respectively on the right and left of the dough.

Chinese Pork Burritos step10

Then fold the dough into layers starting from the right side towards the left side while keeping the width of each fold at approximately 4-5 cm.

Chinese Pork Burritos step11

After folding, the 4-5 cm space left on the left side of the original blank is torn to make it thinner.

Chinese Pork Burritos step12

Use two thumbs to press the area where the upper and lower ends of the dough roll are open (the 1cm space observed earlier) to prevent the soft pastry from leaking.

Chinese Pork Burritos step13

Use a rolling pin to make the opening thin so as to prevent the soft pastry from flowing out.

Chinese Pork Burritos step14

Raise the thinned layer with your hand. You should ensure the top and bottom of the dough are very thin and well folded.

Chinese Pork Burritos step15

The dough roll at this time should be like a round burrito. This shape is difficult to make into a round burrito. We need to use the index finger of our hands to put the four pointed corners of the pillow to the top of the middle, so that the small pillows then becomes about octagonal in shape, and it is easier to make a round burrito from it.

Apply some peanut on the burrito and place in a plastic wrap on the corner of the chopping board. Use the same method for the other two dough.

Chinese Pork Burritos step16

The finished burrito must be thinned out as soon as possible and it must be fried as soon as possible, otherwise over time, the oil on the surface of the dough will penetrate into it, and it will be difficult to fry to give the crunchy effect.

Apply some peanut on the chopping board before kneading the burrito. Start with the first burrito and turn it into a big round cake. For the round cake, the diameter is limited to the diameter of the bottom of your pot. For instance, we should expect a burrito with a diameter of 24 cm for a pot of 26 cm.

Chinese Pork Burritos step17

Preheat a flat-bottom non-stick pan on a stone for approximately 1 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons (30 ml, approx. 25 grams) of peanut oil to the empty pan and gently spread the cake to the bottom of the pan.

Chinese Pork Burritos step18

Fry till one side of the cake becomes golden yellow after which you flip over to the other side. A lot of challenges are faced with flipping like damaging the pastry if a tool is used for flipping or hand injury if the hand is used for turning. So far, a solution has not yet been proffered to this problem.

You will observe that in this freshly baked cake. It has a very crispy outer later which would break on slight touch. So care must be taken at this stage.

Chinese Pork Burritos step19

If you are able to complete this step successfully, view from the side. You will observe clear and complete layers inside the cake. Open one of the layers with your hand.

Chinese Pork Burritos step20

To the open layer, add the Sweet Bean Paste you have prepared at the early stages of this process. Note that the sauce must not be dry. Dry sauce can be reverted by diluting with an adequate amount of light soy sauce and sesame oil with some flavors. Then, strew with the already prepared chopped green onions.

Chinese Pork Burritos step21

Insert the sliced bacon to the layer too.

Chinese Pork Burritos step22

Then roll it up gently to prevent breakage. The crispy flat cake continues to give off sounds of gentle breaks as you roll.

Chinese Pork Burritos step23

Wow! Look what we have. A golden cake with a crispy surface and a soft bite in the inner layer with a supreme savory taste.

In addition to the sweet fragrance of peppercorns produced by the soft crispy, it is also accompanied with a rich Sweet Bean Paste and delicious green onions. The scallion and bacon are of high quality and produce a progressive layer of flavor while enjoying. This is definitely a first class food experience.

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