Chinese Red Envelopes

Red Envelopes

Traditional Chinese Red Envelopes

Red Envelopes, also called New Year’s money are traditionally given on the Chinese Lunar New Year, usually by the elders to the children usually containing paper money.

According to the legend Mingqing, most of the lucky money is tied with a red rope to give children. After the Republic of China, it evolved into red paper. Now it refers to the red paper bag wrapped in money, also they are used for festive gift giving.

Red Envelopes can also refer to a bonus, bribe, or other money. In the Chinese Cantonese district, Red Envelopes are called Lee City (vulgar for profit, interest, deeds), which is the money placed in a red envelope made into a gift.

Red Envelope Origins

During the Lunar New Year in the evening the elders give to the younger generation Red Envelopes called lucky money (lucky package), is meant to express the New Year’s blessing, and good luck towards them. Every year during the Lunar New Year Envelopes are sometimes given by those who get married to their close family and friends who were envelope

The practice of Red Envelopes traditionally has existed amongst close relatives and friends. There are some areas where the scope of New Year Red Envelopes are more extensive, such as larger neighborhoods and communities, or by the younger generation.

Ordinary friendships between colleagues and acquaintances often socially exchange red envelopes, but the amount in the Red Envelopes are often relatively small, often 8 yuan, 18 yuan, or other representatives of the auspicious meaning!

Other Forms

In a foreign country, some of the other ethnic friends who have traveled with the Chinese have adopted the tradition. The traditional Chinese culture of the Red Envelopes can be used as routine in a civil society, the company also pursued the instrument.

In addition to the Spring Festival, in other festive occasions such as weddings, and new store openings, they also customarily send Red Envelopes. But when one’s relatives send Red Envelopes for the Lunar New Year, the amount of the red gift is often a lot of money!


The earliest New Year’s money appeared during the Han Dynasty. This early New Year’s money is also called “big pressure wins money. This was not currency in circulation, it was to wear and enjoy the shape of the coin shape product.

The legend of the red envelope

People think that dividends of lucky money to children, means that when the devil demon comes to hurt the child, the child can use this money to bribe them.

In addition, there is a real lucky age money. It is the younger generation to the elderly, which intended to look forward to the elderly longevity.

Red bag development

Elderly sending the younger generation New Year’s money is still popular, the amount of money spent varies from tens to hundreds. Often the money is used by children to buy books and school supplies.

New Year Red Envelopes have a long history. They represent the elders of the younger generation wishing them good wishes. It is the elders giving the child an amulet, and blessing the child in the new year in good health.

Red envelope etiquette

Wedding Red Envelopes must be exposed to the wedding, whether it is sent wedding Red Envelopes or wedding Red Envelopes brought there, they all have to pay attention in a certain way; we are mainly for today’s wedding red wedding package for some of the questions.

For some people, the gift is a wedding and do not want in this romantic day because of money and are embarrassed or unhappy, and very careful and thoughtful in the proper way to deal with it!

Q: When the guests send cash, it is often placed in the red envelope, should the collection be inventoried then to be clear? If a timely inventory is not done, will this not cause the confusion of accounts?

A: It is a rude act to count the cash in front of the guests, but by not counting, it will cause the final account of the confusion. The best way is to have a person be responsible for receiving gifts, when the Red Envelopes arrive, record the guest name, and then transfer it to another person into the lounge for inventory, and to be recorded.

Marked Red Envelopes should be signed in the guest book, and into the venue, and then accurately marked in accordance with the signature in front of the guests marked Red Envelopes.

Spring Festival red envelope

Festival red envelope


Distributing Red Envelopes to the younger generation is meant to express their wishes and good luck to them. The red bag of money is not just to let the children be happy, its main meaning is the red paper, because it symbolizes good luck.

New Year Red Envelopes and Bags Should Pay Attention to These

  1. Chinese people love red, because red is the symbol of vitality, pleasure and good luck. The main meaning of Red Envelopes is to use red paper. Sothe important thing is not to deliver itface to face, but to use red paper bags instead.
  2. Do not open the red envelope in front of the one who gave it. Because in the distribution of Red Envelopes by the elders, to open the red envelope is impolite practice.
  3. Chinese people generally like double, good things come from doubles often. But also there are also taboos, such as with 4 and the death of the class.During the New Year some people particularly care about these.

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