22 Chinese Salads Recipes You Won’t Want To Miss

Chinese salads were invented in the early 1900s and have since been advanced and more developed by many chefs worldwide.

Therefore, you would think that Chinese salads are purely Chinese dishes, but it is more American than you may think.

The dish has been made delicious with veggies, chicken, and fish to make it healthy and flavorful.

It is made by combining various traditional dishes or techniques into one delicacy. It could be from one region or more sub-regions.

Healthy vegetable salad with chinese cabbage

Over the years, Chinese salads have been one of the most selling dishes across many restaurants in different continents.

Expertise can prepare them in the most luxurious hotel chains, fast food outlets at the street corner, or a homemade dish.

Some salads can be fleshy and flexible, but others are crispy.

For example, those with noodles, chilies, and sharply cut veggies.

But all these are better for our bodies, health, mind, and taste buds. Some of the salads include;

1. Crunchy Chinese chicken salad

Crunchy Chinese chicken salad

It is one of the most exciting dishes to prepare as it involves not adding up some mere ingredients to have a salad, but more creativity is needed to shake things up. The salad is not just fleshy and green but colorful and crunchy.

Some of the ingredients used include colorful veggies, sweet oranges, red pepper, carrots, and red cabbage leaves.

The salad is crunchy because of the roasted peanuts and sesame texture added to the dressing purposes.

What is impressive about the salad is that it has health benefits like cutting more natural body weight, unlike visiting the gyms or using weight reduction medicines. In addition, the salad is sugars free.

Another advantage of the salad is that you do not have to prepare it every other day. Instead, you can just prepare plenty of it, then store it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days to always use when needed.

The preparation process is also not long as it only requires fifteen minutes and you can serve it with food and enjoy it with your family.

If you love it spicy with a pungent taste, you can use red pepper.

The nutrition value content in the salad is not to be overlooked. The veggies like cabbage and lettuce are some of the best sources of fiber and vitamins that strengthen our bodies` immunity, while the chicken offers the proteins for bodybuilding.

You can use this recipe for the best dinner served.

2. Easy Chinese cabbage salad

Easy Chinese cabbage salad

It is a salad most preferred for family functions or potlucks. That is because it is easy to love and not much likely to have any side effects.

It also requires less effort to put together. That is why it is referred to as a quick salad recipe.

Its key ingredients are cabbage pieces, sliced red onions, and shredded carrots. Those are what give the salad the fleshy texture.

As for the crunchy texture, you must use roasted sesame seeds.

What makes the dish colorful is how it is served. To have the colorful appearance anticipated, you should lay the cabbage leaves first on the plate, add the crunchy toppings and finally top with peanut oil, soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar rice.

Since this is a basic salad, spicy ingredients are rarely used. Furthermore, it is not as colorful as others due to the effort placed.

But if you are serving many people, it is the most favorable dish.

It is worth noting that it has calories, proteins, sodium, and carbohydrates with nutritional advantages.

For anyone who wants to keep a low-calorie level in their meals, you may prepare a different salad.

Try this recipe for a perfect combination with your main dinner dish.

3. Asian slaw

Asian slaw

It is characterized as a vegan dish where the dressing is made of crunchy and creamy peanuts. It is believed to have a uniquely delicious taste than the rest. That makes you overlook its health benefits.

It is favorably used during the summer fests and is usually served with rotisserie chicken for lunch or dinner.

You can also serve it alongside your homemade burgers. What makes the dish more interesting is its colors, flavors, freshness, and crunchiness.

Its ingredients are combined to give it its distinct flavor. For example, there is the toasted sesame oil with a nutty taste, rice wine vinegar, mildly acidic, tamari sauce with a complex flavor, and red pepper flakes with an intense and sharp flavor.

The best tip for making the best salad is to use a large bowl so that there is plenty of room to toast the ingredients.

You can also choose red and yellow peppers for a rainbow-colored dish which intensifies its attractiveness.

But if you want a less sharp-colored dish, you can use toppings like pea pods, napa cabbage, green peppers, or green onions.

Beiges and green colors are also lovely. It should be eaten the day it is prepared as it is fresh.

The best recipe allows you to prepare it for at most twenty minutes, and then you can serve it right away or a few hours later.

Its nutritional value to our health cannot go unnoticed. It is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, sodium, and potassium, which all are advantageous.

4. Asian noodle salad

Asian noodle salad

It is one of the ideal salads for summer picnics, barbecues, dinner, or lunch hours where you relax as you read books, have a beach nap, and long cooking looks more discomforting.

It is prepared, stored in a refrigerator for a few hours, and then served later after it becomes more flavorful.

What makes the Asian noodle salad outstanding is its lightness on calories. It is prepared with herbs and vegetables that make it crunchy with a distinct flavor.

The vegetables include onions, cabbage, and carrots, while the herbs include cilantro and radishes.

For a fine dish, you need to slice the vegetables thinly since they are a bit hard. You also cook your noodles, then mix them with the vegetables while still warm as you dress the mixture. The noodle’s warmth helps soften the vegetables.

A spicy peanut is commonly used for dressing the salad due to its nutty and spicy flavor.

However, other ingredients like ground ginger, garlic, vinegar, sesame oil, and dried chili flakes make the dressing worthy of the effort.

It is worth noting that it is crucial that the dressing is added to the noodles when hot so that the flavor sticks to their surface.

Once the salad is ready, you can serve it with grilled meat, barbeque, or fish for a perfect dinner.

The salad recipe is simple and the ingredients used are pretty easy to find in our homes.

5. Okra salad recipe

Okra salad recipe

Okra is a tropical and warm climate flowering plant cultivated in Asia and Africa for its edible seed pods.

It grows in two colors: red and green but always remains green when cooked, making it the appropriate choice for a summer salad ingredient.

It has a slimy texture, but it is the most ideal to be paired with oyster sauce. High temperatures during the summer call for light meals, which include fruits and vegetables. If adventurous, you can try okra and garlic for the perfect salad.

It is simple to prepare, but the results are marvelous and often considered a Chinese cold dish. Since it is light, crispy, juicy, and tender, pair it with garlic, soy sauce, sugar, a little water, and oyster sauce.

All the additional ingredients to okra are fried in a pan till they turn brown before placing them on the okra evenly divided pods after boiling. They have the perfect appeal to the eyes for dinner or all-day meals during summer.

The advantage to the dish is that in five minutes, it is ready for serving. Moreover, its health benefits, which people are keen to look into, as its nutritional content, are adequate for a single plate.

Its calcium, vitamins, and sugar help prevent anemia, while okra aids digestion because of its fiber content, gastric ulcers, and skin protection.

This recipe will help get all the benefits you can achieve from a single salad.

6. Chinese garlic cucumber salad

Chinese garlic cucumber salad

It is popularly known as the Huang gua as it is traditionally packed with cucumbers. Its essential flavor is the primary vegetable freshness, but you can twist that a bit by adding sesame oil for a nutty flavor, vinegar, and chili for spiciness.

It is dressed with garlic, soy sauce, chili oil, salt, sugar, and vinegar, making it rich and flavorful.

Furthermore, upon its preparation which takes up to five minutes, you get a light, crispy and refreshing cucumber paired with any Chinese dish.

You can ensure that the ingredients` flavor infuses one another entirely by storing the mixture in the refrigerator for thirty minutes before serving.

Some of the various dishes that perfectly combine with the salad include spicy dan dan noodles, crispy fried spring rolls, and quickly fried vegetarian fried rice.

For the perfect Chinese garlic cucumber salad, try this recipe.

7. Asian ramen chicken chopped salad

Asian ramen chicken chopped salad

It is a perfect dish for a small party, potluck, or a quick dinner on a weekday night. It is easy to prepare and can easily be turned into a main dish by adding protein to the salad, like chicken.

What is loved about the salad is the tangy dressing, the crunchy cabbage, and the noodles.

The salad provides an essential balance of flavor in its sugar dressing and sour vinegar.

In addition, there is a light toasty flavor from the toasted ramens and almonds, while crunchiness is felt all over the salad.

Some of its key ingredients include cooked and shredded chicken, cheap but dry ramen noodles, which are unbelievably good at making the salad tasty. Then there is cabbage that adds that fleshy fresh vegetable flavor to the salad while carrots intensify the color.

For the top dressing, vinegar, pepper, ginger add spiciness while soya and sesame make the salad a little nutty.

If you want to enjoy a crunchy salad, serve once prepared because storing the mixture would make the noodles soak in water hence becoming soft.

You can use the seasoning that comes with the noodles in this recipe or sesame oil for a better salad flavor. But that depends on how you want your end dish to taste.

You can prepare and serve your dinner in thirty minutes as it is a bit of a lengthy process, but the sweet dish is worth the effort.

The salad is fully packed with nutrition content, for example, fats, sodium, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and calcium.

All those have many benefits to our health.

8. Chinese napa cabbage salad with a crunchy topping

Chinese napa cabbage salad with a crunchy topping

The salad is prepared with a raw napa cabbage but what the topping is crunchy is the ingredients used.

Over time, the salad has led to whispering on party and dinner tables as an exquisite dish.

Its tasty and unique features have led to its side-by-side competition with some of the world’s popular salads like the Caribbean salad with honey dressing, one of the sweetest.

What makes the salad crunchy is the ramen noodles served immediately after preparation; almonds are applied with some butter and sesame topping with its delicate nutty flavor.

But the napa cabbage that is a bit peppery, light, and wrinkled is the crucial ingredient. It is fresh and fleshy for the salad.

For more intensified flavor, you can use the seasoning that comes with the noodles as it is more artificial, eliminating the natural flavors.

You can also choose to use more olive oil and less butter on the almonds, depending on your flavor preference.

But if you want to serve the salad crunchy but prepare it in advance, it is possible provided that you don’t mix the cabbage and the dressing. Instead, you should store the combinations separately, preferably refrigerated, and mix only when serving.

The salad easily blends with chicken making it the ideal dish to be served alongside the main course dish.

However, it requires up to twenty minutes to be ready. When served, you gain its nutritional contents like fats, proteins, vitamins, sodium, and potassium.

You can try this recipe for a perfect dish.

9. Whole 30 Chinese chicken salad

Whole 30 Chinese chicken salad

The salad is unique in that it is sweetened with dates, unlike other salads that use sugar. It is also packed with veggies that make it fresh and crunchy. As the name suggests, it also has chicken as one of its key inputs.

It is a healthy salad because its sweetening is natural, and if you are not a fan of artificial ingredients, this salad is a preferred choice.

You can shop for natural Medjool dates or any other type that you have at your disposal.

The other ingredients are the veggies which include red or green cabbage, but it is more of what you find amusing to your preferences. There are also carrots and red onions that add to the salad’s color.

You can dress the salad in sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and coconut oil. All these have their distinct flavor, but once mixed, the salad becomes a savory delicacy.

By mixing the ingredients in a blender, you create room for the dates to soften, making the combination creamy and smooth, appealing to the eyes when served.

Like many other salads, the salad is wholesome when it comes to nutrition.

It has got plenty of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, and calcium. With the ongoing food lifestyle, everyone is looking out for what they gain from a served meal.

Try this recipe for a naturally sweet and easy to prepare dinner.

10. Keto Chinese chicken salad

Keto Chinese chicken salad

It is a salad with a low carbohydrates content level but with an Asian dressing. It is soy, gluten, dairy grain-free hence considered a clean diet of real food. The carbs should be less though you can decide how much of them you want.

The salad is crunchy, thanks to the roasted almonds in the combination. It also has tons of coleslaw and bell pepper.

Due to that crispiness, it’s barely noticeable that the salad lacks cornstarch, soy sauce, onions, and minced mushrooms.

The salad crunchier is also the presence of oven-roasted chicken pieces, shredded lettuce that gives the salad a fresh veggie flavor, cilantro, and green onions for spiciness.

The dressing made of avocado oil, sesame seed oil for the nutty flavor, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce makes it more delicious.

The uniqueness of this salad is that even after everything is tossed on the dressing, it remains crunchy when stored in a fridge overnight.

It is worth noting that the almonds are roasted for a distinct flavor for a worthwhile salad. You can also swap some ingredients like nuts with sunflower or coleslaw with shredded cabbage.

It only takes up to fifteen minutes to put together, which is the average time for any salad preparation.

The salad has plenty of nutrients, only that it is a low-carb dish. But fiber, proteins, fats, sodium, and potassium are intense.

You can follow this recipe for a salad preparation adventure.

11. Chinese tiger salad

Chinese tiger salad

Also referred to as Laohu Cai, tiger salad is crunchy, rich in flavor, and one of the easiest salads to prepare.

Mainly used in Northern China, tiger salad is light and refreshing. Some people serve it alongside main meat dishes while others use it as a dessert.

Its name Laohu Cai translates to the name tiger vegetable because of the different shades of green on its ingredients that seem to be like the tiger stripes.

The reason why the salad is served differently by people it’s because of the variations in the ingredients used to prepare.

For example, the salad served with meat skewers uses red onions, green chilies, and tomatoes for the combinations.

The other salad that hails from the Northeast, which is used as an appetizer with drinks before the main dish, uses green onions, cilantro, and green pepper as its ingredients.

But with time, more variations have been invented due to its popularity, like julienned cucumber.

The tip to making the best tiger salad is choosing the proper dressing and method of preparation. You shouldn’t overdo the tossing as the salad can become soggy.

You should also not overdress it; just use adequate oil and seasonings of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.

It is allowed to let the salad rest for a while in the fridge. That lets the flavor can come together for an enriched salad with a fresh and delicious experience.

Some of the main course dishes you can pair with the salad that perfectly blend are Chinese BBQ pork, Japanese Yakitori chicken skewers, Korean BBQ short ribs, and any other grilled skewers for summer picnics and parties.

As mentioned earlier, it is a quick dish to prepare as its preparation time is ten minutes.

After that, you can serve the salad and enjoy much more of the delicacy than just the flavors but gain nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, fiber, sodium, and proteins.

Try this recipe for the best wild Chinese salad.

12. Broccolli slaw salad

Broccolli slaw salad

It is a simple salad to prepare and often delicious because of the exquisite creamy dressing. It is quick, simple, and easy to make because all you need is store-bought shredded broccoli, a little cabbage, and coleslaw.

The top dressing doesn’t require too much effort since the ingredients blend easily; For example, white vinegar, sugar, mayo, honey, and salt.

They mix easily; then, you can let the combination rest for an hour before serving so that the flavors blend.

The salad is also crunchy as a result of the coleslaw used. Instead of the usual shredded cabbage, broccoli is the choice in this salad, as the name suggests. The honey used makes it sweet hence the delicious taste.

For more flavors, using sunflower seeds, raisins and craisins are also used. But homemade slaw is also easy to make by using a grater disk to shred the broccoli and carrots that make the salad colorful and crunchy.

You should prepare the salad an hour before serving the sauce and the slaw to incorporate their flavors for the best salad.

The added advantage is that the salad can remain fresh in a fridge for four days stored in an airtight container.

Like many other salads, the nutrition value that everyone is looking out for is present in the salad.

Fibers, sugars, carbohydrates, sodium, and fats are plenty that is beneficial to us.

For that simple broccoli salad that you always want, try this recipe.

13. Toasted sesame Asian chicken salad

Toasted sesame Asian chicken salad

It is a salad made of fresh vegetables, topped with homemade dressing and crispy wonton strips.

It is a combination of savory and sweet flavors that are adorable, making it the perfect adventure dish.

What is needed in many crunchy cucumbers, wontons, and carrots paired with shredded chicken dressed with a toasted sesame Asian chicken salad dressing?

It is undemanding to prepare since the ingredients are simple, easy to find, and few. You can buy already packed chicken cubes at a grocery store with some lettuce, cucumbers, onions, sesame seeds, carrots, and cabbage.

It will be easy to toss them when bought ready, making it one of the easiest dishes to prepare on a weekday night.

The salad has an intense flavor: the toasted sesame seeds with a nutty flavor and crunchy.

When used for dressing and sprinkled on the salad, they come with health benefits since they are rich in magnesium, proteins, and calcium. In addition, they are suitable for one’s hair and skin.

When everything is ready, it is easy to prepare the salad since you just need to combine everything in a large bowl to ensure the chicken pieces are evenly coated with the salad dressing and cook for ten minutes.

If you are told to eat a pure cucumber, you would probably throw up, but you will just gobble down the food in seconds with the flavors combined. So instead, try this recipe to have the best salad flavor for your chicken.

14. Mandarin orange salad

Mandarin orange salad

It is a salad loaded with both fruits and vegetables. It is usually layered with spinach leaves, chicken pieces, various colored Asian vegetables, mandarin oranges, properly sliced almonds, and seasoned wonton strips.

All of those ingredients provide the salad with diverse flavors and goodness. The delicacy is undeniably irresistible and bold in flavors.

Today, the salad dishes are no longer boring due to the level of invention increasing its popularity.

The salad is sometimes used as a main dish, appetizer, or side dish. It leaves room for one to use as many ingredients as possible.

All these combined make the salad wild enough for a kitchen adventure.

For example, you can use chicken breasts, spinach, sesame seeds, carrots, snow peas, and almonds in the spinach salad.

With that, you get to achieve the nutty, spicy, fresh, and meaty flavors.

You can also prepare the wonton strips with vegetable oil and cinnamon, which have their unique flavor. Finally, lemon ginger dressing in ginger, garlic, and canola oil is aromatic with spicy flavors.

The two salad ingredients are prepared apart but later combine so that the flavors can absorb into one another when ready to serve.

The reason for that is for the spinach not to get soggy.

For the best salad, try this recipe.

15. Sesame ginger noodle salad with cashews

Sesame ginger noodle salad with cashews

It is a vegan salad for vegetarians and gluten-free in nutrition content. It is easy to put together and can be served all week long.

All you require is enough vegetables and easy but abundantly flavored ginger dressing.

During summer, many people want to live their lives carefree with fewer responsibilities, which is where this salad comes in.

Once prepared plenty, you can store it in a fridge for days without being soggy and still retain its flavor.

It is appropriate for summer dinners, picnic foods, and early morning preparation for breakfast.

In addition to its impromptu picnics, a lazy morning leftover dish, its texture is crunchy and fresh for serving.

The ingredients include pasta or noodles, cashew nuts for dressing, and veggies. Sesame seeds sprinkled give the salad the nutty, earthy flavor, while the green onions make it spicy. You can use noodles like brown rice, soba noodles, spaghetti, and angel hair pasta.

Some of the best inputs for the salad dressing include tamari, sesame oil, fresh ginger cayenne, and lime juice.

It is also important to use toasted sesame oil with a fresh nutty smell rather than bitter and rancid.

Always prepare the salad in plenty so that you can eat it for days.

If you also want a satisfying crunchy factor in the salad, use sugar snap peas or snow peas as a substitute. For a terrific salad, try this recipe.

16. Curry chicken salad

Curry chicken salad

It is a quick, simple, and easy dish to prepare that is often served with sandwiches.

It comprises diced curry chicken, dried nuts and fruits, fresh veggies, and tossed in a creamy spiced dressing.

A simple curry chicken salad has often turned a simple lunch or dinner into a special occasion or something exemplary due to its delicate and exquisite flavors and colors.

The spices are exotic, the chicken is tender, and the veggies are usually crunchy.

In the preparation, a large bowl is necessary for the perfect tossing of the ingredients. For example, the chicken pieces are mixed with onions, cashews, parsley, and minced celery, all rich in different flavors.

The dressing is made up of curry powder and lemon, which is spicy and citrus.

The ready salad can be served right away or stored in a refrigerator for later use, which leaves room for preparing the salad in plenty and saving time in the future.

If you love low-carb foods, you can substitute mayonnaise for light cream. For those that want an incredibly creamy dressing, then you can use both ingredients.

Buying already cooked chicken pieces helps quicken the preparation process; hence be a friend to your nearest grocery store.

If you have to store the salad for days, which should be a maximum of three days, consider using the refrigerator and not the freezer since the chicken can get watery, hence soggy, and spoil the entire salad.

The unique flavors come with inputs such as citrus fruits and are rich in minerals and vitamins. The nuts have a naturally nutty taste, and the herbs and spices are sharp in spicy flavors.

It takes only twenty minutes to prepare a salad rich in nutrients ranging from proteins, vitamins, carbs, sodium, iron, and fiber.

Then, you can test this recipe for a perfect meal.

17. Asian pasta salad

Asian pasta salad

This salad can be made for vegetarians or non-vegetarians. What makes the two salads entirely different is your choice of whether to add chicken to the salad or not. Otherwise, every other ingredient remains constant.

The key inputs to make the salad worthwhile include crispy red peppers, sweet mandarin oranges, fresh herbs, crunchy carrots, tender pasta, sliced almonds, and fresh spinach leaves.

Sesame soy sauce, which is considered an addictive ingredient in the food, is used to dress the salad.

All of the above contribute to an insanely delicious output with crispy textures, a delicious dressing, and fresh flavors from the veggies.

When putting together the salad, it is usually essential to adequately salt the pasta as it cooks because that is the only time you get to do so.

In addition, the pasta should have as many coils and crannies as possible to hold the sesame soy sauce dressing to absorb the flavor.

If pasta is overcooked, it becomes soggy and less firm, following the packaging material’s cooking instructions.

But be sure to serve it cold. The coldness can be from a pre-prepared dressing stored in the freezer for the ingredients to mix and intensify their flavors.

If you are a non-vegetarian and need chicken in the salad, you can buy one from the stores or grill one with an oven.

The benefits of the chicken pieces are that they add protein flavor to the salad, which many would love since it is seasoned.

Sometimes you may want a creamy salad, and avocado is an ideal choice for the creamy element.

For a softer, spicy, and smokier flavor, you can consider using roasted red pepper. For more crunchy veggies, you may substitute spinach for baby kale leaves.

Another input that makes the salad crunchy is toasting the sliced almonds. Heat them at medium heat till they begin to smell fragrant, then use them for topping.

But if it is to be used another day, you may refrigerate the veggies and the dressing separately so that the spinach becomes soggy.

The preparation time takes thirty minutes, but the wait is worthwhile.

You get to experience wild flavors and a range of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar, and fiber.

For this beautiful delicacy, try this recipe.

18. Crunchy Asian salad with veggies and peanut dressing

Crunchy Asian salad with veggies and peanut dressing

The majority of the ingredients in the salad used are vegetables hence the refreshing vegetable flavor.

They include cucumber, carrots, sugar snap peas, spinach, and red bell pepper. Not only is the flavor wonderful, but also the salad color is amusing to the eyes.

What brings about the wilderness is the presence of sour, sweet, and creamy dressing, which covers the salad tossed in sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, which have a natural nutty, earthy flavor.

What is quite noticeable in the salad is the ability to offer a gluten-free, veggie recipe with plenty of fiber—all that is served under one plate, the delicious taste, and the abundant nutrients.

The preparation time is approximately thirty minutes making it one of the easiest dishes to prepare

. Then you can serve the salad with egg drop soup or any other main dish of your choice.

This recipe can help you achieve the best result worth your effort.

19. Wood ear mushroom salad

Wood ear mushroom salad

Wood ear mushroom is an edible tree fungus known as black fungus, tree ears, and wood jellyfish.

In appearance, it is curved, ear-shaped with brownish-black or light brown color. It is a common ingredient in Chinese cuisines.

The mushroom is used in salads as it has a versatile flavor. It is springy hence has a unique nature in a salad,jelly-like, and a perfect crunchy flavor that people love in their salads.

What makes them popular among the salad dishes is not their mild earthy flavor but the capability to absorb seasoning around them due to their fickle nature.

In addition, they adequately absorb any liquids and flavors surrounding them.

The mushrooms are harvested dry and hence require dehydration to become easy to use in a salad.

Initially, they are light, firm, grey, or black in appearance but once soaked overnight or in hot water, and they become springy, transparent, plump, and brownish.

All that is done to ensure any mud between the stems are cleaned up. It also that the surface eases for easy absorption of the seasoning ingredients. Then it is only proper to cook them before consumption.

For the perfect salad, there have to be spices made in a sauce. You can use garlic, scallions, chili flakes, soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar, all of which have distinct savory and sweet tastes combined when put in a bowl.

The mushroom is combined with coriander, red onions, and fresh chili pepper, and then the sauce makes it more flavored as the mushroom can absorb all the distinct flavors, making it delicious.

It is quite a handy process to prepare the salad but the time spent is worth the effort. You require a minimum of two hours to have it ready.

In addition, the salad is rich in calories, vitamins, and sodium, making it a vegetarian dish.

You can try this recipe for an adventure in the world of salads.

20. Thai cucumber salad

Thai cucumber salad

In not less than fifteen minutes, you have your bold-flavored salad ready. Given the preparation time, that means it requires less effort, but the flavor you get to experience is long-lasting. The salad is delicious, light, and crunchy.

The salad is inspired by fresh vegetables and Asian salad dressing, making it more than just an ordinary side dish for your dinner.

The vegetables are both farm-fresh products and earthy tones.

For example, the cucumber, red onions, spicy chilies, herbs like cilantro, and crunchy peanuts make the dish exciting.

With its nutty flavor, sugar, spicy garlic, and salt, Sesame oil have a way of doing away with any boredom in the dish.

Lime juice adds the citric flavor, while fish sauce adds the protein taste. A large bowl-like many other salads are required to ensure good tossing is done for the ingredients for the flavors to mix.

The salad is prepared a few minutes before serving if you want it crunchy, or it can be prepared in advance but stored in a refrigerator overnight but not longer than that.

If you like the salad heavy, you can still add more ingredients such as apples, pears, corn, broccoli, snap peas, bell pepper, and bean sprouts.

Some of the dishes to serve alongside the salad include Baked Salmon, crockpot chicken, or even any other skewed beef of your choice.

But most important is what you desire for your dinner. The salad has no limitations.

The salad is an excellent source of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sodium, vitamins, and iron. To achieve all this, try this recipe.

21. Roasted chickpea salad

Roasted chickpea salad

The salad is easy to make and rich in smokey taste, fresh farm aroma, and spices gained from the dressing.

It is also a vegan dish with gluten-free content. All the ingredients combined result in a healthy, tasty, and delicious dish.

First and foremost, the chickpeas are roasted before mixing them with the other ingredients for that beautiful smoky flavor and crunchiness.

Next, the salad has a spicy flavor due to paprika, black pepper, and cumin, whereas the lemon juice makes the salad citrus.

For every salad, it is always necessary to make the sauce, the dressing for the key input, whereby, in this case, it is the roasted chickpeas that are in plenty.

You can make the salad preparation process quicker by ensuring that you chop all your veggies as the peas roast.

The other tip that results in a clean cooking process is using a rimmed baking sheet and not a flat sheet to make the seeds spill all over.

Sometimes, instead of using red leaf lettuce, you can substitute that with green leaf lettuce or butter lettuce.

The nutrition level for the gluten-free salad is worth a try. It is rich in carbs, proteins, fiber, sugar, and fats.

They help build our bodies and keep our immunity at guard all the time. For a delicious salad, try this recipe.

22. Asian salad with spicy peanut dressing

Asian salad with spicy peanut dressing

What is addictive about the salad is the spicy peanut dressing. Once you start using the combination on every other food, it is hard to stop, and an Asian salad is not limited to the wrath of the dressing.

The salad is perfect for dinner and lunch with its perfect pairing of ingredients like edamame, carrots, cashews, and crunchy chow mein noodles.

If you want your invitees, friends, and family to eat to their fill, all you have to do is ensure the dressing on the salad is worth their effort.

Everyone wants a mouth-watering delicacy that won’t happen if the salad is merely vegetable pieces and leaves piled on one another.

Minced garlic and grated ginger are some of the vegetables that contribute to the fantastic flavors of the salad.

Their spicy nature lights up the bland yet refreshing vegetable taste and aroma. Then comes the dressing of creamy peanut butter.

Not only does it make the salad a little chocolate-like at the top, but it also adds an earthy nut flavor to the veggies.

If it was frozen, melt the butter a little leaving it creamy so that it is not runny like water which makes it lose its flavor.

Flavor additives such as chili paste, red pepper flakes, and vinegar increase the spiciness of the salad.

That ensures that the salad is not dull for dinner. The avocado oil, sesame oil, tamari, and honey make the salad sweet and savory.

To assemble the salad, you need shredded purple cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, and beans, making the salad heavy on colors and appealing to your sight. After dressing the salad, you can use grilled shrimp or chicken for a protein flavor.

The added advantage for this salad is that it can be stored for up to one week in an airtight container though separately, to avoid sogging.

When serving, shake it a bit or add little water if too thick. The preparation time is thirty minutes which is ideal for a busy weekday night dinner.

The nutrition content from proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and sodium is worthy of this salad recipe.


Salads have been invented and advanced over time to give a range of dishes to serve our main dishes. Furthermore, some are served as appetizers alongside beverages, while others are served as main meals.

The flavors achieved from the salad ingredients make our meals worthwhile by rewarding our efforts with sweet and delicious tastes.

Summers are no longer the same but better since the picnic barbeques have a tasty accompaniment.

The health benefits that everyone today is keen on are abundant, ranging from energy-giving nutrients to disease-fighting benefits and body fitness.

Try any of the above recipes, and you will experience an unforgettable dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

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  • Okra salad recipe
  • Chinese garlic cucumber salad
  • Asian ramen chicken chopped salad
  • Chinese napa cabbage salad with a crunchy topping
  • Whole 30 Chinese chicken salad
  • keto and low carb Chinese chicken salad
  • Chinese tiger salad
  • Broccolli slaw salad
  • Toasted sesame Asian chicken salad.
  • Mandarin orange salad.
  • Sesame ginger noodle salad with cashews
  • Curry chicken salad
  • Asian pasta salad
  • Crunchy Asian salad with veggies and peanut dressing
  • Wood ear mushroom salad
  • Thai cucumber salad
  • Roasted chickpea salad.
  • Asian salad with spicy peanut dressing


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  • Make the Chinese salads recipes as instructions
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