26 Chinese Seafood Dishes You Should Try

We have a list of Chinese seafood meals you can enjoy here. The Chinese, just like most other people across the globe, enjoy seafood.

You will find almost all kinds of seafood in this list, but we intend to show you the most popular ones.

So then, if you are looking for some of the best Seafood, come on and take a look we have here.

One thing I like is that you can have different methods to incorporate seafood into your meals. 

1. Poon choi

This is also what they refer to as the big bowl festival. It’s also one of the most common traditional Chinese new year recipes. This one signifies wealth and prosperity too.

It’s one of the most versatile choices of ingredients where you get to choose what to use. 

You can find this meal during the new year in the restaurant but then expect to pay a lot more. I feel like you should make it at home.

The good thing is that you can blend in several meals all in one space. It means you’ll find it easy to make, but it also limits the number of utensils you need to wash. This is a Cantonese-style meal. 

So the meal may contain several types of meat, but mostly they like to use the different styles of fish and seafood. And as you can see, it also has veggies, but you just need to put a few types of veggies.

It will definitely taste like a blend of different meats and meals. So check this recipe for ideas on how to make the best meal. 

2. Chinese seafood birds nest


If you are a seafood lover, you need this banquet service to choose the ones that work for you. This meal is of the Cantonese seafood style.

If you know already that Cantonese has some of the richest flavors, and even for this food, nothing is compromised.

This is a versatile choice, especially since you can use it at any time of choice. 

You will mostly have a blend of shrimp, squid, and scallops. Now, this blend of seafood fish they cook in white sauce. It’s easy to make especially since they will just feature the use of the stir-frying method.

They usually blend the ginger and garlic with the scallions and the veggies to make a whole meal. 

Be informed, though, that this seafood they set in taro or rather an edible basket too, making it outrightly unique.

Also, it usually has an earthy aroma to blend in with the different seafood flavors. The good thing, though, is that it can hold the saucy seafood just before you start to eat. 

Notice though that you will need some tender loving care for the food, but most of all, you may need to deep fry several choices you go with. Check this recipe for ideas on how to make it. 

3. Chinese buffet-style coconut shrimp


Whenever you are looking for a different style of creamy, this will please your palate needs. I just know that the beach vibes bring out the creaminess I desire every time.

But when you have the capacity to make this style of shrimps, why would you go home. 

Look, you will comfortably eat its shrimps in coconut with the different side dishes of choice. You can use anything, including coconut, to make it tastier.

So, of course, this is more of an American Chinese food as I first saw it in New York. Of course, you will find other choices of the Chinese-style coconut shrimp, but for now, this works better for me. 

Do you want to try it today? Check out this recipe for ideas. 

4. Drunken prawn


This is one of your not-so-regular styles of prawn; in most cases, you may have to eat it in its raw form, although in this case, we are just eating it the pan-fried already.

Notice, though, that people like to make it quick and easy. This is because there are so many ways you can use to cook the prawns.

The first one I know of is the one that you set the prawns in the jerk seasonings. 

The butter coating is everything to you and anyone who enjoys the milky taste. It will make everything even better.

The prawns are just outrightly delicious, so you should go out and try them yourself to see if it works. So whether you are going to call it shrimps or prawns, you will like the way it tastes. 

Check the recipe here for the best ideas on making it. 

5. Orh Jian


If you thought you couldn’t make the Orh Jian for breakfast, you thought wrong. You can make sausages, bread, milk, but you can also make omelets.

Now here’s the thing you aren’t going to make just the regular omelet rather the Orh Jian, the ones that also include oysters. 

The one we are making here, though, is way healthier and crispy, but then you will like it most for its gooey ooey texture.

People consider it a Singaporean delicacy though it’s actually not only from Singapore; you can also have it in China.

The difference then is that it’s a borrowed concept of omelet, but it’s just as great; always remember that. 

Notice, though, that it will balance your batter and the eggs you are using for the recipe to make the perfect standing meal of all time.

When you are making this meal, then you should use frozen or fresh oysters. If you don’t have any other types of oysters, though, consider using the canned ones. I find it being one of the healthiest choices you can use. Check out the recipe we have here. 

6. Kung pao shrimps


You don’t always have to go for take-out when you can make such meals by yourself. When you try this kung pao shrimps, you will want to eat them every other time.

You will like this zesty, flavorful, a little spicy, but also delicious shrimps. 

So do you have 30 minutes? Then you have enough time to make this dish and have people licking their fingers from eating and enjoying it.

While most of my friends used to praise the take-out version, I always say you only enjoy it a lot more because you haven’t had what we make at home. Well, with this recipe, you go home to the kitchen and try it, then you won’t go for take-out ever.

This Sichuan-style meal you should expect to be less sweet but nicely spicy with a numbing sensation. Also, the sauce is not thick, and you know it has fewer veggies in the mix.

So you will have a mix of ingredients, with the shrimps being the main ones. To then put it simply, we are just saying coat the shrimps in the kung pao sauce.

7. Fish balls

Fish Balls

I like the hong kong street ones, especially because it’s the perfect curry option that you can also eat as it is or just mix it in with other delicious side dishes. Also, it features pounded fish that will form the perfect fish balls when they mix with other ingredients. 

You always need the flour and seasoning as well to make it even tastier to eat. It will always depend on the kind of meal you are looking to taste because it can create the perfect fish ball size in no time.

Whenever I’m visiting hong kong, I must say I like to visit eat these fishballs. 

If you like, you can eat it alongside the curry sauce, which makes it even more delicious.

I mean, you will easily make it into the most unique yet delicious meal. Check the recipe we have here. 

8. Braised abalone


Generally, we have the different styles of abalone they cook as a meal. This meal is originally from Guangdong, and of course, you can just braise it in soy sauce and mollusk.

You can use the fresh abalones because the texture is tender, and the seafood is healthy yet perfectly delicious. You will enjoy it for having the flavors and fresh too. 

Notice, though, that the abalones will work great when you cover them with ginger, coriander, and scallions too.

I like the juiciness, yet you are using authentic Chinese cooking ingredients to make it even better. So then you will first boil it. 

The delicacy is great to use when you’re using the noodles together with abalones. The next thing you need to do is serve it hot.

Notice that you will have the delicious recipe you can even use during the new year celebration. 

9. Bittermelon and shrimp in black bean sauce


This is just one of the unique styles of shrimp you can use when you’re looking for one meal you can cook with the different sauces you intend to eat.

When you eat this one, then you will realize just how tasty it is. Notice, though, that they also add the black bean sauce to make it even tastier. 

Sometimes you just need to add the different styles of sauces you haven’t tried ever. In this case, we added the unique black bean sauce to flavor the shrimp just a little more.

Remember, it has unique flavors as well. You will like the saltiness of the black bean sauce blending with the bitterness and the sweetness of the melon. 

10. Stir-fried Ketchup shrimp


If you love shrimps, you will most likely enjoy this meal. Shrimp is one of the most preferred and tastiest seafood. Sometimes you just need to stir fry it to cook right simply.

Always use the fresh shrimps to gett the succulent juiciness with the perfect flavors as well.

Now once it’s cooked, you will also enjoy its amazing crunch with a tender bite as well. 

When back home in hong kong, it’s not hard to find fresh seafood, and of course, when you can have the fresh shrimps, you are bound to have the delectable shrimps.

If you went to the seafood market and still had the seafood jumping, then you just froze it; you are going to have the best-tasting shrimps ever. 

Once the shrimps are ready, you should slather them with the ketchup, and you are bound to have it nicely tasty.

The good thing then is that you can eat it alongside all the different side dishes of your choice.

Check out the recipes we have here to know how to use them. 

11. Chinese crab with scallion and ginger


To summarise everything that regards this dish, then you will have a simple yet flavorful meal. This is not your regular crab meal; it’s the crab style of meals common in China.

I always crave the flavors of this crab, even after eating all the others. Well, you need to try it first to see if it’s going to be as amazing to you as it is to me. 

If you want even to have a bomb, you should eat it alongside the garlic fried rice. When cooking it, they usually add the oyster sauce to the mix, thus making sure it’s up to standard for the deliciousness.

You can enjoy the Oyster sauce making everything just blend in perfectly in your mouth. 

You will like this meal even more because it’s easy to make and will take the shortest time to make.

Your only problem is getting the fresh crabs, and if you do get it, you are good to go in eating this delicious meals.

Make sure you get the raw crabs and then freeze them, only to thaw them in your kitchen when you are ready to eat. 

It’s such an expensive dish that you would be parting up with a lot of money if you went to the restaurant.

Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it.

12. Lobster yee mein


Here is yet another one of the most celebrated dishes in China. Most families like to serve it for dinner or the banquets.

Notice though that your only challenge is to find it, but when you get the fresh ones, you’ll make the perfect meals.

Although it’s a delicious choice, it won’t work to cook it in different styles. 

To make it easy for you to understand then, you’ll just need to stir fry the lobsters with the ginger and scallions.

Once it’s ready, then you simply set it over your boiled yee Mein noodles. This is a meal they serve in different settings.

You will have them during birthdays, weddings and such things. 

Just make sure you have a large wok when you intend to make the larger lobster. You will enjoy this recipe just because it takes a shorter time to prepare, unlike most other styles. 

13. Chinese stir-fried clams


Another one of the most common styles of seafood is the clams. Notice that such meals are often cooked in the wok or skillet. Just make sure you cook them alongside the bean sauce and other meals.

They get the best meal in just less than 30 minutes. 

Make sure then you add on the black bean sauce for even more deliciousness. It features the use of perfect meaty stir-fried clams.

So then you’re going to use the different side dishes comfortably, but we like to use the noodles. One of the tastiest options you will like is this choice you know will serve you. Do you want to try it? Consider this recipe as it will serve you best. 

14. Fried Eel slices


This is commonly used in eastern China, and specifically, it’s of the Zhejiang cuisine. Notice, though, that the Eel meat is going to be tender inside but crispy outside.

You will further like it for its sweetness, rich, fragrance, sweetness, and sourness. So you will like it once you cook it because of its color tastes and even the fragrance.

Notice though that you won’t cook it the same way you cook your other fish but the meat you will like the way it tastes. 

Notice that the flavors you add to it are responsible for how great it turns out. It’s quite easy to get it right, though remember as long as you know to follow such a recipe. Then, you can eat it alongside the other different side dishes of your choice. 

15. Cantonese shumai


Here is another one of the most common meals that could work great as an appetizer to anyone who likes it. Notice though, that you will find them a lot in the dim sum restaurants.

Also, notice that you can always use different proteins, including pork and shrimps, and scallions. 

You will be good to go when you master how to shape these dumplings since you will have the right things actually to set into the fillings.

Understand that this one is going to take longer to make, and that’s just fine. For more ideas on how to make it check this recipe we have here. 

16. Shrimp with lobster sauce 


Here you have one of the unique dishes, especially because you don’t have the lobster in the meal, but you have the sauce to make it even tasty.

If you think that because it has no lobster, then it’s not delicious, you will need to think again because the shrimp is great tasting, and you can eat it alongside many other meals.

You have the most amazing meal still. When you try it, you are going to want to eat it every time you know. 

Again the one thing making it such an amazing meal is that you will have the shrimps ready in just ten minutes which is another amazing thing.

Notice that you will even add the pork to the shrimp, thus making it even better tasting. Check out the recipe we have here to make the perfect recipe again.  

17. Ginger and scallion crab


I know you can get this almost anywhere else, but you will like the ones we make here. We like to suggest to you some of the easiest make recipes, and it’s your Chinese style recipe too that you can use.

When you visit most of these Chinese American restaurants, then you will have the recipes here. 

Also, there are different ingredients you can use to make this meal into one amazing combo. And of course, if you are going to eat outside though you will need to spend a lot.

Well, instead of all that, then consider making it yourself at home. I know you will like the ginger flavors just like most other people in my family do, so go out and try the recipe. The good thing is that you can eat it along with other different side dishes. 

18. Braised sea cucumber with minced meat


Here you have marine animals with leather-like skin, and they make the best meal too when you mix in the minced meat.

I know not many people really cook this one but those who do enjoy every bite of it.

Nonetheless, if you are to go for a take-out and choose it, you should be ready to pay handsomely. Well, instead of all that, most people just prefer to make it at the comfort of their home. 

Most people who make the meal then have done so, intending to use it as a medicine. In fact, there are so many beliefs in this regard which is why we still have so many people enjoying it.

In this case, you will enjoy making this unique meal because you don’t need to use a lot of ingredients.

Check the recipe to understand how to make it. 

19. Chinese steamed fish with black bean sauce


If you have always eaten a different style of fish, then you most likely already enjoy this too. The amazing thing is that you can even steam the fish in the wok, and in this recipe, you will learn the process.

Notice that it has some of the best flavors, and you will never eat another style of fish when you learn how to make this one. 

The best part then is that you will have the broth with a lot of chilies. With this diet, then you are sure to have it being nicely tasty too.

It is also one of the healthiest fish you can use, which makes it one of the most preferred fish you know.

So with this recipe, you are sure to have the perfect meal at the table. 

20. Szechuan salt and pepper shrimp


When you are looking for crispy delicious tasting prawns, then you will have them here. Notice too that it has the chili flavors, and yet it maintains the right crunch for you.

It’s often easy to make it, and it’s no wonder the dish is nicely tasty, spicy but also delicious to eat and enjoy. This is another one of the most popular choices of seafood you can have people eating. 

The one thing that will make the shrimps stand out then is the addition of the Szechuan peppercorns. It remains one of the most delicious options to eat too.

Notice that the meal has better flavor, especially since everyone using it just enjoys it. I believe that it’s harder to find the best-tasting shrimps, which is why you should learn to make it yourself. For the best ideas, check out this recipe. 

21. Har look


Here is yet another unique style of prawns that you make to eat alongside the different side dishes. It’s one of the meals you will rarely have people making but it’s amazing and richly flavored too.

So remember to use the Xo sauce, garlic, and any other ingredient that will make you enjoy the flavors. 

When you finally get the spices right, you will also enjoy the tiger prawns and the different side dishes like rice or noodles. I like to cook mine with Chinese buns.

The tiger prawns will give you the difference in the taste and meals you’re eating. Notice that this recipe is easy to make. 

22. Ginger soy fish


Here we like to use the halibut fish where it will also produce the mouthwatering sauce. Usually, we will top this one with scallion and ginger too.

So whether you are making it for the new year or just want to have a different meal is okay, but it’s going to be perfectly delicious for you to use.

You will enjoy this seafood alongside other meals especially when you deep them into the soy sauce or any other meal.

However, one amazing thing about the meal is that it’s great to use with other side dishes. But if you’re ready to make the meal, then try the recipe here. 

23. Cantonese lobster 


We have large chunks of shell on the lobster, and then you can also stir fry it with the scallions, ginger, yellow chives, and hot peppers.

So many people already like lobster as it is. So here you will be making it in the Cantonese method though it makes it even better. 

Look at this meal, and I bet you will see just how good it is here. While it’s often a mess to eat it, you can be sure it’s also a great meal to enjoy eating. Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make this best meal. 

24. Chinese curry shrimp


Do you like the eastern flavors? Then, you will find and enjoy these meals right here. In fact, you will enjoy the curry sauce, which makes it fit in with most other meals.

To make the meal, remember you will only need to use the larger shrimp size; it makes a way better and delicious meal choice.

Notice, though, that you have the succulent but easy-to-make meal. Here they used the artic shrimp to make the best meal as it will deliver an authentic flavor. 

With this recipe, you will realize just how easy it is to make some of these great meals options.  

25. Panko shrimp


Here you have one of the most common ways you can use to enjoy the shrimp. It’s a great appetizer snack or even a salad.

When you are, however, going to make the meal, then the quality of the ingredients is what makes the difference.

Notice, though, that the quality of the shrimp is something you want to keep up. Always remember that it’s readily available, and you can use it differently, too.

You will have to fry it deep to have it being this delicious. If you want, though, you can also bake them to make a much more healthy option. If you like, you can also use the recipe we have here for the best choice of meals. 

27. Chinese style spicy garlic stir fry octopus


Do you like octopuses? You can go on to try this recipe that we love to make. I had to save the best for the last. For me, nothing beats the octopus meal; it will get you enjoying every bit of it and still go for more.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas of the best meals you can use here. And when all you are looking for is one of the easiest recipes to make, try this stir fry that is a blend of flavors to make outstanding and delicious seafood. 

Here is the perfect list to try when you’re looking for Chinese seafood. Is there one you think we left out for us to add? Go on and list it in the comment section below. 

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