32 Chinese Shrimp Recipes (Easy Dishes)

One of the best methods to enjoy the different Chinese meals is to use Chinese shrimp.

For Chinese cuisine, shrimp is one of the most popular proteins and the easiest ingredients to use in different meals.

This is why we have several recipe options you could use.

Also, check this article for ideas on the best meats you can use. 

Chinese shrimp recipes

1. Chinese shrimp stir fry 


If you love the seafood, then you will enjoy this meal as well. It’s one of the easiest ones to make as it makes it easy to bring it together. It’s one of the common choices you will find in Hong Kong.

After all, seafood meals are a favorite in this part of the country, you know.  It contains the best ingredients that include onions, garlic, ginger, and many other ingredients. 

This will take a much shorter time to make because it has no shell, but it has a tail.

Have you ever made the Chinese shrimp stir fry? Take time to follow this perfect recipe to make it work. Here then, you have the Cantonese style of meals to use. 

2. Hoisin shrimp and broccoli


When you’re just looking for the easiest meals to make, this is one of the choices you should go with. For this recipe, though, consider using the san J hoisin sauce, and the one thing you will like is that it’s flavorful.

The hoisin is the best since it blends both sweet and savory flavors. In addition, it will look very creative for your entire family, which makes it a great choice you can use. 

For example, if you have kids, you will notice that they will want to have you make the meal faster.

It should take you about 20 minutes to make the meal ready. Do you want to try it, though? Check out the recipe ideas we have here.

3. Chinese salt and pepper shrimp


This is one of the greatest snacks or appetizers that is also an easy-to-make choice of shrimp that you must know of.

Since this is a Sichuan-style meal, it’s common for us to just cook a meal with the dominant flavors being the Szechuan peppers and salt. 

You will enjoy the crunch because they sometimes use the deep frying method though they like to saute the meal too first.

So you will need to remove the shells, or you can decide not to anyway; it’s all for personal preference.

Even though the recipe shows you that it’s one of the easiest to make recipes, don’t be mistaken; it has many flavors. 

4. Asian chili-garlic shrimp


Here is another one of the best and yet easiest to make shrimp too. Believe me; if you are moved by how it looks, you will most likely also like the flavors.

It’s one of the sweet, spicy, savory meals you can use, and when you use it, you will be smacking your lips for its goodness. 

I can assure you that you will enjoy the deep flavors since they deliver the perfect punch of flavors you enjoy.

The good thing then is that you will need to use the quick and easy-to-make chili sauce, especially since it’s another one of the delicious options. I mean we are going to use any methods to get the foods we need always. 

Check out this recipe for you to be a pro in making some of the most delicious meals ever. 

5. Kung pao shrimp


Speaking of one of the best and yet most delicious choices of a meal, Kung pao shrimp should be your go-to. Have you ever tried to make it, though?

Here you will be reaching for a flavorful, zesty, deliciously richness, and just perfection of the meal. Therefore, you’ll have a crunchy, delicious shrimp meal. 

It will always take you about 30 minutes to remember, so you have the healthier and yet tastier version. It will also amaze you that the shrimps are going to take you a shorter time to make.

Notice that the quick and easy-to-make shrimp will be bursting with flavors in your mouth. Just know, though, that you can make it to match the Sichuan style of peppercorn. 

You can, however, make it less spicy if you want it to be, and of course, it’s one of the delicious options you can use. So enjoy the recipe we have here. 

6. Mango shrimp sweet and sour shrimp


Here you have nothing short of the sweet, deliciously rich, and flavorful shrimps. In making this meal, then you will have the perfect tasting meal with a fruity taste.

Notice that with this, then you’re going to learn how to make a simple, sweet, and sour shrimp already. It’s like one of those sweet and sour meals you make from Chinese cuisine.

In this case, the mango shrimp is one of the unforgettable choices you can use. 

With it, then you are going to have a burst of flavors and richness. Notice that when you stir fry it, you will have it retaining the flavors and the colors of the rich shrimps anyway.

Check out the recipes ideas we have here so that you can make your own mango shrimp ideas. 

7. 4 Minutes spicy garlic shrimp


It will work especially for a weeknight meal. I like that it takes a shorter time to make it, yet it’s packed with bold flavors.

You will always enjoy the rich texture, too; you know it’s one of the best methods to make the shrimp. 

The amazing thing you should know of, though, is that it will deliver the perfect flavored meals to use alongside your other meals choices.

I like to eat mine with noodles but sometimes even with simple rice. So weeknight recipes don’t have to be all too boring; you can make them fun too. Check out this simple, bold, spicy, and delicious recipe of meal to try. 

8. Panko shrimp


Here is one of the most common shrimp styles that you will mostly even make using panko bread. But, of course, if you use all the best ingredients, then you are sure it’s going to be nothing short of delicious.  Just make sure you are using the safe and fresh shrimps too. 

If you want it to be perfect, you should use the Japanese Panko bread from Japan, which people will make the shrimp. If you then try this meal, you are sure to make one of the best recipes ever.

Just know then that you will create a crispy choice, and it, in the end, can be a part of a real meal or just a snack. Check out the recipe we have here for ideas. 

9. Szechuan shrimp


When you are looking for a Chinese restaurant-style meal, then you will have it in this option. However, the best thing is that it’s often tangy, spicy with rich flavors that match your palate needs.

Here you have the spicy and tangy delicious shrimps. Be informed that this meal is amazingly one of the tastiest but also the easiest choice of meal.

It will normally also blend with other flavors from other meals you are eating. So when all you want is a delicious option, try this meal.

Understand that you will only have a spicy and delicious meal when you make this Szechuan shrimp since we like the spicy and chili style of the meal. Check out the recipe we have today. 

10. Chinese chili garlic shrimp


Here you have a sweet garlic-like delicious meal, and one of the most amazing things is that this meal will taste like a Chinese take-out meal.

Nothing beats the best shrimp since it’s juicy but also, then it’s going to be crispy too. Notice that this meal is spicy with the perfect garlic-like tastes too. 

You will enjoy it because it has perfect and crispy, so you will have it with the perfect crispy exterior. Just remember, though, to choose the fresh shrimp since it will deliver the perfect quality.

When you then add the Shaoxing wine, you will make it even better tasting. Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

11. Garlic honey-lime shrimp


It will make you like the shrimp because it’s one of the best garlicky, sweet, delicious sweet treats.

Notice, though, that it will always take you about 15 minutes to have this Asian shrimp style ready, but the flavors make it perfect. Just remember to add on the lime. 

If you never miss shrimp in their freezers, you ought to check out such recipes for ideas. Remember, shrimp, like any other food ingredient, calls for creativity when making it.

It’s one of the easiest recipes you can use, which is another one of the amazing things. In just a little two steps, you are ready to enjoy it. Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make the recipe as well.

12. Shrimp lo mein


Another common way to eat this shrimps is as part of the lo mein. It’s not only going to be filling, but it’s also packed with the greatest nutrients and flavors.

I love shrimp lo mein more than even the beef or chicken one. This is why I feel the need to show you how to make it. One thing you can be sure about is that this one will be better than the take-out meals. 

When you are looking for a meal for your weeknight, try this recipe at any time.

Just remember to stir the noodles with the sauce to have it enriched with flavors. This is going to be a delicious choice. 

13. Chinese shrimp stir fry


Here is yet another choice that will require you to eat it in just about 15 minutes.

Notice that you have an easy way to make the meal, but the difference is that you will add garlic and ginger to make the perfect shrimps. I must talk about this just because it’s one of my mama’s favorite to this day. 

Notice then that you are going to have the crispy, crunchy, yet delicious shrimps. It often has a pack of flavors, yet it’s a versatile choice of meal.

Notice that people like this meal more than anything because it delivers the perfect tasting stir fry, and I especially like the flavors of garlic and ginger. So check out this recipe to see if you like to make it. 

14. Shrimp with lobster sauce


Here you have another one of the unique shrimp styles. More than anything, we enjoy the sauce as a side to the shrimp styles, and also, you can use it to enrich its flavors further.

If you like this recipe, you can make it at home to enjoy with your family as well. You will have it ready in about 10 minutes, which makes it an amazing choice. 

If you really like lobsters but don’t want to spend all of the money on them, you can just make the sauce. Choose the best shrimp and then quickly rinse it to deliver the perfect flavors.

Notice, though, that you will have the meal ready on the table for you to use within just a few minutes. Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it best. 

15. Shrimp omelet


Here is yet another type of meal you can eat, especially during breakfast meals.

Again, something unusual is here, so while you thought that the shrimp would not make the eggs, you thought wrong as you can always make the perfect breakfast meal that features eggs to make an omelet. 

I like that then I get to add my favorite onions to this recipe. But one great thing then is that this Chinese-style recipe is good with almost every other meal.

So what will you eat it with because it will work with almost any kind of your favorite meals? Check out this recipe, though, for ideas on how to make them. 

16. Crispy honey shrimp


There are hundreds of recipes you could use or make the shrimps to. However, you should know that when you have the right recipes, you are good to try other types.

Besides this option is particularly great since you can make it during the weeknights actually. It features super-light, crispy, airy, but also delicious choices of shrimp recipes. 

Here you have the perfect crispy fried shrimps that you can use alongside other meals. Try this meal today to notice that you can make the perfect shrimps in a short time still.

Start by first checking the air coating of the meal. Then, if you are interested in this, check out the recipe to make it at the convenience of your home. 

17. Chinese shrimp and tofu pot


Believe it or not, you will only need to be creative with the shrimp recipe, just like most other meals.

You can make this and present it during those major events you may have, like the new year event or any other fun day.

I  like and enjoy tofu, but I also love shrimp, so the blend for me is everything. Check out the ingredients we are going to use in the making of the meal we have here.

When you are looking for the best way to make this meal, check the recipe here. 

18. Steamed shrimp with glass noodles


Here you have a blend of the glass noodles into your shrimp sauce, and the blend of the onions and garlic makes it even greater.

So again, this is one of the meals you will discover in the restaurants, and this then will allow you to enjoy every bite you have.

Notice then that you will need to blend in the different flavors of the different ingredients. Remember, you will not need to overcook this one.

So then you will need to keep your eye on it. You can eat it alongside other meals since it already has noodles. Check out the recipes to make it. 

19. Hunan shrimp


Here is one of the best shrimp choices that they make easily, actually. Notice, though, that it will take about 20 minutes to have the shrimp being ready.

Here then, you have the hot and spicy shrimp packed with other flavors, yet it’s all simple but tasty. 

So generally, you will have some veggies with the shrimp to make it a delicious and healthy choice. This is one of the meals that’s much common among Chinese Americans.

Also, you will have the tender shrimp but remember this one is spicy and the chili. But you can check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it work. 

20. Chinese shrimp ball appetizer


Here you have some of the best and yet delicious appetizers you can make for the different events of your life.

Notice, though, that they also season these balls with the water chestnuts, making them tasty. Again you will need the dipping sauce to make the appetizers much richer and delicious, though. 

Though you will like, the balls are then crunchy but also good-looking and tasty. Remember, you must have the perfect seasoning for the shrimps, and when you’re then making the balls, it will be even better tasting.

So enjoy these for being saucy, spicy, and also delicious. It’s one of the easiest to me choices of appetizers, so you should try this recipe to see how it comes out for you. 

21. Shrimp toast


I know this one I only learned of when making this list, and I can’t tell you how excited I was. This is another one of the best choices of meals from Chinese cuisine.

Anyone making it for the first time knows it’s a unique choice to use. So for those early mornings, choose to make this toasts for your family. This is one of the best choices that they actually fry to use alongside the other meals. 

If you want to try this recipe, check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

22. Stir-fried shrimp and eggs


Here then, you are bringing the Chinese restaurant-style egg at home. Notice then that it’s easy to make and it takes about five minutes to do.

Such a meal you will have with your rice, or if you like, you will eat it alongside other things for your breakfast.

It will surprise you that the meal we have here is great tasting but also easy to make. Always remember to choose the fresh shrimps to work with when making this meal.

So here you have the silky, spicy, and delicious meal. I know you may not understand how to make it but just know that you can make it. So check out this recipe for ideas on how to make it. 

23. Chinese shrimp cakes


This recipe gives you one of the best snacking styles of shrimps—these you will find mostly on the coastal side of china.

I have come to understand that when you have the best shrimps, you will always need to choose the best shrimps and then retain their rich flavors when cooking. 

In frying it, you are going to make it nicely crunchy, and the good thing then is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make this delicious meal.

So instead, start learning to prep it to make some of the best unique recipes during the coming new year.

Again this recipe shows you one of the easiest methods to then use in making these delicious goodies. 

24. Fried shrimp wontons


Wontons are greatly versatile such that you can make them and fill them up with the different ingredients that include the shrimps.

But, of course, the use of shrimps in our wontons is nothing new, and in fact, it’s one of the most delicious choices you can use. Notice, though, that you can make it even when you’re at home. 

If you intend to go to any dim sum restaurant, make it a point to get the best tasting sweet treats. When you are going out to the world, then you should enjoy the best tasting dim sum.

I mean, these are some of the best treats you can use. You will have the perfect shrimp filling to make it much more delicious.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make them. 

25. Chinese take out happy family style recipe


Here you have another unique meal where you blend the chicken, shrimp, and even meat in one sitting. Usually, they have fresh veggies and other ingredients with the light brown Chinese sauce to use.

This one is surprisingly easy to make when you are at home, and the best part is that it tastes amazing. 

It’s the best choice for the Chinese take-out meal to use, even during the Chinese weeknight meal. If you want, you can eat it as it is or combine it with some plain rice.

While the real origin doesn’t matter, I can assure you that I like the taste and flavors but more so the fact that now I can make it at the comfort of my home. So check out the recipe to go and try it today.  

26. Shrimp chow mein

Another one of the most common meals you will ever have is the chow mein.

The best thing is that the chow mein lets you add on all the different kinds of proteins, but in this case, we use the shrimps.

So here then, you will need to blend in a couple of ingredients to make it into one of the most delicious choices of meals. It’s full of flavors, yet it has the perfect texture too. 

Chow mein is quite easy to make; you know how to stir fry in the ingredient and the shrimp flavors though it will make all the difference in the meal.

So remember to stir fry the veggies, the onions, and the other ingredients to impart all the necessary flavors into the meal. But for more ideas for making this delicious choice check out the recipe we have here. 

27. Chinese savory pancakes


Do you want the soft, garlicky delicious, and tasty pancakes? Notice that they will add the chives, carrots, onions if you like, and then the shrimps.

Do you want to make not the regular pancake? Then, you can try this option. In most of our homes, our moms often made this treasured pancakes during breakfast. 

If you even want to enjoy them the most, you will need to dip them in the sweet chili sauce, and then you can eat it from that.

Notice that these are the types that you could eat, and when you are finally ready to serve, you realize you have two or three. Your family won’t wait for them to reach the table. They are that delicious. Now check out the recipe we have here for ideas. 

28. Easy Chinese shrimp fried rice


Another method to enjoy your shrimp is to eat them in the fried rice.

The best part is that you can cook these meals in less than 15 minutes, especially if your rice was ready. Just remember then that you can add salt and pepper to the shrimps.

Besides, you are making this meal 100% authentic and safe to use if you are gluten intolerant. Of course, this is the main meal you can use. Check out the recipe; we have to learn how to make it. 

29. Honey walnut shrimp recipe


I first saw and tasted these delicious goodies in Chinese restaurants.

These days though, I can make it at home, and that way, I can add my favorite ingredients. Just know, though, that when you want to make the recipe, you should make sure it’s never overcooked. 

The secret, though, is to make sure you don’t overcrowd the shrimps. Remember, though, to cook them right.

Also, then go on to keep the shrimps crispy. Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make the meal. 

30. Shrimp congee


Well, you can also make the congee with the shrimps. Of course, you will be making your regular congee, but when you add the shrimps, you make it even better. Consider this recipe during the winter days as it’s going to keep you warm. 

Most people learning to eat this know that it will enhance your body immunity while keeping you warm. Check out the recipe option here when you want to eat it. 

31. Shrimp with hot garlic sauce


Her you have the perfect delicious meal that you can make even for your weeknight. The great thing is that it will take less than thirty minutes.

So then you can use it for dinner or an appetizer. Just get the garlic sauce right, and your shrimp will be perfectly delicious. 

From the aroma to the way it looks, you will like this meal, and of course, it makes the perfect choice to use when you even have friends around. For more information on the same, check out the recipe we have. 

32. Egg rolls


This is one of the most common styles of  Chinese take-out meals. It’s common in the Chinese buffet, and they feature the use of deep-fried options. Now let’s clarify that although it’s called an egg roll, it contains no eggs in the filling.

The dipping sauce is everything since it brings the perfect flavors together. You can eat this recipe as a snack appetizer or even a main meal. Check the recipe we have here. 

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