33 Chinese Side Dishes You May Want To Try (With Easy Recipes)

Side dishes are a fun way to enjoy different flavors, tastes, and textures in one setting. However, most people don’t pay much interest in side dishes.

Thus they are unaware of the nutrients and health benefits that come with the side dishes. Overall, the suitable side dish uses less time for preparation but has a more positive impact on health.

Chinese Food

Chinese cuisines seem to have mastered this art; hence you find most of their meals are accompanied by different side dishes.

The side dishes could be a variety of raw or simple veggies to potato or soups or just anything that compliments or balance the main meal.

In this article, I have gathered different Chinese side dishes from traditional to keto, paleo vegan gluten-free, among others. So stick around as I show you different easy recipes you can make for family gatherings or just dinners.

1. Vegan Chinese-style dumplings

Vegan Chinese style dumplings

The vegan Chinese-style dumplings are beautiful and comfortable foods that are also versatile. You can consume it as an appetizer or simply use it as a  side dish.

Additionally, you can use it at parties as a finger dish or an accompaniment to your platter.

Chinese dumplings are used throughout the year, especially during the chines new year, bringing prosperity and good luck. If you are an enthusiast of Chinese food and would like to try this side dish, you can follow this link for more.

2. Chinese eggplant with chili garlic sauce

Chinese eggplant with chili garlic sauce

To some extent, Eggplants have a similar consistency as compared to that of the meat. You can enhance their taste by marinating them with spicy chili garlic sauce.

This dish is also a popular Sichuan flavor that is used to accompany fish. This dish can be served as a  healthy side  dish, starter, or an appetizer

The food is also dairy-free, meat-free; hence, therefore, it can be consumed by vegans. this  dish is a flavourful, healthy, satisfying, delicious appetizer or starter, and you should  have a look at it by following this link and prepare it for the next meal

3. Chinse dumplings potstickers recipe

Chinse dumplings potstickers recipe

These are homemade potstickers, also known as Chinese dumplings, that are used besides your main dish. These potstickers are not your ordinary Chinese dumplings as they appear brown since they are lightly immersed in oil.

If you are tired of eating dumplings from Chinese restaurants and they still stand out as your best, you can make your own at home by following this link. It has all the information you need to make your dumplings delicious.  

4. Jumbo Chinese vegetable spring roll

Jumbo Chinese vegetable spring roll

Talk of Chinese spring rolls. Who doesn’t love these bites? I have tried making them, and they turned awesome good thing it s  edible with several people with different dietary restrictions.

In China, you will mostly find them during festivals with their gold bar-shaped. This is because they are believed to be a source of wealth and prosperity.

You can further make this food enjoyable by adding some spice to it by Deeping it in a sauce, and I mean sweet chilly because it is a mixture of savory, sweet, and tangy.

If you are a nutty fan, you can go with the creamy, sweet peanut sauce. If you find this fascinating, hit the link button for more insight into the recipe.

5. Keto Chinese cabbage salad

Keto Chinese cabbage salad

Are you a lover of Chinese fresh and vibrant, tasty foods? Look no more here is what you’ve been missing. With some simple plain old vegetables, you can light up this vegies with a zesty flavor, packed dressing, and lots of great textures.

Also, please find out how you can make people enjoy the cucumbers without realizing it.

You have a  choice to use as many vegetables as you have in your possession. The dish is at its finest when served fresh, but do not add the dressing if you intend to use it later.

Add some extra proteins by incorporating eggs or tuna into it. Enjoy finding your way to this link am sure you won’t regret it. It is fun  trying new easy dishes

6. Spicy black bean and corn empanadas

Spicy black bean and corn empanadas

Suppose you want to have memorable dinner nights with your better someone. Maybe try making these bites for your loved one or instead involve him in the preparation process.

These empanadas will make you want to cook them all the time. They can be prepared in different ways. For example, you can bake or fry them.

In this recipe, they are baked fun way to enjoy and maintain a healthy dish. This little treats can be filled with almost anything, and if you are vegan, this recipe is for you, so don’t just scroll by.

Instead, try the recipe using this link and thank me later when your dish is empty and heading for the kitchen to grab some more.

7. Easy cole slaw-keto and low carb

Easy cole slaw keto and low carb

Here are some more keto dishes for barbecue lovers and more barbecues. Think of firing up your grills during the summer, and barbecue is the first thing that comes to mind.

Not to forget the side dish called Coleslaw. If you never tried this with your barbecue, I bet you are yet to find some authentic dish because Coleslaw will definitely blow your mind away.

If you are on a diet and require to cut down on your curb contents, try this salad. You will thank me later anyway if you want to create lasting, enjoyable, fun barbecued moments. Follow the link for information about the recipe and enjoy.

8. Chinese  chicken pasta  salad with sesame dressing

Chinese chicken pasta salad with sesame dressing

This tasty look stars crispy rice noodles, homemade sesame dressing, crisp romaine lettuce. This Chinese chicken salad features all the best flavors and textures, from the tender chicken and crunchy lo mein noodles to crispy cucumbers and juicy mandarin. This dish screams perfection.

This salad is unruffled in less than 20 minutes, and the good thing is that you can prepare it in advance, and it is friendly to all kinds of people, even the ones that are trying it for the first time.

It never disappoints. Therefore I encourage you not only to pass by  this recipe but  try it at home  by following this link

9. Keto cauliflower fried rice recipe

Keto cauliflower fried rice recipe

If you are not sure about cauliflower rice, you can try this keto recipe. It is deliciously easy to make and a livening way to lessen your carb intake.

Loaded with traditional fried rice and vegetables that suit you, this keto-fried rice is the way to go.

If you haven’t tried it yet, here is a guide on how you can best make it to awaken your taste buds. Of course, you have the decision of making it yourself or buy the store-bought cauliflower rice.

And you should know that cauliflower is versatile, and there are more other dishes like this that you can incorporate into your meal. So follow this link to guide you.

10. Keto Chinese chicken salad

Keto Chinese chicken salad 2

Are you a fan of  Chinese salads but are keen to reduce the carb contents? However, you can’t resist those restaurant-made salads.

Worry no more here is a healthy, more sweet, and delicious recipe that you can try from the luxury of your home using the ingredients in your kitchen pantry.

The best part of Chinese salads is their crunchiness, and you don’t want to miss that in your salads; hence the presence of bell peppers, Coleslaw, and sliced roasted almonds does the trick.

This homemade dish with a touch of Asian dressing is worth trying. Follow this link and stay tuned.

11. Sichuan napa cabbage stirfry

Sichuan napa cabbage stirfry

Sichuan napa cabbage stir fry is a popular meal during winter. No better meal which says winter than this dish. You walk In the streets and find almost every restaurant preparing it during the cold season.

So don’t be deceived by the Sichuan napa cabbage appearance. It might look simple, but the flavors are complex and definitely intense with the spirit of real Chinese delicacy.

 The dish is easy to make; hence comes together faster if you intend to make it, just prepare the sauce that accompanies it in advance. this dish is a bomb. I would be glad if you try it by following this link.

12. Salt and pepper tofu

Salt and pepper tofu

A popular dish inspires the salt and pepper tofu in a Chinese restaurant called salt and pepper shrimp. The salt and pepper tofu are prepared in a similar way to the shrimp.

This specific recipe, your shallow fry tofu cubes so you won’t have to use up a lot of oil, or you can as well panfry it and season them with some salt, white pepper, and shiitake mushroom powder.  

This side dish is delicious and also plentiful with vegans and gluten-free ingredients. You can serve it with egg fried rice, jasmine rice, kimchi fried rice, or vegetable chow Mein. For more information on the side dish, you can follow this link.

13. Keto chicken egg foo young

Keto chicken egg foo young

Perfect when you crave Chinese food but want to keep it homemade.  It is simply an omelet with an Asian inspired filling; additionally, it is fried to perfection; thus, it’s crispy just how you would like it to be.

It is naturally low in carb, which is good if you watch your carb intake. To the busy lads, you can prepare this meal in 25 minutes and be taken as a side dish for lunch or dinner.

To make it extra delicious and flavourful, you can add in chicken or shrimp, and be sure to have extra everything, including proteins that will make you complete.  Guess what?

This side dish is a whole package filled with various nutrients. It has vegetables that have nutrients, i.e., the red bell peppers and  the bean sprouts, which are rich in vitamin C, calcium, and iron.  Find the link for the recipe.

14. Keto spicy bang bang coleslaw

Keto spicy bang bang coleslaw

With all the epic bang bang flavor known to us, you can make this Coleslaw a star. Its sauce contains crunchy almonds, ripe bell peppers, and flavourful cilantro, which, when combined with the Coleslaw, makes it a  low carb side dish that will win the hearts of your family and friends.

This sugar-free sweet and spicy bang bang flavor with crunchy cabbage makes a keto coleslaw a game changer.

Especially for those who disregard Coleslaw, you may want to try this out and see the burst of flavor that will forever change your mind in regards to Coleslaw. I recommend you follow this link for more information.

15. Chinese cauliflower pork fried rice recipe

Chinese cauliflower pork fried rice recipe

This dish is excellent to make with any leftover cauliflower rice and meat that you may have in your refrigerator. This is an excellent idea for a light meal.

This dish is super easy and fun to make, and if you have never tried any keto dish, I bet this is a killer dish to start with.

In this dish, you have a variety of options to make it. For example, if you prefer vegetables to meat, you can change the ingredients and use the same method to prepare it and add different spices and herbs.

Thus, it is a further healthier dish than the traditional take-out. If you find this fascinating follow this link and get more information to kick start your preparations.

16. Cheesy asparagus casserole keto recipe

Cheesy asparagus casserole keto recipe

Cheesy asparagus casserole is a  comfort food side dish that, when made, absolutely everyone will love it. Its recipe includes fresh asparagus, crunchy bacon, and creamy alfredo sauce.

It pairs well with grilled pork chops, burns less burger, and steak. The list is endless so long as you make it fun. It is an easy recipe to make but can also be made in advance.

If you follow this link, you will find the recipe and a  tutorial video to enable you to make the perfect dish.

For example, cheesy asparagus casserole can be teamed up with grilled chicken wings, brisket, Mississippi chicken wings, keto pulled pork, and many others. You can also use any keto-friendly veggies like zucchini, cauliflowers, or fresh green beans.

If the  side  dish interests you can click on this  link for more insight into the recipe 

17. Chinese taro cake (woo tau goh)

Chinese taro cake woo tau goh

This is a traditional dish often served during lunar new year celebrations. Just as the Chinese pay a lot of attention to food, especially with meaning, so are these taro cakes.

If you are wondering what taro is, it is a root vegetable that often resembles potatoes. Once it is ready, it takes a purple color.

The best bit about the taro dish is the toppings which are impactful to the whole dish with the different flavors. It brings an umami feeling accompanied by a savory flavor that takes the taste to the next level.

Find this link to a unique version of taro cake inspired by a mother’s recipe from the original version of the cake, not the ordinary one. Here is the recipe 

18. Zongzi Recipe (Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings)

Zongzi Recipe Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings

Zongzi, also known as Chinese tamales, is a classic Chinese holiday food for the dragon boat festival known as Daunwu festival, celebrated on the 5th of the 5th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

This is a traditional family food in china and can be different in shape, taste, and fillings.

Zongzi is wrapped with bamboo leaves or reed leaves, and fresh ones are always considering better than dried ones. The fragrance and freshness of the bamboo or the reed leaves accentuate the pure aroma of the glutinous rice.

You can make this dish using this recommended recipe, especially if it is for the first time. Here find the link.

19. Spicy Chinese potato pancake

Spicy Chinese potato pancake

This recipe resembles that of Swiss rosti. The Chinese cut the potatoes with a clever or knife while the swiss great their potatoes; however, the Chinese potatoes are sliced into thinner sizes than the swiss ones.

Chinese potatoes are a lot crispier and have well developed flavor

For a better experience in making this recipe, use potatoes with more starch and high moisture. The additional spices also make the pancake great use of chili with a slighter taste.

This side dish of potatoes will add zing to your meal; hence you should make an effort to try it and enjoy the meal. If interested, have a look at  this link for more guidance

20. Chinese garlic green beans

Chinese garlic green beansChinese garlic green beans 1

Chinese garlic green beans are flash fried first, and then the green beans are sautéed with tons of garlic, which gives this fantastic mouth-watering dish.

You only need to fry the green bean between 1-2 minutes this way. The bean blisters on the outside and slightly tender but crispy inside, making the dish very delicious.

This side dish is served with jasmine rice and pork and cabbage potstickers, pineapple fried rice, egg fried rice, or chicken Chow Mein. In place of the green beans, you can also use wax beans or Chinese long beans.

Remember, if you love cooking, then trying new things should be fun. Enjoy this recipe by following this link to the recipe.

21. Smashed Cucumber Salad 

Smashed Cucumber Salad

This cold and refreshing side dish is popular in Chinese households, especially during summer, as it is refreshing. When you add ingredients such as soy sauce, vinegar, garlic chili oil results in a flavourful source; because the  Chinese smashed cucumber salad is light and healthy, it can be used with a  variety of side dishes.

To intensify the flavors, you use a Chinese technique of cooking which is smashing. The primary way to attain this is by using the side of a clever.

To choose the right cucumber, you have to reach for the cucumber with thin skin and little to no seeds, but if the cucumber happens to have large seeds, you can scoop with a spoon. Here  is the link for more information on the recipe 

22. Chinese Cucumber Avocado Salad

Chinese Cucumber Avocado Salad

Ideally, you would be having your classic smashed cucumber, but this recipe has  a  twist as  the ingredients are the same but for the avocado.

Usually, cucumbers are juicy, refreshing, and sweet, and the avocado adds a creamy, buttery taste to the salads hence a perfect combo.

You are meant to think that salads are not satisfying, but a combination of the two is the perfect finish for a lazy lunch. For the choice of avocado, you can buy the unripe ones and then let them ripen in your home. This necessitates a little bit of arrangement and waiting.

Add other ingredients like aromatic, Chinese black vinegar, toasted sesame oil, and soy sauce—this is a perfect dish during hot weather.

Here click on this link for the recipe

23. Chinese Chicken SaladChinese Chicken Salad

It is an easy recipe to make. It takes a few minutes to put the ingredients together, and it is equally a wonderful main dish eaten for lunch or dinner, or you can serve it with a  barbeque. If you have camping trips, you can prepare and put it in a ziplock bag, and it sits perfectly.

Then, at your convenient time, please remove it from the cooler and serve.

As long as you have refrigerated it well, the salad can stay for up to 3 days its good to note that the longer it takes after preparation, the better it becomes as the flavors marinate into each other.

This outdoor dish will heighten your camping spirits. You can prepare it by using this link for more  information and guidance into the recipe 

24. Cold sesame noodles

Cold sesame noodles

Cold sesame noodles are a quick dish that requires minimal cooking. Consider it a  lifesaver when you have parties or dinners, and your stove and oven are pretty busy.

It can come in handy as its preparation is easy. But you can also enjoy it for one or two people. If you are not vegetarian, you can top it up with bacon bits or prosciuttos.

Cold sesame noodles are best served during summer. They can be used during a picnic or as side dishes for any meal. If you refrigerate them, you don’t have to reheat them again.

You can either choose spaghetti or fresh Chinese noodles for the ingredients because they both let the sauce coat the noodles instead of sinking. here is a link for the recipe

25. Bok Choy and Carrot Slaw in a Tangy Sesame Soy Vinaigrette

Bok Choy and Carrot Slaw in a Tangy Sesame Soy Vinaigrette

Suppose you need to make something not too heavy but loaded with flavor and an equally best dish for the summer outdoors. This dish will also complement the simplicity of the fish.

The dressing has a nice sesame flavor accompanied by tangy sweetness and a little zing from fresh garlic.

This dish will best suit any Asian-made food. It merely takes less than 15 minutes to prepare this dish, and it is nutritious and delicious. Follow this link  for adequate information and also for the ingredients and recipe  highlights

26. Pasta & Avocado Caesar Salad

Pasta Avocado Caesar Salad

When you add pasta to any salad, that makes it a main meal, but you can either choose to eat as the main meal or as a side dish whichever way you decide it doesn’t matter as long as your objective of enjoying a perfect dish is met.

This yummy pasta salad has varied ways of making it easy and cheap, and it’s delicious and satisfying.

The pasta can be prepared for family gatherings, BBQ parties, and if you intend to feed a larger group, you can prepare it in advance  as the hardest part could be making the pasta, so it takes a shorter time on the actual day serving.

Here is a guide you can take a look at so you can include them in your bucket list when next you have parties. Follow this link 

27. Crunchy Bok Choy Salad Recipe

Crunchy Bok Choy Salad Recipe

This bok choy salad is unique, delicious, and of course, addictive. It is excellent with parties and can be prepared before serving. They are sweet, crunchy, savory, fruity leafy and exotic thus it comes with a whole package of flavor that will kindle your taste buds.

If you have to, you can omit the kale as it will still work amazingly without it. Be careful while making the ramen and almond mixture. It requires your attention.

Otherwise, it quickly gets burnt. You can try this salad by following this link. Who knows, it can be your next all-time favorite salad, I bet.

28. Spicy Daikon & Konnyaku

Spicy Daikon Konnyaku

So if you are counting on your calories intake, this is one perfect side dish that you won’t have to worry about your calories.

This side dish is also excellent since you won’t have to worry about the risk of sauce pouring as the daikon and konnyaku cubes absorb all the sauce but still lives it with its sweet and juicy flavor.

Subject to your location and the availability of the ingredients, you can use the brown sparkled konnyaku, or the white sparkled one.

However, if you love your dish to bring out the aspect of color to complement the flavor and taste, use the brown konnyaku. This link will be of help if you need more information

29. Authentic Kung Pao Chicken

Authentic Kung Pao Chicken

In China, this is a dish that contains dried chilies. Pepper chicken cubes and deep-fried peanuts are all mixed and stirfried.

In China, the chefs use chicken thighs to make this delicacy. The only cons of using the chicken thigh are that you need to have learned the skill of adequately cutting it. You can use boneless chicken breast instead.

This dish is excellent and cuts across from the taste to the flavor and the fragrance brought about by the combo of chili pepper flakes and Sichuan peppercorn.

It is a favorite dish with most Chinese in the world. You can make it your favorite, too, by following this link  

30. Chinese garlic cucumber salad

Chinese garlic cucumber salad 1

 This Chinese salad is a classic dish packed with cucumber and tossed in Asian sesame oil dressing, rice vinegar, and soy sauce packed with many flavors.

Its prep time is about five minutes; hence straightforward salad to make. You can further enhance its flavors by leaving the salad to sit on the refrigerator for  30 minutes before serving.

You can serve Chinese salad with pretty much any Asian or simply Chinese entrée.

Here are some recommended foods to serve: noodles, vegetarian fried rice , crispy fried spring rolls, and other dishes. Here is the link to this recipe and more others like it. Have fun.

31. Chinese crispy roast potatoes

Chinese crispy roast potatoes

This Chinese crispy potato is infused in a mater stock to make it unique from the usual roasted potatoes. In this case, you parboil the potatoes in the master stock to transfer the rich Asian flavor to the potatoes.

You can serve it with vegetables like bok choy.

Its good to note that China is the world producer of potatoes, but they use it more in the export market; hence potatoes are not a famous dish in China.

Hence this potato caters to the western ways of roasting potatoes but boiling it in the master stock makes its Chinese cuisine. I am sure you will live this from the normal roasted with rosemary potatoes. Here find the link for more info.

32. Gluten-free sweet potato dumplings

Gluten free sweet potato dumplings

This is a delicious sweet potato dimpling that is vegan and gluten-free. You can seek assistance from your friends and family as this dumplings are a fan and faster made with the help of other hands.

The dumplings can be filled with various ingredients from rice, veggies, meats, and beans. They also come in varied shapes depending on the culture.

The dumplings are sweet delicious and can be served for lunch or dinner with another entrée of your choice.

If you have a hard time spinning, you don’t have to worry about that because this material has a step-by-step guide on making the perfect rolls and dumplings, so stay tuned and hit the link for a better experience and information.

33. Sautéed Asian Zucchini and Onions (Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb, AIP Option)

Sautéed Asian Zucchini and Onions Paleo Whole30 Low Carb AIP Option

This sautéed Asian zucchini takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. They are low in carbs and a perfect busy weeknight meal.

The recipe involves the sautéed zucchini and onions coated in a delicious sauce made from fish sauce, toasted sesame oil, and coconut aminos. It is incredibly delicious and also addictive.

Since zucchini’s nature has a lot of moisture, it is easy to overcook it; hence, you need to master the art of cutting zucchini as this affects its texture.

Significantly, in this recipe, therefore, cutting them in rounds which are done in most homemade is not the way to go since they end up not evenly cooked for a better experience, cut them into thick sticks. Follow the link for the recipe and more.

Vegan Chinese style dumplings

Chinese side dishes

Side are a fun way to enjoy different flavors, tastes, and textures in one setting. However, most people don't pay much interest in side dishes. Thus they are unaware of the nutrients and health benefits that come with the side dishes. Overall, the suitable side dish uses less time for preparation but has a more positive impact on health.
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