16 Chinese Spare Rib Recipes You Should Try

This is one of the Chinese takeout favorite meals that you will mostly find in the restaurants of China. In most cases, we like to make this meal alongside the different Asian ingredients.

When you know how to make these spare ribs, you will not even need to go to the restaurants anymore. I’m one of those who will never get tired of going for these delicious goodies.

Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce5

This is by far one of the most preferred meals in Chinese restaurants. But when you know how to make it, you don’t have to go to the restaurants.

This is where this recipe comes in to help you in making some of the best recipes. Check out this recipe, though, for ideas on the best Chinese spare ribs you can make. 

The pork spare ribs recipes

  1. Chinese boneless spare ribs
  2. Chinese steamed spare ribs with black beans
  3. Chinese pork ribs with black beans and garlic sauce
  4. Chinese oven-roasted spare ribs
  5. Chinese spare ribs
  6. Instant pot pork spareribs and rice
  7. Shanghai sweet and sour spare ribs
  8. Slow cooker Chinese spare ribs
  9. Braised spare ribs with black bean sauce
  10. Air fryer Chinese spare ribs
  11. Salt and pepper Chinese spare ribs
  12. Red braised spare ribs
  13. Braised Sweet and sour Zhenjiang vinegar spare ribs
  14. Easy Chinese spare ribs
  15. Chinese sticky pork spare ribs
  16. Honey garlic spare ribs

1. Chinese boneless spare ribs


When you go to any Chinese takeout restaurant, then you will always find this on the menu. Here you have the sweet and savory meals that you can almost eat with any other side meal.

In most cases, they will always also have the honey and maltose brushed on them. The best thing you should do is serve it over a bed of rice. 

Most people like it the most because it’s much cheaper on take-out than others. Well, these are such clean, spare ribs you can use, and you don’t even need to use towels to clean the spare ribs.

To make it, then you need to take about 65 minutes to cook the spare ribs anyway. This is one of the richest choices of ribs you can use at any time you like.

2. Chinese steamed spareribs with black beans


Notice that you can also cook this spare ribs using the simplest method, which is steaming. Also, you are going to have them being pretty darn good to use.

You will, in fact, have most people using it for lunch and also breakfast.

Additionally, you have the delicious fat still being present in this meal. The best part is that it is tender meat that you can use alongside the black beans. 

Don’t wait to go to the restaurant for the same when you know you can very well make it perfect at home. 

3. Chinese spare ribs in black beans and garlic sauce


To most people, this meal looks a whole lot complicated, but then one thing about it is that it’s easier to make than you would think.

And when you can have the concentrated black beans and garlic sauce, you have the right sauce allowing you to have fun with it.

I would say it may as well be one of the best since it’s flavorful. Note that there’s a margin difference between the one we are suggesting here and the one above.

Well, what you see here, therefore, makes the difference worth noting. It’s one of the most delicious choices of meals you can take. 

4. Chinese oven-roasted spareribs


I know I’m not the only one who orders spareribs whenever we are at a Chinese restaurant.

One thing you are, however, sure about is that you will have the finger-licking good and delicious spareribs in no time.

These are far more irresistible, yet most of us don’t even know how to make them. Notice though you won’t take too long with this meal, remember. 

Make sure you have all the ingredients you need first, and then set out to make the delicious meal. Notice that this meat, though, is going to be more of a juicy, delicious option.

5. Chinese spare ribs


Generally, this is just a Chinese spare ribs choice meal. Notice that you will have the Chinese spare ribs that look and taste more like the ones you have in the restaurant.

Who wants to go to the restaurant when you can make them better at home even. It’s actually safe to make this meal at home since you even know the right ingredients that work for you. 

Check out the ingredients we will use from the recipe, and you will notice that you most likely have them all in your pantry.

So you will need to cut the spare ribs and then marinate the parts a little before you even start to cook it again. 

6. Instant pot pork spare ribs with rice


We all love the instant pot for the same reason it’s a great choice to use in almost every meal, and that includes the pork spare ribs.

Notice though you will have the tender, super flavorful meal that you will also cook in a single pot. When you know the perfect flavors you are reaching for; then you’re ready to go with this meal. 

7. Shanghai sweet and sour spare ribs


Here you have an outstanding dish from the south of China. It’s another spare rib choice like no other, where you have the sweet and sour tanginess on every bite you take.

It’s one of the most vital styles of Chinese spare ribs. You have the best yet richly flavored spare ribs. Just a little bit of creativity is all you need with some of this meals, and this is what you will get in using this spare ribs. 

8. Slow cooker Chinese spare ribs


Another one of the easiest Chinese spare ribs here is a must-try. It comes to you with deep flavors. They like to use the hoisin and Chinese five-spice powder.

Notice that you will make the Chinese spare ribs in the slow cooker, thus making your work a lot easier. Usually, it will come out tender and also nicely delicious. 

For it to then work, you will notice they set it in the sticky finger-licking glaze. It’s an ideal choice of meal that you will mostly find in the restaurant too. 

Most people will ask, ‘so you can make the spare ribs in the slow cooker?’ and the answer is yes. We must tell you too that it will often turn out to be one of the best tasting when you know how to make it. 

9. Braised spare ribs with black bean sauce


Notice then that you have the multi-layered flavor of the beans going into the meat to make it nicely tasty. The trick, though, is to treat this spare ribs.

This one will work great, especially when you have the Cantonese dim sum brunch style at home. When we are talking of dim sum, this makes one of my best choices ever to have.

Additionally, you will have the flavorful yet tender meats in the ribs we are talking about here. In most cases, you only need to this pork in sauce liquid for about 40 minutes. Also, you will have the pungent tasting spare ribs for you to use. 

If you want it to be nicely tasty, then you’ll need to make your own black bean sauce. This gives you a rich sauce and with the flavors of your choice.

10. Air fryer Chinese spare ribs


With this recipe then we bring to you the delicious easy to make flavorful pork spare ribs of all time. It’s surprisingly one of the easiest to make spare ribs.

You also choose where you will have the sweet, tender, and savory choice of meal. The Air fryer has the capacity to make the spare ribs utterly delicious. So here, then you will have the tender rib that is further nicely delicious. 

Generally, the spare ribs are everything from the ease to make them to the deliciousness they usually have. You can eat this kind of spare ribs with rice and any other side dish of your choice.

11. Salt and pepper Chinese spare ribs


Here you then have the sticky and mouthwatering choice of meal you can make for you and your family.

Notice, though, that this is a classic type of spare ribs that will be tender and crispy, which is the typical style of any Chinese spare ribs.

It’s amazingly one of the best choices that you could use. Remember though; you always need to slow cook them in a slow cooker for this recipe. 

The best thing to then do is toss them in salt and spice, thus having the perfect deep fry that will seal in the flavors. It will always be extra sticky and perfectly delicious too. 

In most cases, you will need to marinate this meal with salt and pepper to make it even better tasting.

Notice though that you can enjoy them on their own or make it into the main meal. I like to enjoy mine alongside the fried rice, but you can also use the steamed rice.  

12. Red braised spare ribs


Anyone eating these red braised spare ribs will agree with me that here you have some of the best options you can use.

Notice, though, that the ribs are rather dry and tender, so you don’t expect it to have much sauce—this is why I like to make a dipping sauce for it. 

If you like, though, you can use balsamic vinegar to make it tangy and nicely juicy but delicious.

The essence is to make sure that you will have all the sauce stick into the ribs first when you are cooking.

In the end, you are bound to have tasty, delicious ribs. Here we have nothing short of the finger-licking goodness of the ribs. 

13. Braised Sweet and sour Zhenjiang vinegar spare ribs


Here you have a slightly dark rice vinegar to deliver the smoky flavors too. This vinegar they then make using the glutinous rice, and the essence is to make sure it retains the perfect flavors at all times.

Since you’re going to use a little sugar, you will have the sharpness of the vinegar being balanced with the sweetness of the sugar. Notice then that you will also smooth the meat. 

Understand that you will have a smoky flavor with this meat, and if you like, you can eat it with the steamed rice or even noodles. 

14. Easy Chinese spare ribs


And when you don’t want it all to be complex, you can make the easy Chinese spare ribs by following this recipe.

First, we will have the ribs marinated, and that will mean you enjoy all the flavors of the different juices, then you will cook it right. 

This is more of a Chinese-American choice of spare ribs you can make especially since it will make it easy to enjoy.

I know if you can’t make the others we are showing you here, you should find it easy to make this particular one.

I like the red coloring that this spare ribs take, and it’s utterly delicious. You will follow just a few steps to make it work and do so easily. 

15. Chinese sticky pork spare ribs


Here then, you have the best tasting and easy-to-make sticky ribs.

Until seeing this recipe, I never used to understand how to make this meal. I like that it’s one of the easiest-to-follow recipes, and it will get you enjoying the different recipes with ease. 

16. Honey garlic spare ribs


Do you ever wonder how to make the Chinese honey garlic spareribs? I know I’m not the only one in love with the honey garlic spare ribs.

This is one of the major styles you will use to make the perfect choice to eat alongside the rice you are eating. You will most likely have it ready in about 30 minutes. 

To sum it up, with these recipes, you should have a few options ready for you to use in the making of the different Chinese spare ribs recipes. Consider making it using the different options we have already shown you here. 

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