Chinese Spring Rolls Recipe – Easy With Images

Here we have the easiest way to prepare spring rolls ever.

It will always suit the different lifestyles. You can make them vegan or use the meaty kinds of stuff. This is all a personal preference.

It will often deliver authentic tastes, and this Chinese spring roll is surprisingly the easiest to make. You have to follow the instructions.

chinese spring rolls3

Before you start making it, you should choose whether you will use the vegetable filling, pork filling, and chicken filling.

What is a Chinese spring roll?

Here you have a thin pastry sheet that’s also paper-thin. Also, you have it wrapped around veggies, meat, or other fillings. In fact, you can make something close to the image above.

They usually have carrots, pork, duck, shrimps, and more things as part of the fillings.

chinese spring rolls

I like to make my filling light, tender but also delicious. We never forget to add on the tender yet crisp veggies in the mix.

You can make it even better by adding in the Chinese seasonings. You can be sure this is nothing short of delicious, but you will further love the crunch as well.

Chinese spring roll (10 sheets can be made)

You can make them small enough to attain the bite-size too.

When you have those significant events today, then you should make this one. You will mostly like this recipe for being easy to make. Understand that you can make it easier.

chinese spring rolls5

Reasons why you should consider this recipe

  • Before we then forget, I want you to know that this recipe will make enough rolls that you can say are enough to use in the house.
  • This can be part of the main meal, or you can even make it into a snack if you like. You will like it the most because it’s filling in its simplicity.
  • This one is surprisingly easy to make, and of course, if you’re going to follow the recipe, you will find it very easy to make.
  • It’s versatile, so you can use the different kinds of fillings to make it.
  • If you like the crispy exterior, then you should use this recipe. It’s a sure way to attain the perfect exterior. It will also make it a tight exterior, thus easy to enjoy.
  • You will surely attain the richly flavored recipe, but best yet, it’s never soggy.

How to make the Chinese spring rolls?

The wrapper ingredients

  • 200 grams of flour,
  • 120 grams of boiling water

The filling ingredients

  • 1 carrot,
  • 100 grams of soybean sprouts,
  • 1 small handful of leeks,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 200 grams of tenderloin,
  • An appropriate amount of cookingoil,
  • 10 grams of cooking wine,
  • a little ground white pepper,
  • An appropriate amount ofof salt.

The process:

First of all, gather all of the ingredients you need to make the spring rolls.

Make the pastry sheet (wrappers) first.

Mix the flour with boiling water and knead it into a smooth dough. Now you want to make sure the water you are using isn’t hot; thus, you will make the dough not hot. Cover it with plastic wrap and relax for 20 minutes.

how to make chinese spring rolls step1

Divide into small pieces

So we want to make the dough into ten equal pieces. So after 20 minutes, start to knead it a little, then divide it into 10 little balls. Take each ball and roll it to make a tiny smooth dough ball, and this is then what you will use to make the spring rolls.

how to make chinese spring rolls step2

Roll the balls out

Take two pieces and roll them into the size of dumpling wrappers. Check the image below for ideas on how you should have it rolled.

Also, brush the surface with a layer of cooking oil. Make sure you gently brush the edges, though, to make sure you can roll it quickly to a pastry sheet.

how to make chinese spring rolls step3

Now stick the two dough rolls together.

So the two dough tolls you already made here aren’t done yet. Stick the two dough rolls together and roll them into thin round cakes with a rolling pin. This will make not only a paper-thin sheet but then it will get even more significant. Since it’s two balls, you can create a larger sheet to fit the fillings of your choice.

how to make chinese spring rolls step4

Lightly heat the roll.

Heat the pan over low heat, brush a little oil in the pan, and then set the pastry spring roll sheet. Check the image we have below on how it should look.

how to make chinese spring rolls step5

Could you wait for it to be fully cooked?

Watch until the two sides of the wrappers cook. It will attain a light brown color, and the middle then will start to bulge. This is what indicates its readiness. When this happens, then you should gently pick up the two spring roll sheets to separate them.

You always want to maintain the warmth, so you should set them in a food bag to keep warm.

how to make chinese spring rolls step6

Prepare the fillings

Prep the eggs

Crack your eggs in a bowl, add a little salt, and beat them. Next, pour them into the pot, spread them into thin egg skins. In about a minute, the egg should be cooked.

how to make chinese spring rolls step7

Cut them into thin strips.

So when the egg is ready, take it out and set it on the chopping board. Take the time to cut the spread egg skin into thin strips. Check the image below to see how to cut them.

how to make chinese spring rolls step8

It would help if you prepared the tenderloin.

Shred the tenderloin and set it into the bowl. Next, go on and add cooking wine, salt, and ground white pepper to marinate for ten minutes.

how to make chinese spring rolls step9

Prep the veggies

So here you then have different styles of veggies you can use. At this point, though, we want you to prepare your veggies now. Wash leeks and cut into sections, shred carrots, and wash soybean sprouts.

how to make chinese spring rolls step10

Stir fry everything

Add some oil to the wok and allow it to heat up. Next, add the shredded pork and stir fry. Keep stir-frying until the color changes or for at least 2 minutes. If you want it to cook a little longer, then you can simmer it and then cover. Set it aside for later use.

Meanwhile, it would help if you cleaned the wok for use in the next step.

how to make chinese spring rolls step11

Add the veggies

Start by washing the pot, pour the oil, and heat it again. Go on to add the carrots, soybean sprouts, and then keep stir-frying at the highest heat.

how to make chinese spring rolls step12

Slowly add other ingredients.

So once the veggies above are cooked, you should then add the shredded pork. Stir it several times to make sure it blends in perfectly. Add the leeks to the mixture and then keep stirring it to make sure it’s perfectly blended in. Also, you should go on and add the egg skin, then keep stirring it evenly.

how to make chinese spring rolls step13

Fold the spring roll.

Now your fillings are ready and the wrappers too. So place the roll sheet (wrappers) on the plate, then set the filling at the middle and begin to roll it all. You can use different ways to roll the spring rolls, but this, to me, is one of the easiest you can use.

This one is ideal to use if you are looking for the method to use when you want to make the fully cooked roll. In other instances, though, you will have to fry it afterward.

how to make chinese spring rolls step14

Cooking tips

  • The branded Chinese spring roll should be kept warm and packed in a fresh-keeping bag to soften when eaten.
  • The wrappers should be rolled thinly so that the finish spring rolls taste good.
  • Put a little oil in the middle of the two layers of wrappers and roll it up. After it is hot, it can be easily separated.
  • Bake two pieces at a time, which is fast and reduces the chance of heating, making the crust softer and more elastic.

How to fold spring rolls?

One way to wrap the spring rolls is as we have shown you above. But there’s another method you can use, especially if you intend to fry or bake the spring rolls again.

Always remember when you are rolling it that you need to have it being nicely tight. Also, don’t overstuff it with the fillings. You don’t want the fillings to flow out; thus, make sure you leave them out.

I always advise people to use the fresh spring roll wrappers because you don’t want the one you are using to become damp.

The first thing is to make the spring roll into a rectangular sheet. It would help if you then had one side facing you.

chinese spring rolls6

Next, you can scoop about two spoonsful of the fillings and set it on one side. Make sure it’s about two inches close to you.

Now roll over the filling just once. It should look as though you are folding the burrito.

It would help if you had your cornstarch water ready as you will be dipping your hands in as you make it stick on both sides.

Continue rolling it into the cigar shape. Next, you can dip your fingers into the cornstarch water and then rub it to the edges. Next, start to seal it from one end and into the others.

Seal it thoroughly and then set it on a baking tray, waiting to bake or fry for the final touches.

Do you need a dipping sauce for the spring rolls?

The ones we made here don’t necessarily require a dipping sauce. After all, it’s not too dry. But you can still use it if you like. Also, if you want, you can make the dipping sauce to use with it.

Most of the time, though, I often see people use the dipping sauce when they make the fried spring rolls.

But the dipping sauce can be soy sauce-based, but I like the hoisin-based one, or sometimes we make the Worcestershire one.

So you should have garlic, sugar, lime, crushed peanuts, and water.

Get a clean bowl and then mix all the ingredients we have suggested here. Also, keep stirring it until you have the sugar dissolve.

Store the leftovers in air-tight containers. But make sure you use it within five days.

For the Worcestershire-based, you should have a teaspoon of the Worcestershire sauce, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of water, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

To make the dipping sauce in a small saucepan, add the ingredients we have suggested here. Mix them and then go on to heat it as you let it simmer. Set it in the bowl, and then use the Chinese spring roll and dunk into the sauce.

Can I use the regular spring roll recipes?

Yes, you can; the only difference is that you will need to use the flavors of China. If you would like to make it Chinese spring rolls remember to use soy sauce, among other ingredients we are using here.

How do I store the leftovers?

If you have the leftovers, you should refrigerate them to set them in an air-tight container and then set them in the fridge but eat them within two to three days.

Also, you will need to freeze them if you want them to serve you over a long time. Set them in the freezer bag to make sure you protect the freezer ban.

Can you make a lot of the Chinese spring rolls?

Yes, you can make a lot for use in the later time. I like the meal because you can assemble them to the last meet and then set it in the freezer bag. Once you do, then you can get them into the freezer.

But when you’re ready to make them, then you will need to thaw them first.  

What can you serve it with?

These spring rolls are great, and if you want, you can serve them alongside the different veggies, soups, and meats if you like. With this one, you can make a whole meal. You can decide to also eat it just as a snack or even eat it with your coffee.

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