25 Chinese Tofu Recipes (Authentic And Classic)

Anytime you’re looking for one of the healthiest choices of meals, then you should gear towards Tofu.

By now, you know that Tofu is one of our major meals across Asia but particularly here in China.

There are so many different ways you can make this tofu, and whether you are vegan or just one who enjoys meat, you will have a fun recipe easily here.

In this article, though, we intend to bring some of the best options you could use to make the tofu.

  1. Stinky tofu
  2. Salmon fishbone tofu soup 
  3. General Tso tofu
  4. Sweet tofu
  5. Salty or sweet douhua 
  6. homestyle tofu
  7. Authentic Mapo tofu
  8. kung pao tofu
  9. Pipa tofu recipe
  10. Pan-fried sesame garlic tofu
  11. Chinese tofu and broccoli
  12. Spicy tofu with coconut sauce
  13. Tofu with black bean sauce 
  14. Szechuan tofu
  15. Tofu in garlic sauce
  16. Black pepper tofu 
  17. Chinese braised tofu and veggie stir fry
  18. Chinese five-spice tofu
  19. Chinese steamed tofu
  20. Spicy cold tofu
  21. Super easy hoisin tofu
  22. Soft tofu with silky eggs
  23. Steamed tofu with minced pork
  24. crispy tofu stir fry
  25. Pineapple cashew tofu stir fry

1. Stinky tofu


It has a powerful smell, yet it’s one of the favorites that people like. The truth is that you have stinky tofu being smelly, and that’s justified.

However, get over the smell and then go out and try it; I promise you will be hooked. It’s not only healthy. It’s one of the most delicious choices of tofu.

Of course, the stinky tofu is actually a traditional style of tofu. So when you take it, then you are going to be eating the Chinese-style meal. If you want, you can eat this meal as a main meal or eat it as part of other meals of your choice. 

You are going to enjoy the easy and healthy style of tofu making. Also, the best thing is that you can also find it in the shops.

However, if you want to make it at home, you need this recipe as it’s the easiest to follow. Notice that this is a traditional Hunan style of meal, so you will be going in for the perfect meal. 

2. Salmon fishbone tofu soup 


Here again, you have a milky yet delicious soup packed with flavors, and it’s further nutritious with the goodness from both the salmon and the tofu.

If you enjoy the fish, then yes, you will have the perfect meal since it has even the best fish bones you can use. 

When you go to the restaurants, then you will find this type of tofu soup being one of the most preferred as it’s delicious.

All you want is to receive the great nutrients from the meal; this should be your go-to as it will deliver the omega-three.

I, in fact, like to use the fish head for the soup. So soup is one of the methods you can comfortably use to make the soup.

The amazing thing is that the fish head doesn’t cause the excessive fishy smell, just the flavors you will enjoy alongside other meals. 

3. General Tso tofu


Here is a healthy option of the tofu you can use. So in most cases, you will have it being almost the same as the chicken tso tofu.

The vegetarian version is generally great, but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat this one—notice though that the Tofu is one of the healthier choices to use.

Just make sure, though, that you take the firm tofu and work with it. You don’t want the tofu you intend to use to break in the process. In thirty minutes, you will have the meal already.

I love the sesame addition to the Tofu meal because it makes it even better. 

4. Sweet tofu


Notice that this is a smooth and silky choice of tofu that you may use as a desert. This is not the ones that they use to make the savory tofu. Here we are making the sweet ones, so we clarify it under the sweets.

They want to make it in sweet syrup, and this has ginger and rock sugar addition. 

Also, you have the dim sum meal again when making this one. When you go to the restaurants, you can have it there, but if you have about an hour, you can make it in the recipe too.

Also, I like that it’s one of the easiest types of recipes you can make with this recipe. Check out the step-by-step tutorial to make the perfect sweet tofu. 

5. Salty or sweet douhua 


When you like to try the more dairy-like pudding, then this is what you ought to make. Tofu pudding is a versatile choice of meal that you find delicious.

It will work great as your snack. This will make you attain the perfect mood with this pudding. 

Notice that the different chefs will make it differently to have it be as delicious as you would like. Some people like to use it for breakfast.

I like that you can also find it on the streets if you are around the country but if you are away, then go to a Chinese restaurant. 

6. Homestyle tofu


Notice that there are so many ways to make the different styles of tofu. Notice, though, that the sauce recipe is one of my favorite choices of meals you can make. So here then we are talking about the best Mapo doufu that you can enjoy the healthy choice of meal. 

Next, you will have the rich calcium content in the tofu, which makes it ideal to use alongside the different meals.

Make sure you are using the perfect tofu for this recipe, as it will enrich and make you enjoy the perfect meal.

It features a blend of flavors from the different ingredients like pork and the different seasoning, making the meal rich. 

7. Authentic Mapo tofu


Traditionally a Sichuanese tofu meal style, this is one of the best global dishes. In most cases then they make the tofu with beef and pork but with different seasonings and chili.

In the end, the essence is to make them hot and chili. For this particular recipe today, we are making the best one but without meaty stuff. 

Are you going to hold a banquet soon? Then, you should have this meal on the table too. Notice that it has such an appetizing color, but so is its taste and texture.

Check out the steps that guide you to the best mapo tofu, and remember to comment below on how your meal came out. 

8. Kung pao tofu 


This will be the alternative to the kung pao chicken in that the tofu type is a rich vegan type. We like the flavors and the rich tastes of the tofu style of the meal.

Notice that this recipe will make you the best choice of meal that is also way better than the ones in take-outs. 

Here is a Chinese stir fry recipe that you will need to use the peanut vegetable and chili peppers.

So then, this is a Sichuan style of meal that you will make it to a hot and spicy meal to eat alongside different rice styles.

So if you then fear the spicy, you don’t have to make it spicy you can reduce a little bit of it. 

Notice that with this one, then you will need to make it using the soy sauce and all the different sauces we use in the Chinese meals. 

9. Pipa tofu recipe


Even when you are making the tofu style of meal, you should know it’s all versatile. As you can see by now, you can make different recipes, and pipa tofu is one of the major ones.

Notice that you can use the minced meat, the prawns’, scallops, ham, and even dried shrimp will work great in addition to the tofu recipe. 

This is one of the easiest to make since you need to just shallow fry the tofu then it will be ready in a short while.

If you have 45 minutes, then you have enough time to make the tofu recipe. 

10. Pan-fried sesame garlic tofu


Here is one of my best tofu styles. If you haven’t tried this tofu style, then you haven’t checked on the different best tofus or, let’s say, this type of tofu.

You will like the different styles of tofu we have here. Pan-fried tofu is one of the versatile choices of tofu. 

The difference then is that the addition of the chicken pieces makes it even better since the tofu will absorb the flavors of the chicken and the ingredients we add in here. So the first thing to do is only to find the extra firm tofu that will not break in cooking. 

If you enjoy sesame, you will enjoy this one, too, as that is what makes it even flavorful. 

11. Chinese tofu and broccoli


You only need thirty minutes to make this delicious and yet healthy meal. Basically, it packs in veggies, flavors, and of course, it’s going to be easy to brown it first.

You will then cook the tender broccoli in ginger garlic sauce. It’s a gluten-free choice which makes it safer for the gluten intolerant. 

So, we make the plain tofu delicious and rich-tasting tofu when I blend it with broccoli and other ingredients.

Remember then that you will need to marinate the tofu first, thus making the rich-tasting meal again.

Notice then that it will take you a short time to make a different and perfect meal. 

12. Spicy tofu with coconut sauce


Here then, you have the pan-fried tofu that they toss to the rich and flavorful coconut or red curry sauce.

When you have made it to a nice sauce like this, you will need to eat it alongside your favorite Jasmin sauce. Notice then that you will use the tofu that they find from the Chinese tofu makers. 

Notice that this is not a weekend meal; you can comfortably make it even on the weeknight. Also, you will then have the spicy, tangy, but also rich coconut flavor.

It will take about 30 minutes to make the meal is ready. The secret then is that you will need the firm tofu to make this one work.

So your work is to make the sauce perfect, which will make the tofu rich and perfect. 

13. Tofu with black bean sauce 


This will take you about 40 minutes to make it. This is traditionally a Cantonese-style meal. So for those days when you are opting for the meatless day, conder making this perfect meal.

In fact, if you’re starting on the vegan journey, you need to include this in your recipe. 

Notice, though, that you will have the delicious savory tofu choice of the meal. Again make sure the black bean sauce is a great meal to add.

This is one of the richest stir fry choices of meals you should use especially when you don’t know how to make it. 

I like the simplicity of making this tofu recipe, especially since it doesn’t take long to make it. 

14. Szechuan tofu 


Here I have one of the best stir fry recipe vegan recipes of Szechuan origin. The good thing, though, is that it’s a quick and easy-to-make recipe, you know.

It’s further a flavorful choice of tofu that also has a numbing sensation. When you have thirty minutes, you have about enough time to cook the tofu already. If you like, though, you can make it including the shrimp or chicken to include in the recipes. 

Here then you will make the Szechuan sauce too, and then you will need to stir fry the meals to make a rich choice of meals.

Notice though that it’s easy to do making the meal that you can make even over at weeknights. 

15. Tofu in garlic sauce 


It would be best if you only made the meal. Notice that this is a Sichuan-style meal you’re enjoying in this case.

If you like it to have a fishy fragrance, then you will love this.

Notice then that they use the Sichuan fish seasoning to make it even better. The addition of ginger and garlic to the meal makes it even more perfect as a meal. Always remember the meal will be as good as you make it.

16. Black pepper tofu


Here you have one of the richest choices of the meal you could have. You will like the fact that you can have the Tofu sauteed with the shallots and the fresh chili peppers.

So then the garlic and ginger will make the difference in flavoring it a little more. You can cook this meal in under thirty minutes which is something not most people even know of. 

Here, you will mix it in with the different side dishes like rice, for example, and you could also enjoy the rice or grains you may have.

Notice then that the black pepper tofu is also a vegan choice of meal. This is quite spicy and mostly not a good idea for you if you are not into spicy meals. 

17. Chinese braised tofu and veggie stir fry


So here you have the deep-fried tofu that they braise while using different meals like mushrooms and vegetables.

In most cases, you will have it being in starchy gravy but also the savory dishes. So you also have the perfect tasting yet healthy and nutritious meals you could ever have. 

One of the best methods to make the tofu is the braising method, but you can also stir fry the veggies to make it even better. 

18. Chinese five-spice tofu


Here you have one of the best vegan recipes which cater to our love for the different foods. Here you have the satisfying tofu recipe.

This one is packed with flavors and the nutrient making it a much more amazing meal in no time. This one works great when you are looking for a solution for your protein-rich meals.

Notice, though, that you will receive a hearty and rich meal in no time. Also, they make the meal with all the best ingredients you may need.

They, in fact, make this meal using the 5 spice powder, which is a common spice in china. 

The best thing, though, is that you will have the stir fry tofu in such a short time. 

19. Chinese steamed tofu


Here you have the steamed tofu with soy sauce, garlic dressing. And notice that this is your go-to meal. Silken tofu is one of the best garlicky types that they eat all round the year.

So then you will have the hot stews and soups to enjoy alongside this meals. Notice that the steamed tofu is one of the best choices you could use to serve the meal nicely hot. Also, that steaming is another easier way to get the raw bean tasting right. 

This one should take you roughly 15 minutes to have ready. It’s another one of the favorites that I like to eat often. 

20. Spicy cold tofu


This is also what you will have people refer to as Liangban dofu in Chinese. It’s a simple yet delicious meal to use at all times. It’s also one of the greatest meals you will ever have, you know.

One thing that is making it amazing is the use of spices in the perfect tofu recipe.

Notice, though, that it will take you about 5 minutes to get it right. I like this one particularly because it acts as a salad sought of. 

21. Super easy hoisin tofu


When you make the recipe so perfect, then you are sure it’s going to be nothing short of delicious. Also, the use of shrimp in the meal makes it even better tasting.

Here then, you have the perfect meal you can use when you don’t feel like cooking any other thing. So then you should use chicken, salmon, beef, or any other style of tofu to make it. 

22. Soft tofu with silky eggs


Here is easy-to-make tofu that is further healthy and delicious too. Notice, though, that it will elevate the stew and then coat it again.

This is one of the most affordable choices of meals you can use.

Even if you are a meat lover, the chances are that you will love this meal too.

So here then, you have one of the most versatile yet best meals you could take if you want though you can use it alongside the other side dishes like rice.

23. Steamed tofu with minced pork


Here you have a smoothen tofu that you also use together with the minced pork. It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult; you can love eating this minced pork.

I like that with it, you will have a pack of savory flavors. The best thing you will like then is that you can eat this meal as part of your dinner or lunch.

It also usually has a satisfying texture, but you will also like the way it looks. If you are in love with the light meals, this may be one choice to take. 

24. Crispy tofu stir fry 


I like stir-fries because of the colors they give but also the richness of the flavors. This stir fry meal is also cooked in a honey garlic sauce, which always makes it better.

In fact, you have the perfect meatless main course that you also pack with different nutrients.

Additionally, you can eat it just as it is or with the side dish being the rice.

Anytime I plan to enjoy the different styles of meals, I say I have to make this one for the flavor and nutrients makes it a way better choice. If not any other, try this one. 

25. Pineapple Cashew Tofu Stir-Fry


Last on the list is this delicious choice of tofu that we also cook with pineapple and cashews for the perfect flavors and crunch.

Here is a tasty meal you can enjoy especially when you have visitors. The pineapples will also deliver the perfect crunch. 

This one will balance the fruitiness, savory delicious tasty, and outstanding features. Of course, you will also need to add a little bit of spice to make it even better.

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