19 Easy Chuck Roast Recipes – Different Ideas To Do With Chuck Roast

A certain amount of satisfaction and happiness comes with having lunch or dinner with a lump of chuck roast placed right in front of you.

The sight of a juicy, honey-glazed, and delicious aroma does a lot of magic, and it whets your appetite. The thought of the whole scenario is already making me have some cravings.

Well, before I get distracted by this delicious dish, let us dive into some basic knowledge about what chuck roast is and some of the recipes you could try out.

What Is Chuck Roast?

Chuck roast is, also known as Chuck steak, is a large beef cut from the shoulder area of cows.

This beef cut is famously known for its rich beef flavor, ideal for slow cooking, becomes more tender as you cook, and they are perfect for grilling.

Chuck Roast

Chuck steak is a rectangular cut with about 2.5 cm thickness. It is also called 7-bone steak because the shoulder’s bone in the cross-section resembles the number 7.

Chuck roast is an inexpensive cut compared to other parts, and it is ideal when cooking for a large number of people.

Chuck roast is perfect for braising because it becomes full of flavor, tender, and moist when braised properly.

Chuck roast is also perfect for slow cooking recipes, especially with a crockpot. Let us explore some of the delicious recipes you can make with Chuck roast.

Chuck Roast Recipes

1. Smoked Chuck Roast Recipe

2. Christmas Beef Chuck Roast Recipe

3. Sous Vide Chuck Roast

4. Chuck Roast Burnt Ends Recipe

5. Oven-Baked Chuck Roast

6. Grilled Chuck Roast

7. Dutch Oven Pot Roast

8. Mississippi Pot Roast

9. Air Fryer Chuck Roast

10. Beef Chile Colorado Stew

11. Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef

12. Bourbon Brown Sugar Chuck Roast

13. Creamy Mushroom Chuck Roast Beef

14. Herb Crusted Chuck Roast Beef

15. 3 Bean Crockpot Chuck Roast Chili

16. Slow cooker Caribbean Pot Roast

17. French Onion Chuck Roast

18. Slow Cooker Montreal Chuck Roast

19. Guinness Beer Beef Chuck Roast

1. Smoked Chuck Roast Recipe

Something about smoked food makes them irresistible, especially the smokey flavor, which is tasty. This smoked Chuck roast is succulent and delicious and melts in your mouth quickly.

If you have a weekend event where you expect friends and family, this mouthwatering dish will be a lovely way to impress them. Also, as summer approaches, it would be a lovely time to prepare this recipe.

The fantastic thing is that you can make this over the weekend when you have time and use it during weekdays for a comforting supper.

You can serve this roast with mac and cheese, potato salad, and corn on the cob.

You can serve this roast with roasted vegetables or a simple green salad if you want a lighter meal.

However, this recipe requires a lot of time and patience to prepare. So, if you have the time, you should try it out.

2. Christmas Beef Chuck Roast Recipe

This juicy, tender, and flavor-filled roast might become your new best recipe for the festive season. The rich deep flavor results from the brown gravy and the rub made with pan drippings.

During the festive season, there are so many activities you need to attend, and at the end of the day, you just want a delicious and comforting meal. This Christmas chuck roast recipe is very easy to make.

All you need to do is place it in the oven and let it bake, and you make the gravy from the drippings from the roast.

You do not need a lot of processes, and it is economical to make this recipe. You can store the leftover in the refrigerator for three days and in the freezer for three months.

You can serve this tender and juicy meat with brown sugar-glazed carrots, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, oven-roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls.

3. Sous Vide Chuck Roast

If you are looking for a perfect Sunday family dinner, this juicy, tender, and moist beef recipe is perfect for such occasions.

In addition, this recipe does not require much of your time; it allows you to prepare the side dish or run other errands as it cooks.

The prep procedure is simple, you season the roast and tenderize in the refrigerator overnight.

Then you throw it into the sous vide 24 hours to the time for dinner. You will come back to a juicy, flavorful, and delicious dinner.

Sous vide cooking is fantastic because you get to regulate the cooking temperature, thereby avoiding overcooking.

Check out this post if you want to learn more about sous vide cooking.

The fantastic thing about this recipe is that you will never get dry or tough meat. This recipe requires chuck roast, steak seasoning, unsalted butter, flour, sherry, beef stock, and salt.

You can serve this delicious beef with mashed potatoes, instant pot carrots, and sauteed green beans.

4. Chuck Roast Burnt Ends Recipe

If you love slowly-smoked barbecue, there are high chances that you will fall in love with this chuck roast burnt ends.

You begin by seasoning the chuck with your most preferred ingredients. After this, you slowly smoke the beef until it gets a deep mahogany bark.

This meat is so soft and tender that it will melt in your mouth without any fuss.

You finish the cooking process by bathing the chuck roast in a rich barbecue sauce and cooking for a bit of time until the sauce sets.

You might have heard this recipe is called a “poor man’s ends.” This is because the beef cut used for this recipe is generally inexpensive.

You can serve this dish alone or with rolls, sweet, crunchy slaw, mashed potatoes, and pickles.

5. Oven-Baked Chuck Roast

If you are looking for a tasty dish that is easy to prepare and relatively healthy, this oven-baked chuck roast is a perfect idea.

However, if you want to make this recipe more tempting, serve it with colorful veggies, and you will have everyone’s attention.

This lump of meat is juicy and tender, and you don’t have to fight with the meat as you chew. You can flavor this meat with red wine, apple cider, and tomato sauce.

To avoid the dryness of the chuck roast, make sure to take it out of the fridge two hours before you begin cooking.

One of the tricks of getting a flavorful chuck roast is by seasoning the surface of the roast with salt and pepper.

When the salt melts, the meat absorbs it, leading to a flavorful roast.

6. Grilled Chuck Roast

Grilled food is fun and exciting, especially during the summer, and this recipe does not disappoint. I want you to imagine the flavor of this roast that has been seasoned with garlic and dry onion rub; you are drooling.

This chuck roast is grilled with hardwood giving it an irresistible smoky flavor. It is delicious and juicy, and your family will love it.

You can prepare this for a Sunday or midweek dinner, or you can prep it for sandwiches.

You can serve this juicy roast with mashed potatoes, bacon rolls, and dinner rolls. The fantastic thing is that you can prepare this dish over the weekend and use it for dinner during the week.

7. Dutch Oven Pot Roast

If you are looking for a new easy, and delicious beef recipe, you can consider adding this to your menu. This oven pot roast falls apart quickly in your mouth, and it is satisfying.

This recipe requires you to cook this tender beef together with onions, carrots, and a delicious beef gravy in an oven.

This meat is so tender and soft that you can shred it with your fork as you eat. This might become your family’s new favorite dish.

You need garlic powder, carrots, beef stock, red wine, olive oil, fresh or dried rosemary, salt, and pepper.

8. Mississippi Pot Roast

This simple and yummy Mississippi pot roast is delicious and only requires five ingredients; chuck roast, ranch dressing mix, au jus gravy mix, butter, and jarred pepperoncini peppers.

This recipe is famous because it is less spicy and kid-friendly. This tasty recipe is wonderfully beefy and tastes less zesty and tangy.

Mississippi pot roast is a fix-it and forget-it recipe because of the crockpot magic.

You can program this recipe to cook while you leave for work, and you will come back to a delicious dinner.

9. Air Fryer Chuck Roast

If you have an air fryer in your pantry, it is time to put it to good use, especially if you are in a hurry to have your food ready on time.

This air fryer chuck roast is tender on the inside with a nicely seared outer surface.

It is easy to make, and you will have your chuck roast ready in one hour. Also, it would be essential to thaw your chuck roast before you begin cooking it in the air fryer.

Season the roast before cooking if you want the roast to have a fantastic flavor.

If you want to get some gravy from the roast, place a foil in the air fryer so that it can collect the drippings from the chuck roast.

But it is crucial to place the foil so that it won’t block the air circulation in the air fryer.

This recipe requires chuck roast, steak seasoning, brown gravy mix, unsalted butter, rosemary or parsley for garnishing, and water. 

10. Beef Chile Colorado Stew

If you like your beef with a bit of stew, this recipe will make your day. This stew recipe is hearty, flavorful, and perfectly serves as comfort food.

In addition, this Mexican recipe is delicious, and the meat is soft and tender. If you love stew meat recipes, check out these delicious 39 stew meat recipes.

If you are craving some authentic Mexican flavors, this recipe can satisfy your cravings.

This chile colorado beef stew recipe has tender beef, and the stew is thick and flavorful, and it is not too spicy.

This stew has bold flavors, and it is perfect as a filling for shredded beef tacos or burritos. You can serve this beef stew with tortillas, beans, and Mexican rice.

11. Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef

This recipe is perfect if you have any recipe that requires shredded beef, like tacos and burritos. This chuck roast is tender, juicy, and saucy, thanks to this steam cooking method known as Barbacoa.

This shredded beef recipe is seasoned to perfection, and it is perfect for simple street food like enchiladas, tacos, and burritos.

If you are not interested in these wrap recipes, you can serve this shredded beef with Mexican rice and instant pot refried beans.

The ingredients needed are chuck roast, beef broth, chipotle chile peppers, garlic, onion, brown sugar, cumin, oregano, ground cloves, bay leaves, and lime juice.

12. Bourbon Brown Sugar Chuck Roast

Yes, you read it right; this tasty tender chuck roast uses alcohol as one of the essential ingredients. Alcohol improves food flavor when used correctly and improves the aroma of food.

So if you are curious, you should grab that bourbon on your table shelf and put it to good use.

The sweetness of the brown sugar intensifies the chuck’s roast beef flavor making it more desirable.

One might not know that brown sugar is part of the recipe, but you will feel the impact of brown sugar when you take a bite.

This recipe is full of aromatic flavor and spice. The seasoning ingredients are lemon peel, chili pepper, garlic, red pepper, cinnamon ginger coriander, cumin, and star anise.

13. Creamy Mushroom Chuck Roast Beef

If you love mushrooms, we have a special recipe here for you, this recipe is creamy and delicious, and it will have you drooling.

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser and will be perfect if you expect friends or family.

Recipes such as this make you grateful for crackpots and slow cookers; they make life much easier. The fantastic thing is that this recipe has a fancy taste, yet it uses only simple ingredients.

The ingredients include chuck roast, cremini mushrooms, olive oil, dry onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup, and water.

14. Herb Crusted Chuck Roast Beef

This delicious and flavorful chuck roast is made with a blend of herbs and seasonings. This simple herb rub makes this chuck roast recipe exciting and juicy. After tasting this, you will say no to bland beef roast recipes.

You can make this recipe on the grill or oven-bake it; nevertheless, both methods produce a moist, tender, and juicy herb crusted chuck beef.

You can make this recipe over the weekend and save some for the week.

This recipe needs chuck roast, dried onion flakes, olive oil, Italian seasoning, granulated garlic, kosher salt, and dry mustard. 

15. 3 Bean Crockpot Chuck Roast Chili

We all have rough days, and after such days we just want to go back home and have some comfort food to end the day.

This three-bean chuck roast chili is one of those comfort food recipes you need to have on your list.

This recipe is delicious, satisfying, and pretty simple to prepare. The fantastic thing is that you can adjust this recipe to your taste.

You can use whatever beans you like, and you can make the recipe more or less spicy.

You can serve this recipe on its own if you want something less heavy, or you can serve it with crusty bread rolls or some cornbread. 

16. Slow cooker Caribbean Pot Roast

Tropical dishes are exciting, full of life, and unique; this Caribbean pot roast is one of such recipes. It is made with chuck roast cooked with root vegetables, orange zest, pineapples, cocoa, and spices.

This recipe is spicy, with tender veggies, a juicy chuck roast that melts in your mouth, and a thick and tasty gravy.

The potatoes and chuck roast are simmered in orange zest and pineapple juice. You flavor this mixture with spices like cumin, cinnamon, and chili.

This recipe also has an earthy flavor, all thanks to the cocoa. This recipe has a blend of bold flavors that you will love.

16. French Onion Chuck Roast

This one-pot chuck roast recipe is perfect for fall and on those days when you want less mess in the kitchen.

If you want to give your beef a deep rich flavor, it is necessary to brown the meat before throwing it into the crockpot.

You will like the slow-cooked chuck roast in a French onion soup broth if you love onion flavor dishes.

This recipe is perfect for a Sunday family lunch or dinner. You can serve this chuck roast with mashed potatoes for a satisfying meal.

Also, you could shred this chuck roast and use it for a sandwich recipe. The ingredients for this recipe include chuck roast, sliced onion, butter, beef broth, French onion dip mix, and Worchestershire sauce.

17. Slow Cooker Montreal Chuck Roast

If you want to enjoy gluten and paleo-free beef recipe, this recipe is one of those natural recipes to rely on.

This recipe is yummy and very simple to prepare; all you need to do is dump all the ingredients in the crockpot and let it work its magic.

You can start cooking this recipe in the morning as you leave for work, and you will come back to a delicious meal.

Only healthy natural ingredients are used in this recipe. You can serve this chuck roast with sweet corn, fried potatoes, and rolls.

19. Guinness Beer Beef Chuck Roast

Yes, this chuck roast recipe uses beer as one of the essential ingredients, and I know you might have started wondering what it tastes like.

The Guinness beer contributes to the rich sauce that the beef is braised in.

This is a traditional Irish recipe; you can impress your Irish friends by preparing this recipe for St Patrick’s day and inviting them over.

The ingredients for this rich flavor recipe are chuck roast, onion, carrots, olive oil, garlic, tomato paste, instant coffee, chili red pepper, Guinness beer, and fresh basil or thyme.


Chuck roast is economical and affordable, and apart from that, it is juicy, moist, and tender when cooked right. You never know which of the recipes mentioned above you might fall in love with until you try them out.

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