The 12 Crab Cracker Tools That You Need in 2021

If you live in the coast or are in love with crabs and other seafood, you do know that for you to get that luscious meat, you must have a crab cracker to help you in cracking the shells.

I enjoy fishing for this seafood and cooking them therefore if you are going to do this yourself you need the crab crackers.

What is a crab cracker?

Crab Cracke

This is a kitchen utensil that is also known as a lobster cracker or crab claw cracker that is used to crack the shell of the lobster crab. This happens when you pull the two handles together as you prepare to eat it.

It’s closer in appearance to nut crackers and can also crack your nuts if need be. With that said, we review the best crab crackers for you to buy.

Lobster Crackers and Picks Set
Lobster Crackers and Picks Set
  • Now Hiware upgraded version seafood crackers is coming! - More strong and durable - The weight of new version crab cracker is about 1.5...
  • Essential seafood tools for eating crab, lobster, shellfish, oysters and more
  • Crackers are constructed of die-cast zinc alloy, picks are made from stainless steel. Heavy duty and durable

Why You Need Crab Cracker Tools

After watching the video, I think you will know why you need crab cracker tools.

  • It makes your work easy

As earlier stated, you won’t enjoy the crabs if you don’t have this tool because unless you have removed the shell, you can’t enjoy the meat. What I like about the crab cracker is that it’s easy to work with. Cracking your crab shells require no effort, all you need is the right tools.

  • They are versatile

The tools are designed to crack the crab shells but they can also crack the lobster shell. If need be you could use them to crack your nuts.

  • They are cheap

These are small tools therefore, you don’t expect them to cost much.

How to Crack the Crab Legs Without the Crab Crackers

We all know and probably enjoy the crab legs because they climax your seafood experience. Assuming you don’t have the crackers and you still want to enjoy the meal you should know that you can still eat them. Read on to find out how.

You need the carving fork, buy the mallet, kitchen shears and the cleaver. But for simpler cracking just have the chopping board, knife and fork.

  • You begin by picking your crab legs with your clean hands then breaking them at the joint. If your joints are hard to break, bend them back and forth. You could also use a mallet to break it. It is however rarely too hard.
  • On breaking the legs, you should notice 2 cartilages that extend from the crab legs. Cut them off with your knife or scissors.

The meat

  • Notice that the crab legs has 4 sections and three joints to break so that you get all the meat. Use your kitchen shears to cut through the shell side and insert your fork into the slit created. Use it to open the shell and the tines of the fork should help you pull out the meat.
  • Next, get the smallest piece of the leg, insert the tines of the carving fork again and wiggle it to loosen the meat. Go ahead and pull out the meat with the same fork. If you notice small pieces remaining, just scrap it with a toothpick and remove.
  • Go ahead and place it in the bowl where you have the other meat pieces.

Crab utensils

1. Crabaholik Seafood Tools SetCrabaholik Seafood Tools Set

Crabaholik Seafood Tools Set: 12pcs Leg Cracking Crab Utensils Kit -2 Lobster Crackers + 2 Ceramic Butter Warmers + 4 Lobster Knives + 4 Crab Leg Forks Picks | Stainless Steel & Heavy-Duty Nut Cracker

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As the name suggests, this is ideal for you if you enjoy having a seafood party. Made of zinc alloy the crab crackers and the stainless steel forks are durable. What’s more, they add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen with its bright colors.

The items are all elegant design, heavy duty and dishwasher safe. You have 4 different kinds of utensils which enhance the sets flexibility. You may use it for different purposes which include: using the crab claw crackers as nut crackers.

Other nuts it can crack include walnut, pecan crackers. You can use the crab forks as a fondue while the butter warmer acts as a chocolate/cheese fondue maker. They further feature a sturdy construction which makes them an ideal gift for your loved ones who enjoy seafood.

Over the years, I had a history of buying crab crackers with flimsy hinges that will easily break. But, a year ago I was gifted this set and I can assure you that life is much easier with it.

Ues the tools to eat Crab

Utensils for eating crab leg meat

2. Crab Leg Crackers and ToolsCrab Leg Crackers and Tools

Crab Leg Crackers and Tools - 14 Pcs with 8 Seafood Forks 6 Crab Cracker, Crab Crackers and Tools for Shellfish - Nut Cracker for Seafood

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We all need kitchen utensils that make our cooking easy. The set is made using the stainless steel which is not only durable but also easy to clean. The set has small forks that are designed to suck out the crab leg meat thus avoiding the waste.

Its small fork sizes will make it easy to scrape off the tiny meat pieces that might remain in the tiny legs’ shells. The items are safe and healthy to use at home when you want to delve into your lobster and crab party especially because the stainless steel used is of food grade quality.

The items are hand polished to maintain the high lustre and brightness. It features the stainless steel mold, non-slip and corrosion-resistant making you not only safe when using it but also eco-friendly. The versatility of this item is what makes it appealing.

Aside from the use with your seafood. you may as well use it as a snack fork and fruit fork.

Crab cracker set

3. Seafood CrackersTools Nutcrackers SetSeafood CrackersTools Nutcrackers Set

Seafood CrackersTools Nutcrackers Set, Crab Nut Lobster Crackers Tools and Forks Set Including 6 Crab Crackers, 6 Lobster Shellers and 6 Forks

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You need such a set for ease in cracking your crabs or lobster. It features 18 pieces of stainless steel seafood cracker making it easy to use with your friend when you are having one of those seafood parties.

The items are of high quality and made of hand polishing technology that has a non-slip surface to make it easy to use. It’s further corrosion resistant with bright colors to fit into any kitchen decoration.

You, therefore, don’t have to go to the restaurant for the seafood, you can use this high-grade item to eat your crabs at home. They are especially safe to use because they feature the food grade stainless steel making them safe.

Whether you need to use them at home or in restaurants or for picnics they will serve you right in all circumstances. You can use them for other purposes in the kitchen as well. When you want to crack your nuts, you can use the crab cracker.

For you to trust the item, it gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Crab leg cracker

4. Hiware Lobster Crackers and Picks SetHiware Lobster Crackers and Picks Set

HIWARE Lobster Crackers and Picks Set, 10-Piece Crab Leg Cracker Tools - Stainless Steel Seafood Crackers & Forks Nut Cracker Set

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The hiware crab crackers feature 10 pieces of crab leg crackers making them strong and durable. This one is a new version that’s 1.5 times heavier than the previous one. Since the cracker’s thicker, cracking the lobsters and crabs is a breeze.

This features the ideal set of seafood forks that will make it easy to remove the meat from the large legs and even tiny legs. You could also use it to get the meat from the lobster tail. The 2 crab crackers are made of zinc alloy which makes it heavy duty.

Like other lobster crackers, you could use it to crack nuts like walnut and pecan. The tough cracker may also act as the bottle opener when necessary. On the other hand, the crab forks and picks are made using the stainless steel.

They make it easy to serve your meat as it offers an elegant presentation. In most cases, you tend to leave your meat in the crab shells but, with this fork design, you are sure to scrape it all out. When you want to clean it, consider handwashing.

Seafood tool set

5. ASIBT 22 Piece Seafood Tool SetASIBT 22 Piece Seafood Tool Set

ASIBT 22 Piece Seafood Tool Set: Includes 2 Lobster Seafood or Nut Crackers, 12 Lobster Forks, Lobster Picks or Seafood Forks, 4 Sauce Cups and 4 Crab or Lobster Mallets. Best Crab Cracker Set

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If you love seafood then you must have these 22 pieces of kitchen accessories. The 2 crackers are made using the premium quality die-cast zinc alloy which is tough enough to easily crack your tough shells.

In addition, you don’t need a nut cracker when you have bought the set because you can use the cracker to crack your nuts. The crab forks that have the other side to act as the lobster picks are made using stainless steel for durability.

You may use this fork to pick the tiny pieces of crabs on the shells which means you won’t waste the meat again. Being one among the few sets that come with the sauce cups makes it ideal. It’s deep to carry enough sauce to accompany your seafood.

Made of food-grade stainless steel, the bowls and the other pieces of the set ensure that you have healthy and safe food. Eating with this set when you have friends over is more than fun but most importantly you enjoy the meal without wasting.

Best seafood cracker

6. Seafood Cracker with Mini ForksSeafood Cracker with Mini Forks

Seafood Cracker: BlizeTec Anti-Slip Lobster, Crab and Nut Cracker Tool Set with Mini Forks (6 Pcs)

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This features your best multipurpose zinc alloy crackers with non-slip and pressure absorbing handles. All this is to give you a firm grip when cracking your tough shells. It further has a high-grade stainless steel mini fork set.

Aside from using them for crab shell cracking, you may also use them to crack the nuts, crack the shellfish or oyster. With its serrated indentions, the crackers give you a firm grip control. The two-sided forks work best to pierce and scoop out meat.

It features an ergonomic design set of crackers that are dishwasher safe. The set will give you the most of the seafood dining experience. If you have had a bad experience with seafood cracker being flimsy this is not that type because it has an unbreakable hinge.

It offers a lifetime warranty and it will handle all your tough jobs since it’s the perfect design and size for anyone to hold.

seafood tool

Lobster cracker

7. Good Cook Touch Lobster CrackerGood Cook Touch Lobster Cracker

Good Cook Touch Lobster Cracker / Nutcracker

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Never allow the hard shells to get in the way of you and your sumptuous seafood meal. You can crack the shells using this lobster cracker with a heavyweight cast head.

It matters not if you have a large lobster because it will open at a 180˚ angle to accommodate even the largest shells and crack it. It easily breaks the wide claws with its jaws of different size.

Moreover, it has different pressure points thus giving you various options. It works best to crack your nuts as well. It further opens your hard bottle tops or unscrew your bottle.

Working with this lobster cracker is easy as its handles offer a firm grip that is further non-slip. It gives you more control when you are cracking the nuts or lobster claw.

Lobster Bib

8. Lobster Bibs, Seafood Cracker Sheller SetLobster Bibs, Seafood Cracker Sheller Set

Catered Cravings Lobster Bibs, Seafood Cracker Sheller Set, Hand Towels, and Lemon Juice Filter Nets (8 Each Item) - Complete Party Supplies Kit - Disposable Plastic Bib for Adults (Set of 8 Each)

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Are you having a lobster feast, seafood party or crawfish boil? This set is all you need to complete your meal. I hope you know that the lemon and seafood go hand in hand. You have the lemon nets to fit your lemon halves or wedges.

The net makes it easy to squeeze the lemon without getting the seeds onto the seafood. Moreover, you will have your lemon scented clothes that help to clean your smelly hands after the meal.

Also, you have the shell opener to help in deshelling your seafood but also giving you the enhanced aesthetic appeal. It features the durable and reusable plastic that doesn’t corrode nor break easily.

With the shell openers, you don’t need the seafood scissors. The lobster bibs are designed for use by both the children and adults alike.

Lobster cracker

9. Nantucket Seafood 5994 Red Lobster Cracker Nantucket Seafood 5994 Red Lobster Cracker

Nantucket Seafood 5994 Red Lobster Cracker, Aluminum

View on Amazon

Unlike the past when there were no tools to crack your lobster shells, today, you have an array of tools to use in the cracking of the lobster. The Fox run lobster cracker is the tool you need to for your seafood parties and dinners.

Made of strong and durable aluminum the cracker is wide and will open the lobster tail and crab legs among other seafood. You might think that the item is underused because you rarely hold such functions but no, you can use it for cracking the nuts as well.

The item is easy to clean and it’s also a small gadget that is portable which means you can use it for those camping activities. It looks like the red lobster’s claw and will help you to serve the food in the shell.

use the tool to crack the crab

Stainless steel lobster cracker

10. Kittymouse Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lobster CrackerKittymouse Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lobster Cracker

Kittymouse Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lobster Cracker Nutcracker ( Random Color)

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The lobster cracker is made of heavy-duty stainless steel for enhanced durability and it assumes a random color. You may use it to crack your nuts aside from lobster cracking and other seafood shell cracking.

It offers you an easy grip yet it’s durable to use. The item may be used for all the tough cracking jobs yet it will stand the wear and tear. Furthermore, its dishwasher safe.

11. Artcome Seafood Tools SetArtcome Seafood Tools Set

Artcome Seafood Tools Set including 7 Forks and 6 Lobster Crab Crackers Nut Cracker Set

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The set includes the zinc alloy crackers and stainless steel forks. The set is stylish yet ergornomic in design and you’ll receive it packaged in the set bag. Its construction makes it great for restaurant use, picnics and for all your home use.

The items are durable which makes them an ideal package for gifting a friend. They are further easy to clean in a dishwasher.

12. CoZroom Seafood Tools Set Nut Crackers CoZroom Seafood Tools Set Nut Crackers

CoZroom Seafood Tools Set Nut Crackers of 12 Pcs Seafood Opener Tool Set, 6 Pcs Lobster Crackers/Crab Crackers and 6 Pcs Stainless Steel Seafood Forks/Picks

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With this set, you have all you need to get the meat out of the lobster and crab shells. It has 6 forks that are made of stainless steel which will open the crab shell or pick the lobster meat. Zinc alloy is known to be rust resistant no wonder, it’s used to make the lobster crackers.

It further features a sturdy construction that is dishwasher safe. The item is durable to use and you can use it to crack your nuts.

How To Use The Crab Cracker Tools

Where to Buy the Crab or Lobster Crackers

These tools are ideal for all your seafood experience. Finding them should be a non-issue because they are displayed online. Visit the Amazon, Walmart and eBay among other online stores to find a vast majority of the crackers.

You can also find them in the kitchen appliance store near you at a cheap price.


With your dedicated research, you should have access to the best items for enjoying your seafood. Remember, you should always use the mini forks once you have cracked the shells to pick the meat because most seafood meat is delicate yet you wish to enjoy it all.

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