48 Savory Crepe Filling Ideas With Recipe You Should Definitely Try

I adore crepes. They have always been and will be one of my favorite comfort foods. Why not?

They can be so versatile. You can fill them with about anything, and they will always taste great.

You can transform a simple leftover crepe into a perfect dinner breakfast or afternoon snack, brunch, and even side dish.

Crepe with delicious Filling

Plus, it is easy to make the perfect crepes. Only you need to do practice more often for better results. You can use crepes on special occasions like romantic dinner dates, valentine’s special, birthday family gatherings, and many more.

Crepes also make an excellent surprise breakfast when you are bored with the same old.

So let’s get started with a list of crepe-filling ideas from the best bloggers ever. I hope you like it. If you do, don’t forget to follow the link for the recipe too.

1. Savory Crepe

Savory Crepe

This savory crepe is infused with mushroom, beef vegetable sautés, and round rice. They are great for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can eat them whole, or if it’s too much, take a piece and cut it diagonally and serve as an appetizer.  

You eat by Deeping in a sour and sweet source or use a yogurt cream sauce. You can serve it hot or cold. Whichever way, it will still be awesome.

Make the savory crepe ahead of time before serving. That could be a day or two. You can freeze it by storing it in a zip lock or an airtight container for some time. You can have a look at this recipe for your next crepe day.

2. Homemade chocolate crepes

Homemade chocolate crepes

The chocolate crepe cab is served as breakfast or an afternoon snack, and it is easy to make. It is prepared by adding fresh fruits such as sliced banana and strawberry.

You can further put Greek yogurt or peanut butter. In this one serving, you can boost proteins, fiber, and vitamins from the fresh fruits.

You can also spread Nutella and add fresh strawberry or get the black forest version by adding the cherry pie and sweetened cream cheese.

You can prepare ahead of time and reheat or eat it cold. Enjoy this effortless and fun chocolate crepe recipe.

3. Savory cheese crepes

Savory cheese crepes

A whole cup of melted cheddar cheese is mixed in the butter to make this perfectly delicious and flavourful crepe. You can decide to be creative when jazzing up the savory cheese crepe.

For instance, think of dressing it in plain Greek yogurt, sour cream scallion, ricotta cheese, smoked salmon, or whatever speaks to your heart.

Please don’t be ignorant of using any cheese for this recipe. High quality and flavored cheese are essential in producing the best result.

In that regard, buy a block of cheese and shred it yourself. The recipe is super easy to understand and make.

The presentation is equally important. You have to roll it up into cigar shape after filling it once you are ready to serve. Find this interesting here is the link for the recipe 

4. Stuffed crepes with ricotta cheese and blueberry filling

stuffed crepes with ricotta cheese and blueberry filling

In this crepe recipe, use sweetened ricotta filling and topped with all kinds of berries but for authenticity, use blueberries.

And for the sweetener, use agave nectar as it perfectly blends ricotta cheese on low heat.

The stuffed crepes with ricotta cheese are super easy to make, especially if you already have a premade crepe. It is best served during breakfast. Have fun exploring this recipe 

5. Crepe cannelloni with cheese and white source

crepe cannelloni with cheese and white source

This baked pasta will definitely melt your mouth. The crepe is soft and filled with three different types of cheese parmesan cheese, fontal cheese, and mozzarella cheese, and finally topped with white sauce.

This crepe is undoubtedly a delicious and savory meal to bring to your table anytime and equally tempting with the first bite.

This recipe is one of the best made to glamour, including the presentation and the quality of time taken to prepare it, and the detailed information that is easy to understand. I recommend you try the recipe by following this link 

6. Easy recipe with chicken and cheese

Easy recipe with chicken and cheese

You know the best thing about crepes is that you can always cook it in advance and assemble all the other ingredients later for filling, and also, you can make use of your leftover crepe.

This easy crepe recipe with chicken and cheese is a food that you can eat any time every day if you have to and thus making it your comfort food

Use the simple ingredients you already have in the refrigerator and make this delicious combo your one-time family favorite meal.

This fantastic meal is as easy as it comes, and one sure way of avoiding throwing away leftover meals, you can transform it to your liking by playing around with the ingredients. find the link for the recipe 

7. Apple walnut crepes

Apple walnut crepes

I tend to correlate apples and fall period any way nothing says, like the aroma filled in the kitchen with a delicious fall dessert.

These amazing crepes are weighed with a delicious apple walnut filling then topped with powdered sugar. You can also substitute apple walnuts with pecans depending on your preference. They all work well with the crepes.

So grab those apple peels and chop them into tiny slices and make use of them in this recipe. Enjoy this coming fall with this perfect delish with your family for breakfast. Don’t forget to follow the link  for this recipe 

8. Rasp berry vanilla cream

Rasp berry vanilla cream

This raspberry vanilla cream crepe makes a perfect meal for valentine’s special day. But you can always make it any time the crepes are loaded with a creamy vanilla filling and fresh raspberries that adds beautiful color to it.

Here you can make the crepe in advance and also the crème fills and store them in the refrigerator for use eat a later time.

 But don’t keep them longer than a day as they will become doughy. You can add powdered sugar, too but also use fresh raspberry.


If this crepe recipe attracts your attention, you can as well try it by  clicking on this link 

9. Hum and asparagus crepe

Hum and asparagus crepe

the hum and asparagus crepe is a perfect meal for a light lunch. They come together quickly when the preparations are made ahead of time.

In this recipe, the main ingredients are using deli ham and Swiss cheese slices, and asparagus, which you can precook by microwaving for a few minutes depending on the number of crepes you are doing.

You can also make the crepes as many as you want, store them in the freezer, and then heat them once you are ready to prepare a meal. This easy-to-make hum asparagus is delicious and has the flavors that will blow your mind away. Click this link for the recipe 

10. Savory crepes with turkey, mushroom, and Swiss cheese

  Savory crepes with turkey mushroom and Swiss cheese

This is a perfect meal right after the summer seasons approaching winter and the perfect time to use the leftover meals or during the summer season when all you need is some light food.

These crepes are tasty, you can as well use chicken or pork in place of turkey, and if you are not a fan of mushrooms, you can use other ingredients of your preference.

And the seasoning and herbs also play a significant role in making the crepe look incredible. These savory crepes are fantastic, and you should find time to make them by following this recipe. Have fun.

11. Crab–stuffed crepes

Crab–stuffed crepes

The seafood extremist brings your starving palates here because this recipe has no mercy for a seafood lover. The crab-stuffed crepe has a creamy, decadent crab filling and a tasty lemon cheese sauce.

I guess you are aware that you can get store-bought crepes at the stores on the section with dessert; however, it’s only reasonable to prepare them yourself that way, you can sweeten them.

Prepare the lemon sauce when you are just about to serve; however, you can prepare them a day in advance for the crepe and crab-stuffed filling. Find the recipe for this crepe by clicking on the link 

12. Savory crepes meat and mushroom Nalinski

Savory crepes meat and mushroom Nalinski

Savory crepes might take a longer time than the cheese crepes considerably, but it’s always worth it. If you love mushrooms and meat though they are similar in terms of nutrients, you will enjoy the recipe.

You can have these outstanding crepes for your breakfast, and best prepare the crepes before serving a day. you can follow this link for more information on the recipe

13. Banana crepe filling

Banana crepe filling

This crepe filling uses an overripe banana as its main filling combined with other pantry staples. It’s so easy to make as you only have to mix cream cheese, sour cheese, banana, sugar, and butter, all perfectly blend to make a fantastic breakfast.

This banana crepe will make your breakfast fancy and further make your family yearn for breakfast time. The crepe is easy to make and further made lit by adding batter to it.

The crepe filling in this recipe uses over banana and other pantries, an alternative way to enjoy your banana fruit.

Find this exciting recipe and more information by clicking this link

14. Easy chicken crepes with mushroom

Easy chicken crepes with mushroom

This crepe is made when you have a romantic dinner night or a dinner party on those days when you want to feel fancy elegant.

You also want your food to much the theme without stressing cooking so much you can prepare this savory chicken crepes with mushrooms, and it will definitely impress and win over your man.

They are delicious, and also, from their look, they are sensational. Make those dinner nights’ phenomena with this simple to-do recipe. I guarantee you will put it in your keeper box where only the unique recipe is saved. Follow the link and have fun

15. Crepe cannelloni with meat

Crepe cannelloni with meat

It is a homemade crepe made simple but with perfection. The main ingredients are savory meat made with parmesan and mozzarella.

These crepes may take a little longer to prepare, but they are worth it. Also, get ready to have some extra dishes to wash. The energy and attitude put forth in preparing it matters more.

These are not your typical pasta dough cannelloni but are more of crepe cannelloni. If stored correctly in an airtight container, you can store Crepes for up to four months in the freezer.

These are not your everyday meal, but you can surprise your family with the recipe once in a while.

16. Ham and cheese savory crepe

Ham and cheese savory crepe

Do you fancy taking your breakfast to a whole new level? After all, breakfast is the most important meal, and so you should enjoy it in style by using this delicious treat that will wow your family and melts their mouth with its richness in flavor.

It is a French bistro-style crepe made with cheese, ham, and hollandaise sauce.

It would be best if you gave this recipe a try, plus you have all the information needed. If interested, follow this link below am sure you will be excited to learn how to make crepe and add the fillings. Here is the recipe

17. Crepes with spinach and cheese filling

Crepes with spinach and cheese filling

These kinds of crepe best suit the vegetarians, plus they are super sweet, healthy, and nutritious meal, their fat content is low, plus it does not use butter; instead, you only add a small amount of oil and cheese.

The kind of spinach used here should not be cooked. It only needs a little heat to wilt it, and it is ready to be used.

The spinach also plays a part in adding color to the crepe. The crepe also contains cottage cheese and mature cheddar.

They are both low in fat, while the cottage has vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Here is the link to the recipe 

18. Tacos enchilada with cornmeal crepe

Tacos enchilada with cornmeal crepe

When some of us hear cornmeal, they get discouraged faster with the recipe for fear that it may take forever to prepare the crepe.

The way to deal with it is to prepare well two days in advance, so you have all the time. Prepare the crepe and store it in the fridge. Once you are ready to cook your taco and spice, you can remove the crepe from the fridge.

These are classic crepes that taste like corn tortilla you should have tried on this one. follow the link for more information and recipe 

19. Dill crepes with smoked salmon

dill crepes with smoked salmon

In this recipe, cold-smoked salmon is the main ingredient and pairs well with many fresh dills. These two ingredients are then bent with tangy, sour creamy sauce. The crepe is best made a day before they are served and can also act like appetizers.

 And once you are done, you can shape the crepes into these beautiful cones; however, it can be somehow tedious, but once you practice more often, it will be easy.

If you find it hard, you can make them into triangles and will equally give an appealing presentation. Enjoy this recipe and more information. If you like it, follow this link

20. Chocolate crepes with orange cream fillings

Chocolate crepes with orange cream fillings

These chocolate crepes are with orange cream is an easy breakfast treat. It can also come in handy on birthdays as a side dessert besides cake. With this recipe, you don’t have to worry about time as preparing it is as easy as it appears.

Makes crepes using this recipe and further learns how to make the perfect ones. Also, follow this link for more information on the recipe.

21. Mexican hot chocolate crepes with cream cheese filling

Mexican hot chocolate crepes with cream cheese filling

The Mexican hot chocolate crepe can be taken anytime, that is, as a dessert, for breakfast, for a light dinner, or whenever you need to reconnect with family and friends, you can make these crepes.

And you can decide to make the recipe with some high-quality ingredients too. It doesn’t hurt adding an extra coin for better results

Find your happy place with the Mexican hot chocolate crepes with cream cheese filling. They are divine and delicious. Make your brunch weekend fun and fulfilling by using this link for the recipe 

22. Vanilla bean crepes with peaches and cream

Vanilla bean crepes with peaches and cream

The whole idea is to be creative with the ingredients that you find lying in your kitchen. At times creativity s all it takes to have that perfect meal. But then once you know how to make the crepes perfectly, the fillings shouldn’t be any problem.

This recipe is a simple guide to show you how versatile crepes can be.

In the case of fruits, you can use different fruits as long as you have them, and if you don’t have vanilla beans, you can use vanilla extract to replace them. Enjoy the crepes with your loved ones. Don’t forget to click on this link 

23. Pumpkin crepes with cheesecake fillings

Pumpkin crepes with cheesecake fillings

What? Talk of falls and somehow pumpkins have to be mention in shortfall with no pumpkins is no fall. I leave you to decide any way I always like anything made with pumpkins, and here is a reason to even like these pumpkins more because the combo is delicious.

Talk about the color, the flavors, and the presentations all in one crepe.

Satisfy your breakfast cravings with these delicious crepes and make them your favorite breakfast treat—this the chance to love pumpkins if you are never fun. I promise you no regrets. Just do it by following this guide 

24. Crepes with Greek yogurt cream

Crepes with Greek yogurt cream

The combination of Greek yogurt cream and apricot preserves with some fresh fruit makes it a must-have recipe for your breakfast and any morning delight.

The crepes will give you a consistent result as long as you use the right ingredients and equipment for cooking the crepes like the nonstick pan. Also, use the skinny spatula to get under the delicate crepes without destroying them.

Here is another tip fasten the process by using apricot preserves instead of the fresh ones though the fresh apricot is quite the deal-breaker. Here is the recipe you can use and share too.

25. Crepes with Mascarpone Cream and Balsamic Strawberries

Crepes with Mascarpone Cream and Balsamic Strawberries

If you are lost for ideas of what to cook for your next weekend brunch, here is one crepe filled with balsamic strawberries and mascarpone cream.

Serve it with coffee and mimosas and make your breakfast worth looking forward to. You can make this combo any time, and within a short period, the crepes are fantastic and sophisticating. I mean, you can never go wrong with balsamic strawberry.

This is the kind of crepe breakfast that calls for all the champions using simple treats to add merry to the already merry, if that makes sense. Give this crepe some love by following this link and have a blast of breakfast.

26. Herb Crepes with Eggs, Swiss, Ham, and Browned Butter

Herb Crepes with Eggs Swiss Ham and Browned Butter

Here is a recipe that you can choose to add to your weekend breakfast menu. You can use a combination of herbs like chives, tarragon, and rosemary, parsley will do, but it does not have a flavor. You can use two of the best flavor enhancers like salted caramel and butter.

This straightforward recipe makes for a fancy breakfast, and you should definitely create time to prepare it, especially the next time you invite your friends over to your home and surprise them with this treat am sure there will always come back.

Also, make the presentation stunning, and don’t forget to share the recipe. In the meantime, follow this link 

27. Crepes with Creamy Ricotta Cheese Filling and Caramelized Apples Crepes with Creamy Ricotta Cheese Filling and Caramelized Apples

the best way to begin fall is with a classic combination of cinnamon, apples, brown sugar, and lemon as the filling idea of a perfect crepe.

Additionally, the crepes have caramelized apples and ricotta cheese filling.  In this recipe, you have to have made the crepes in time as the guide only gives the recipe for the crepe filling parts.

Start your fall breakfast with these delicious crepes, and enjoy having fun with a mixture of other fall ingredients. Here is a recipe guide to kicking start your meal preparation hope you like it

28. Savory crepes with a veggie filling

Savory crepes with a veggie filling

These meatless wraps are stuffed with healthy veggies, mushrooms, chickpeas, and flavor spice. The recipe is perfect for vegans.

It is also gluten-free and has no grains, but vegetarians and meat eaters can also eat it. You can enjoy this meal during brunch, breakfast, or dinners, perfect snack, dessert, or side dish.

Make the best crepes without too much hustle using a nonstick pan, also use store-bought tortillas if you don’t intend to make gluten-free crepes.

Though tortillas could be thicker, making your crepes look like burritos. For further information on the recipe, click on this link 

29. Vegan buckwheat crepe with potatoes and lentils samosa filling

Vegan buckwheat crepe with potatoes and lentils samosa filling

 This is also a typical vegan crepe. It uses gluten-free buckwheat flour don’t mind the name, which somehow misleading. It is more nutritious because it has higher protein content, and it also gives your crepe just the right texture.

For the fillings use samosas, they are Indian reminiscent that resembles dosas

The potatoes and lentils are an additional flavor to the vegan crepes, and the combination makes a strong finish.

The crepes can be used for breakfast, a light summer dinner, or even brunch. If you find this interesting, here is a link to follow for the recipe

30. Banana coconut cream crepes

Banana coconut cream crepes

This meal is an amalgamation of perfect ingredients with sweet and scrumptious flavors am talking about coconut. If you are a coconut maniac, please stop by. This recipe is for you.

Also, the flavors will give you the summer feeling breeze and the thoughts of palm trees. You can’t help to ignore these crepes.

 And to make it tastier, make your whipped coconut cream from home. It is effortless, and you will equally get the recipe on this blog.

For this brunch dish, enjoy it with your family or alone, lost in the thoughts of deep summer. Here is the link for the recipe 

31. Savory crepes with almond cheese sautéed spinach and vegan hollandaise

Savory crepes with almond cheese sautéed spinach and vegan hollandaise

These savory breakfast crepes are a strong start for a perfect day. It contains soft vegan cheese, garlic sautéed spinach, and topped with an easy creamy vegan hollandaise.

You make them before the serving day for the vegan crepes and reheat them on a skillet pan once you are ready for a meal and place your filling.

The crepes have the perfect thin, chewy taste and a crispy edge. Since the crepe is not sweetened, you can use sweet or savory fillings.

These most indulgent and delicious tasting crepes can be eaten during lunch, breakfast, dinner, or brunch. Have fun trying this vegan recipe by clicking on this link 

32. Vegan Crêpe Tacos with Warm Spinach-Mushroom Filling

Vegan Crêpe Tacos with Warm Spinach Mushroom Filling

This crepe’s original idea was to use a high protein content with the vegan recipe. Still, after a few thoughts, the recipe adopted a creative twist in this case, using the crepes as a tortilla to create a high protein vegan taco with crepe tortillas and warm spinach sounds really epic.

This crepe taco contains a whopping 6-gramms of plant-based proteins, healthy fats from tahini, and an abundance of nutrients that are perfect for keeping you energized the whole day. You will love these crepes once you have a bite. find the recipe 

33. Crepes suzette with grand Marnier

Crepes suzette with grand Marnier

Crepes Suzette is a crepe known in French cuisine made from caramelized sugar, butter, sugar, and orange juice called a beurre Suzette and topped with triple sec traditional grand Marnier. You can eat it after a perfect dinner meal and use it for your dessert or a fancy brunch.

The crepes look divine, and not to forget, the orange zest also gives it a perfect color and so attractive to the eye that it makes you want to drool with its sight.

It’s any time crepe, and so you prepare your appetite. try this recipe and see how buzzed you get with the first bite

34. Homemade pumpkin crepes

Homemade pumpkin crepes

when you think of crepes, breakfast comes to your mind. Additionally, when you think of fall, pumpkins are the first thing to pop into your mind.

Now think about combining the two and the thought of the kitchen smelling amazingly like fresh fall. What about the orange color on the crepes brought about by pumpkin.

If you are obsessed with pumpkin and crepes during this fall, why not try this recipe? It is effortless, and you will enjoy each bite.

You can make the crepes on the same day of serving or decide to prepare it earlier. I hope you will try the recipe 

35. Fruit Filled Lemon Crepe Cups with Coconut Whipped Cream

Fruit Filled Lemon Crepe Cups with Coconut Whipped Cream

The fruit-filled lemon crepes and coconut whipped cream are such a perfect dessert for summer picnics and cookouts.

The dessert crepe contains muffin tin lemon crepes with homemade whipped coconut garnished with fruits and powdered sugar you can as well serve for breakfast and brunch

Best prepare the fillings and crepes in advance, so you are only left with little to do during the day of serving. Enjoy this recipe, and don’t forget to share what you have learned. Here is the link to the recipe 

36. Vegan beer crepes

Vegan beer crepes

This is a different crepe recipe from the normal ones, as you have to use beer for your recipe. Don’t worry; it still retains its vegan sanity.

Be sure that the smell of beer can be noticed but slightly; however, if you are uncomfortable with it, you can use other vegan substitutes like plant milk and water.

The beer comes with a rather taste of its own, so it’s better to use a sweetener like maple syrup to add some sweetness to it for the garnish. Moreover, you can also use jams, vegan Nutella, sugar yogurts, and anything you prefer. Follow the link for more information on the recipe 

37. Easy vegan almond milk crepes

Easy vegan almond milk crepes

Everything about the vegan almond milk crepes is just vegan, as the name implies, and the impressive bit is that it is very healthy and can blend well with either sweet or savory fillings.

For the best result, make sure to make it gluten-free by using gluten-free oat flour. And also, use no oil in it but use a nonstick pan to avoid mess.

If you plan to use savory fillings on these almond milk crepes, it’s advisable to skip the marple syrup instead of using a little slat. Make these almond milk crepes for a perfect weekend treat  or brunch, and you can use the link below for the recipe 

38. Chocolate crepes with a banana easy vegan recipe

Chocolate crepes with a banana easy vegan recipe

This crepe chocolate and banana filling is an easy recipe to make, and it’s meant for vegans since the recipe is plant-based. They are made with no eggs, and they are primarily delicious used as breakfast or dessert.

These crepes are made from buckwheat flour and tapioca flour.

The result is this fantastic delicacy, and the bananas are a classic combo to the chocolate, which gives a heavenly taste.

You can freeze the crepes for later use, but you have to let them cool first before freezing. Use this recipe and more information to make your own vegan chocolate banana crepes.

39. Buckwheat Crepes with Leek Fondue & Coconut Bacon

Buckwheat Crepes with Leek Fondue Coconut Bacon

The buckwheat crepes are filled with melted leeks fondue, cooked with white wine and thyme, and topped with crispy coconut bacon and hummus.

The caramelized and melted leeks give a perfect combo to the nuttiness of the buckwheat crepes and the coconut bacon adds a smoky flamboyant flavour and crispiness.

If you haven’t tried this recipe before especially using the leek found, now is your chance to grab the opportunity and make use of the ingredients you have in the kitchen using this simple and detailed guide. Have fun making these crepes.

40. Sweet Pea Spinach Crepes with Whipped Goat Cheese

Sweet Pea Spinach Crepes with Whipped Goat Cheese

Crepes are meant to be versatile, and you can turn your simple made dessert crepes into a meal, like this recipe that uses a spring-inspired filling made with snow peas, English sweet peas, zucchini, and mushrooms.

The goat cheese crepes are another super easy crepe to make, plus the goat cheese is full of nutritional benefits.

The sweet pea spinach crepes are vegetarian dishes and have many nutrients making them way more beneficial to consume. It has minerals, antioxidants, packed with vitamins and has fiber.

You further get a balanced meal in one dish. Are you ready to explore these crepes? Find the recipe here 

41. Spinach Artichoke and Brie Crepes with Sweet Honey Sauce

Spinach Artichoke and Brie Crepes with Sweet Honey Sauce

The main ingredients in this dish are brie, the most delicious buttery and melty cheese that blends well with honey.

So the brie is stuffed in the crepe with spinach and artichoke then topped with sweet honey sauce.

You can make this delicious for your birthday instead of the traditional cake yes to healthy living! But you can also prepare it to surprise your favorite person.

Everything can be made in advance and stored in the fridge to await the serving day. If you find it interesting, why not show it by following this link for the recipe and more information concerning the crepe.

42. Cabbage filled crepes

Cabbage filled crepes

Cook these crepes and serve them on the side with a bowl of Borscht. You can also enjoy it with a cup of tea after a meal or enjoy it how you prefer it.

You may prepare these crepes earlier but adequately store them in the fridge, and once it’s ready, take your crepe and insert them in an egg mixture and fry with a bit of oil.

Do not overcook the cabbage; otherwise, you may lose the crunchiness, which adds zest to the flavor, so be sure to just Sautee it for a few minutes and add the rest of the fillings. it is indeed yummy, and you should make it not forget to click on this link 

43. Seafood crepes

Seafood crepes

This crepe will use shrimp, Crabs, fish, and Swiss cheese stuffed in a seafood sauce and rolled in a delicate crepe.

You will need quite some time to assemble and make the seafood crepes; thus, it is best to start earlier or do make-ahead dinner dishes.

These seafood crepes can be prepared for dinner; therefore, you need to put the number of people being served into consideration to cook fewer crepes that will leave your people unsatisfied. Follow this link into the recipe if you like it.

44. Savory Scrambled Egg Crepes with Avocado Pico De Gallo

Savory Scrambled Egg Crepes with Avocado Pico De Gallo

The best thing about this savory scrambled egg crepes with avocado, apart from the fantastic flavors from the ingredients, is the color that stands out.

I love the green color from the avocado with the mixture of crumbled egg and freshly minced jalapeno and cilantro.

Use these crepes when you want to add spice to your dinner date am sure your other person will love it. At least with this, you have a plus one to make him or her stay in the relationship.

You will surrender to this breakfast, brunch, dinner dessert crepes. And here’s the recipe to make add fun to your cooking moments.

45. Avocado Crepes with Lemon Tahini Sauce

Avocado Crepes with Lemon Tahini Sauce

This avocado crepe comes loaded with healthy vegetables, so you don’t have to worry about its nutritional contents as it is 100% veggies.

It has a fabulous crunch and a creamy texture gotten from the avocado, accompanied by a blasting flavor from the tahini sauce sprinkled on top of the veggies.

If you are struggling with having to eat vegetables within a day, then find these avocado crepes. It is an excellent addition to the veggies, and it won’t disappoint.

Also, it’s a good start for a day with some healthy breakfast. Here is the recipe. Just hit the link button, and you have all you need to make it happen.

46. Savory Crepes with Meat Mushroom Veggie

Savory Crepes with Meat Mushroom Veggie

These homemade crepes are loaded with ground meat, carrots, mushrooms, and cabbage.

The filling completes the crepes.  The combo of ground meat mixed with sautéed mushrooms, carrots, and shredded cabbage is lit.

If you come from a Slavic community, you will find this kind of crepe every day, especially during family gatherings.

Don’t be left out if you find this interesting. Then you can as well use the recipe by clicking on this link 

47. Easy Cinnamon Cream Cheese Filling for Crepes

Easy Cinnamon Cream Cheese Filling for Crepes

This s a quick and easy crepe filling recipe; hence you don’t have to prepare it in advance.

You can also buy the crepes from the store if you are not 100% sure you can make thin crepes by yourself. See how life made it easier for us.

These crepes are delicious, and you can surprise your family by preparing them during the weekends for breakfast. Get them surprised with how quickly you can fix and prepare this delicacy. If interested, find the recipe here 

48. Green Onion Parmesan Crepes with Ricotta, Spinach, Bacon & Mushroom Filling

Green Onion Parmesan Crepes with Ricotta Spinach Bacon Mushroom Filling

Why not make these incredibly delicious crepes and have some breakfast in bed treat for your mother this mother’s day.

In this crepe batter, you put green onion and parmesan cheese, and for the filling, add mushrooms bacon with ricotta, then watch as the magic unfolds to some exciting, incredible flavors. The smell, too, is on point.

I am sure you don’t want to miss out on making something special to your mother, so if this easy to make crepe impressed you, then make your own by  following the step by step guide given by this recipe


Why are crepes famous in many households?

Because they are easy to make and do not require any special equipment to prepare them.

It also uses simple and nutritious ingredients like milk, egg, or gluten-free products that may be appealing to your taste buds but maintains low-fat content. They are also versatile, and you can find them in many forms like sweet-savory, healthy vegan, vegetarian, or even meat-eaters.

Can you fill crepes ahead of time?

Crepes can be a bit hectic when making them, especially if it is the first time; therefore, it is essential to prepare them prior to the saving day to ease too much work, resulting in lots of pressure.

You can make the crepes up to two days ahead of time as long as you properly store them in the fridge or freeze them for up to 2months. The fillings can also be made a day or two before serving.

Is crepe similar to a pancake?

Crepe and pancake share similarities, but the main difference comes in the batter, where for the pancake, you add baking powder to it to make it thick and fluffy.

Precisely a crepe is a pancake that is thinner and is usually folded or stuffed and topped with savory and sweet fillings.

How do you make the perfect crepe?

You make the perfect crepe by using these key ingredients; a cube of melted butter and a cube of melted brown butter added to the batter is critical.

It sounds like some tongue twister any way, the butter acts like the greasing component to prevent the crepe from sticking, plus it has a unique nutty flavor.

Crepe with delicious Filling

Sweet Crepe Fillings

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  • Check out the recipe you like
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  • Make the sweet crepe as instructions
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