16 Crockpot Accessories You Should Have

The reason you need the accessories for your slow cooker is that it makes the slow cooking experience easier. The crockpot has made cooking a convenient business for the busy forks around the globe.


Below are the accessories that you probably never thought you needed up until now.

Crock pot lid strap

1. Pots2go Panda Universal Pot Lid Locking Strap

Pots2go Panda Universal Pot Lid Locking Strap: Seals and Secures Most 7.5 to 13 Inch Cookware Lids with Flexible Elastic Strap Available in 4 Colors (Beige)

This is ideal when you need to transport your food safely or sometimes secure your pot lid. The strap is made using the elastic band which will stretch over the pot’s lid.  The band is a food safe kind that won’t tear, rip or curl. It comes in at 14 by 6 inches.

You won’t have to struggle to install it because the strap stretches the two ends on either side of the pot. The center part is then placed on the top knob. It keeps your food safe from spills and a mess. It comes in a variety of colors to match your interior decoration.

Furthermore, it has the locking strap and instructions on how to use the item. When it comes to cleaning, you only need to use mild soap and water. The strap remains easy to use.

Crock pot travel strap

2. Lid Latch the reusable universal lid securing strap

Lid Latch the reusable universal lid securing strap for crockpots, casserole dishes, pots, pans and more. Make it easy to transport your favorite dishes with one simple, flexible strap. (Blue)

The travel straps are ideal for reducing the messy spills especially when you are going out on functions. It makes your item secure and easy to use even while traveling. The item is made using the food grade silicone material.

It’s flexible and will work with your 6, 7 or 8 quarts of slow cookers. It’s a food saver and is hand washable. It’s also heat-resistant, eco-friendly, manual convenient, and a perfect gift for all those you love especially if they love cooking.

Crock pot travel bag

3. Quick & Carry, Slow Cooker Travel Tote Bag for”Crock Pot”

Quick & Carry, Slow Cooker Travel Tote Bag for"Crock Pot" and Most Oval Shape Slow Cookers, Padded Sides, Zippered Accessory Storage, Carrying Strap and Handle (Slow Cooker)

This is ideal for transporting your 8-quartz electric pressure cooker or slow cooker since the bag keeps your crockpot safe during transportation. Once you are done with the transportation process you can easily clean the bag and store it away.

The bag is padded to keep your food temperature safe yet it also has a front opening where you keep your cookbooks and favorite recipes. It’s ideal for storing your utensils and the slow cooker alternative accessories.

The bag is made large enough to fit in the slow cookers. It further has the padded straps which protect your cooker during your regular travels. The padded straps are further durable for easier carriage. It offers the needed security even though the padding straps isn’t thick.

It has another durable interior strap that secures your lid to the pot whenever you are traveling on rough roads. The item is made using the ploy material for the enhanced durability and further long-lasting performance.

The item also has a zippered accessory pocket which makes it ideal for storage of ladles, glass tops among others. It then has the PEVA liner for the ease of wiping the item clean after and during use.

Crockpot lid holder

4. Lid Holder and Spoon Rest

Lid and Spoon Rest - Foldable for Easy Storage| Anti-slip base丨Utensils Lid Holder with Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel| Prevents Splatters Drips | Easy to Clean by Kitchendao

This comes in as a 2 in 1 piece which will hold your lid and spoons as well. You should, therefore, save space and avoid the mess on your countertop. It’s ideal for the different kinds of spoons ladles and lids.

The item is made using the 304-grade stainless steel which keeps you safe from rust and other hazards.

It has the curved designs at both ends to keep the utensils in place for your convenience. It has a silicone strip which is meant to keep the item steady and avoid the tendency to slip. It’s further easy to install if it slips off your hands accidentally.

I like the fact that it’s easy to clean since you can detach its parts. It has the foldable design which makes it easy to set up and store. It’s dishwasher safe making it easy to clean the parts. For the storage, you can place it in your drawers or hang it on the wall.

The item is the perfect fit for your needs to be met as it works to enhance the practicality of your needs. The item is then more innovative and stylish to use. It features a high-quality design material.

5. LidSkid | Slow-Cooker Lid Holder

LidSkid | Slow-Cooker Lid Holder

This is like having the lid butler for your slow cooker. Nothing is as effective as having your butler holding the lid in place. This one will hold the different brands in place thus making it easy to serve your food.

With this setting, the moisture drips back into the pot and not on the counter. It further raises the cooker off the counter therefore protecting the surfaces. You rest it on the cooker thus avoiding the tendency to break accidentally.

Here’s a solution to your problem of finding places to place the lid cover when you have special events like parties. You won’t have them breaking like they always do when you have them on the counter surface.

Crockpot roasting rack

6. Oval Roasting Rack With Integrated Feet

Oval Roasting Rack With Integrated Feet, Black - Non-stick Whitford Coating, PTFE Free, Oven and Dishwasher Safe. Commercial Quality, Heavy Duty for Cooking, Roasting, Drying, Grilling (6 x 9"/15 x

This features an oval design roasting rack that will keep your food elevated for safer and easier cooking of the food. It will keep your food away from the fats and liquids so that they can be stewed or roasted. Its feet are kept fully integrated to let your food cook steadily.

The rack is made using the stainless steel yet it has the Whiteford coating that is PTFE-free. This makes it a great and easy release with safe and easy clean-up. The rack is open and clean to allow for easy air circulation. It further allows the fat and oils to drip easily from the roasts.

It will act as a good trivet that is easy to use and dishwasher safe as well as oven safe. Unlike most other racks this one doesn’t warp rust or retain the bad odor.

Slow cooker covers

7. CoverMates – Slow Cooker Cover

Covermates – Slow Cooker Cover – 16W x 10D x 9H – Diamond Collection – 2 YR Warranty – Year Around Protection - Red

This set features some perfect design of cover mats that will protect your dinnerware, glasses and other kitchen gadgets and utensil. With its polyester material it not only covers your slow cookers but also mixers, toasters among other appliances.

They are designed to include matching seams which suits the binding trims. It’s usually designed with custom diamond shaped, padded quilting which makes it easy to clean and maintain the temperature of the slow cooker.

You can throw it in your washing machine or wipe it with your towel when you need to maintain its cleanliness.  These items offer you the versatility of storage.

From the dish storage to the kitchen appliance storage and to holiday storage, this item will offer you the ideal storage solution in varying colors.

  1. The wire rack

People don’t understand why they need a wire rack for the slow cooker but one thing is true that it is an accessory that will come in handy over a few uses with the different kinds of dishes. One thing that has often proven tricky is to find a rack that suits your slow cooker.

It’s further effective when you must lift your food from the bottom of the slow cooker. They are effective when you need to cook your food separate from the heat source.

9. Crock-Pot SCCPMD1-CH Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System

Crock-Pot SCCPMD1-CH Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System, Double Oval 1-quart,  Metallic Charcoal

This item provides you with entertainment and flexibility along the way. The item plugs into the hook up connectable for you to mix and match units for any occasion. If you have a bigger party you will have more units to hook up the parties.

Furthermore, you have the choice to use a single unit alone and a few others together for other casual events. They are customized to let you work the way you wish them to do. Of course, we are all pleased when we see an elegant looking buffet.

You can have this unit set in your entire party room. Your guests will therefore mingle over the mini buffet parties. You can make them have multiple stations with stir-fry recipes, veggies, Lo Mein, soups meat among others.

Lucky for you the items are made using stoneware which is easy to remove and dishwasher safe. The units are further easy to store.

Travel crock pots

10. Crock-Pot Travel Serve Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot SCCPCTS605-S Cook Travel Serve 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

You all know that a 6 quarts capacity of crockpot is the perfect choice for you if you have about 7 people that will eat from the pot. You can cook the food in the slow cooker and once you have it ready get it to remain at the keep warm function.

It’s designed to ease the usage of the slow cooker when on transit. It further has the temperature gauge that helps you to regulate the temperature and it will let you know the temperature setting once the item has been switched off.

This item is dishwasher safe and easily removable after use. Its programable pre-set digital control is ideal for easy settings yet it also has the convenient cord storage.

You get to choose whether you wish the item to cook your food for 6 hours on high heat or 8 to 10 hours on low heat. The one constant thing that clients’ question when choosing a slow cooker is the fact that it may cause a mess on transit.

With this item you have the locking lid gasket for the easy sealing of your food while you are on the go.

Slow cooker with clamp down lid

11. Crock-Pot SCCPCCM350-BL Manual Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot SCCPCCM350-BL Manual Slow Cooker, Navy Blue

It will offer you the 3½ quartz cooking space within its rectangular shaped unit. The item is ideal for cooking casseroles, lasagne and desserts.

This is best used when you are traveling and still cooking since it has the clamp down locking lid system. The casserole crockpot also works as a serving bowl as you maintain the right temperature with the keep warm function.

This is ideal to keep your food intact and without the mess or spills. You don’t have to come back from a tired day of running up and down just to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your food.

This item allows you to cook anything from casseroles to all other famous cooking methods. It will further securely lock your food within the item using its 2-sided clamps that hook it from the lid to the clamp down.

It makes it easy to lock your food in place. Since it has large handles, you can easily carry your food from the house to your car without spilling everything. It works when you either place it in the conventional oven or plug it on the kitchen countertop.

Crockpot trivet

12. Silicone Trivet Pan Holder

PELEG DESIGN Silicone Trivet Pan Holder Trivet Mat Kitchen Heat Resistant to 450 °F, Non-Slip, Insulation, Durable, Flexible hot Pot Trivet Pan Holder Red Crime Scene

Designed using the food grade silicone that is BPA free and FDA approved the item is safe to use. It’s further decorative, durable, protects your furniture surfaces and its non-slip.

It features the insulation performance with the heat resistance of up to 450˚F. This is a funny design yet the perfect decoration for any kitchen decoration. The item is dishwasher safe and you may wash it by hand.

Its storage is a non-issue because you can hang it on a hook. It further works as a great gift for your family members. I like the fact that you will never smell the bad odor, get it stained or develop the mildew and rust.

Crock pot express accessories

13. Silicone Lid/Cover – Compatible with Crock-Pot

Silicone Lid/Cover - Compatible with Crock-Pot (TM) 6 Qt 8-in-1 Multi-Use Express Crock Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Multi-Cooker (SCCPPC600-V1) - BPA-Free - By Impresa Products

This features a unique lid that is designed to fit in the 6 in 1 slow cooker. Made of silicone, the lid is perfect for use when you have the leftovers and would love to keep your food warm. It further retains the steam and moisture while you are cooking.

Since the item is made using the thick, high quality and heavy constructed item, the lid is BPA free, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. It’s further phthalates free which makes it ideal for use with your food.

To use it, you may find that its lid is tight and, in such cases, just soak the item in warm water for it to release your crockpot.

14. Crock-Pot SCCPVG000 18-Ounce Electric Gravy Warmer

Crock-Pot SCCPVG000 18-Ounce Electric Gravy Warmer, White

The item has a capacity of 18 ounces that holds a large capacity of liquid. I mostly like having it when I intend to entertain my guests. It’s designed to make the pouring easy. Furthermore, it has a detachable cord for convenience.

With the detachable cord you can safely take the crockpot from the heat source and place it on the table. It has the electric base which is used to maintain the gravy and sauce at an ideal temperature.

The item is dishwasher safe with a lid that eases the cleaning process.

Shredder claws

15. Deluxe Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Deluxe Pulled Pork Shredder Claws-Solid Construction, Lock Mechanism for Safe Storage Lock, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean, No Crevices for Meat to Get Stuck in, 475°F Heat Resistant

This is effective when you wish to shred your meat in style and this process takes between 20 -25minutes. They will help you to pick out the meat from the slow cooker and move it. The items are super sharp and heavy duty which makes it stronger than other makes.

The item will stand a high heat of up to 475˚F. You won’t have the cases of melting and thanks to its design as it will work in the dishwasher. For all the quality cuts and quality work buy yourself this item.

Crockpot lid handle

16. Wiizez Universal Crockpot Cookware Lid Knob Handle Replacement

Wiizez Universal Crockpot Cookware Lid Knob Handle Replacement | With Practical Spoon Rest and Protective Hand Grip | (2 Pcs)

You can use this item with several stovetop cookware. They work on the wok lid, saucepan lids, pot lid among other vital kitchen gadget. The replacement lid handle features the grooved rests which will balance your spoons, spatula, other utensils among other items.

You won’t have your lid rolling over the counter when you place it there. The glass lid handles feature a green leave shape which enhances the outlook of your home. Since it has a unique shape it doesn’t slip rather it remains easy to pick and convenient for use.

You can mount your lid handle to a single hole design. They remain dishwasher safe and they are watertight fit. It has a strong and safe fix that is Bakelite.

What Temp Does A Crock Pot Cook At?

They cook at varying temperature with the lowest temperature going at 200˚F and the highest temperature goes at 300˚F.

Some items will even cook at a low temperature of 190˚F. Such slow cookers have the highest temperature being at 250˚F. It takes about 8 hours to cook your food at the low temperature while it will take 4 hours to cook the food at a high temperature.

If you intend to cook your food to the tender texture, make sure you check the kind of food you intend to cook because they maintain varying levels of tenderness.

Can I Use My Crockpot in The Oven?

The part of the crockpot that you can use in the oven is the crockpot insert. If it is cracked you shouldn’t use it in the oven but if not then coat it with cooking spray to ease the cleaning process.

The best way is to use an aluminum foil to cover the food stuff. Notice that these items are also heat sensitive thus the instant changes in temperature may lead to cracking. Before you place the item in the oven, just confirm with your manufacturer if it’s okay to use it in the oven.

Can You Keep Gravy Warm in A Crockpot?

If you are cooking using the low settings or the keep warm function, chances are that you will keep the gravy and other foodstuffs warm for longer. However, if you had made them a long time before, you may use the slow cooker to just reheat the food.

Cleaning the Crockpot

When cleaning the slow cooker, you should know that unless you clean your cooker well you will have the bacteria development on your food.

  • For the cleaning process, you first begin by unplugging the appliance before the cleaning process begins.
  • Take time to first wipe the exterior surface of the slow cooker with a damp cloth. Its advisable to only use the mild dishwashing soap and warm water for the cleaning. You may also use the baking soda and water mixture to clean the exterior surfaces.
  • Wash the stoneware insert in the dishwasher and you can as well soak it in mild detergent.
  • If you have stuck foodstuffs you can clean those ones by heating the water on low option for hours.
  • Scrub it with baking soda without having abrasives.

Cleaning the Slow Cooker Interior

If you have a slow cooker you will notice the heating element is housed in an aluminum casing. Note that, food usually spills over into this area and it may need cleaning.

Let the cooker cool down then submerge the interior in water to begin the cleaning. In this case, you should follow the instruction of the manufacturer as there are those who suggest that you wipe the interior with a damp cloth.

If you have the tough stains or stuck on food stains, fill the bowl with ammonia then place it back to the cooker and let it stay on overnight.

You may use the oven cleaner at this point however be careful that you shouldn’t damage the aluminum.

Take time to clean the remaining removable parts individually with the mild cleaning and soap. Don’t leave it at that, just dig further into the hard to reach areas in search of bacteria and food particles remaining.

You should then reassemble the parts of the slow cooker and you are ready to use it.

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