26 Daniel Fast Recipes You Don’t Want To Miss

This recipe is used when fasting, and the objective is to become closer to God. In addition, Christians use this recipe to improve their spiritual health.

That said, if you have been on the look for this recipe and you don’t know where to start, here are some of the recipes you can prepare during your short-term fast.

I hope the recipes will help you reach your main goal.  

Twice baked potatoes

What is Daniel fast recipe?

If you are one of the many people who haven’t heard about Daniel’s fast recipes, you must wonder why it is named Daniel and what its contents are. This recipe is biblical-based and popular among Christians, especially the protestants.

The pursuit and objective of this recipe were for spiritual purposes and becoming closer to God. It goes against what many people believe, which is to lose weight and become healthy. This recipe is primarily meat-free with zero additives during its preparation.

Daniel fast recipe does not have to be strict, provided you use zero additives when preparing the vegetables. You can readily manipulate the dish customizing it to fit your fast.

Remember, the modifications depend on how strict your Daniel fast recipe is.

So, what should you eat on Daniel fast?

Vegetables are the dominant ingredients when preparing this recipe. Regardless of how strict you prepare the recipe, almost every edible vegetable makes a perfect choice.

Whether the vegetables are fresh, dried, or canned, they still make a perfect meal plan for this diet.

Fruits are also a good alternative for this diet plan. They give the diet a distinctive taste with extra kick and flavor. Remember not to stir-fry any of the vegetables, as this will go against the rules of the Daniel fast diet.

Seeds and nuts are also good alternatives if you don’t add sugars. Grains like wheat, oats, corn, beans, and rice are perfect for this diet.

Vegetable oils like canola oil, sunflower, and peanut oil are the only options you need if you have to use oil when preparing this recipe.

What should you not eat on Daniel fast?

When preparing this dish, you want to use the right ingredients to improve your spiritual health.

That said, you need to avoid processed food and refined at all costs. Food products such as flavorings, additives, and anything processed using white flour.

You should also avoid dairy and animal products, which go against the ingredients required for this recipe.

Leavened bread and sweeteners are also not options for you to consider. Leavened bread goes through fermentation which causes the bread to rise.

Water is the only option you have for a drink, as beverages such as alcohol, coffee, and tea aren’t allowed.

Daniel fast soup recipes

The list of Daniel fast recipes is long, with several ways to customize the dish to match your taste buds using all the required ingredients. You don’t need to stick to specific ingredients as it gets boring.

Note that this meal plan will involve many cooking procedures and a lot more planning.

The key to getting the best of this is planning ahead of time and integrating leftovers into your meals. 

1. Vegan taco soup 


Winter periods usually blend perfectly with soup prepared using chili. The key to unlocking this recipe is spices and proper ingredients.

Finding the right ingredients is not an easy task, especially when preparing this soup. Some ingredients may contain traces of animal products. 

The soup is packed with various flavors depending on the ingredients used during preparation. So making your ingredients is possible, especially when the ones you got have got traces that will jeopardize the originality of the daniels fast recipe. Here’s how to prepare this soup.

2. Three-bean vegetable soup 


Like many other varieties of soups, this one requires you to use high-end ingredients to help retain the broth’s flavor. You need three types of beans to make it tastier for this recipe. 

Whether you opt for fresh or dried beans, it’s all your preference. However, dried beans tend to hold up the soup properly compared to their fresh counterparts.

Note that this recipe takes a while to prepare, so you might want to start ahead of time. Here is how to make it.

3. Minestrone soup


The best part when preparing this recipe is you can customize it with different high-end ingredients, provided they don’t go against the set regulations for the daniel fast recipe.

In addition, soups are traditionally served during winter, which makes this recipe the perfect alternative considering it takes a shorter prep time.

Using a slow-cooker when preparing this recipe is an advantage. It is simple because all you do is toss the chopped ingredients in the pot and let the pot do the cooking. Here’s how to prepare this delicious soup.

4. Velvety zucchini basil soup 

You only need five ingredients to get the best of this recipe, which makes it the perfect option for busy weeknights.

It has a soft texture packed with subtle flavors, and best of all, it’s vegan and gluten-free

Basil is a critical ingredient when preparing this soup. It gives the recipe a distinctive extra kick, but you can choose to omit it and use other substitutes if you are not a lover of this vegetable. Get the guidelines on its preparation here. 

5. Carrot, apple, and ginger soup 


This soup recipe is straightforward with simple ingredients. However, there is no denying how good this soup recipe is, mainly with the several flavors coming from the ingredients required. 

The key to getting the best of this soup recipe is using fresh farm carrots and not the blanched ones. You can readily customize this soup to fit your taste buds.

Remember to use plant-based ingredients to avoid altering the requirements for the daniel fast recipe. Get the recipe.

6. White bean, kale, and vegetable soup 


This soup consists of several nutritious ingredients, all helpful for the growth and development of the body. The good news is that your stomach will not be left excessively full due to the vegetables you use.

In addition, the white beans in this soup are essential in the provision of proteins, which means you will not miss any meat.

The cooking process is short, especially since you only have to stir it a few times. That said, the preparation time might be longer since you have to chop the veggies and other ingredients. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try, and here’s how to prepare it

7. Split pea soup with rosemary 


Are you looking for something to warm you up during chilly nights? Split pea soup will serve you well during the winter season. This soup is a perfect alternative for people watching their weight.

It also does not keep your belly excessively loaded, provided you use vegetables when preparing it.

Dried split peas are the best when making this recipe because of the strong flavor it gives the soup. Split peas come in two varieties which are green and yellow peas.

The green ones will come out delicious compared to the yellow variety for this recipe. Get the recipe

8. Tuscan white bean soup 


Tuscan soup is packed with subtle and sweet flavors. In addition, this soup is pretty nutritious with loads of protein which means you wouldn’t want any meat when making this recipe.

The soup will leave your belly full but not sluggish and heavy. 

The vegetables needed for this recipe are readily accessible. The vegetables have a significant role in the texture of the broth. You don’t need to add any cream when preparing this delicious soup.

All you need is to blend the white beans with a little bit of the broth, and you are good to go. Pairing it with other salads will make it a complete dish. Get the recipe

9. Garden vegetable soup


Traditionally, vegetable soups are usually thick and rich. However, garden vegetable soup is slightly thinner and less thick, but it still retains a delicious flavor with loads of vegetables.

This soup recipe only uses fresh garden produce, but you can switch it up a bit using other vegetables, provided they match your taste buds.

Ingredients used when preparing this soup recipe are responsible for the several flavors and heartiness of the result.

It takes a few minutes to prepare this soup. You should include it in your daniel fast recipe list. Get the recipe.  

10. Detox Morrocan lentil soup 


This soup might not be eye-pleasing to many, but it’s super healthy and hearty. It contains loads of fiber and proteins, which are essential for the human body, especially when it comes to digestion.

Spices are vital to unlocking the flavor of this soup, so you might want to use several varieties of spices.

It takes less than an hour to prepare this detox soup. It often replicates a meaty texture, meaning even meat lovers will fall in love with this recipe.

All you need is to chop your vegetables, add them to your crockpot, and let the cooking take nice and easy. Get the recipe.

Daniel fast breakfast recipes 

There are several daniel fast breakfasts that you can enjoy for the 21 days of your fasting. The good news is that there are zero contents of animal or dairy products which means you will still eat healthily.

For breakfast, you can readily have fruits, seeds, and oatmeal, provided they meet the required guidelines of the fast.

Here are some of daniel’s fast breakfast recipes you can enjoy during your 21-day fast.

11. Almond milk breakfast smoothie 


Regardless of how almond appears, their flavor is one you cannot overlook. Smoothies prepared using almond milk are often nutritious with loads of proteins.

A diverse range of ingredients can easily go in when making this smoothie. Some ingredients you can use include bananas, cinnamon, oats.

You should always check the brand of almond butter before purchasing since some of them may contain additives such as sugars which are not needed for this smoothie.

Nevertheless, an Almond smoothie is a perfect drink you can use to kickstart your day. Get the recipe.

12. Vegan chickpea omelet 


Vegan chickpea omelet may not be famous as egg omelet, but it’s one recipe that doesn’t disappoint. Several versions of this recipe give you the room to decide which variant to go with.

The good thing is that you need six ingredients to get the best of this breakfast recipe.

The herbs and spices you use depends on your desire because the spices are natural with zero additives.

Regular pea flour usually has a robust flavor. You might want to tone it down or go for other pea flour varieties. Get the recipe.

13. No-bake apricot oat protein bars 


Protein bars come in a wide range of forms. There are several bars in the stores, each with a different nutritional value to match different needs.

This homemade bar is chewy, soft-textured, and slightly salty.

You need high-end ingredients for this recipe, especially those bought from the stores since they may contain additives that are not needed.

However, these bars are protein-packed, making the perfect alternative for your breakfast or a snack. Get the recipe

14. Grits bowl with avocado and baked tofu strips 


This recipe almost resembles a breakfast sandwich but with a slightly different formation. The toppings of this breakfast recipe go perfectly well with bread.

However, adding bread will eliminate the authenticity of the daniel fast procedure, so you might want to omit bread at all costs.

The star of this recipe is the tofu strips. Marinating the tofu strips is not a simple task. That said, marinating them overnight will save you a whole lot of time. Get the recipe.

15. Coconut brown rice breakfast bowl

If you are looking for the perfect substitute for oatmeal, then a rice breakfast bowl is the perfect alternative. This recipe offers another alternative to shake up your regular breakfast routine.

The good news is you can prepare this dish ahead of time, which saves you time in the morning.

Brown rice for breakfast may seem odd, but there is not much difference with oats. You need basic ingredients for this recipe, and so is the prep time.

Coconut brown rice is satisfying, making it one of the best dishes for people watching their weights. Get the recipe.

16. Vegan chocolate coconut date bars 


During busy weekdays, breakfast bars are a perfect go-to option. They come in different variations, all with different nutrient values.

Store-bought bars are not the best option for vegans because they contain additives and sugar. Preparing your bars is the best option because you can readily manipulate the ingredients.

This recipe requires only six ingredients to put together. The good news is you can customize the ingredients to match your taste buds, provided they don’t go against the daniel fast requirements. Get the recipe.

17. Raw Apple pie porridge 


One thing about porridge in any form is how satisfying and comforting it leaves your belly. Apple pie porridge is a raw recipe but at the same time warm.

The ingredients used are responsible for the gel-like consistency that often appears when correctly done. 

People tend to brush away this porridge because it is raw, which means it ends up being cold. The good news is you can easily warm this porridge as long as you don’t overheat.

Overheating will eliminate the all-important nutrients. Get the recipe.

18. Banana milk 


Daniel fast diet requires you to omit the use of any animal product. Banana milk is what you need if you have milk cravings. It has a rich, soft texture with perfect consistency.

You might want to make a homemade version of this milk because buying it is pretty expensive.

It would help if you had a maximum of 5 ingredients to put this milk together. Banana milk tends to separate quickly. That said, it’s important to prepare what’s enough for consumption immediately.

You will find different milk varieties in the stores with different ingredients used. It’s essential to read the label before consuming. Get the recipe.

19. Blueberry baked oatmeal 


The versatility of this recipe is what makes it easy to prepare. You can switch it up using different toppings to create flavors that match your taste buds.

You can also prepare it in large batches for later use. It is super nutritious, making it the perfect meal for your breakfast. The good news is you can reheat if there are leftovers.

 There is nothing complicated about this dish. All you need to do is cook your oats with milk, provided the milk used is plant-based to retain its nutrients.

For the toppings, the list is endless as most fruits create a perfect match. However, you might have to check on the dried fruits as they contain added sugars. Check the recipe.

20. Pumpkin spice coconut breakfast porridge


The two ingredients that give this porridge a whole new dimension are coconut flour and shredded coconut. This porridge doesn’t have the same chewy texture as porridge with oats.

However, if you desire a cereal feeling, this recipe doesn’t disappoint, mainly because it’s also hot.

The toppings of this porridge vary, but mashed bananas are a dominant ingredient, especially if you are looking to sweeten it up.

Depending on your desire, you can make this porridge either thin or thick. Then, you only need to add a bit of water, and you are good to go. Get the recipe.

21. green smoothie bowl 


This smoothie is easy to put together, making it a go-to for your breakfast or snack. The ingredients needed for this green smoothie are readily available, and its versatility means you can add anything of your choice.

In addition, the appearance of this smoothie is eye-pleasing, especially when you add red or purple-colored fruits on top.

A blender does all the work for you here. Combining all your ingredients in the blender and pulsing them until you attain a smooth texture is all the only thing you need to do. Get the recipe

Daniel fast dessert recipes 

If you like sweet stuff and don’t want to stop enjoying your desserts even when on the daniel fast diet, here are some recipes that you can devour without interfering with the diet.

Of course, these desserts don’t contain any sugars or processed stuff like flour, but it’s worth changing from your traditional desserts.

22. Almond flour banana bread 


The only limitation of this recipe is finding the almond flour, which means it is relatively expensive but worth every penny.

This bread is nutritious, delicious, and healthy with zero additives. You need eight ingredients to put this bread recipe together.

Well, the texture of the almond banana bread recipe is not the same as the traditional bread and usually replicates a cheesecake texture.

The prep and cook time might be longer, but it’s worth the wait. Get the recipe.

23. Peanut butter coconut energy bites 


These balls are healthy and easy to put together. Besides, there’s no baking involved, and you need only four ingredients to get the best of this recipe.

Like many other recipes, you can customize the bites to match your taste and preference. 

There are several versions of this recipe with specific ingredients that give the bites a distinctly unique flavor. Get the recipe.

24. Daniel fast granola bar 

Fasting isn’t an easy task as you might get hungry from time to time. However, this recipe is easy to prepare and can be ready in less than an hour. The best part is the bars only need four ingredients for you to fix. Get the recipe.

Daniel fast potato recipes.

Potatoes are globally available but at different times across different countries. The good news is it is cheap to grow them, and also they are nutrient-rich.

Potatoes have long been used in the culinary world for different purposes, and one of them is the preparation of meals. Here are some daniel fast potato recipes you can prepare.

25. Baked potatoes and zucchini 

The combo between zucchini and baked potatoes elevates this recipe to a whole new level.

Combine them with other ingredients like lemon juice, homemade oil sauce, and spices of your choice, and you have yourself a heavenly dish. 

The only limitation is it takes a longer time to prepare and assemble all the ingredients. However, this recipe will take a few minutes to cook. The ingredients required for this recipe are probably in your kitchen. Get the recipe.

26. Southwest sweet potato boats 

This recipe is healthy and filling, making it a perfect meal for dinner. It is a versatile dish, and you can customize it with the ingredients of your choice to add extra flavor to the recipe.

The traditional ingredients needed for this recipe might be slightly spicy, depending on your taste buds. That said, replace with other ingredients. 

A shortcut to reducing the time you prepare this dish is baking the sweet potatoes in advance. This is because the potatoes take about an hour to bake evenly. Get the recipe.  

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