40 Best Dessert Bars (Easy + Recipes)

Cooking for the family is usually not a simple task. The problem comes in when you prepare a recipe that not everybody loves, which means you have to prepare other dishes to fit the other individuals.

The easiest way to serve and please a crowd is by serving desserts which almost everyone loves.

Orange Desserts

The good thing with desserts is you can prepare them in large batches. They also don’t require too much perfection compared to cakes and pies. Baking cookies is fun and satisfying compared to dessert bars.

However, many people opt to go with dessert bars because there’s not much effort, and the results are pleasing.

With dessert bars, you need a little patience and time, several alternate layers of ingredients, a sharp knife to cut the desserts in different shapes, and finally, a pan.

However, with all these at hand, your desserts will come out deliciously fabulous.

Here are some of the best dessert treats you can prepare for your friends and family.

Vegan dessert bars

Vegan desserts don’t always have to be boring with specific ingredients. So, if you are vegan and wondering how you will satisfy your dessert cravings, here are some delicious desserts that you can readily incorporate into your diet. 

The good news is that no fancy ingredient is required when making these desserts. That said, most of the ingredients required for vegan desserts are probably in your pantry.

So get yourself busy in the kitchen and try these desserts.

1. Vegan almond flour brownies 

This dessert comes together by combining ten ingredients. Usually, you get to prepare the recipe in one bowl, and it comes packed with several flavors from the different ingredients used during the preparation.

Almond flour brownies dessert has a smooth texture with a chocolatey flavor.

The ingredients are cost-effective. Cocoa powder is responsible for the chocolate flavor. On the other hand, the almond flour balances the chocolate flavor with its chewy texture. Get the recipe. 

2. Vegan pecan bars 

Vegan pecan bars often replicate the taste and flavor of pecan pie, but the difference comes from the caramel pecan topping. It is a 15-minute recipe with standard and straightforward ingredients.

You can also prepare them in advance if you intend on hosting a party.

This dessert can quickly generate about 32 other bars from a single large bar, making it the perfect dessert for large crowds. It will quickly end your dessert craving without messing with your diet. Get the recipe.

3. Blackberry coconut raw bars 

It is one of the best vegan desserts you can ever want. It is a dominant dessert during summer, and ingredients are vegan friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about allergies and reactions. 

The bars are free from dairy products and other additives. The original version of this dessert bar involves using coconut instead of blackberries.

However, you won’t regret using blackberries because they are just as good. The good news is you can make them ahead of time and store them in your fridge for later use. Get the recipe.

4. Vegan mango cheesecake bars 

These bars are another recipe for summer. This recipe is super delicious, packed with sweet and tangy flavors. It also is rich and creamier compared to other dessert bars.

This recipe has several versions with specific ingredients, such as cashew nuts and tofu.

The trick to getting the best of these bars when assembling is to use a larger baking pan. It will ease things up when you are assembling the cheesecake.

A deep-sided baking sheet will also work for you if you cannot get a large baking pan. Get the recipe.  

5. Chocolate peanut butter fudge bars 

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a classic one that has been used for a long time. The execution of these bars is epic, and even the appearance is captivating.

The best part about this dessert recipe is that you need only two ingredients, making it a quick-fix dessert.

Chocolates tend to burn quickly. Therefore, it is essential you watch it keenly when baking. The best will be to lower your heat to source to prevent damaging the flavor.

This dessert gives you all the flavors you’ve been craving, between peanut and chocolate. Get the recipe

6. No-bake vegan cheesecake 

There’s not much difference between this vegan cheesecake and the original version. However, differentiating the two might be challenging if you aren’t keen enough.

What goes on top of the cheesecake is all up to you, provided you keep it dairy-free.

The original version of this vegan recipe uses cashew nuts as a key ingredient. People tend to opt for this version because cashew nuts are responsible for the extra cream.

That said, whether you go for cashew nuts or go for other ingredients, it simply is delicious. Get the recipe.

7. Almond butter blondies 


Almond butter blondies are a 30-minute dessert recipe that only needs a bowl and baking tray to prepare.

Often, people associate this recipe with the deep-dish chocolate cookie. However, they vary when it comes to flavor and texture.

These bars are a go-to option because it requires basic ingredients, which you probably have in your kitchen. This is one of the most straightforward bars to fix.

The good news is you don’t need any unique ingredients. You need to check the labels of the ingredients if they contain any dairy additives to avoid any allergic reactions. Get the recipe.

8. Vegan flourless chocolate cake 

The original version of this cake is prepared using liquor and whipped cream. Well, like other recipes, you can readily modify them to fit your taste buds or diet plan.

Substituting the ingredients, you don’t need will turn the dessert into whatever style you desire.

Based on the ingredients used, you will probably have dark chocolate when preparing this dessert. The darker the chocolate, the sweeter it gets.

You might have to use low cocoa chocolates for picky people with their food. The cake tastes best when served at room temperature. Get the recipe

9. Apple oatmeal cookies 

Oatmeal cookies do not always disappoint, and the fact that you can transform them into healthy desserts makes it even better.

When you want something quick to fill your stomach, these cookies are what you go for. They have a soft and moist texture and are best served warm.

You only need five ingredients to fix these cookies. They come in different versions, and it is essential you read the label and the ingredients before indulging in this goodness.

The steps of making this dessert are straightforward, and you can swap the ingredients if the ones used aren’t gluten-free. Get the recipe.  

10. Chocolate avocado pudding pops

Pudding pops have long been there until recently; they are not sold in the stores again. Well, for this recipe, there is a slight twist from the classic version.

Avocadoes and almond butter are the perfect substitutes for making this recipe healthy.

Chocolate avocado pudding pops are rich and creamy. This is due to combining coconut milk, avocadoes, cocoa powder, and maple syrup.

Cocoa powder is responsible for producing chocolate flavor without having to use additives such as sugar. Get the recipe.

11. Vegan peach cobbler 

 Vegan peach cobbler is super healthy and easy to put together. The form in which the peaches appear, whether canned or fresh, doesn’t significantly influence the dessert’s flavor.

You don’t have to use peaches if you can’t readily access this specific fruit.

What goes on top of this dessert depends on what you desire. Most of the ingredients needed for this recipe are readily available and probably in your kitchen cupboards.

Preparing this recipe in advance is possible, provided you don’t assemble the peaches until you are ready to bake. Get the recipe.

12. Vegan cookie dough ice cream 

Homemade recipes are the best, especially if you are a picky eater. This is because you can observe whatever ingredients are used to make a particular recipe to avoid allergies and reactions.

For example, vegan cookie dough ice cream has a smooth texture and is creamy like the standard ice creams.

The cookie dough and the chocolate chips are delicious and easy to put together. Making your cookie dough ice cream is simple, even if you don’t have the ice cream maker machine.

The only limitation of not using a machine is the texture of the ice cream will not be consistent and smooth.

The versatility of this recipe means you can use ingredients such as frozen bananas to recreate the smooth texture of ice cream. This recipe is worth your time. Get the recipe. 

13. Vegan raspberry mocha mousse brownies 

The best part about this recipe is you don’t need to turn your oven on to bake anything. These brownies are perfectly layered with raspberry jelly, mocha mousse, and a brownie often coated with dark chocolate.

The toppings are essential in bringing an extra tangy-sweet flavor to balance everything out.

This dessert recipe may take a bit longer to prepare, even without baking, but it’s worth the time spent. Making the brownie crust is the simplest.

All you need to do is add the dry ingredients to a food processor and pulse them, after which you add the wet ingredients and blend to form a dough. Get the recipe.  

Pumpkin dessert bars 

Pumpkins are delicious in any form. Using them to make desserts will make them healthy and delicious.

If you’ve been craving pumpkin spice, the most creative way of enjoying it is on a pumpkin bar. 

All you have to do is get your pan ready and begin preparing these delicious dessert bars, which feature different ingredients and techniques of preparation. Here are some of the best pumpkin dessert bars

14. Layered pumpkin pie cheesecake 

Combining two old classics between cheesecakes and pumpkin pie often comes with irresistible goodness.

This recipe is rich and sweet, but it comes at a price because you need to put in loads of work to get it to the level required. 

If you are looking for a dessert that would please and impress the crowd, then worry no more.

This dessert is eye-pleasing, and the layering of the ingredients brings a balance of sweet-tangy flavor to the bars. Get the recipe

15. Brown butter pumpkin tahini bars 

The first thing about this pumpkin dessert bar is it’s healthy and gluten-free. It takes less than an hour to get the best of this recipe, and the ingredients are easily sourceable from the stores and shops.

The star of the show in this recipe is the tahini seed, which brings robust flavors to the whole dessert. Tahini has a nutty flavor with perfectly balanced bitterness.

Butter is also essential for this recipe. You need to transform the butter to brown butter to regulate butter intake.

It is a go-to dessert during busy weeknights. Get the recipe

16. Pumpkin pie magic cookie bars 

Loads of chocolate chips, pecans, and coconuts are essential for the goodness of this dessert. The version of this magic bar is slightly different from the original version, but the flavor is authentic and delicious. 

The cookie crust of this dessert comes together by combining two ingredients that don’t require you to have a food processor or a blender.

It also takes less than a minute to bake the crust. Get the recipe.

17. Caramel macadamia nut pumpkin pie bars 


Pumpkins are best enjoyed during the fall season, and there are so many ways in which you can prepare this vegetable. Pumpkin pie bar is one of the many ways to enjoy the pumpkin.

It comes with a slight difference from the classic pumpkin pie version but is super delicious.

When making the pumpkin bars, the traditional flavor is retained. The significant difference comes when layering the toppings, including the macadamia nuts and caramel, then served on a bar.

You can prepare these bars ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator. For the size, you can cut using a sharp knife if you are hosting a party with large crowds. Get the recipe 

18. Pumpkin pie crumble bars 


Not only do they have an appealing look, but they also have a delicious flavor that will leave your taste buds longing for more. This dessert recipe involves a simple twist from the original version to boost its flavor.

A shortbread {usually chewy} is used as the crust for this recipe. It holds the toppings even with several layers.

The best thing about a shortbread as the crust is that it’s not easy to mess it up even with different layers piled above. The toppings of this pie crumbles vary depending on taste and preference.

The most common toppings include pumpkin spice, brown sugar and oatmeal crumble, and vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe.

19. Pumpkin Nutella cookie bars 

The combo between pumpkin and chocolate is one you shouldn’t underrate. They are easy to fix because you get to bake all the ingredients in one baking dish.

The bars are stuffed with Nutella, which infuses the bars with a sweet delicious nutty flavor.

The key to getting the best of this recipe is not overbaking the cookies. You must keep looking at the cookies when baking, especially towards the end of the baking.

You also don’t want to skip using Nutella, a crucial ingredient. However, if you don’t love Nutella, consider substitutes such as Hershey or Reese chocolate spread. Get the recipe

20. Pumpkin caramel cheesecake bars with streusel topping 


The marriage between cheesecake and pumpkin caramel is usually perfect.

These Dessert bars are the perfect crowd pleasers with different flavors from the ingredients used during its preparation. The base of this recipe comes from the graham crackers crust, and it’s layered with caramel sauce, streusel, and cheesecake.

The ingredients needed for this recipe are readily available in the stores. The good news is you can use substitute ingredients if sourcing them becomes challenging. Get the recipe 

21. Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting 

The best thing about desserts, regardless of the form, is you can easily customize them with the ingredients of your choice without messing with the flavor.

You can whip this recipe in a few minutes. Even better is you don’t need a mixer to mix the ingredients.

Pumpkin spice and cream cheese frosting combine to create an irresistible dessert. There is nothing fancy about the ingredients, in which case most of them are probably in your pantry. Get the recipe.

22. Creme Brule pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars 

The texture and flavor of this recipe make it a go-to dessert option. Creme Brule pumpkin bars often get messy, especially when you take your time to enjoy the bars.

The chocolate layer on this recipe often gets firm, and letting them out of the fridge at room temperature will make them melt.

The ingredients might be intimidating because they are pretty several, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating this dessert. This dessert is worth the mess. Get the recipe

23. Pumpkin chocolate chip bars 

One bar is never enough when it comes to this dessert recipe. Whether you opt for using fresh or canned pumpkin, the flavor will not be overly affected.

If you decide on using canned pumpkins instead of fresh, you don’t need to worry about any leftovers because the entire can will be used.

The blend between pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and pumpkin is one you cannot overlook. The key to getting the best of this recipe is ensuring you bake the bars long enough.

They begin sinking from the middle if you don’t bake long enough. Get the recipe. 

24. Gingerbread pumpkin bars 


This recipe has a lot of similarities with pumpkin pie oatmeal chocolate bars but the ingredients used for both vary. Gingerbread pumpkin bars are spicy, gooey, and sweet with an intense flavor.

The spices used in this dessert recipe are the major significant difference.

Gingerbread has a dominant flavor when preparing this recipe, but the pumpkin spice and molasses perfectly balance it out. It’s a 30-minute recipe perfect for satisfying quick cravings. Get the recipe.

Coconut dessert bars recipes 

Coconuts have long been used in the preparation of several other recipes. Its ability to infuse flavor to the dish without messing with the dish’s original flavor is why it’s loved by many.

Recently, it has been used as an ingredient in making desserts, and it doesn’t disappoint. Here are some of the best desserts prepared using coconut.

25. Chocolate coconut bars 

The combo between chocolate and coconuts is one of my favorite. This combination works well when used in making chocolate coconut dessert bars with graham crackers as the crust.

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser, and the good news is you only need five ingredients to put it together. That means the difficulty level of this recipe is easy.

There are several versions of this recipe with specific ingredients. You can use your favorite ingredients to create this dessert. Get the recipe

26. Magic cookie bars 

There are several ways to get the best of this dessert. This dessert has several alternate layers of crunchy and sweet ingredients. 

There is no extra knowledge required when making these magic bars. Crushed graham crackers, coconut, pecans, chocolate chips are some of the ingredients you need to create this delicious dessert. Get the recipe

27. Coconut dream bars 

Chocolate and coconut lovers, this is the treat for you. It is one of the oldest coconut-chocolate recipes, and it sure is easy to put together and decadent. 

Back then, these treats as prepared either when hosting baby showers or weddings.

The ingredients required are readily available in shops and stores. The good news is you can prepare it ahead of time. Get the recipe

28. Coconut cream pie bars 

If you are looking for a dessert recipe for potlucks, celebrations, or family purposes, this is the dessert for you.

A shortbread makes the proper crust for this recipe because of the toppings ‘

On the other hand, coconut cream filling is easy to fix, and you don’t have to cook it. It means you get to devour this dessert as early as possible. Get the recipe.

29. Pecan coconut blondies 

Shredded toasted coconut and chopped pecan are the stars of this treat. Toasted coconut contains extra flavor than its fresh counterparts.

You don’t have to worry about the preparation of blondies as nothing changes with the ingredients used in the classic version.

It’s also possible to toast the pecans, but you should do it under medium heat because they easily get burnt. Get the recipe.

30. Coconut fudge cookie bars 


This dessert will make an immediate impact with its well-balanced flavors. Unlike many desserts that use graham crackers, this one uses oatmeal cookie crust. Combine oatmeal cookie crust, coconut, and fudge, and you have the best-tasting dessert.

This treat is versatile. It means you can add other ingredients such as chocolate eggs as toppings without messing with its flavor.

Coconut fudge bars are the proper dessert for large crowds as you can easily cut them into small pieces to serve everyone. Get the recipe.

31. Coconut lime butter bars 

This recipe is perfect for summer because they are best served chilled. In addition, you can cut this dessert into relatively smaller pieces if you host a crowd. 

A buttery brown base forms the crust of this recipe. Although, the toppings vary based on taste, you can use the ingredients of your choice as toppings.

It takes 15 minutes to bake this dessert; however, you have to let it sit in the fridge before serving. Get the recipe.

Buttermilk dessert bars 

Buttermilk is a vital ingredient in the culinary world. It has been in the preparation of several recipes that turns out delicious.

Recently, an artificial version of this milk has been made by combining several ingredients. In addition, buttermilk has become a key ingredient in making desserts. 

Here are some dessert bars recipes prepared using buttermilk.

32. Chocolate buttermilk bars 


Buttermilk creates a significant difference for this recipe. It is super creamy with a moist texture and milky flavor.

There is nothing fancy about the ingredients as all of them are available in stores and stores.

Brown sugar and cocoa powder are responsible for making these bars moist. Remember to put the frosting on the cake after cooling it down to prevent the frosting from spreading over the cake. Get the recipe

33. Cherry pie bars with buttermilk glaze 

This recipe looks intimidating at first glance, and you might wonder how long it takes to prepare this dessert. Well, that’s not the case because it’s a straightforward recipe. 

Buttermilk is the all-important ingredient for this dessert. The ingredients required for this recipe are quite a handful, but that shouldn’t cause you worries. Get the recipe.  

34. Buttermilk brownies 

These brownies will impress even the pickiest of eaters. It is an authentic recipe super moist, thick, and fudgy. The good news is that they don’t crumble when you pick them up. 

Whether to put frosting or not is all up to you. Some people prefer to omit the frosting as it gets the cake soggy. The frosting isn’t a vital ingredient when making brownies, but you shouldn’t opt to put it if you love it. 

These brownies combine chocolate chips and cocoa chocolate powder making them dream brownies. Get the recipe.  

35. Lemon buttermilk bars 

This recipe is pretty much a lot from you, which means you need to be patient. The process of making the bars is lengthy, with several ingredients that require you to make them from scratch.

The key to robust flavor is using fresh lemons when making lemon juice and lemon zest. Get the recipe.

36. Blueberry buttermilk pie bars 

Blueberry goes well with many recipes regardless of its form, whether fresh or frozen. The crust of this recipe comes from combining several ingredients to create the best foundation for the toppings.

 It is a versatile recipe which means there are several ingredients you can use as toppings depending on what you love.

Baking these pie bars might take extra time, but it’s worth the wait. Get the recipe.

37. Buttermilk bars 


The first thing about these bars is that they don’t contain any yeast. The original version of this recipe comes from a cake donut, making it an old-fashioned recipe with slight variations.

Cutting your bars will reduce the baking time. It will also make the bars bake evenly when in the pan.

Overcrowding the bars in the pan will make the bars bake unevenly. Therefore, it is essential you watch how many bars go in your pan. Get the recipe

Lemon dessert bar recipes 

Lemons have long been used as a flavoring or garnish in the culinary world. However, lemons are often used reasonably because of their intense savory flavor.

It is why it is rarely eaten whole unless blended with other ingredients. Here are some desserts flavored with lemon that tastes just as good.

38. Lemon cheesecake bar 

The key to unboxing this recipe is using fresh lemon juice. However, bottled juice also works wonders for this recipe because the flavor of bottled lemon juice is often intense.

Also, the number of ingredients you need for this recipe is a few, making it easy to put together.

The other advantage is you get to use a cake mix, which cuts the work you do almost by half. The baking dish should be larger as a smaller one will make the bars thinner. Get the recipe. 

39. Homemade Lemon bars recipe

This recipe is super healthy, and even picky eaters can enjoy it without getting concerned about reactions and allergies. The crust of this recipe is prepared from common ingredients which you probably have in your pantry.  

You need to bake the crust first when preparing this recipe. This ensures that the lemon mixture and other ingredients won’t seep through the crust, thereby making it soggy.

You will know whether the bars are perfectly baked when the edges turn golden.

You can only cut through the bars when they are completely cool. The toppings of the bars depend on your favorite ingredients. Get the recipe.

40. Lemon raspberry bars 

This recipe offers a slightly different version from the original classic lemon bars. Raspberry in this dessert is responsible for the eye-catching pink color. A shortbread acts as the base for this recipe, and its flavor is well balanced because the flavor of raspberry is sweet.

When preparing the crust, you need to create edges to prevent any seepage brought by raspberry. It would be best if you let the bars sit in the fridge for a while for them to get firm.

Serve this dessert, either ice cream or powdered sugar. It’s a recipe worth your time. Get the recipe.

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