Chinese Mix Vegetable – Di San Xuan

Di san xuan (in fact, it should be Chinese Mix Vegetable) is a traditional dish of Northeastern China.

It is made of three fresh ingredients: eggplant, potatoes, and green peppers.

It not only consists of fresh and natural ingredients, but also is a very easy dish to make!

Di San Xuan

I have always been a fan of foods from the Northeast.

When my family would go to a restaurant, I would order this dish because it’s simple, affordable, and delicious. There are no fancy gimmicks in Dongbei cuisine.

It is not complicated to make this and pair with a delicious rice.

Di San Xuan

As long as this recipe is properly followed, you won’t even realize that it’s a vegetarian dish, and that anyone can learn to make it!

Di San Xuan

  • 1) 250g of potatoes
  • 2) 250g of eggplant
  • 3) 150g of green pepper


  • 1) 15g of light Soy sauce
  • 2) 5g of Sugar
  • 3) 2g of Salt
  • 4) 1 green onion
  • 5) Garlic
  • 6) 3 tsp of Starch

Di San Xuan Ingredients


Step 1: Peel eggplant, peel potatoes, cut into chunks (not too big or small, to your preference)

Di San Xuan step1-1

Di San Xuan step1-2

Di San Xuan step1-3

Step 2: Cut the green peppers, green onion, and crush the garlic as shown below. You should also begin to prepare your starch, sugar, salt, and water mixture. It is those ingredients, mixed with 15 ml of water and stirred to begin dissolving.

Di San Xuan step2

Step 3: Pour oil in a wok and heat (enough to cover the potatoes.) and fry until golden brown.

Di San Xuan step3

Step 4: Remove the potatoes, leaving the excess oil in the wok.

Di San Xuan step4

Step 5: Then fry the eggplant until golden on the surface. Then remove, letting the excess oil drip off.

Di San Xuan step5

Step 6: Properly and safely dispose of most of the used cooking oil, leaving just a bit to stir-fry the other vegetables. Add green pepper, green onion and garlic together in the wok and stir-fry.

Di San Xuan step6-1

Di San Xuan step6-2

Step 7: Then pour light soy sauce and stir fry on high heat, carefully add appropriate amount of water to slightly cover the vegetables and bring to a boil.
Di San Xuan step7

Step 8: Put the fried potatoes and eggplant in the wok and stir well. Let cook down for about a minute then stir in your starch mixture. You will see the sauce start to thicken when you remove from the heat.
Di San Xuan step8-1

Di San Xuan step8-2

If you really enjoy garlic, you can add some minced garlic at the end. Then you are ready to serve and enjoy!


Because the potatoes and eggplant are deep-fried, the oil must be hot before putting them in, or they will be very greasy, especially eggplant.

This dish is simply seasoned. If you want it to have a good taste, just pay attention to it. It is necessary to make the sauce boil in a hot oil pan, then pour the water. To get the restaurant-quality flavors, it is important to fry the soy sauce a bit before adding the water.

You can fry the green peppers a bit before adding the green onions and garlic, because it takes longer to cook. But you must be careful not to burn the garlic, or it will get a very bitter taste.

Don’t boil the sauce at the end for too long, or the water will evaporate. It will thicken more on its own once it is removed from the heat.

Nutritional value

Potatoes: Potatoes are low-calorie, multi-vitamin, diet food. Potassium up to 300 mg per 100 grams of potatoes

Eggplant (green skin): Eggplant is a common vegetable on the people’s table. Its skin is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P. This is unmatched by other vegetables. Vitamin P softens tiny blood vessels and it is beneficial to patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hemoptysis, and scurvy.

Green peppers: The fruits of green peppers are extremely rich nutrition. Vitamin C content is higher than that of eggplants and tomatoes. Among them, aromatic and spicy capsaicin can increase appetite, help digestion, and contain antioxidant vitamins and trace elements, which can enhance one’s strength, and relieve fatigue caused by stress in working life.

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