29 Dim Sum Recipes You Should Not Miss

Dim sum is one of the best dishes in Chinese cuisine. It is why most of us always pay at least weekly visits to our favorite Chinese restaurants.

However, this may not always be feasible. Maybe the nearest Chinese restaurant is too far, or the dim sum is too expensive or better still, you feel adventurous and experimental. So you would want to make a dim sum in your kitchen.

From a  first glance, dim sum recipes could look pretty complicated. However, this is not always the case.

I have put together easy-to-follow recipes that will make you make impressive dim sums like a pro.

Additionally, I will let you know how to store your dim sum and enjoy them later. But first, what is Dim Sum?

What is dim sum?

Dim sum is originally a Chinese style of preparing dumplings in tiny portions.

The dumplings are usually eaten using chopsticks and are accompanied by a dipping sauce.

dim sum

In America, the term dim sum has grown to become the style of Chinese eating where different food is served in small plates/bowls that are typical to the Chinese cuisine.

They are then presented in mobile carts. From there, that is when you, as a customer, choose whichever Chinese dish you would love to eat from amongst the presents.

Most dim sum carts will include dumplings, rice rolls, noodle rolls, steamed buns, etc.  The ingredients in these dishes are not limited to specific dishes. They could be anything, including all types of meat, vegetables, rice, and seafood.

There are various types of dim sum that you can make out of anything. Dimsum could be made from vegetables, carbohydrates, or proteins.

I recently saw a recipe for dim sum made from nuts. This is to show you that whatever you want to try, do it.

Here is a list of my favorite dim sum recipes.

1. Soft fluffy steamed custard bun

Soft fluffy steamed custard buns

If you are bored with the usual plain buns, you can make this tasty bun dim sum. This fluffy custard buns are very easy to make and are perfect for a  beginner.

It is perfectly soft and smooth. Then, you will fill it with custard bringing about a  flavourful and creamy taste.

This recipe details how to make smooth steamed buns. You can use these easy-to-follow steps to make any steamed buns you will ever make in your life. The custard filling is also easy to make as long as you stick to the recipe.

The ingredients are also readily available. All you need for these buns are milk, eggs, sugar, unsalted butter or coconut oil, all-purpose flour, powdered milk, and only 2hours 15minutes.

These fluffy buns are ideal for breakfast or Sunday brunch with family and friends. Expect a lot of oohs and ahhs and second rounds; therefore, cook them in plenty.

Here is the recipe.

2. Shumai (Shrimp & Pork Dumplings)

Shumai Shrimp Pork Dumplings

You have hardly had Chinese food if you have never tasted shumai. Shumai, sometimes called Shaomai, Siu Mai, or Siomai, is one of the most celebrated Chinese foods worldwide.

You might have wondered how your favorite Chinese restaurant makes it, and I will bring the recipe to you free of charge.

The owner of this recipe has spent years perfecting it; therefore, you are guaranteed to perfect Dhumai if you stick to the recipe.

This recipe yields a crunchy yet flavourful shumai. It is made with flavourful tasty bouncy pork and some crunchy shrimps.

Add some shiitake mushrooms, and it will be divine. I recommended preparing the pork, shrimp, and mushrooms ahead of time and storing them in the freezer. However, you can still prepare them from scratch using this recipe.

The ingredients you will need can be found in any grocery store at an affordable price.

While making your SHumai ensure you mix and throw by hand. According to the Chinese people, mixing the meat by hand and throwing the paste against the bowl using your hands achieves a perfect texture. This also makes the shumai bouncy.

Remember to use roe to garnish your tasty shumai at the end for a perfect presentation. Also, do not let your SHumai stay out long after steaming. It is best served immediately after steaming. Letting it cool down will make the wrap dry up, and the meat will harden.

Prepare shumai using this recipe and let your family enjoy shumai similar to the one at the Chinese restaurant, perhaps better.

Here is the recipe.

3. Fried sticky rice

Fried sticky rice

Fried sticky rice used to be my favorite dish on every menu in a Chinese restaurant since I was a kid until I tried this recipe and realized I could make better fried sticky rice in my kitchen.

This rice is made the way Italian risotto is made by continuously adding a small amount of liquid while stirring.

All you need is the power trio of black mushrooms, Chinese sausage, and dried shrimp resulting in a savory divine combination.

This dish is easy to make, and with the help of this easy steps recipe, you are guaranteed the best fried sticky rice you have ever had.

If you practice a vegetarian lifestyle, you can still use this recipe and enjoy fried sticky rice by substituting the sausage with vegan sausage and shrimp with vegetables.

Here is the recipe.

4. Ma Lai Go Chinese steamed dim sum cake.

Ma Lai Go Chinese steamed dim sum cake

Mai Lai Go has to be one of the best cakes I have ever eaten and later cooked. This cake is soft, fluffy, moist, and every bite is heavenly.

Ma Lai Go translates to Malay Cake which means Malaysian cake, but you should not be confused. This is a  Chinese cake.

This cake is served in most Chinese restaurants. The best time to enjoy this is during breakfast and brunch, or as the Chinese call it, Yum Cha. Ma Lai Go recipes come in different styles.

However, all of them achieve almost a similar result. I love this recipe the most because I found it the most authentic, and it makes me feel like I am in China.

How would you know that your Ma Lai Go is a  success? Air! Air is the secret “ingredient” in this cake.

Try to make it as spongy and airy as possible by beating the butter in a pattern that will incorporate the maximum amount of air.

Like most dim sum dishes, this cake is steamed, not baked. Steaming makes achieving a fluffy and light texture that feels like eating air with every bite easier.

This cake is simple, and you should not add any fruits or nuts.

Here is the recipe.

5. Har Gow (Dim Sum Dumplings)

Har Gow Dim Sum Dumplings

Har Gow is a well-liked dim sum dessert. You will find it on some menus in Chinese restaurants being referred to as crystal shrimp dumplings.

I will be honest. This is not one of the most straightforward dim sums to make, and you might fail to make it flawlessly on the first attempt. However, with practice, you will get better, and the hustle will be worth it.

This recipe goes to a great extent to simplify the process of cooking Har now. Follow the instructions to the latter to get the best results. Ensure that you use the right ingredients with the exact measurements.

To be safer, too, use boiling water for the dough. The shrimp should be crunchy, and to achieve this, soak the shrimp for over an hour.

If you find your dumplings dried out, you did not cover the wrapper portions with a  wet cloth during preparation.

After perfecting the art of making Har Gow, you can show off your prowess during friend hangouts and family gatherings.

Also, make it during date nights to make the night even more special.

Here is the recipe

6. Steamed Chicken Buns

Steamed Chicken Buns

Chicken bun dim sum is one of the authentic Chinese delicacies that has existed for years.

It is a special dish that people can enjoy despite the occasion, whether just a family dinner or a big party with family, friends or co-workers.

The first time I tasted the Chinese chicken steamed buns in a restaurant (this was years ago), I instantly knew my husband and kids would love them more; therefore, I had to try them at home.

Then, I came across this recipe online that yielded soft, fluffy, and divine chicken steamed buns.

Today, hot, soft, and pillowy steamed Chinese buns and a cup of Chinese tea are every Sunday dinner ritual in our household.

To make these Chinese chicken buns is pretty straightforward. All you need for the filling is chicken and vegetables.

However, be careful with the amount of filling and the folding. You do not want to put a lot of filling and end up with ugly, shapeless buns.

Serve this dish when still very hot. You can serve it with other dim sum dishes.

Here is the recipe for a savory and delicious steamed chicken buns dish.

Here is the recipe.

7. Char Siu Bao (Steamed Pork Buns)

Char Siu Bao Steamed Pork Buns

If you love pork or steamed chicken buns, you will fall in love with these delicious buns.

In Cantonese restaurant menus you might also find it written as Char Siew Bao or Cha Siu Bao. This dish is a must find in dim sum restaurants.

This authentic dish originated in Guangzhou. Despite its popularity, it is an easy dish to make. The best char siu bao is soft, pillowy, and delicious. You need to know how perfectly to fold the wrapper and have the perfect Chinese barbecue pork for the filling.

To make perfect Cha Siu Bao, you need Hong Kong flour or low gluten flour instead of all-purpose flour for a fluffier, soft result. You can use cake flour instead if you do not have Hong Kong flour.

The trick to beautiful buns is in their color. Add white vinegar to the steaming water to get perfectly white buns. Additionally, ensure the baking powder is perfectly dissolved to avoid yellow spots.

Try out this recipe on any particular night and enjoy an elegant, tasty Chinese dim sum dinner that your family will talk about for days.

Here is the recipe

8. Chicken dumplings with shiitake mushrooms

Chicken dumplings with shiitake mushrooms

Most classic dumplings are made from different variations of pork. You might also find vegetable dumplings in some Chinese restaurants.

This is the case for most recipes online too. That is why I was so excited when I found this simple chicken and shiitake mushroom dumpling recipe.

The thing with dumplings, and any dim sum dish for that matter, you can be as creative as you want and have whichever version of a dumpling recipe you want.

With this recipe, I was able to make dumplings that left my kids licking their fingers. They don’t love mushrooms so much, but these special dumplings got them not having enough.

You can use either or both fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms. Mushrooms bring about a rich meaty flavor that is heavenly. The dumplings are soft and moist.

What I find monotonous about most dumplings(dim sum dishes) is the soft, fluffy, quite watery taste. Because these dumplings are pan-fried, you can enjoy a nice crunchy texture, unlike in other dumplings.

However, you can also stream and boil them after pan-frying to get the perfect soft texture.

Pan Frying gives these dumplings a beautiful golden brown color that is perfect for presentation.

Try out this recipe.

9. Chicken and Cabbage Dim Sum

Chicken and Cabbage Dim Sum

I never knew I could use cabbage as a substitute for wheat dough as a wrapper for my dumplings until I came across this recipe.

Being a foodie but still weight-conscious, I was delighted to know that I could still enjoy my dumplings with very few calories.

This method of making dumplings is both clean and delicious. They also look so cute and pretty with the light green color from cabbage popping.

Prepare your chicken as you like best but ensure it does not have soup to avoid messy and watery dumplings. Then prepare the dipping sauce of your choice to enhance the taste.

Prepare enough dumplings keeping in mind that your family will want a second serving. Serve it while it is still hot.

Here is the recipe.

10. Chicken Feet Dim Sum

Chicken Feet Dim Sum

Chicken Feet are not commonly eaten in America and Europe, unlike in other continents.

So trying chicken Feet for the first time was exciting, and I instantly regretted throwing away chicken feet for the hundreds of chickens I have eaten all my life.

Chicken feet are a tasty part of the chicken and have an interesting texture that you would not find in the other parts of the chicken.

Chicken Feet dim sum has to be one of the tastiest Chinese dishes I have ever eaten. Additionally, they are pocket-friendly!

High chances are you will not find raw chicken feet in your local store. Instead, try any Asian grocery store.

Before cooking, ensure you clean them thoroughly because of their rough, scaly texture that tends to harbor dirt. After cleaning, dry them before frying.

Some recipes do not require you to fry, but I realized frying makes them plumpy and tender.

Some recipes do not cut off the claws before cooking, but for traditional Chinese chicken feet dim sum, you should. Furthermore, they look more presentable this way.

Make your glazing sauce as spicy as you would want. Then, you can serve it for lunch or dinner while it is still hot.

Finally, eat with a pair of chopsticks for the whole Chinese dim sum meal experience.

Here is the recipe.

11. Spare ribs with black bean sauce

Spare ribs with black bean sauce

If you have never tried spare ribs before with black bean sauce, then you have been missing out big time.

This is the perfect dim sum dish for dinner after a long day at work. It is, thankfully, a one-pot dish. This means fewer dishes to wash!

Chinese spare ribs are tasty, and the fermented black bean sauce gives it a fantastic kick.  You can purchase the fermented whole black beans in a Chinese grocery store and crush them in your kitchen to make the sauce. Alternatively, you can use a simply prepared sauce to save on time.

I prefer to add some cornstarch and water while the food cooks to have a thick soup.

Spare ribs with black beans sauce are flavorful and look deliciously inviting. It is a simple dish with an addictively divine taste.

Here is the recipe.

12. Chinese Pork Spring Rolls

Chinese Pork Spring Rolls

Chinese Spring Rolls are a classy appetizer that should be in any particular meal. They taste so good they make me want to cry. How can such an easy-to-cook dish be so delicious?

My kids know it is a special evening every time I make these spring rolls for dinner. It is my celebratory dish, and I make them every time I am in a good mood.

These crispy-skinned rolls have rich flavoring brought about by the delicious barbecue pork, carrot, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. The combination of these different flavors is heavenly.

Prepare the pork as you like it best but ensure it is barbecued. Since the spring rolls are deep-fried, you should drain the oil using paper towels when they are ready.

You can also bake them by brushing a thin layer of oil on the rolls before putting them in the oven.

Serve them while still hot and enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

13. Chinese Fried Shrimp Balls

Chinese Fried Shrimp Balls

These Shrimp balls are also an appetizer. They are so cute and easy to eat with chopsticks for beginners. To bring out the best in them, ensure your shrimp balls are heavily seasoned.

Also, add some water chestnuts to get the exciting crunch. This is guaranteed to leave your guests wanting more.

For the whole experience, make sure to include a dipping sauce to accompany them. My sauce of choice is usually sweet and sour, as I like how the contrasting tastes come together to create an amazingly delicious flavor. But you can also use spicy mustard sauce or cocktail sauce if you prefer.

This recipe can work gluten-free, which means that even your guests who are allergic to gluten are covered.

Use gluten-free cornstarch and gluten-free soy sauce. If you have the time and want more texture, you can wrap your shrimp balls with breadcrumbs before frying.

Here is the recipe. Serve while hot and enjoy.

14. Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Spicy salt and pepper shrimp has to be one of the easiest, fancy appetizers to make. You can also take it as the main course. It takes only 25 minutes to prepare and therefore would be perfect even for lazy days.

A perfectly cooked salt and pepper shrimp is a lovely yellow-orange in colors and is tender and flavourful on the inside.

Prepare it without removing the shells, as this ensures that the meat on the inside remains tasty and tender. But ensure the heads are removed.

Serve it hot with rice as the main course.

Here is the easy-to-follow recipe.

15. Chinese fried rice with sausage

Chinese fried rice with sausage

Fried rice with Chinese sausage is one of the most delicious, easy-to-cook variations of rice. Most kids love it. It is healthy (full-diet) and attractive to the eye.

Additionally, it is a one-pot meal. As if not enough, it is easy and fast to cook. In 15 minutes the Chinese fried rice with sausage will be ready. Everything about this Chinese fried rice sausage has it going for it, and that is why you should try this recipe.

It has scrambled eggs and sausage chunks that bring out a meaty, delicious flavor.

The peas, carrot, peas, soy sauce, and oyster sauce make the dish even tastier. All these ingredients are used together to make this dish a fully nutritional meal.

Serve it while still hot with some salad on the side.

Here is the recipe.

16. Ham Sui Gok (Fried Crescent Dumplings)

Ham Sui Gok Fried Crescent Dumplings

Ham Sui Gok has to be among the top three in the list of the tastiest dim sum dishes I have ever tasted. But, of course, you have probably ever bought this from your nearby bakery.

But if you would want to enjoy them fresh from your kitchen and hate long, complicated recipes, then you are in luck. I have the perfect recipe for you.

Most recipes online use ingredients like dried shrimps, chive, and jicama, which might not be available in your local grocery store. In this recipe, you will substitute these ingredients with fungus onion and scallions.

You will get a crispy, tasty shell with spicy, salty filling if you follow this recipe keenly. First, make the filling ahead of time to save on time. Then, wrap them well to achieve the cute shape and look as in the picture above.

Try this recipe at one of the weekend family gatherings and enjoy the ooh and aahs since you deserve it.

Serve Ham Sui Gok as a snack, appetizer, or as the main dish. If you serve it as the main dish, you can include stew and salad as the side.

Here is the recipe.

17. Vegan Dim Sum buns

Vegan Dim Sum buns

Most dim sum recipes may be meaty or have a little meat or eggs. But the truth is there are also vegan dim sum recipes.

For example, I found the best vegan dim sum bun online. These vegan buns are perfect for dinner parties.

These buns contain mushrooms made in Asian style and served with hoisin sauce that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

They are a healthy delicacy that even a non-vegan will enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

18. Prawn Dim Sum

Prawn Dim Sum

I love prawns. Therefore it was automatic that I would love Prawn dim sum. First, these dumplings are steamed and served while still hot to stop them from drying up. Then, serve them with two dips, as shown in the recipe.

If you want to save time, make the prawn filling in advance and store it in the fridge. Then, prepare the dim sum immediately when it is needed.

Here is the recipe.

19. Chicken egg roll

Chicken egg roll

You have never had an authentic Cantonese meal experience if you have never tasted these delicious rolls.

Chinese chicken eggs are the most delicious rolls I have been privileged enough to taste. They are uniquely authentic and let you know the beauty of Cantonese cuisine.

You can get these rolls in any Chinese restaurant. But due to covid 19, things have gotten so bad that you are safer at your house.

However, you can enjoy this delicacy in your home. Well, you can have it delivered, but higher chances are it will be cold by then, so why not make it yourself?

Chinese chicken egg rolls are easy to make. They constitute readily available ingredients. The perfect balance between the meat, fresh veggies, dried foods, and sauce is heavenly. The Chinese chicken eggroll is a festival dish, and therefore it would be perfect for any party.

If you want the perfect chicken Egg roll, you should add pork. The pork improves the taste tenfold. Additionally, make it more than the chicken.

I know you are probably wondering, wouldn’t that make it more of a pork egg roll than a chicken egg roll? Well, it is still called a chicken egg roll. But, a pork roll is something different.

You can also use ground turkey instead of ground chicken if you are not using pork. Use ground turkey that has some fat for that smooth, juicer taste. Additionally, add chicken broth to bring a moist, juicy texture. Just make sure the chicken cooks well and that you add cornstarch to thicken the broth.

Another hack would be to use shiitake mushroom in the feeling. This combination of different tastes will result in a divine taste that everyone would love. After dinner, your guest would want the recipe.

Serve these rolls while hot as a snack or appetizer. You can also make it a side dish. Always serve it with the sauce of your choice.

In the recipe, you will see a recipe for making your homemade sauce that works great.

Here is the recipe.

20. Chee Cheong Fun (steamed rice rolls)

Chee Cheong Fun steamed rice rolls

Plain rice can get boring. But when you play around with it, it can quickly become your favorite food. The Chinese understood this, hence the birth of Chee Cheong Fun. These rice rolls are simply delicious.

The Chinese version of steamed rice rolls is usually filled. You can fill it with the meat of your choice. Often they fill it with prawns, pork, fried dough sticks, or fish served with soy sauce.

The chee Cheong Fun is not filled for the Malaysian version, but it is presented with a sweet sauce of prawn paste and sesame seeds.

People have different preferences. You might prefer the filled steamed rice rolls or the unfilled. Some people like me love them both. However, they are prepared almost the same way, but we will prepare the unfilled Chee Cheong Fun in this recipe.

This recipe is clear, precise, and to the point. It is easy to follow. Making unfilled Chee Cheong fun is easy, but making the rice paper-thin to get the beautiful rolls can be quite a task.

For this reason, it is crucial to follow the steps keenly to ensure you get the exact consistency and texture of the rice.

Chee Cheong Fun is a classy dish. Serve it as the main dish while still hot. Sprinkle it with sesame seed and with the sweet prawn paste sauce.

Here is the recipe

21. Scallion Pancakes with Dim sum Dipper

Scallion Pancakes with Dim sum Dipper

If you desire to add a twist to your pancakes, here is a recipe to do just that. Scallion pancakes taste so good, and together with this dim sum dipper, your meal would be unforgettable.

This recipe is easy to follow with only a few steps. You will have your pancakes ready in only 40 minutes which is great for any breakfast before work.

Serve these pancakes when hot or warm as you prefer. You can have them for breakfast, as a snack, or as a main meal.

Here is the recipe.

22. Fried Shrimp wontons

Fried Shrimp wontons

These are crunchy and crispy golden brown wontons that have shrimps as their filling. This is one of the most popular dim sums worldwide, and they taste like heaven.

You can make these cute little Cantonese babies any day and anytime. If you love the ones at your favorite Chinese restaurants, you will love those you make using this recipe because they taste the same way.

The thing that differentiates a fantastic shrimp wonton from a regular boring shrimp wonton is the shrimp filling. The secret is the seasoning used, and the shrimp should always be raw.

You will need the wonton wrappers to warm your wonton shrimps. These are readily available in Asian grocery stores, but you can make them too.

To differentiate wonton wrappers from other types of dim sum wrappers is easy. Go for the square and pale yellow wrappers. Most of the other dim sum wrappers, like Siu Mai wrappers, are circular.

Dip fry the shrimp wontons. Ensure the turn golden brown and crispy. The cooking should take about 10 minutes if you do not include the prep time.

Serve these fantastic shrimp wonton dumplings with your favorite Chinese sauce while still hot. Enjoy as a snack or part of the main meal.

Here is the recipe.

23. Braised Pig’s feet

Braised Pigs feet

Some people might frown at how experimental and adventurous the Chinese cuisine is, but it excites me.

It is exciting enjoying meals that some people view as uneatable. I first tasted snake, sheep penis, scorpion, chicken feet, Tuna eyeball, and now pig feet in a Chinese restaurant. And I admit, they are tasty.

Most slaughterhouses in America throw away pi feet, yet they make one of the most delicious Chinese dishes I have ever been blessed to taste.

Everything about braised Pig’s feet is perfect. From how delicious it looks to the glossiness and how every bit feels like tiny bursts of flavor in one’s mouth. Divine!

Braised Pig’s feet are sometimes called pig trotters. They are characterized by thick skin, hocks, and connective tissues. You will find less meat here, but the bones and skin have a lot of gelatin.

Pig’s Feet is not only a delicacy enjoyed by the Chinese but Africans too. They are full of flavor, and it is such a shame that the rest of the world did not enjoy them for years.

To have the best result, let it slow cook. This will ensure the Pig’s feet get perfectly soft.

The only ingredients you need are: Garlic, ginger, soy sauce, green onion, sugar, star anises, cooking wine, vegetable oil, and the Pig’s feet.

Serve over shite Jasmine rice to have the whole Chinese dim sum experience.

Here is the recipe.

24. Dim Sum Sesame balls

Dim Sum Sesame balls

These balls are beautiful. They look so artistic. Every time I make them, I somehow do not want them eaten.

They are artistic, and everything about cooking is a process of art. The taste itself is divine. Everything about these balls is beautiful.

If you are lucky to have tasted these dim sum sesame balls in your favorite Chinese restaurant, and the chef was as good as mine, then you know what I am talking about.

However, if you have never tasted them, follow this recipe. You are in for a treat. These dim sum sesame balls are dreamy.

Making these dim sum sesame balls is not easy, though. First, you have to follow the recipe to the latter. This is to avoid mistakes; there are mistakes that the owner of the recipe made that I made too.

Sometimes, I want to outdo everyone, which works sometimes but not always, not this time.

The result is a nice round ball with a delicious dark brown filling and brown outer covering garnished with white sesame seeds. Enjoy as a snack or starter.

Here is the recipe.

25. Instant pot potsticker, Bao Buns, Dimsum

Instant pot potsticker Bao Buns Dimsum

These delicious bao buns are delicious and cute. They are instant pot potstickers that are steamed. Of course, you can fry them too, but most people steam bao buns. So despite the method of cooking, they are all called potstickers.

These Bao buns are easy to make. All you need is an instant pot. However, you can use other items as long as you get to steam your dumplings well and your filling gets ready in time.

Making the dough is easy, and the ingredients you need are ordinary ingredients for making dough. You need to mix flour, yeast, salt, water, and sugar. Let your dough sit for 45 minutes. After that, add the filling and let it sit again for 15 minutes for the second rising.

Believe you can get a store-bought dough that you can use for your bao buns ready. Therefore, you will not need to make your dough from scratch.

The filling of the bao buns is easy to make. All you need is hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, water, sugar, cornstarch, and soy sauce.

Because of the sugar used in the dough and filling, expect a sweet-tasting bun. The cornstarch makes the filling sauce thicken and become semi-solid.

Serve these delicious buns as an appetizer in a dim sum meal.

Here is the recipe.

26. Sheng Jian Bao(Pan-fried pork buns)

Sheng Jian BaoPan fried pork buns

Pork is the most celebrated food on a dim sum menu. Yes, you will find other types of meat like beef, chicken, seafood, etc., but most dim sum dishes, especially dumplings, have pork.

Interestingly, despite so many pork dishes in Chinese cuisine, there are so many ways of preparing it that I am always amazed every day.

Every pork meal tastes different depending on the cooking technique used. However, you will never get tired of pork. That was my thought when I tried this pan-fried pork bun recipe in my household.

The pork buns look solidly beautiful and taste so good too. Sheng Jian Bao was traditionally served as a breakfast meal.

You will find most Chinese households and restaurants doing that. But do not be shocked to find it on your dim sum table. I take it as a snack sometimes, because why not?

They are moist and tasty from the juicy fillings inside. But the crust or wrapper is quite crispy and soft, giving it an interesting texture.

The wrapper is made using yeast dough, which means it is fluffy soft from the inside, and the surface is crunchy from being pan-fried.

The filling is delicious and juicy because it consists of minced pork, different flavourful seasonings, and spring onion. When you go to China, you will find these fancy buns being sold as street food or in small busy cafes.

When you finish cooking your pan-fried pork buns, you can garnish with sesame seeds and spring onions. Serve for breakfast and enjoy with Chinese tea.

Here is the recipe.

27. Siew Mai

Siew Mai

This is a tasty dim sum dish. However, unlike most dim sum dishes, they did not originate from China but Hotshot, Mongolia.

Mongolia is an independent country between China and Russia. It used to be part of China but became independent when the Qing Dynasty collapsed.

This is a steamed dumpling that is open-faced. The Mongolians traditionally made it with minced pork and prawns.

It is then wrapped in a wonton wrapper before being steamed. Like traditional dim sum dishes, you will get them served on beautiful, tiny bamboo baskets.

Siew Mai tastes so good. The secret, like in most dumplings, is in the filling.  Prepare the sweet prawns well and mix with other ingredients like mushrooms, minced pork, sesame oil, Shaoxing cooking wine, oyster sauce, corn starch, sugar, pepper, and salt.

Pound them together to get the right texture and consistency, similar to meatloaf.

Wrap your Siew Mai and steam in a bamboo steamer for only 10 minutes.

Serve while hot and enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

28. Paleo Cabbage Dimsum Rolls

Paleo Cabbage Dimsum Rolls

These Paleo Cabbage Rolls are amazing. The meaning of a paleo dish is generally eating things that early humans ate.

These are foods that were acquitted through hunting and gathering. It is a common belief among people who practice Paleo that practicing agriculture forces humans to eat foods that are not genetically designed for the human body.

If you practice the Paleo diet, then this recipe is meant for you; you can still enjoy delicious Chinese recipes while practicing Paleo.

These paleo cabbage rolls are delicious. The cabbage rolls are used as wrappers since you cannot use regular wrappers. Cabbage wrappers are gluten-free.

If you have never tried to use cabbage wrappers to wrap your dumplings, dear, you are missing out. They are simply delicious.

I would even say it was more delicious than the usual wrappers. They are also easier to make and require less time and money than using actual wrappers.

For the filling, you can stuff the cabbage wrappers with anything you want, but the recipe uses ground turkey, ground pork, carrots, scallions, and cilantro. Ensure you prepare the fantastic sauce to go with your dim sum too.

You can use the sauce recipe made by this recipe. It consists of fresh flavors and spices as well as coconut aminos.

Serve your dim sum while hot and enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

29. Lo Mai Gai (Lotus Leaf Wraps)

Lo Mai Gai Lotus Leaf Wraps

This is a must-get dim sum dish in any westernized Chinese restaurant. It is characterized by the pleasant aroma of the aromatic lotus leaf and contains vegetables, meat, sausage, and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves.

What I love most about this authentic Chinese dish is the process of unwrapping the rice, how the fragrance hits your nose.

It makes you twice as hungry. The fragrance is not only from the lotus leaf. Part of it is from the glutinous rice, the seasoned sausage, the marinated chicken, and the mushrooms.

The process of making this sticky rice with lotus leaf warps is not easy. But it is worth it. Serve it while hot.

Here is the recipe.


Dim sum is the most delicious part of Chinese cuisine, consisting of different foods with delicious fillings.

They are the most sophisticated part of Chinese cuisine, in my opinion. Dim sum can be eaten anywhere and in any function but still, feel fancy.

If you are looking for a dish to cook the next time your friends come knocking or during a gathering, work event, birthday party, etc., just make some dim sum dishes using this recipe. I guarantee you it will be a conversation starter.

Ma Lai Go Chinese steamed dim sum cake

Dim Sum Recipes

Dim sum is one of the best dishes in Chinese cuisine. It is why most of us always pay at least weekly visits to our favorite Chinese restaurants.
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese


  • Soft fluffy steamed custard buns
  • Shumai Shrimp & Pork Dumplings
  • Fried sticky rice
  • Ma Lai Go Chinese steamed dim sum cake
  • Har Gow Dim Sum Dumplings
  • Steamed Chicken Buns
  • Char Siu Bao Steamed Pork Buns
  • Chicken dumplings with shiitake mushrooms
  • Chicken and Cabbage Dim Sum
  • Chicken Feet Dim Sum
  • Spare ribs with black bean sauce
  • Steamed Spare ribs in Black Bean Sauce Recipe
  • Chinese Pork Spring Rolls
  • Chinese Fried Shrimp Balls
  • Salt and Pepper Shrimp
  • Chinese fried rice with sausage
  • Ham Sui Gok Fried Crescent Dumplings
  • Vegan Dim Sum buns
  • Prawn Dim Sum
  • Chicken egg roll
  • Chee Cheong Fun steamed rice rolls
  • Scallion Pancakes with Dim sum Dipper
  • Fried Shrimp wontons
  • Braised Pig's feet
  • Dim Sum Sesame balls
  • Instant pot potsticker Bao Buns, Dimsum
  • Sheng Jian Bao Pan-fried pork buns
  • Siew Mai
  • Paleo Cabbage Dimsum Rolls
  • Lo Mai Gai Lotus Leaf Wraps


  • Check out the recipe you like
  • Get what you need for the recipe
  • Make the Dim Sum Recipes as instructions
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