Homemade Sugar Doughnuts – How To Make Sugar Doughnuts

While it looks so complex to make the donuts, it’s easier than you would think. Notice though that you will have it ready in about 2 hours. You will like the taste and the texture of the same.

Notice that it’s indulgent and yet delicious. Most people like it for the sugar flavors and the fried style, but you can also make it perfect baked.  

Anybody who likes the donuts likes them for being soft, sweet, and versatile to make different flavors. Though most people don’t understand how to make it, they don’t like the process.

I know you may think that you can go to the shop for the same. Well, why go shopping when you can make it yourself at home.  

Donut 1

The easy donut recipe

Like I have already mentioned making the dough can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

You need to follow my set recipe below to the later, and it will surprise you just how fast you can make it if you know to follow the recipe. If you will make it from scratch, the hardest thing to do is to allow it time to cool down before you can eat it.

Do you need the yeast donut?

The truth is that the yeast donut is what makes the difference to your meal. It will be nicely airy, and you can then be sure that it’ll also be light which makes it melt in your mouth.  

Notice that you don’t want to have the cake donut. This is why you want to make it into a perfect, nicely airy donut. I don’t like the dense cake style of donuts, so I chose to use the yeast.

It will also surprise you that you can have the sweet and sugary style if you like, but here, we are making just the regular simple type.

Donut 2

My point, though, is to make sure you let it rise enough, which is why you need to make it a little early. It will take about 2-3 hours to allow it to rise.

Why should you use a donut recipe?

The one thing that makes me want to make this recipe all the time is because it’s easy to make the recipe. But you will like it the most because it’s soft and fluffy, which makes the perfect donut.

Well, we are showing you how to make it from scratch, and that’s what you need.

Donut 3


For this recipe, we will use the typical ingredients you use to make the different donuts.

Liquid: some people prefer to use milk to give the donuts more flavor, but we like to use water, which is enough for us. Trust me; this is going to be just as good as when you are using the milk. Well, in this case, we will use the milk powder for the milk flavor too.

Yeast: choose your yeast; here, we will use the instant dry yeast, and you can also choose the active one if you like. Notice, though, that if you’re going to use the instant one, you will take a much shorter time.

Flour: I choose to use only the high gluten flour to make it work in making the dough. When making my dough, I prefer to use the one that will attain the soft pillowy style of dough.

Sugar: you need to use sugar as a sweetening tool. The other essence of the sugar is to feed your yeast to activate it. I like that it will always tenderize the dough too.

Eggs: it’s perfect to know that you can use it to flavor the dough even better and soften it further.

  • 400g High-gluten flour,
  • 60g Low-gluten flour,
  • 100g sugar,
  • 5g salt,
  • 160g water,
  • 100g egg,
  • 30g milk powder,
  • 50g butter,
  • 6g instant dry yeast

The summary of how to make the donut recipe

  • The dough

The first thing to do usually is to make the dough first, which means you will have the yeast blooming being the most critical aspect. Notice though you can use instant yeast or active yeast. If the dough rises perfectly, then you will have the best yeast; if it didn’t rise right, then you are sure it’s not such a good one.

  • Resting time

Your donut will need time to rise, and notice that it will need time to double up in size. So, you can start to heat the oil for the second rising to make sure it’s perfect and yet delicious.

Step by step instruction:

  1. Knead all the ingredients except butter to the expansion stage, and then add butter. Just because we are using the instant yeast, we will not need to activate it as we are used to. So, then you will need to mix all the ingredients that you already have here together.

Donut recipe step1

       2. Knead until you can pull out a large piece of film. You should easily make it into a smooth dough. You always want to make sure it’s not forming a skin even when you’re going to let it rise.

Donut recipe step2

  1. Collect the rounds into the pot and cover with plastic wrap for fermentation. Roll it to a perfect dough ball, and it looks perfect. Give it about 2-3 hours to make sure you are making the perfect dough.

Donut recipe step3

  1. Dip your finger with powder and poke the hole until it is twice as big and it does not collapse or retract. This is your perfect indication that the dough is now ready for you to use.

Donut recipe step4

  1. Divide it into 22 even balls, and let the plastic wrap with a round lid soak for 20 minutes. Remember, for now, you want it to rise a little bit.

Donut recipe step5

  1. Roll the loose ball into an oval shape and turn it over, with the bottom thin.

Donut recipe step6

  1. Roll into a slender strip and knead it to a length of about 30cm, and roll it out into a fan shape at one end.

Donut recipe step7

  1. Wrap the other end with a fan-shaped dough piece, and the joint must be pinched tightly.

Donut recipe step8

  1. Conversely, tidy it up a bit to make it rounder and more regular.

Donut recipe step9

  1. The shaped dough is put on a tarp and finally fermented.

Donut recipe step10

  1. It can be sent to about two times the size.

Donut recipe step11

  1. Pour an appropriate amount of edible oil into the pot, and the oil temperature should not be too high and adjust to a medium-to-low heat within about 160 degrees.

Donut recipe step12

  1. Add the doughnuts and fry them on both sides until golden brown.

Shaping the dough

Notice though there are different styles of shaping the donut. Suppose you have the donut shaper though you will find it easy to shape it. I sometimes use the three-inch cutter to cut out the dough too. So, then you can cut out the dough’s outer parts and then the inner parts. You can then set them on a baking tray to rest and proof for the second time. Of course, when it’s puffy, then it’s ready for you to cook.

Donut 4



  • The water absorption rate of flour is different. Therefore, do not add all the water in the recipe at one time; set aside 10-20 grams for adjustment.
  • The amount of this formula is relatively large, and the number of partner recipes made for the first time can be reduced compared to the same period last year.
  • When frying, pay attention to the oil temperature not to be too high. Otherwise, the pan will be battered; control it at 160 degrees and use medium and small fire to operate.
  • When eating donuts, you can stick sugar or drizzle with chocolate. I think this recipe is already delicious when eaten without a mouthful.

While most people may think this is a lot of work to engage in, you’re ready to make it work when you know how to go about it.

Donut 5

What of donut glazing?

I know most of us want to make the donut glaze, and if you are going to make it perfect, you will have the perfect glazing to use with your donuts. So, then you’re going to cover the donut with the glaze. You can use vanilla or chocolate. I mean, there are many things you could use to make the glaze.


Do you need a thermometer?

I often have so many people asking me this question, and well, you will have the best thermometer you can use to measure the temperature of the oil. Remember, the donuts are not going to stay for long in the oil. So you want to know that it reaches the perfect temperature before you set the donuts in the oil.

What if when I don’t have the donut cutter?

I always say even when you don’t have a donut cutter, it shouldn’t be the reason why you won’t make the donut. Notice, though, that the biscuit knife can work with it too.

So which oil are you going to use?

Use the ones that aren’t flavored but then make sure you also use high smoke points. So, then you have the perfect choice of vegetable oils in the market.

Donut 6

How much time will I need?

Notice then that you will have the yeast working on the dough, and therefore it will take anything between 2-3 hours. So, of course, you are better of making it very early when others are still sleeping. You can then have them ready at least as soon as they are awake.

I like the scent of the cooking donut, and I know that most people can’t even resist it, just like me.

Can I bake instead of frying?

Yes, donuts are versatile; you can bake them if you look for a little healthier choice. Well, you will still have it being another one of the healthiest options to use.

How will I know it’s ready?

You should cook it and allow it to reach the right temperature. Usually, it will take you about a minute and a half to have the donut being ready. Then, when the dough is golden brown, you’re sure it’s ready for you to use.

Must I use the glazed donut?

No, you don’t always have to. Notice that you can use the colored glaze if you like to make it stand out too. Also, there are different choices of glazing here. So, you have the maple donut, the chocolate glaze, and so much more.

Can I reuse the oil?

I often prefer to reuse it myself. So, you should let it cool down; then, you can store it and use it then to cook some of the veggies or even meats you would like to.

Donut recipe

Here is one of the easiest methods you can use to make the donuts ever. I can tell you, though, that if you learn to make this recipe, then you will have learned to make the perfect dough.

Donut 4

Donut recipe

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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese
Prep Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4


  • 400 g High-gluten flour
  • 60 g Low-gluten flour
  • 100 g sugar
  • 5 g salt
  • 160 g water
  • 100 g egg
  • 30 g milk powder
  • 50 g butter
  • 6 g instant dry yeast


  • Set all these ingredients in a bowl or basin, and then start the kneading process. Also, add on the butter to make it perfect-looking.
  • Remember to knead it then until you can stretch it and have it removed from a very thin film, and at that point, you know that it's ready for you to use.
  • You will then need to rest the dough for about 2-3 hours, and this way, you’re going to make the perfect ball.
  • After two hours, the dough should have doubled in size. So, you can dip your finger in the dough, which will show you whether the dough is ready for you or not.
  • Divide it into 22 ball pieces and then roll it to a thin film layer.
  • Now roll it to shape it perfectly. Set it on the tray and cover it for the second resting and proofing.
  • Meanwhile, have the hot oil in the saucepan to cook it right.
  • Start to cook either side of the donut ball. It should take you about 2 minutes to have it being ready. Just watch out for it to be golden brown, which shows you it's ready for you.
  • This set is enough for you to enjoy with your friends and family.
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