Dragon And Phoenix Food – A Complete Guide

Anyone who likes to visit Chinese restaurants knows that we like to use symbolism when it comes to food.

You will most likely have authentic meals, but unless you understand some of the languages we use, you may not know what we are cooking.

Notice, though, that you will have the name having a deep history when it comes to the foods we are showing you. 

Basically, the dragon and phoenix Chinese food refers to the chicken and shrimp meals. So generally, the dragon refers to the presence of seafood, and the phoenix refers to the presence of poultry in the meal you are referring to.

1. What is a dragon in Chinese food

2. Let’s talk about phoenix 

3. So what about the two together

4. Common meals

  • Dragon and phoenix
  • Dragon and phoenix longevity noodles 
  • Martin yan recipe
  • The phoenix and the dragon Jackson hole
  • Kung pao dragon and phoenix
  • Lung Fung soup
  • Dragon and phoenix xo sauce 

5. Generally, how do you make the dragon and phoenix dish

6. Which sauce makes it the best?

7. but how did the dragon and the phoenix come to be?

What is a dragon in Chinese food?

In our culture, the term dragon is held in high esteem. Notice, though, that it stands for masculinity, agriculture in some instances, kindness, and just about anything you would consider reasonable.

Nonetheless, when you see it on a menu, you should know that it shows that they refer to seafood in the dish. 

So when we are talking about Chinese American food, you can expect some differences. Remember, just because it’s at the far west, you can be sure the different food is not always as authentic as they are back home in China.

Remember, the meals made in china are influenced by the different cultural tribes too. For this reason, you will notice that dragon refers to seafood in China, but when you’re in America, they refer to shrimps.

Grilled large shrimps

So making a dragon meal in America means you will have a whole shrimp. Additionally, when the shrimps are folded, it shows you just how the dragon looks when walking.

So, of course, this is the perfect meaning of the dragon when you eat the Chinese American dragon meal. 

In China, as we have already said, the term dragon on the menu is about all the different kinds of seafood on the menu. Whether you are talking about lobsters, eel, prawns, snakes, I mean name them; all the seafood. Notice that such kinds of seafood all have elongated bodies, and that’s why we call it a dragon. 

It doesn’t matter whether you will steam it, fry it or stew it; it still retains the name. So you can expect to serve it over a bed of rice or vegetable. 

Let’s talk about the phoenix.

The phoenix is about the animals that have elegant and beautiful wings. 

To the Chinese, the term phoenix refers to the kings and queens of the birds in China. So, of course, it’s symbolic of rebirth but also peace.

So you will notice that the phoenix primarily refers to the chicken, turkey, or duck. This is to say; when you see this terminology on a Chinese menu, you know it refers to one of the large birds. 

raw Chicken Tenderloin

What is the name phoenix in American Chinese food?

Of course, the meals you will eat here are made to mimic the Chinese food, but they are never as authentic. For example, when we talk of the phoenix, we refer to different birds in America; it’s mainly about the chicken.

To cook it, you don’t have to set it whole like you do the dragon; you will need to cut it into tiny pieces. Besides, you are then allowed to cook it with different Chinese styles of meals.

As we had mentioned already, the name phoenix in China refers to the different styles of birds.  They refer to the squab, duck, and turkey.

Note though that the chicken is often cheaper than other kinds of birds that’s why it’s more popular in the restaurants. But when making the meal, if we use turkey squab or any other bird, we still call it a phoenix meal. 

So then what about the two together ( Dragon and Phoenix)

You have this article because when making the meals, we will sometimes want to blend them. If you have heard about Yin and Yan’s terminology, you know a little about this blend.

The Yin Yan refers to a pull-push relationship. So the blend of the shrimp and the chicken gives you the perfect force of the two sides interacting together. 

So then, in Chinese, when you’re going to bring the two meals together, you are bringing harmony and peace. So we believe then that you bring that of the earth and the sea together to bring more harmony and peace. 

You will generally find it during the special days of life since it symbolizes marital bliss, and if you’re going to present such a meal to your family, it will show you wish them everlasting love. 

Common meal choices

1. Dragon and phoenix


Such meals are typical in the Chinese new year. For us, it’s always about the best recipe or meal with major significance. It features the use of meatballs we make using prawns and horseshoes. They are surprisingly sweet, crispy, yet delicious.

It will surprise you then that they will make the delicious sauce. You will like most about it then because it’s an easy meal to make and follow if you want to make it. So check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

2. Dragon and phoenix longevity noodles 


Here’s the representation of the two most common meals, dragon and phoenix but with the longevity noodles. This is one of the best symbolic meals that are not only symbolic but also easy to enjoy.

In eating this then you are sure to have a long life remember. You will have it ready in under an hour, but the best part is most of the ingredients you may already have in your pantry. For more on this, check this recipe.

3. Martin yan recipe


One of the most common things about Chinese food is you can be creative with it. Here you will watch the best meal you can make on the TV show. I like the presentation, but especially since you will have to use noodles to make it and therefore have it serving you right.

It’s an edible basket with the chicken and the seafood that is further the easiest to make, making it unique. Of course, this one is going to deliver the perfect combo with a mix of ingredients. Check the recipes to try in this case. 

4. The phoenix and the dragon Jackson hole


One thing you will notice is that you will have such choices in the restaurants of Wyoming. Here is the best way to have a balance of life while eating. Notice then that this is the perfect way to balance the feminine and masculinity of life.

Please take a look at this meal to notice it’s fantastic. The sauce you use will always depend on where you were born because, in south China, the most common sauce is the fish sauce. Consider checking the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

5. Kung pao dragon and phoenix


Here then, you have another one of the best meals that feature chicken breasts stripes. To enhance the flavor, you better marinate it first. Notice then that this is the best method to make the kung pao style of meal.

One thing that makes it stand out is the smoky flavors too. Check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it. 

6. Lung Fung soup


Another one of the most common and most essential soups you can make is this type. Soups are excellent as meals, and they will make for the different ingredients to serve you, especially during the colder seasons.

You can even make it a vegetarian version if you like to. It’s also easy to make soup, and it will take a much shorter time.

You will notice that you don’t have to use any unique ingredients. Notice then the recipe we have here. 

7. Dragon and phoenix xo sauce 


if you are enjoying the xo sauce, it will deliver the perfect choice of stir-fries that you can use. Notice then that this is the perfect blend of the shrimps and the chicken to have it serve you greatly. It will consistently deliver the perfect tastes and textures that are also mild.

Be informed then that you will have the perfect combination to use in making the western meal. The use of the XO sauce will elevate the sauce, making it even better tasting.

Most people like the chili taste that makes it even better testing. Check the recipe to make it unique. 

Generally, how do you make the dragon and phoenix dish

As we have shown you, you can use many different recipes to make the meal a perfect choice for your major events.

  • So start by setting a wok on the hot surface or burner.
  • Now add the oil to the hot wok; follow through with the chicken, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, and mushrooms, and stir fry the combo. Meanwhile, ensure you have it being half-cooked before you can add your favorite chicken broth.
  • If you like it at this point, then you can also add the thyme to the mixture.
  • Allow everything to simmer then.
  • At this point, you can add your favorite shrimps or prawns and then continue to season it as you would like based on the recipe you will use. 

Another one of the standard methods people then use is as shown below. 

Take the meat and the prawns and then prepare them as you would like to.

  • In a hot wok, then set the hot oil on the wok.
  • Go on and add onions and ginger to stir fry.
  • When it turns to a golden brown then add the veggies and cook for a minute.
  • Follow through by adding the meat and the prawns.
  • Then, stir it several times before you add your favorite seasoning and MSG salt to taste. 

Which sauce makes it the best?

It all depends on where you are making it from. This is a Chinese recipe, and you can expect to use soy sauce, rice wine, chicken broth, and more. So then, you will need to use the sauces we have here together with the different condiments to make a thicker sauce. 

Mostly you need to add the garlic-ginger to the pan and then allow it to cook perfectly. Usually, you should then add the water chestnut and bamboo shoots and the scallions to the wok and then keep cooking or string it.

Stir for thirty seconds, then add the soy sauce, rice wine, chicken broth as you stir it and allow it to boil a little bit. When it’s ready, you can set it on the platter where you want the chicken served. 

But how did the dragon and the phoenix come to be?

Like the west, the dragons and the phoenixes existed long ago. However, contrary to the west, where the dragons were perceived as devilish, it’s all good fortune for the Chinese.

It came to be when the different tribes of China were trying to come together. Notice then that the tribes have the animals symbols, and the dragon then symbolizes the bringing together of the animal.

The phoenix then has been present in the Chinese culture for a long time. Phoenix is a significant symbol of good luck. Well, we love such symbols, and that’s why you will find them in the menus too. 

In a nutshell, it’s easy to know what you are eating when you understand the meaning behind the symbols. Most of the restaurants may not give you the direct meaning, but now you understand it.

We have suggested a few options for you here. Would you like to try the meals? Do you have another dragon and phoenix meal we left out? Comment below. 

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