28 Ground Beef Recipes With Few Ingredients (Super Easy And Quick)

Ground beef foods are popular worldwide for evening dinner or a quick midday snack.

Moreover, they call for a few ingredients to be super delicious. Also, they are fast to prepare by baking in an oven, cooking on a stove or in the crock pot.

ground beef crock pot beans

We love them because of their ease to combine with other ingredients for a super yummy dish.

Moreover, any ground beef foods leftovers stay frozen and remain fresh to enjoy on another day.

Here is a list of the recipes to try;

  1. Keto meat pie
  2. Cheesy hot beef sandwich
  3. Creamy beef and shells
  4. Baked mostaccioli
  5. Ground beef orzo with tomato cream sauce
  6. Greek meatballs
  7. Cheese hamburger potato soup
  8. Tortellini soup
  9. Easy meatloaf
  10. Enchiladas
  11. Beef and broccoli bake
  12. Instant pot Korean Ground beef
  13. Mexican picadillo con papas
  14. Instant pot ground beef chili
  15. Mexican zucchini and ground beef skillet
  16. Easy sloppy joes recipe
  17. Spanish rice with ground beef skillet recipe
  18. Dirty rice
  19. Ground beef and broccoli stir fry recipe
  20. Spanish rice with ground beef
  21. Cheesy tomato ground beef and rice
  22. Stuffed paper soup
  23. Easy tater tot casserole
  24. Mexican beef and rice casserole
  25. Ground beef and broccoli casserole
  26. Classic baked pasta casserole
  27. Easy Mexican biscuit casserole
  28. Teriyaki beef and rice

Two ingredient ground beef recipes

1. Keto meat pie

This meaty pie is simple and fast to prepare with a little input. Its delicious flavor factors the beef flavor and cheesy topping.

Moreover, there are no starch contents in it. Also, if you have some leftovers, you can refrigerate them for another day.

However, if you want the beef appetizing enough, season it before cooking to obtain the best flavors from the pie.

In addition, it is soft, moist, and juicy as every bite is flavorful for the best experience.

When serving some leafy veggies are the best to pair with, such as sautéed broccoli. Try this recipe.

2. Cheesy hot beef sandwich

This crowd-pleasing meal is fast to prepare with a few ingredients. Always the beef has to cook on the side before sandwiching.

Moreover, the ground beef pairs perfectly with cheesy bread and creamy mushroom sauce.

The combining inputs give a savory and saucy combo for stuffing. Moreover, people call it comfort food for families for dinner, lunch or a party meal.

In addition, making the ground beef tastier requires onions it fries with before seasoning with garlic and pepper.

The sandwich is best served by topping with red pepper, parsley, more cheese and cilantro. Try this recipe.

3. Creamy beef and shells

This pasta dish is comforting, easy and simple to prepare for family dinner, lunch or parties.

Moreover, it has the perfect creamy texture from the cream sauce and the abundantly crumbled ground beef, making it heavenly.

It requires only two main ingredients to be so delicious. First, boil the pasta, drain the water, and then cook the beef with onions.

Furthermore, Italian seasoning makes the dish spicy, and a tomato sauce adds a mild savory flavor.

This pasta dish is best to serve when warm to enjoy every bite. Try this recipe.

4. Baked mostaccioli

This pasta meal is cheap, easy and fast to make for a family dinner. It is a classic dish that utilizes red sauce, mozzarella cheese and Italian sausage to make it a delicious meal.

Moreover, baking these ingredients makes the dish burst with flavors.

In addition, it is easy to love this dish because the basic ingredients to use are easily available.

Moreover, it is a delicacy for all kids, offering the flexibility to freeze and reheat.

Applying cheese on the top melts to bind and make the meal creamy and flavorful.

Try this recipe for the dish.

5. Ground beef orzo with tomato cream sauce

This is a fast meal to prepare on a busy night with few ingredients.

Its texture is creamy and comforting to enjoy. In addition, it has a soft texture enough to make your meal memorable.

Beef and onions make the basis of the meal by cooking till brown. In addition, a few seasoning and spicy inputs flavor the combination to make the dish flavorful.

These include red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, garlic, tomato sauce and cream, to mention a few.

Finally, to serve pepper and salt once more, season the dish for intense mouth-numbing and savory taste. Here is the recipe.

6. Greek meatballs

These Greek meatballs are easy and fast to prepare for a dinner meal. They are flavorful with the perfect juicy texture. Moreover, the meat ground is either lamb or turkey, and it is better than the Italian meatballs.

You prepare these by frying in a skillet or baking in an oven. Furthermore, to spice up them a bit, use dried oregano, Italian seasoning and garlic.

Also, have some breadcrumbs for the thicker mixture. These are best to serve with cucumber garlic sauce, pasta or tomato sauce.

Finally, if there are any leftovers, always freeze and warm whenever you need to enjoy them at a later date. Try this recipe.

7. Cheese hamburger potato soup

This whitish soup is easy to prepare, flavorful and creamy in texture. It factors lean ground beef and diced brown potatoes to have it deliciously amazing to enjoy.

Moreover, shredded cheddar cheese makes the dish creamy to thicken the combination.

Furthermore, chopped green onions break the white color to garnish it to light up the meal.

The dish is usually ready to serve as a main course dish intense with flavors in less than thirty minutes. Moreover, spice it up with pepper and garlic powder.

Finally, to enjoy, always serve immediately. Here is the recipe.

8. Tortellini soup

This soup is ideal for the winter season and always lights up a chilly day.

Moreover, a warm cup of soup is best to serve at a family dinner or for parties. It is never picky for those who enjoy it with the age group.

Furthermore, its ingredients are items we come across daily on our kitchen counter hence easy to prepare anytime to do away with our cravings.

Also, the dish is heavy on ingredients that make it wonderfully delicious with flavors like savory, fresh and spiciness.

Finally, the soup is thick and best to serve warm with parsley and spinach. Try this recipe.

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Three ingredient ground beef recipes

9. Easy meatloaf

This is a simple meatloaf to prepare with three ingredients to serve for dinner or snacks.

It bakes in the oven as fast as possible. Moreover, the loaf is flavorful with a nice moist and soft texture.

The only ingredients you need are milk, ground beef and stuffing mix. The combination produces an amazing aroma, juicy and tender meal.

Furthermore, you can enjoy it with a dipping Diana sauce, green beans or mashed potatoes.

Finally, top it with barbecue sauce or ketchup and serve while warm for a glaze. Here is the recipe.

10. Enchiladas

This is a delicious meal to prepare fast and simple. Moreover, it is ideal for everyone to enjoy family dinner since it is appetizing even for picky eaters.

Although preparing it may seem like a mess, the ingredients bake to perfection to give a meal that oozes with sweet aroma and flavors.

The basis of the meal is ground beef that cooks with onion. Later this mixes with tortilla chips evenly to bakes with cheese at the top to cover the ingredients.

Finally, garnish and flavor the meat with diced tomatoes, sour cream, jalapeno, chives, and avocado when serving.

The enchiladas are rich in refreshing flavor and magnificent as you enjoy the delicacy. Here is the recipe.

11. Beef and broccoli bake

This classic combination of broccoli and beef is simple and fast to prepare in less than an hour. The ingredients to use are few and easy to find at the grocery stores. Moreover, it is one of the flexible dishes to season to your liking.

However, if you love fewer spices, you can tone down the flavor by using mild-flavored ingredients, but make it top-notch with a bit of cayenne.

Furthermore, other inputs such as green peppers, bell peppers, fresh mushrooms and onions fill up the meal to make it a whole.

Mozzarella cheese makes it quite creamy to enjoy with every bite. Finally, you can have some dishes on the side to serve with such as white rice, red potatoes and top with a veggie salad. Here is the recipe.

12. Instant pot Korean Ground beef

This is an easy meal to prepare since all the ingredients use one instant pot. Moreover, most of the ingredients are available in our household. In addition, it is flavorful with different flavors that season the ground meat.

Furthermore, the ready brown ground meat in the pot, mixes with soy sauce, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, white pepper, sesame oil and Asian pear for the savory taste. The diversity in flavors includes nuttiness, spiciness, savory and fresh flavor.

Finally, to serve, lettuce leaves and taco shells come in handy to garnish the meal and give it a magnificent look. Here is the recipe.

13. Mexican picadillo con papas

This Mexican beef recipe is easy to prepare for a family meal on an instant, crock pot, or stove. Moreover, it pairs perfectly with many other dishes for a complete meal, such as gorditas, tacos, burritos and empanadas.

However, sometimes the picadillo is lighter to make soup. It is a perfect combination of potatoes and ground beef with tons of flavor.

This flavor results from capers, raisins, bell peppers and green olives that are spicy and refreshing.

Further, green beans, carrots, and peas are filled and have better nutrition.

Here is the recipe.

14. Instant pot ground beef chili

This is an instant pressure cooker meal; hence fast and simple to prepare with few ingredients. Further, it is best for a whole family meal with intense mouth burning flavors. However, the toppings and the seasoning makes the dish delicious with every bite.

First and foremost, in preparation, have the right ingredients to use in mind. Either a lamb or goat’s ground meat should not be super lean.

Moreover, have good spices to flavor the beef, such as ginger, pepper, chili powder and oregano. Also, diced tomatoes help thicken the soup.

Finally, when serving, slice avocado and coriander leaves as topping to garnish and make it tastier. Here is the recipe.

15. Mexican zucchini and ground beef skillet

This is an easy dinner meal to prepare with less handy work, rich in fats with low carbs but highly flavorful. In addition, the ingredients are affordable since zucchini and potatoes are garden vegetables.

Moreover, we have to take up this dish by spicing it with a few ingredients such as onions, red pepper flakes, chili powder and cumin. These give the combo a savory and mouth-numbing effect flavor.

To serve, pair it with cauliflower rice for the yummiest meal. Here is the recipe.

16. Easy sloppy joes recipe

This three-ingredient family meal is easy to prepare and easy to love. They are delicious and tastier for a dinner meal or an outdoor weekend snack. The few ingredients to use are ground beef, brown sugar, mustard and ketchup.

All these cook in one pot, making it a fast process with brown beef and nutty flavor from the mustard.

The outcome is a sticky and thick meat dish that is best to serve by sandwiching between buns to enjoy.

If there are leftovers, freeze them for another day. Here is the recipe.

Easy ground beef and rice recipes with few ingredients

17. Spanish rice with ground beef skillet recipe

All the ingredients cook in one pot, making the process fast and simple with budget-friendly inputs.

Moreover, it eases the cleaning up process after dinner, and if there are leftovers, you can freeze to enjoy the next day.

The initial step is to cook the beef till brown, then add rice and the other flavor ingredients.

Moreover, this meal is tasty with chili sauce, pepper, cilantro and cheddar cheese for a creamier texture.

Finally, serve garnish with chopped cilantro and serve warm. Here is the recipe.

18. Dirty rice

This easy to prepare dish uses a few ingredients such as onion, ground beef, Cajun seasoning, celery, white rice and garlic.

In addition, these add spicy, refreshing and savory flavors to the meal to make it delicious.

Moreover, this is a one-pot meal. All ingredients cook in one pot which eases the cleanup process later, and it is a quick fix for a weekday dinner. Its name is dirty because of its color after mixing all the inputs.

Finally, serve with baked salmon or chicken thighs to make it a whole meal. Here is the recipe.

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19. Ground beef and broccoli stir fry recipe

This is an easy and simple meal to prepare and, most of all, fulfilling. In addition, it has a variety of ingredients that make it delicious, including vegetables, aromatics, toppings, proteins, and sauce. It is the main meal; however, it is best to serve rice.

Furthermore, the meal is healthy and delicious if you drain the oil that cooks the beef.

To take it up notch, fry the vegetables to be a bit crispy but tender in texture. Finally, spice it up with ginger or teriyaki sauce.

Finally, serve with green onions to garnish with a green color. Here is the recipe.

20. Spanish rice with ground beef

This meal is less expensive and fast to prepare with minimal ingredients. In addition, it is flavorful with a magnificent appearance hence appetizing.

A few ingredients add these tasty and wonderful flavors, such as savory, creamy, spicy and refreshing.

The ingredients that obtain this include pepper, chili powder, cheddar cheese, salt, garlic, cumin and onions. Furthermore, it is crucial to know that the best cook is on a large skillet.

However, if you prepare plenty, store the leftover in a freezer and warm them when you want to enjoy them.

Finally, top with cheese and always use plain white rice. Here is the recipe.

21. Cheesy tomato ground beef and rice

This is an easy prepare meal full of cheese, corn and rice. Moreover, all these mix in a creamy tomato sauce to obtain a thick, flavorful and delicious delicacy to enjoy. In addition, it is a one-pot meal that cooks on the stove in about thirty minutes.

Furthermore, it is a step wise process to obtain the best flavor. The ground beef cooks till brown with onions that make it savory.

They are then combined with rice, corn, and tomato soup to thicken. Finely shredded cheese adds a creamy flavor to the combo.

Here is the recipe.

22. Stuffed pepper soup

This classic dish is easy to prepare with inexpensive ingredients for a flavorful meal and a cosy dinner.

Its key ingredients are rice, ground beef and fresh vegetables. All these cook in one pot to give the most delicious paper soup.

Moreover, it is healthy with a mouth-numbing effect due to the bell peppers. You can choose the best variety you like and ensure the beef broth deepens the flavor. Finally, with the soup ready, serve with crusty bread or salad for a whole meal.

Here is the recipe.

Easy ground beef casserole recipes with few ingredients

23. Easy tater tot casserole

This tasty meal is easy to prepare with a few ingredients. It consists of green beans, cheddar cheese, pantry staples and ground beef.

Moreover, it is nutritious, flavorful and cooks in one pot for a whole meal for a family dinner.

Furthermore, garlic makes it savory and mushroom soup for a mild flavor. The diversity in the flavors is what makes it worthwhile to enjoy.

Moreover, the tots should cook till brown to break the monotonous color by garnishing the meal.

Here is the recipe.

24. Mexican beef and rice casserole

This meal is a dream come true for many families that love fast to prepare foods. Moreover, it is healthy with a few ingredients that make it flavorful and delicious. These include rice, beans, ground beef and spices.

In addition to the exquisite flavors, the meal has cheese to top the meal. Cooking this meal on the skillet is a step wise process where you need the right quantities of each ingredient to make it savory.

Moreover, it is heavy on hot sauce, taco seasoning and green chilies.

Finally, garnish with avocado, scallions and cilantro to enjoy. Try this recipe.

25. Ground beef and broccoli casserole

This is a healthy meal and fast to prepare for a weekday dinner when tired. It only takes thirty minutes to be ready.

Most importantly, it is gluten-free hence ideal for anyone watching weight. This dish does not get old for anyone who loves cooking.

Moreover, you can always season this casserole to your liking. Some ingredients include green peppers, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers and onions.

They add savory, aromatic and mild flavors to the meal hence a great combination.

Finally, shred some cheese to top your beef and broccoli to give it a more refreshing and creamy flavor. Here is the recipe.

26. Classic baked pasta casserole

This beef and pasta dish is budget-friendly and fast to prepare in one pot. In addition, it is flavorful with seasonings and nutritious with healthy ingredients. Some of the inputs are mozzarella cheese, Italian sausages and red sauce.

Therefore, these mix in a bowl to create a creamy and brownish dish. Furthermore, the casserole is best to serve warm.

You can opt to cover it with a foil before serving. Finally, top it with chopped parsley for the refreshing green color and melt the cheese in the oven.

That scrumptious meal is ready to serve. Here is the recipe

27. Easy Mexican biscuit casserole

A biscuit casserole is one of the unique dishes yet delicious and fast to prepare when tired.

In addition, it only requires five ingredients to bake in less than thirty minutes. These include ground beef, taco seasoning, corn and cheese.

Therefore, this step wise process requires cooking the beef till brown.

You cook on a skillet, season, add corn, then shredded cheese to obtain is buttery taco on the inside but a flaky biscuit on the top.

Finally, to serve, pair it with olives, jalapeno, lettuce, sour cream, avocado slices and guacamole with diverse, intense flavors.

Here is the recipe.

28. Teriyaki beef and rice

This meal goes from a refrigerator to the plate in less than thirty minutes; hence fast to prepare.

Moreover, it cooks in one pot hence less cleaning. Therefore, the soft and moist beef pairs with a few seasoning and spicy ingredients to make the meal flavorful.

Some ingredients include broccoli florets, sweet red peppers and teriyaki sauce flavor.

Moreover, garlic and red bell peppers always make the meal up notch with a mouth-numbing effect.

Finally, add some veggies on the side to garnish and have a refreshing aroma. Here is the recipe.


Beef recipes are easy to pair with pasta, seasoning ingredients and veggies. In addition, they offer a meaty flavor worthy craving and are easy to prepare.

Moreover, beef is nutritious and easily absorbs flavors to make delicious and affordable foods. Try some of the above recipes.

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