Chinese Egg Pancake – Step By Step Egg Crepes Recipe

A great, nutritious breakfast that is limited only by your imagination! These versatile Chinese Egg Pancakes can be filled with all of your favorite ingredients for a filling way to start your day!

Chinese egg pancakes (egg crepes) have a special place in my heart- having spent many times at my breakfast table as a child.

Being light and fluffy, filled able to be filled with numerous ingredients- when I found this recipe, I knew I had to try.

Chinese Egg Pancake

Chinese egg pancakes are a snack that everyone likes! As a breakfast, you get the delicious flavor of eggs, and can wrap your favorite things in it to get a nutritious meal!

Chinese Egg Pancake

Some people may think that making Chinese egg pancake is a difficult task. I have seen it done several times in the Chinese egg pancake stall, had gone home to try to imitate it only to find it very difficult to succeed.

Later, I reviewed recipes on the Internet and concluded that the most convenient, simplest, and tasty family-style Chinese egg pancake method, and today I’m going to share that with you!

Chinese Egg Pancake

Flour is the key to making the pancake; as well as the method of cooking it in order to make the dough chewy.

If you have a lot left over, you can also freeze the extra and thaw when you want to eat them, combining your favorite side dish and your favorite sauces to enjoy it.

Chinese Egg Pancake

The Chinese egg pancake introduced today is the one with the best taste and the highest success rate.

This particular recipe is also made our own with chicken and other nutritious ingredients!

Ingredients: (6)

  • 1) 300g Medium-gluten flour
  • 2) 180g Water
  • 3) 2g of Salt
  • 4) Cooking Oil
  • 5) 4 eggs
  • 6) 1 Carrot (optional)
  • 7) 1 Potato (optional)
  • 8) 100g of Lettuce
  • 9) 2 Ham sausage(optional)
  • 10) 100g of Roasted chicken fillet (optional)

Mixture Incorporated into dough:

  • 1) 24 grams of medium-gluten flour
  • 2) 15 grams of vegetable oil

how to make egg pancakes:

Step 1: Pour the flour and salt into a bowl and add warm water (about 80 degrees).


Step 2: Mix with chopsticks until it begins to look like the picture below. It is recommended that you make the dough for the cake softer, but not too sticky.

Because each situation with making dough is different, the amount of water may need to be adjusted accordingly.


Step 3: Knead by hand until smooth, and then cover with plastic wrap and let rest (It doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth, as it will soften when resting).

The dough must set so that it can be worked with.

I found that, in this particular recipe, making it at night, letting it set, and then finish them in the morning- the dough is soft and it is extremely malleable.


Step 4: Use 24 grams of medium-gluten flour, 15 grams of vegetable oil and mix until no dry powder is formed. This is to be incorporated into the dough.


Step 5: The dough is divided into small pieces and lightly pressed flat. I usually divide it into 55-60 gram pieces.


Step 6: Take a piece of flour/oil mixture, and place in the center of the flattened dough.


Step 7: Fold closed.


Step 8: Then pinch closed the opening, and lay back onto the counter (opening face-down).


Step 9: Roll our with a rolling pin until it is about 6 inches in diameter, being sure to not roll out the flour/oil mixture.

Step 10: Put a little oil in a non-stick pan, once heated, place a pancake in the pan for about 30 seconds.


Step 11: Then turn to medium heat, let the cake slowly bulge, paying close attention.


Step 12: Then turn the heat to low, poke the pancake with chopsticks, and quickly pour the egg that was broken in advance evenly on the pancake.


Step 13: It is cooked until the egg is evenly cooked on top.


Step 14: Use your favorite garlic sauce, sweet sauce, etc. to the pancake.


Step 15: Add the ingredients such as potato, carrot, lettuce, roast chicken, Ham sausage(prepared in advance) and roll them up.


It is now ready to enjoy!

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