The Eurocast Cookware Review – Is It Worth The Money

The kitchen is the best part of any home at least that’s true for me. This is where all life begins in that without food man is dead in days.

Nevertheless, if you love cooking you will know that good food defines a great life.

While most people think that the right food is defined by the right ingredients, your cookware also matter. Buying the right cookware gives you the chance to enjoy cooking.

However, if you are anything like me, you are probably reluctant to invest in an expensive kind of cookware.

This is because they often break quickly specifically the non-stick types.

BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Copper Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set
BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Copper Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set
  • Able to use in ovens, broilers, and grills
  • Set Contains: 6-1/4-inch/1-1/2-quart cover Saucepan, 8-inch/3-quart cover Saucepan, 10-inch/3-quart cover Saute' pan, 10-inch/8-quart cover...
  • Perfect for all flat surface stovetops, will never warp

Berghoff Cookware

For those of you who haven’t heard the news, Berghoff cookware is in town. This is ideal for the few people who are concerned about their health and the environment.

Over the years we have heard that the non-stick cookware is unsafe as they contain harmful chemicals.

Eurocast Cookware

This is the reason why most people shy away from using them today. However, eurocast cookware is here to save you from all the drama of chipping off. The cookware is made using toxin-free and non-stick cooking surface.

These non-stick surfaces are made using ceramic and titanium. The cookware will stand regular use without warping. Since it’s made with a blend of ceramic on the bottom surface, you can use it on any stovetop including the induction surfaces.

Is It Safe and Is It A Good Brand?

While most people might think that these companies are only offering lip service to another one of the many cookware brands in the market, the Berghoff cookware is the real deal.

Unlike other non-stick cookware that contains toxins like cadmium, PTFE/PFOA and lead, this one is tested and proven to be safe. There are no complaints of it warping or chipping neither does it contain toxins. Which makes it ideal for use.

Eurocast Cookware Review

It’s no wonder it’s slowly taking over the market by the day. It’s further energy efficient as it uses bamboo in some of its cookware. As you all know the bamboo plant is renewable thus not a loss to the environment.

The company packages the items in recycled material with the aim of taking care of mother earth. This is an assurance that it’s a safe item to use.

So, to answer your question, Berghoff is a good brand that has won international design awards. Its also rated amongst the best brands by sites like the ranker. With 20 years of quality service, you can rest assured that the brand is here to stay.

The Outstanding Features of The Eurocast Cookware

  • Ferrous bottom

With the rise of induction cooking surfaces, most people need a cookware set that they may easily use on any kind of cooking surface including the induction surface.

Eurocast cookware bottoms are made using the ferrous bottom plate which means you can use them on any stovetop.

With this plate, the heat is distributed evenly and quickly thus your food will cook easily and quickly. In addition, you could use these tools both at home and in professional hotels.

  • The Ferro ceramic non-stick surfaces

Most of the non-stick surfaces in the market are made using Teflon or ceramic both of which are said to contain toxins. Ceramic may contain lead and cadmium while Teflon has the toxic chemical compound called PFOA and PTFE.

However, the eurocast pans contain none of that. Their surfaces are made using the ferro ceramic which is basically the titanium infused ceramic.

It’s loved by many for being chip-resistant but the eurocast tells you in honesty that their cookware, if not taken care of, will scratch.

Furthermore, eurocast uses the thermolon and more modern ceramics in making it this means that the ceramic is free of lead and cadmium.

For effectivity, don’t subject the cookware to high heat for long hours when your food has no moisture because then it will stick.

In the end, this item begins to be less non-stick and over time you will spoil them. Remember to take care of your cookware to increase its lifespan.

  • It has detachable handles

The eurocast cookware handle remains cool to touch even if you have used it for hours. The handles are made of rubber but they aren’t oven-safe above 300F but worry not because you can detach the handles. The best part is that fixing the handle once you are done is quite easy.

When using it you can easily fit it in place or detach it when you want to place it in the oven. The best part is that even if you notice your handle is loose, with a single twist you can have it back in place. This happens to be the outstanding feature that only the eurocast cookware has.

  • It’s light yet durable

Although the cookware is naturally light it’s also strong. Made of aluminum, ceramic and titanium the cookware the set will last for long while being corrosion resistant.

Of course, the light nature is questionable because it can only mean that the cookware contains more aluminum than the other safe materials.

Not many people are convinced that aluminum made cookware is durable to use and this works to the disadvantage of the company sometime.

1. BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Copper Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set

BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Copper Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set

View on Amazon

Made using the non-stick and nontoxic material the EarthChef set is your best bet to safe and healthy cooking.

Mind you, you can use these items in your oven or grill surfaces. Featuring the 10 pieces of cookware you have a set to cook almost every meal.

Since it has a flat bottom you can use it to cook on any flat stove top surface.

They can further transmit the heat faster and its dishwasher safe. It will cook your food well because it retains the heat thus cooking slowly.

2. Eurocast Cookware Deluxe Set

Amazon Eurocast Cookware Deluxe Set includes 1.2 Qt Sauce Pan (6.25'), 3.2Qt Stock Pot (8'), 7.4Qt Stock Pot (11'), 9.5' Saute Pan, 9.5', 8', 11' Fry Pan

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This is your best set that is only sold by ‘my smart living products in the country’. All the seven items have glass lids thus locking in the moisture as you cook your food and allowing you to monitor the cooking process.

They all contain non-stick surfaces made using the ferno-ceramic.

Ferno-ceramic surface is the latest kind of surface in the world of non-stick cookware. They offer you quality performance and durability. They won’t chip easily, crack or warp. Furthermore, they are safe from toxic chemicals like PFOA and PFTE.

The handles are detachable making them safe to use in the oven which is a typical characteristic of eurocast cookware.

All the pans are oven proof if you will retain them at the temperature of 500˚F while the glass lid can stand up to a temperature of about 400˚F.

In addition, they have a flat bottom which makes them usable on any stovetop surfaces. You can use them on the induction surfaces, electric, gas, vitro ceramic and halogen. Generally, they will heat up quickly and evenly because of its ferrous bottom.

They are easy to use since the surfaces release food quickly once it’s cooked. They are also lightweight making it easy to move them around.

Cleaning the cookware set is easy as you only need to use warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Don’t put them in the dishwasher.

Also, it gives you the chance to cook your food without cooking oil thus retaining your food’s authentic flavor. It will sear, fry and brown your food without oil. You no longer need the colander in your kitchen after buying this as their glass lids act as your food strainer.

BergHoff non-stick frying pan

3. BergHOFF Red Nonstick Ceramic Fry Pans

BergHOFF Red Nonstick Ceramic Fry Pans (3-Piece Set)

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Having a ceramic surface for the set of pan cookware is a plus. One thing this set does is to give you an easy cooking experience with its non-stick surface. This means they are easy to clean up and cook in.

Coming in cherry red color and a white interior surface, the pans are irresistible. Furthermore, you may use the pans on the induction, gas, electric and glass stove top. Notice, this set is not oven-safe.

The handles are also safe to use because they remain cool to touch and detachable. It has a small, medium and large pan allowing you to cook both the large and small quantities of food.

Also, the pans are lightweight making it easy to toss and flip around. You can rest assured that the set will serve you for long if you will take care of them.

4. Eurocast Professional Cookware

Eurocast Professional Cookware 10.25' Fry Pan with Removable Handle

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Like the deluxe set above, the pan is non-stick for easy cooking and fat-free cooking. From the look of it, the pans look sturdy in construction. You will use it in all the major stove tops especially because it has a ferrous bottom.

It heats up quickly and evenly allowing for the perfect cooking of your food items. Moreover, the pan is lightweight allowing for easy tossing and flipping. In addition, they remain corrosion resistant which makes it durable.

The handle remains cool to touch and is detachable when you need to use the pan in the oven.

Berghoff induction cookware

5. Eurocast Professional Cookware with Glass Lid and Removable Handle

Eurocast Professional Cookware 9.5' Saute Pan with Glass Lid and Removable Handle

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Most of the eurocast cookware is designed to work on the induction cooktops. This deep sauté pan is no exception. With this pan, you can cook anything from sauce to searing your meat and frying your chicken.

It’s not so large yet it’s effective to use when you have a medium size family. It, like the other eurocast cookware, is non-stick and therefore easy to clean. It is ideal because it gives you the versatility of cook in it.

This features the old cast iron skillet with additional improvements to it. It takes the positive sides of the cast iron and gets rid of the negative sides of the cast iron to give you the perfect pan.

Berghoff Eurocast Professional Series Reviews

For the most part, people like this eurocast cookware because you can use it to cook anything you desire. True to their word, you don’t have to use oil when cooking with the pan as it won’t burn your food. This will help you regulate the calories you consume.

On the downside, some people complain that the handle is long and heavy for a smaller size of pan. They further lack the insulation between the handle and the pan thus it could easily burn you when you need to remove it after cooking with it.

On a general scale though, the pans are good.

Berghoff Pots and Pans Reviews

This pans and pots like the series above are loved by some and hated by others. For some, they work fine and they have the perfect body, handle and bottom. They further have effective heat transfer.

For other people, they are not that good as they will warp easily.  A customer complained that the body is very light which makes it easy for your food to burn as you are cooking. This is especially so if you are using it on the induction cookware.

Some people highlight that the non-stick features aren’t as good as the Teflon choice you have at home. This is something that is subject to approval. Generally, these pans are great to use as mine just work fine on the non-stick feature.

Caring for Your Eurocast Cookware Set

Eurocast Cookware

To begin using your new set remember to wash it first. You only need the warm soapy water and clean water to rinse it. The aim of this is to remove the packaging remains.

  • Seasoning

Like cast iron cookware and most other cookware, you must season the cookware first before you begin using them. Lucky for you, your eurocast cookware doesn’t need much time to season.

You simply dip your kitchen towel in olive oil then lightly wipe all the parts of the cookware before placing them on low heat for a short while. Let the oil seal on the cookware set. Don’t wash it after the season until after the first use

The best way to go about this is to continue seasoning your cookware occasionally.

  • Is it true it gives you the fat-free cooking?

Yes, it does, however, you will have to cook under low heat than the regular one you use on a day to day basis. In addition, if you will use the lid whenever you are cooking, chances are that the food will remain moist.

Remember, don’t place your cookware over excessive heat and let it burn as this will make it reduce its lustre and effectivity within a short duration.

  • The utensils to use with your cookware

Avoid metallic utensils by all means as they may cause scratches. In addition, only use the wooden, nylon, plastic and silicone utensils on the cookware. Don’t even cut your food in the eurocast pots and pans.

  • The cleaning

For efficiency, you need to properly clean your eurocast cookware after use. If you don’t clean it properly, over time it will stop delivering the expected results. While you may be tempted to use the dishwasher, please do not.

The item is said to be dishwasher safe but cleaning it in a dishwasher may affect its durability. Furthermore, the chemicals in the dishwasher will damage the non-stick surface and handles of the cookware.

When you finish cooking and would want to clean, wait for the cookware to either cool down or reach the warm temperature before you can begin cleaning. Then use a sponge and warm or hot soapy water.

This makes it easy for the food residue to lift from the pan. Even the excess fat and oil quickly come out. Clean both sides of the pan to maintain its factory look. I like to use the dishwashing soap but you shouldn’t use a soap that has chlorine or citrus as part of the ingredients.

For the time when you have stuck food on your cookware surfaces, soak it in the hot soapy water and if it still won’t come out just use the soft sponge to remove it. Never use any hard scrubbers for scrubbing the surface as they will scratch them.

Rinse your cookware then use a kitchen cloth to dry it out before storing.

  • So, how do you store your cookware?

After you have cleaned and dried your cookware and are looking to storing them, remember that the last thing you want is to form scratches from poor storage. If possible, when you want to store them on top of others, just place the dish towels in between the pans.

Cover all parts of the pan that will come to contact with other pans or utensils. Don’t leave your cooked food in the pans and pots.

Tips to follow when cooking with the cookware

  • If you can use the medium heat at first to avoid the burning of the cooking oil that would otherwise damage your cookware.
  • This the best choice for those concerned about their health. You don’t have to deep fry food anymore. With low heat, you can use the fat-free cooking method with these pans. Under high heat, use minimal oil thus making a thin layer at the bottom of your pan.
  • Never add frozen food on your pan directly as its heating. This makes it easy to burn the pan. Instead, let it defrost and attain room temperature first.
  • Remember to match your cooktop burner to the base of the cookware you are using.
  • For the open flames like gas, ensure to adjust its flames so that it doesn’t burn your handles or the side walls.

Is It Worth the Cost?

This cookware like every other cookware has its pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion. Like many other non-stick cookware, the item is effective with more durability when taken care of.

You should buy it if you can afford it for a different experience. But don’t take my word for it just watch the video below to answer your questions.

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