32 Filipino Desserts You Would Like To Try

The Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures, which means that the archipelago has various desserts.

In addition to its pristine beaches and islands, Filipino desserts are made of simple and widely available ingredients, yet they will leave you craving more.

Pinoy desserts mainly contain coconut, fruits and rice. Join me on this adventure to explore Filipino dessert recipes, which you can make at home, I am sure you will love almost all the dessert.

Remember, Philippines are best with their cuisine ranging from the fact that they have a tropical temperature and food is there throughout the year.

1. Sorbetes


Commonly referred to as dirty ice cream, Sorbetes is a legacy of the American occupation of the Philippines in the 1890s. It isn’t “dirty” in the literal sense of the word. Instead, it is only named to differentiate this street peddled ice cream from the “clean” ice cream sold in shops.

This sweet dessert is popularly sold in the streets and is mainly made of coconut milk and cassava flour. The sorbetero (this means a Sorbetes vendor) will typically sell the ice cream in cones or buns. This Pinoy treat also comes in your favorite flavors, such as cheese, mango, and chocolate.

This is a must-try dessert when you visit the Philippines. It will satisfy your sugar cravings. Till then, see this simple home recipe for a try of this dessert

2. Halo-Halo

Halo Halo

Meaning “mix-mix,” the name of this Pinoy dessert gives you a hint of what to do when a tall glass filled with halo-halo is given to you.

Halo-halo is made from a myriad of ingredients ranging from bananas, jack fruit, mung bean jelly, sweet potato, and coconut. The mixture is then crowned with shaved ice, purple yam jam, ice cream, and custard.

All these ingredients are served in a long glass. You then have to use a long spoon to stir the mixture so that all the ingredients are soaked with the ice and milk.

This dessert is mainly preferred during the sweltering heat of Philippine summers. The cold dessert gives you an explosion of flavors and a respite from the oppressive heat.

You can choose to enjoy this Pinoy delicacy at any time. Follow this recipe to prepare yourself a glass of this treat.

I hope you have that tall glass and spoon somewhere in your kitchen! You must go through the “mix-mix” phase for you to appreciate this Filipino favorite.

3. Kutsinta


If you have ever been to the Philippines or any Filipino community, you know that rice is a staple in most of their diets, including desserts.

One such dessert is the Kutsinta, one of the popular Pinoy desserts. They are steamed rice cakes that are soft and chewy (thanks to the lye water used as one of the ingredients) and are enjoyed with grated coconut

This dessert can be enjoyed with tea, as is, and is especially simple to make at home. Try this homemade Kutsinta recipe for this delicious yet straightforward Filipino dessert.

4. Leche Flan

Leche Flan

This silky smooth dessert is the Filipino style of caramel pudding. It is popular during the festive season. This Pinoy treat is made of lots of eggs, sugar, and condensed milk.

It is then topped with caramel to give you the melt-in-your-mouth experience. The oozing caramel syrup makes Leche flan irresistible.

The dessert is quite simple to make and can go for some time without spoiling, making it appropriate for the holiday period. Leche flan can be enjoyed as it is.

Additionally, it is commonly merged with other desserts such as halo-halo or cheesecake. Try out this recipe for homemade creamy Leche flan and serve it to your guests. They will definitely be pleased!

5. Biko (Sticky Rice Cake)


Biko is yet another Filipino dessert made of rice. The delicious dessert contains sticky rice, brown sugar, and coconut milk as the essential ingredients. These simple ingredients create the warm and magical Biko, which is enjoyed and loved all over the Philippines

This highly addictive dessert is mildly sweet and has a chewy texture. It is commonly served for the marina as well as breakfast. To try this delicious dessert, follow this recipe. Be sure to enjoy it in the company of friends and family

6. Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca is a soft and creamy Filipino dessert that is a must-have on any occasion countrywide. The dessert is also commonly referred to as coconut pudding.

The name “Maja Blanca” literally means “white delicacy.” It is a coconut milk pudding in which cornstarch is added.

The cornstarch thickens the pudding resulting in a creamy and luscious delicacy, appropriate for all sorts of festivities. As the ingredients are common, this Pinoy treat can be simple to make and takes no time at all.

Check out this recipe for homemade Maja Blanca, which you can serve to your guests over the holidays.

7. Lengua de Gato

Lengua de Gato

Lengua de Gato is the Filipino style of butter cookies. The cookies are long and oval and are shaped like a cat’s tongue, thus earning them the name Lengua de Gato, which is means a “cat’s tongue” in Spanish

The cookies are crispy and are made of butter, eggs, milk, and flour. These cookies will literally melt in your mouth, and it’s impossible to resist a second and a third once you taste them.

They are popular holiday treats and are a significant item in many Christmas gifts in the Philippines.

Follow this simple recipe for your homemade Lengua de Gato. Enjoy with a cup of the cup once they are ready.

8. Ginataang Halo-Halo

Ginataang Halo Halo

Unlike the “original” halo-halo, which is served cold, ginataang halo-halo is a soup that is served hot. Ginataang halo-halo is a thick and sweet soup that consists of a mixture of fruits, sweet potato, tapioca balls, sticky rice balls, and sweetened coconut milk.

The dessert is mainly served on special occasions. Ginataang halo-halo warms your heart and soul, and it’s described by many as one of Filipino’s comfort foods that is sure to warm you up no matter the circumstance instantly.

This simple recipe will guide you to make yourself a bowl of ginataang halo-halo. Be sure to enjoy the warmth with every spoon!

9. Buko Salad

Buko Salad

Buko salad is a Pinoy fruit salad dessert consisting of young and tender coconut. Other ingredients such as mixed fruit are added, and the mixture is coated in sweetened milk or cream. The resulting salad is a perfect mixture of flavor and texture, with an enticing color.

The coconut tree is found in abundance throughout the Philippines, thus making this dessert a national favorite.

You will find this dessert on almost all occasions in the Philippines, ranging from weddings and birthdays to fiestas and Christmas celebrations.

Since cooking is not required in its preparation, it is such a dessert to prepare. Check out this recipe and try it at home.

10. Mais con Yelo

Mais con Yelo

Mias con yelo means “corn with ice” and is a cold Filipino dessert consisting of corn kernels in cold sweetened milk.

In the sweltering hot summers of the Philippines, Mias con yelo is one of those desserts you will take to cool you down.

It is usually poured in a glass and eaten using a spoon, though some people lack the patience to scoop one spoon at a time, and they gulp the whole thing down as if it were a drink.

In the Philippines, it’s a common sentiment that whoever invented Mias con yelo was a genius because the dessert is simple to make yet very refreshing. Do follow this recipe to try this dessert at home

11. Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake

This Pinoy delicacy is a chewy, decadent, and delicious cake dessert commonly found throughout the Philippines. This irresistible dessert is made from grated cassava, condensed milk, coconut milk and topped with cheese

Cassava cake dessert is easy to prepare, and you can steam, boil or bake it. However, it takes time to prepare, and so you have to be patient with it.

This Filipino delicacy is worth all the waiting! Give this simple home recipe a try, and savor every bite of the soft and creamy Cassava cake

12. Minatamis na Saging

Minatamis na Saging

Minatamis na saging is a Filipino dessert that is prepared using plantain bananas. Minatamis na saging means “sweetened bananas” The bananas are called Saba and are short and thick.

This dessert is so easy to prepare, and the bananas can be used either ripe or unripe. The bananas are cooked in sugar syrup. This coats the bananas in golden brown color and adds a luscious layer to the bananas.

This dessert is a perfect treat for the whole family. It is also effortless to make and uses ingredients that you can find in your pantry.

Check out this recipe for homemade Minatamis na saging, which you can enjoy with your family and friends.

13. Ube Jam

Ube Jam

Ube Jam is another typical Pinoy dessert that is not only popular in the Philippines but also worldwide.

This Filipino delicacy is prepared from milk and purple yam. Ube jam is loaded with heavenly flavor, and its purple color makes it irresistible and delicious.

Ube jam can be eaten on its own or as a flavoring for Filipino pastry. You can also spread it on bread. See this recipe for this multipurpose dessert. I assure you, you will be hooked once you taste it.

14. Suman


Suman is a sweet and chewy Filipino dessert made from sticky rice. The sticky rice is usually steamed in coconut milk while wrapped in banana leaves.

Salt and sugar are also added for flavor. This result is a soft, and tasty Suman treat. Its aroma is also heavenly. Suman can be enjoyed with ripe mangoes.

You will find different versions of this dessert all over the Philippines due to the variety of ingredients that can be added to the glutinous rice. Here is a simple recipe you can try

15. Buko Pandan

Buko Pandan

Buko pandan is a favorite Filipino dessert that will contain any sweet cravings you might have. The dessert is made from Buko or grated young coconut, gelatin cubes, pandan leaves, and thick cream.

Pandan is a leaf with a sweet aroma and is responsible for the vanilla aroma in Buko pandan. The dessert is rich in texture and flavor, thanks to the shredded young coconut

Buko Pandan is served cold and, though it is simple to make, will leave you refreshed. See this recipe and try making yourself this wonderful dessert.

16. Polvoron


Polvoron is the shortbread version of the Philippines made of flour, sugar, butter, and powdered milk.

Baking is not required while making Polvoron. Pan-frying is preferred, and the result is a crispy and buttery cookie

The dessert can also be customized using various flavors. Polvoron is delicious as dessert and can make for a great gift too. Check out this straightforward recipe and try preparing the cookies at home.

17. Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake)


Mamon is a Filipino sponge cake that is fluffy and light inconsistency. Mamon is a pillowy sponge cake containing cheese topping. When baked perfectly, the cheese topping becomes crispy, resulting in perfect texture contrasts.

The sponge cake has an excellent buttery flavor. This dessert can be served with coffee or tea for a delightful breakfast. It is also a perfect afternoon treat, with coffee, tea, or milk.

It is also great when you enjoy it in the company of friends or even colleagues in the office. This simple recipe will guide you if you wish to make Mamon at home

18. Sapin – Sapin

Sapin Sapin

Sapin – Sapin is glutinous rice and coconut dessert widely enjoyed in the Philippines. The name “Sapin-Sapin” means layers. The dessert is prepared from coconut milk, sugar, rice flour water, and various coloring and flavoring agents.

The ingredients are mixed into a consistent and smooth batter which is then cut into three portions. The portions are colored and steamed while stacked on top of each other.

The result is a layered and colorful dessert that is satisfying to both your taste buds and eyes. It is tasty, soft, and chewy and makes the perfect dessert or snack. Check out this simple Sapin Sapin recipe 

19. Puto


Puto is yet another Filipino rice dessert. It is a steamed small cake which is round and quite addictive. This dessert is made from glutinous rice and gives it its spongy and soft texture.

Its mild sweetness makes it so addictive and a strong contender for the number one Christmas dessert in the Philippines.

Puto is excellent on its own, but you can go ahead and pair it with other Pinoy delicacies. Mostly you’ll find a cheese topping on the cakes to make them more memorable.

Puto is perfect for any occasion that brings friends and family together. Check out this homemade Puto recipe

20. Taho


It is a Filipino characteristic to hear vendors shouting “taho” on the various roads and streets. Taho is a traditional Pinoy breakfast consisting of tapioca pearls and smooth tofu in warm sugar syrup. Taho is taken as a drink in small cups. It may also be taken with a spoon.

It is one of the most popular buy-and-go Filipino breakfasts and is preferred, especially for those in a rush with no time to sit down for breakfast.

This dessert has become a staple for Filipino desserts, and for most, their mornings are incomplete without Taho. Have a look at this simple homemade Taho recipe 

21. Bibingka (Coconut Milk Cake)


Bibingka is a Filipino coconut milk cake covered with butter and contains a topping of cheese and a piece of salted egg.

It is most common during the Christmas season, and it is widely sold on the streets by vendors.

The fluffy cake is sweet, and the butter, salted egg, and cheese offer a perfect blending of flavors.

They are commonly sold near Catholic churches where hungry Catholic faithful devour them after attending the Misa de Gallo (midnight masses that are performed between 16th to 24th December to celebrate the birth of Jesus). Check out this recipe for this delicious treat.

22. Egg Pie

Egg Pie

Egg pie is one of the most popular pastries in the Philippines. It is prepared with sweetened condensed milk and eggs.

The crispy crust of the Filipino egg pie makes it a favorite for many Filipinos. Biting into the crunchy crust leads to a custard filling that will melt in your mouth with every bite.

The egg pie is a fast and straightforward dessert to prepare. It is popular at parties or as portable treats which can be munched on the go. Try this egg pie recipe for this treat!

23. Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons are one of those must-try desserts when you visit the Philippines. They are made from condensed milk, eggs, butter, vanilla, and desiccated coconut.

They are small creamy cakes that are mildly sweet and nutty. The bite-sized chewy cakes are rich in flavor, thanks to the mixture of vanilla and coconut.

They are pretty simple to make. Check out this easy to follow coconut macaroons recipe

24. Palitaw


Palitaw is a Filipino cake made primarily from glutinous rice. It is usually boiled in water. These small cakes are sweet and can be addictive.

They commonly coated in grated coconut and sesame seeds before serving, making them are sweet and chewy

They are available in different versions because of the different flavors that are added. The most common version is the Chocolate palitaw which contains chocolate flavor.

These are perfect desserts for any occasion and can be enjoyed on their own. Check out this homemade Palitaw recipe.

25. Silvanas


Silvanas is a Filipino dessert made of meringue wafers with a buttercream filling, resulting in a sandwich cookie.

The cookie is further coated with buttercream and ground cashews for extra flavor. They are chewy and crunchy and are delicious.

Because they contain buttercream, these Pinoy desserts are best served frozen to get the best texture. Check out this silvanas recipe and give it a try.

26. Turon


Turon is Filipino Fried Banan Rolls. It is made by frying lumpia-wrapped Plantain bananas. The bananas are dipped in sugar before frying. The lumpia wrapping and sugar result in a crunchy and yummy treat.

Turon is a popular dessert in the Philippines and is as delicious as it looks. It is impressive when you combine it with vanilla ice cream. Follow this recipe to prepare this Filipino treat at home.

27. Mango graham cake

Mango graham cake

Also known as mango float, it is cold sweet, and effortless to make. It is also a typical dessert in the Philippines and also a refrigerator cake that is common during the summer season.

The cake is made by layering the graham cracker cookies on the bottom, then add sweetened whipped cream, then finally the mangoes. The essential part is to estimate the amount of fruit.

Mango graham cake is an easy dessert to prepare and equally delicious it should not fail to find its way into your house. Follow the link for further information on the dessert and the recipe.

28. Hopia with Monggo filling

Hopia with Monggo filling

It is a Filipino pastry and covered with a flaky crust. The popular brands of Hopia are Polland and Eng bee tin.

But the filling comes with a lot of variety, but the best used for hopia is the monggo filling and ube. But you can as well use custard, ube queso flavors, and pandan.

Making hopia involves making two dough; hence can be a little complicated for the first attempt. You have to note that the two doughs are pretty similar but different in composition.

Either way, practice makes perfect .mind giving this dessert a try here is a guide to the recipe for you to follow

29. Filipino style coconut macaroons

Filipino style coconut macaroons

Macarons are a light baked dessert presented as bite-sized cake or cookies .you can get them in different versions from coconuts to almonds and meringue. Macaroon is an Italian word meaning beat or crush.

The Filipino-style macarons are sweets made out of dried coconut strips mixed with egg butter and condensed milk baked and served just as mini muffins.

The macarons are different depending on where they come from. However, the Philippine version is the easiest to make and delicious. Here is the link to the recipe 

30. Pichi pichi

Pichi pichi

Pichi pichi is usually eaten as a snack or dessert, and it is made from cassava. It originated from the province of Quezon. The cassava (manioc yuca) is made by steaming the grated cassava.

When pichi pichi is ready, the opaque white color becomes translucent. The texture is sticky gelatinous, and firm.

While getting cassava in the Philippines is easy as it is grown all year round, you can’t mention the same for other countries; hence, you might find them frozen in stores.

This pichi pichi dessert is also nutritious, and maybe if interested, here  is the recipe 

31. Pastimallows


They say looks are deceiving, but this is quite the opposite as what you see is exactly what you get. A combination of pastillas and marshmallows is a perfect balance for some nice bites.

Pastillas are condensed milk and powdered milk coated with sugar. The steps to make this bite are simple, and you don’t have to use exact measurements due to condensed and powdered milk.

The pastimallows very delicious thus, they should not miss on your to-do list next time you want to try something new. Here s the link for the recipe. Have fun.

32. Macapuno balls

Macapuno balls

Filipino likes to snack on this candy or dessert. Macapuno is sweet and delicious soft candy. Macapuno is prepared from condensed milk mixed with macapuno preserves, water, and cornstarch rolled in desiccated coconut.

The recipe is straightforward to understand and to make. If you like the recipe, you can click on this link for a guide.

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