Chinese Fish Cakes Recipe

A very easy dish with only 4 main ingredients, this Fish Cake is great for people who work out and need a high-protein low-fat boost, or for young children and the elderly. It is full of nutrients and very healthy.

China’s Hubei Jingzhou Fish Cake is a famous dish in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, and one of the top most well known dishes in Hubei.

The fish cake is made using the whole fish, including the roe. It is very fresh and tender, delicious and nutritious, and suitable for all ages.

Fish Cakes

When I say all ages, I even mean if you have a baby at home! Fish is rich in high-quality protein, and nutrients and a great transition from milk or formula to more solid foods.

Fish Cake

The fish cake recipe I have prepared for today has been of great success for me and is very easy to do. I add carrots and seaweed for extra flavor and nutrients as well.

Fish Cake


  • 1) 200g of Longli fish (Asian carp)
  • 2) 2 eggs
  • 3) 20g Nori
  • 4) 30g of Carrots
  • 5) Salt to taste
  • 6) Olive oil

How To Make Fish Cakes :

Step 1: The fish is cut into strips.

Fish Cakes step1

Longli is a high-protein, low-fat, low-calorie fish.

The flesh of the fish is fresh and tender, and the taste is smooth. Every 100 grams of Longli fish has an unsaturated fatty acid content of 54%, which promotes health.

Metabolism and decomposition of fatty acids in the body can also reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol, prevent obesity, and reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Step 2: Carrots and seaweed are finely chopped.

Fish Cakes step2
Step 3: Separate egg whites and egg yolks.

Fish Cakes step3
Step 4: Pour the fish into the cup of the juicer and add the egg white and a little water. (If you don’t have that or similar product, you can use a food processor and run for a bit longer).

Fish Cakes step4
Step 5: Process the fish into a paste.

Fish Cakes step5
Step 6: Empty into a large bowl.

Fish Cakes step6
Step 7: Add the carrots and seaweed, and mix well. (If you are going to be feeding to a child under the age of one year, do not add salt. If they are over one year old, you can add some salt.)

Fish Cakes step7
Step 8: In a smaller glass bowl, brush some olive oil around the bottom.

Fish Cakes step8
Step 9: Pour the freshly mixed fish paste and flatten it with a spoon.

Fish Cakes step9
Step 10: Steam for eight minutes at high heat.

Fish Cakes step10
Step 11: After eight minutes, open the lid and pour the egg yolk into the surface of the mud.

Fish Cakes step11

Step 12: Cover and steam for another five minutes.

Fish Cakes step12
Step 13: Slightly cool, gently flip the bowl over onto a cutting board to release the fish. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice. (For children, you can cut into smaller pieces than shown above)

Fish Cakes step13

The delicious fish cake is ready!


1. If the fish cake does not form correctly, you should use less water when adding the egg whites in step 4. Also, use less carrots and try your best to cut them into small pieces, as they don’t assist with the forming process.

2. If the baby is allergic to the egg, you can not add it, just add a little water to replace it. Mix for longer if this is the case.

Why this recipe is recommended:

1. It keeps the body in great shape: fish + eggs steamed the healthiest, low-fat content, full of protein. Great for people who often work out.

2. It is great for young children and the elderly as it is high in protein, low in fat, soft, easy to digest, and full of nutrients.

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