Fish Dumplings With Chive- Chinese Pan Fried Dumplings

Fish meat is a high-protein, low-fat, healthy food. It is especially great for the elderly and pregnant women. Fish can be cooked in a variety of ways.

In the hot summer, a popular way of preparing fish is boneless and minced into meat and used for dumplings. Dumplings are delicious, light and easy to make.

Many people like to eat fish dumplings, especially Japanese Spanish mackerel dumplings.

But the fish I used this time is rainbow trout, which is native to northern North America and the western shore of the Pacific Ocean.

rainbow trout

It mainly lives in low temperature, fresh water and has been introduced to many countries.

In South Korea, it is a very common freshwater fish. Rainbow trout and salmon are all common fish, so everyone should be able to imagine its taste.

fish dumplings


dough ingredients


  • 1) 300g of Flour
  • 2) 80ml of Water
  • 3) 1tsp of Salt
  • 4) 2 Eggs


Step 1. Add flour, salt and eggs to a bowl and slowly add water while stirring

Fish Dumplings Dough step1
Step 2. After the dough is smooth and formed, wrap the plastic wrap and let set. Continue with the stuffing.

Fish Dumplings Dough step2

Dumpling stuffing

stuffing ingredients


  • 1) 100g Pumpkin
  • 2) 100g of onion
  • 3) Half a red chili
  • 4) 30g garlic chives
  • 5) 60g of Cabbage
  • 6) 100g of Firm tofu
  • 7) 300g Trout
  • 8) Pinch of Salt
  • 9) 3 Garlic petals
  • 10) 1 small Ginger piece
  • 11) Pinch of Black pepper
  • 12) 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 13) 1 tablespoon of sesame oil
  • 14) 1Tbsp of White sesame (fried)


Step 1. Use a sharp knife to draw in from the back of the fish, follow the fish bones, remove the fish, and then pick out the fish bones on the fish back.

Dumpling stuffing step1
Step 2. Cut the fish at one end of the fillet, do not cut the fish skin, pick up the end, slant the knife edge on the skin and slowly remove the whole skin.

Dumpling stuffing step2
Step 3. Cut the fish into fine pieces

Dumpling stuffing step3
Step 4. Pumpkin peeled and diced, chop red pepper, chop cabbage, chop onion, chop garlic chives.

Dumpling stuffing step4
Step 5. Mix the garlic chives with the red pepper, add a piece of tofu, crush in a bowl, add garlic and ginger and mix well.

Dumpling stuffing step5
Step 6. Add a little oil to the pan, put in the pumpkin, cabbage, and onions together, add a pinch of salt and stir fry. Let cool

Dumpling stuffing step6
Step 7. Mix the trout and the tofu, pour in the diced vegetables, add the white sesame, pinch of salt, sugar, black pepper and sesame oil and mix well.

Dumpling stuffing step7

Make dumplings (How to fold dumplings)

Step 1. Wake up the dough by kneading it, rolling it into a doughnut shape (as shown above).
wrap dumpling step1
Step 2. Cut the circle and turn it into a long strip, then cut it into a single pieces (about an inch), and then flatten it one by one.

wrap dumpling step2
Step 3. To form the skin- put your thumb in the middle, and take a relatively small rolling pin in your right hand. You can turn it into a dumpling skin with a twist.

wrap dumpling step3
Step 4. Put a spoonful of stuffing on the dumpling skin, seal it directly into a half moon shape, then fold the ends together and stick together as shown above.

wrap dumpling step4
Cooking Dumplings

The finished dumplings can be boiled or steamed.

I want to make a fried dumpling this time.

How to pan fry dumplings.

Step 1. Heat the pan on low heat at first, add oil, and order the dumplings neatly and gently

pan fried dumpling step1
Step 2. Turn the heat up to medium-low, fry until the bottom of the dumplings is slightly yellow, gently pour boiling water into the pan about half full.

pan fried dumpling step2pan fried dumpling step2-2

Step 3. Cover with the lid, turn to medium heat, steam for 6-8 minutes, open the lid when the water has been absorbed, let the steam escape.

pan fried dumpling step3-1

pan fried dumpling step3-2

Step 4. Green onions, peppers, garlic slices and sugar are placed in small bowls, soaked in light soy sauce, and adjusted to the appropriate saltiness by adding water.

making dipping sauce step1

making dipping sauce step2

It is now finished! Serve with the side of dipping sauce and enjoy!

Serve with dipping sauce


1. Pumpkin, cabbage and onions are more difficult to cook, so stir them and mix them into stuffing

2. When cutting the dough portions, turn the dough to 90 degrees for each knife cut, so that the length can be cut evenly

3. There are some small bones on the back of trout, try your best to pick them out.

4. When the dumplings are fried, the hot water poured in should be covered half of the dumplings.

5. You can put some fish sauce in the dipping sauce. The Chinese flavor can be changed to vinegar + pepper.

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