16 Food Wars Food With Recipes You Can Make

If you are not anime fun, you are probably wondering what Food Wars is.

You have probably heard of it being referred to as Soma or Shokugeki. However, this is a manga adaptation that you will find on television( otherwise called anime). 

Eggs Benedict

Anime is a cartoonish, comic, and animated show that originated in Japan. Animes are characterized by bright colors, vivid contrasts, fantasy, and a lot of science fiction.

Today, most parts of the world produce animes. A lot of foodporn also characterizes the food Wars series.

When you watch Food Wars, you will see a lot of different, tempting foods. Are these foods a fantasy too, or could you experiment and make them in your kitchen?

Here are some fantastic Food Wars recipes you could try in your kitchen whenever you are tired of binging on Food Wars.

  1. Chaliapin Steak Don (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Recreation)
  2. Four Layered Semi Freddo from “Food Wars!”
  3. Gotcha Roasted Pork
  4. Sumire Karaage Roll
  5. Transforming Furikake Rice
  6. Eggs Benedict Don – Fit for a Queen
  7. Rainbow Terrine
  8. French Curry Lobster Rice with Cognac
  9. Joichiro Special Rich Ramen
  10. Scourched Pacific Suary Carpaccio
  11. Eggs Benedict
  12. Petit Size Loco Moco Don
  13. Kozhi Varutha curry
  14. Yukihira style Shalyapin steak don
  15. Revamped (Spanish) Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke
  16. Apple risotto

1. Chaliapin Steak Don (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Recreation)

Chaliapin Steak Don is a typical food in Food Wars. That is where I saw and heard about it first.

Being an experimentalist, I went online and learned that this is an authentic Japanese dish that has been in existence since 1936.

This is a  delicious bowl of shiso and umeboshi flavored rice that contains marinated steak too. 

It looks as delicious as it tastes. The golden onions blend well with the browned steak and red wine sauce and bring out the best in the dish.

If you want it to taste even better, do not be shy with your onions. Remember, the more onions, the better. 

Use cheaper steak cuts. Since they are usually leaner, ensure you tenderize them.

Serve your Chaliapin steak don in a bowl when still hot and garnish with spring onions. Enjoy.

2. Four Layered Semi Freddo from “Food Wars!”


Four Layered Semi Freddo is a Food Wars dish I saw on Takumi’s Shokugeki episode. At first, this dish looks simple and easy to make nut things are never that easy in food wars.

Four Layered Semi Freddo isn’t the most straightforward Food Wars food, and it will take quite some time to make it. But don’t we love a challenge in the kitchen?

Semifreddo usually has 3 layers, zabaglione, cream, and meringue. This has four layers. Beware, following this recipe to the latter, which you should, by the way, will yield a lot of semifreddos.

For this reason, ensure you use a baking container that is rectangular and long enough. It should be 5 inches wide, 3 inches tall, and 9 inches wide.

A bite of Aldini’s dish reveals flavors of refreshing lemon taste. This intense flavor comes from the newly added fourth layer. This layer consists of lemon curd that is added to the usual three layers.

To enhance the lemon zest and juice in the lemon curd, Aldini substitutes the olive oil. This leads to the fusion of a British-inspired idea with the semifreddo Italian dish. This is a delicious meal that is loved by many.

For perfect results when making yours at home, let the semifreddo freeze fully, or else it would collapse and the layers destroyed. 

3. Gotcha Roasted Pork


Gotcha Roasted Pork is probably the most popular Food Wars dish. Everyone seems to know how to make it, and it is delicious. Making Gotcha roasted pork is fun if you like experimenting.

One of the hacks of a perfect gotcha roasted pork is using a lifted pan. This will stop your pork from sitting on a lot of bacon fat that you will experience if using a normal roasting pan.

You can also peel your potatoes before steaming. I find it easier, but the recipe suggests steaming first then peeling to ensure you do not waste it.

A good gotcha roasted pork should take around 4 hours of cooking time, therefore prepare it ahead of time.  As the meat roasts, prepare the sauce.

Serve the gotcha roasted pork hot with the sauce and a side dish of steamed broccoli.

4. Sumire Karaage Roll


Sumire Karaage is a snack in the Food Wars episode where Ilumi Mito and Soma Yukihira help bring back the Sumiredori shopping District that Mozuya had dominated.

The term Karaage exists in Japanese culinary, which means deep-frying poultry, other meat, and fish cooking techniques. The meat is marinated then coated with a seasoning mix.

Sumire Karaage roll is a light dish that can be eaten anywhere hence branding it as a snack. It is easy to make.

However, it would help to eat it fresh. You can make Sumire Karaage Roll for your children and watch them light up with excitement, especially if they are anime fans too.

5. Transforming Furikake Rice


The transforming furikake rice is a delicious Japanese dish where the eggs transform when the gelatinized cubes of flavor melt.

This dish is found in food wars season 1, episode 2, and is made by Souma. Preparing this dish will leave your friends amazed and waiting for the recipe.

You will need several locally found ingredients. However, if you can’t find sake in your local grocery store, you will have to go to an Asian grocery store.

The sesame oil will give this delicious meal an amazing nutty aroma. Do not be shy with the ginger and the garlic.

The more, the better.  Cook the spring onion with butter before you add it to the eggs during garnishing. This will taste better.

Serve it hot and watch the cubes melt. Enjoy.

6. Eggs Benedict Don – Fit for a Queen


The Eggs Benedict Don – Fit for a Queen is a dish made by Soma for Erina(the god’s tongue)in the finale. These eggs he called fit for a queen.

It is fine-tuning of the queen’s egg dish that Erina made in the 13th episode of season 1 and the chicken Egg Tempura Don made by Soma in episode 50.

This dish consists of many ingredients, some of which you will only get in an Asian grocery store. This recipe is a bit long and complicated.

But if you follow it to the latter, it will result in a delicious, mouth-watering dish. You will have to cook different dishes apart before you assemble.

To assemble, combine the plain white rice with some reserved diced konbu. Add some herbs. Then place your tonkatsu over the rice and finally the tempura egg on the tonkatsu. Finally, glaze with the sauce. Garnish with spring onions.

7. Rainbow Terrine


Rainbow Terrine has to be the most challenging recipe in Food Wars. It was made by Soma Yukihira. This terrine has seven vegetable layers with two different types of sauces.

These sauces include bitter perilla and sweet and sour Sudachi, which leads to 14 flavors. 

To enhance the umami, Tokodor adds preserved vegetables to each layer. This brings about mature vegetable flavors over fresh ones.

To top it all up, she uses allspices to cover the smell of liver. Allspice also aids in digestion. 

Rainbow Terrine is an attractive dish. However, it might take some practice to get it right due to its complexities.

8. French Curry Lobster Rice with Cognac


Ryo Kurokiba made this dish in the Autumn Elections. It is a mouth-watering dish that is presented perfectly and makes it almost impossible to eat it. 

To deepen the flavor of this dish, Kurokiba adds “Napoleon” class (high-quality) cognac to his sauce. Napoleon Cognac is a French brandy that has a strict brewing process from a specific type of grape.

The one Ryo uses is the X.O Napoleon, which means an extra old brandy of high quality. 

This cognac dramatically improves the flavor by giving the dish a woody flavor, and the flavor of the lobster brains intensifies. It is simply delicious.

Creating this dish in real life is equally possible. Here are the ingredients you need.

9. Joichiro Special Rich Ramen

Joichiro's Special Rich Ramen from 'Food Wars!'

Joichiro is a breakfast ramen dish. It is unusual to make ramen for breakfast.  This ramen dish is relatively light, making it perfect for breakfast.

It looks like it has meat, but ideally, it is meatless. Instead, the Joichiro use tempeh, a meat substitute. Tempe goes well with miso soup-based vegetarian broth and soy milk. 

The dish also has dried shiitake mushrooms that bring out meaty umami, some potatoes, and vegetables. It has ginger, garlic, and seasonings that make it tremendously delicious.

Because of the tempeh, the ramen ends up having a meaty flavor without all the heaviness. As a result, it is revitalizing and energizing. This makes it a perfect dish to start your day with.

10.Scourched Pacific Suary Carpaccio

Scorched Pacific Saury Carpaccio from 'Food Wars!'

Carpaccio is usually an Italian appetizer (hors-d’oeuvre). However, Hayam Akira presents it as a main course during the Autumn Election finals in food wars.

This is because he has made a few tweaks to this lovely dish to make it a main course, contrary to what people expected.

Akira uses Allspice to season this scorched pacific Suary carpaccio. Allspice is a common spice found on most people’s kitchen shelves.

When Akira brings out the cooking torch and sears the fish’s surface, The aroma unlocked hits the judges hard. It is delicious. 

11. Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict was the egg dish prepared by Eina Nakiri ( god’s tongue) in the 13th episode. This is a simple yet fancy and sophisticated egg dish that she selected during the training camp.

Egg benedict is attractive with an elegant look. It looks more like a gem, not a breakfast meal.  However, this dish does not just look good.

Nakiri adds karasumi to the egg. Harumi, also known as dried mullet roe, is salty, and this saltiness, together with the yolk, makes the dish more flavourful. 

The result is an insanely delicious, eggy goodness.  The egg is so delicious that a man bends the knee in praise. 

12. Petit Size Loco Moco Don

This is a traditional Hawaiian dish. It consists of 3 main traditional ingredients, hamburger meat, and egg, and rice.

When there is the breakfast challenge during the training camp episode in food Wars, Ikumi Mito ( Master of meat) serves a variation of this Hawaiian dish while keeping the three main ingredients.

Ikumi reinvents the dish to make it better. She reduces the serving size and adds some cherry tomatoes and lettuce to improve the texture of the petit loco moco don. These added vegetables make it look and feel fresher.

Finally, she does away with brown gravy and adds vinaigrette. This increases the creaminess of the egg yolk while the hamburger becomes juicer.

That is the perfect fusion of Japanese cooking techniques and Hawaiian cooking techniques, making this dish a one-of-a-kind dish.

13. Kozhi Varutha curry

Kozhi Varutha is a curry that was made in episode 19 by Akira. It is the main course meal, spicy chicken curry.

It is easy to make, and the ingredients are locally available. You have to caramelize the chicken first before you stir fry.

The combination of onions, garlic, ginger, coriander powder, turmeric and salt, and garam masala brings up the spiciness in this curry.

Add some coconut milk to make the sauce heavier and more aromatic. 

Soma and Megumi, whose chicken was Kozhi Varutha curry, were presented to it because it was delicious.

14. Yukihira style shalyapin steak don

This is the main course meal in the food wars anime that Soma made in episode seven. This main meal is also known as Japanese steak donburi.

It is a tasty meal and savory meal that consists of only a few locally available ingredients. The trick in the perfect Yukihira style steak don is in the tenderness of the meat. Ensure you tenderize the beef perfectly. 

Always fry the meat with some bit of onions. This improves its taste since it absorbs the perfect onion flavors and aroma. 

Another secret is on the layering of the food because presentation has to be perfect in food wars. Put first the umeboshi paste rice in a donburi bowl. Add the meat on top of the rice. Then pour some sauce. Be extravagant and pour as much source as you would love, and finally garnish with buttered spring onions. 

This recipe is adjustable if you are a vegetarian. For example, you can use fish cake instead of beef. And crumble the fish instead of the step where you prepare the meat.

Serve your Yukihira style Chaliapin steak don hot and enjoy.

15. Revamped (Spanish) Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke


The beauty of food wars recipes shows they could revamp any simple food to make it heavenly. Soma, in episode 5, prepared this dish. It was his cooking duel with Isshiki on how welcome party to the dorm.

Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke originally was made by pouring green tea on cooked rice in a bowl.  However, Souma revamped it to make it better and tastier. This can be a three-ingredient job. All you need is a piece of Spanish mackerel fillet, olive oil, and rice balls.

This is a spicy fish as pepper is added in the process of preparation. But if you have young kids, you might want to go easy with the pepper.

You can add the herbs of your choice if you have no Mitsuba. The onigiri is kind of flexible; therefore, be free to add whatever you want to it, especially if you do not fancy fish.

You can alternatively use broth too instead of tea if you do not like tea. You can use as much seasoning and spices as you want.

Remember, onigiri can be a simple three-ingredient meal, but it is flexible and can accommodate anything you want. Be creative and enjoy.

16. Apple risotto

Apple risotto is a breakfast dish that not only tastes so good but is relatively easy to make. Some made this dish in episode 16 when he was dueling his dad in their 490th cooking battle. This dish is delicious and savory. It has some bit of tanginess and is creamy.

All you need for this recipe are locally available ingredients like bacon, apple, white wine, butter, lemon juice, cheese, and other ingredients. You can use margarine over butter if you prefer.

For the lemon juice, I prefer using the fresh lemon juice where I juiced the lemon myself for a fresh taste, but if you prefer the store-bought one, it is also okay.

Sprinkle powder cheese and pepper on top to garnish.

Serve hot and wait for all the oohs and aahs at the table. You deserve it.


Food wars is a fantastic tv show. The dishes made in the anime are exciting and seem out of this world.

But if you are a fan of anime and would like to know how Souma does it, go to the kitchen and get started on your first food wars recipe. Let us know how it turned out. Enjoy.

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