Foods That Start With E

There are quite a number of foods that begin with E. whether it is out of curiosity that you may want to know the ingredients or discover their names and how they are prepared, you are at the right place.

It is not easy to master every food because they are endless, so the best way to counter this is by learning about these foods following alphabetical order.

This procedure will keep you informed about the different foods in the world, their preparation methods, and the ingredients needed to prepare them.

Here are some of the foods that begin with E;


It is a classic and traditional food that is prepared in France. They are usually served as hors d’oeuvre in French meals. They are mostly cooked by adding butter, garlic, and wine. You can decide to add other ingredients like nuts and parsley to improve its taste.


Escargots are land snails, and they are a little harmful, but it is a dish you should try when you visit France. The snails are not cooked with their shells, and most people remove the shells before cooking them. This recipe is found in almost all top restaurants in France and also in rural areas.

The main reason for escargot popularity is because in eastern France in the French Alps, numerous snails that are used for food purposes. The French people are not the first people to consume snails as the Romans eat the snails in several dishes.


It is a type of cheese that is made in the Dutch land. It is given the name Edam in relation to a province found in the Netherlands’ northern part. It is referred to as queso de bola in Spain; the cheese is usually slightly hard and is covered with reddish paraffin wax.

Edam cheese

This cheese’s main advantage is that it never goes bad and only hardens over time; this cheese ages properly and can serve you for long periods. Initially, the cheese was sold in vessels and drums that were filled with a thick wax.

Savorless Edam cheese tastes better when eaten with fruits like apricots, while that one that has aged is better when eaten with apples. It all depends on what you want; therefore, if you prefer the cheese with a strong taste, then the aged Edam will serve you well.

Edamame beans

These are green soybeans found in Japan and are mostly served as a starter or appetizer in restaurants and hotels. It is better eaten right from the pods, and it is also the best type of snack for people with busy schedules.

Edamame beans

These beans usually contain high protein levels, and you can easily eat a small amount of it and get satisfied rather than eat too many calories. Packing of these beans is done in small tins of a particular weight.

The Japanese usually Blanche the beans before serving, and they also do not add salt to it, whereas in other countries, the beans are served with saltwater or salt. It is a very addictive food.


These are corn tortillas that are rolled, usually filled with vegetables, meat beans, and potatoes, and are mostly baked. The top of these tortillas is filled with a sauce that contains chili and pepper.

Green enchiladas casserole

They are made in different varieties, and you can find chicken and beef enchiladas; nevertheless, the vegetarian enchiladas are the most popular, and the ingredients include cheese and beans.

It is a Mexican delicacy, and the name enchillar means chili in the Spanish language. It is a classic Mexican cuisine, and sometimes you may find enchiladas filled with pork and minced meat. This food is sold on the streets of Mexico and rural areas, which means you can easily get them to visit this country.


It is a vegetable and has a high amount of foliage in it. It falls in the family of genus Cichorium, and this family contains plants and leaves that are very bitter. When eaten raw, the leaves are bitter, but the bitter taste is reduced when slightly cooked.


Escarole and endive are somehow related, and the main difference between these two vegetables is that the leaves of endive are slightly small in length, and it also has got wavy leaves. The fiber content in these leaves is usually very high, which is a significant benefit to the body.

To prepare it, you will need to boil it for between 2-3 minutes, and this is to remove the bitter taste, after which you can add them to any salads. However, many people prefer them in crunchy carrots and tomato juice.


These are pastries that have been fried and then stuffed with vegetables, meat, and corn. The fillings of this food are either aromatic or sweet. It is a very unique and popular recipe in South American countries. It is also a popular food in Portugal and Spain as the word empanar is Spanish that means “roll or cover.”

Spicy black bean and corn empanadas

Cooking and preparation procedures largely depend on where you come from; most people prefer to make them with vegetables and beef and add some sauce. Nonetheless, the most famous and popular empanadas from Argentina are filled with minced beef and boiled eggs.

If you are having a special event, you can prepare an empanada with a clump of ice cream on top of the empanada will make it finger-licking good.


This is a fish type that is found in Japan and mainly in freshwaters. It possesses the shape of a cylinder, and when in the water, it may look like a snake at first glance. Their sizes vary from one to another, which is usually between 50cm to 90cm.


The eel’s blood is noxious to human beings, but its toxicity levels are eliminated when cooked. The Japanese refer to them as “unagi.”

Its cooking procedures vary from one person to another, with other people preferring to grill, fry, or boil them. For instance, if you decide to grill the eel, you will need to grill both sides for about 4-5 minutes, and the heat should be medium, after which you can pour wine on it. Grilling it in a teriyaki sauce makes it more delicious.

Elk jerky

It is meat with some parts of it sheared and cut into slices and then dried up to remove any water traces so that the meat cannot go bad. Adding salt to this meat will ensure maximum drainage of the water and will also keep bacteria from entering it as bacteria accelerates the rate at which the meat will spoil.

Beef Jerky

You can also dry the meat using a different method that is called biltong. This method is different from the first one as it involves both the use of vinegar and salt to prevent bacteria introduction in the meat.

You must select a lump of good and proper elk meat with no growth hormones as the hormones change the original taste of the elk jerky.


This is a pastry made from a soft dough that has been stuffed with cream and covered with chocolate icing on the top part. Sometimes, this pastry is filled with chestnut, coffee, and rum. The chocolate icing is mostly made with a piece of confectionery.


This food is said to have originated from France in the 19th century and usually has an oval shape rather than round pastry balls. So if you want to show your expertise when visitors are around, this pastry is worth a trial.


It is a beverage made with milk, sugar, cream, and egg yolks as its ingredients. It is one drink that is usually served on vacations and during the holidays. You can also blend it with alcohol such as rum and whiskey.

whipped cream eggnog with spices

This beverage goes perfectly well with slightly warm cookies or cookies taken out of the oven immediately. This beverage’s origin is unknown, but British land seems the possible origin of this beverage.

In Germany, this drink was given to the young people to get used to alcohol; this was a tradition during the olden days. The “nog” in the name eggnog means that glass has been modeled from a tree to serve alcohol.”

English muffins

They are usually small in size, and they are made from yeast that has been expanded, swollen, and is also flat. It is mainly served during breakfast in the United Kingdom. They are slightly different from American muffins because the English muffins, are made from yeast rather than baking soda.

egg muffins 2


This type of coffee is made by using hot water and coffee beans that have been ground. You can make this type of coffee using different types of coffee beans. This coffee has high amounts of solid that has not been dissolved, and it is also a thicker coffee compared to other techniques employed while brewing coffee.

Espresso martini tiramisu

The thickness of this coffee makes it a stronger coffee than many others. Its caffeine content is usually high than other forms of coffee; however, the size in which it is served is relatively smaller, and this reduces the amount of caffeine in the mugs. It is a coffee-making procedure that originates from Italy.


It is a piece of meat that is boneless. You can use a rolling pin to roll it over the meat until it becomes slender or skinny. You can also smash the meat using a cup or a plate as long as it attains the slim level.


The meat’s fibers are broken when this process is done continuously, which makes the meat softer. The main disadvantage of doing this is that the cooking process is faster when cooking the meat because it is thin and the juice in it is lost.

The best way to prepare this meat is by dipping it in a sauce like whipped eggs, after which you can put the meat on breadcrumbs and then fry it. Doing this will give the meat its juice back, and the meat will be crispy.

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk removes water from fresh milk, and more than 55% of the water is removed during this process, which is done by heating the milk. It is highly concentrated, and it has got one difference from condensed milk.

steamed milk pudding step3

The main difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk is that the addition of sugar usually sweetens condensed milk. Nonetheless, processing condensed milk does not have too many procedures as the added sugar prevents bacteria introduction.

Evaporated milk is an essential ingredient used in many foods, especially desserts and pies, and cakes. The advantage of evaporated milk is that due to the minimal amount of water in it, protecting it from going bad is much simpler.

English spinach

These are green leaves that grow to roughly 30cm tall. It is usually grown for its mass production of leaves, and you can either eat them raw or cook them. The leaves are usually soft and high fiber content; the leaves are always oval-shaped, with both the stem and the leaves edible.

English spinach

They are sometimes called the “baby spinach,” which is usually when the leaves are harvested when they are still young. Preparing these vegetables is easy as you only need to stir fry them together with bacon and garlic.


Ecrevisse is a French name that means crayfish. There are different species of these crustaceans, but they have one thing in common: they all live in freshwater bodies.

Ecrevisse is a little smaller than lobsters and tastes like crabs and shrimps when prepared together. Their meat is very delicious and usually tender. This crayfish has got a better percentage of crust, which means only some parts are edible.

The edible part of this fish is found on the tails and its claws; however, the crust is also brought for decoration purposes when served.


It is a leafy green vegetable that has a character associated with bitterness. It is also referred to as frisse lettuce and has its origin in Europe.

This vegetable resembles spinach, kale, and lettuce, but it is slightly different because it has a yellow color on the bottom.

Its texture is very lovely, which means they form delicious soups, preparing them is fast and quick thanks to its good texture. They are an incredible addition when added to any salad as they bring about a sour flavor in them.

A standard and traditional soup made from these vegetables consist of cheese, olive oil, chicken consommé, and garlic.


It is a purple vegetable that you can easily grow in your backyard or your garden and has a delicious taste when added to a wide variety of foods. The famous foods which you can blend with the eggplant include baingan ka bharta and bhurtha.


In India, they are also referred to as brinjal. They can either be cooked or eaten raw; however, many people prefer grilling them as they have a sour taste. Grilling or stir-frying them reduces the amount of bitterness of these fruits.

They are too many of these in China and also India. China was the first country in which the record of eggplants was written, and that was in the year 554, where it was quoted in an agricultural article called the qimin yaoshu.

If you visit China, you should try out the Szechuan eggplant; it is an eggplant made from sesame seeds, garlic, chili, and soy sauce and comes in different flavors.


They are majorly eaten during breakfast. It is one culture that is practiced globally because eggs contain high protein levels; the only difference is the method in which they are prepared globally, with each country having their unique method of preparing eggs.


People who participate in sporting activities like taking eggs because of their high nutrient content and low-fat amounts. The yolk contains most parts of the vitamins and minerals.

You can either fry, boil, or poach them; they are a very important ingredient when preparing recipes such as chicken nuggets.

Elephant ears

It is made from yeast that has been deep-fried and has its origin in Canada. Most of the time, they are served at carnival shelters and stalls.

Preparing this food will require you to have sugar, salt, milk, and margarine or butter. You then heat the margarine so that it gets to dissolve, and then you add yeast, and this is after the margarine has cooled down. You then need to pour flour and mold this mixture, after which you let it rise.

The last procedure involves making balls from the dough, after which you deep fry them. You complete this process by sprinkling cinnamon or sugar on its surface. The name elephant ear will make sense when you look at this snack after preparing it.


Also called ekpang nkukwo is an African dish that is made from cocoyam that has been freshly grated and simmered with meat that has been smoked or fresh meat. It is essential that the cocoyam that has been grated be wrapped with the leaves.

It is a time-consuming food to make because of the procedures involved in preparing it. Various cocoyam can be used to prepare this meal, but the best one is red cocoyam. It is a traditional Nigerian recipe.

Edinburgh rock

These are candies or sweets with a wide range of colors within a packet, and they look like chalk on the first appearance.

You may be hesitant to eat these sweets because they look like chalk pieces; nevertheless, these candies are usually very delicious and with a pleasant smell. It has a very smooth texture, which means it will dissolve in your mouth easily.

It was discovered in the 19th century by alexander Ferguson. He was a businessman behind the opening of a confectionery business based in Edinburgh and hence the reason the candies were named after this place.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

This is the best olive oil that you can find in the supermarkets and shops. It is gotten from a tree crop found in the Mediterranean basin; its processing involves pressing the olives and extracting the oil.

It is the best oil you can use during cooking or when you are frying foods. There are no chemicals that get in touch with this oil, and hence its purity level is maintained correctly. There are almost zero acids in this oil, which is the sole reason it is called “extra.”

Egg rolls

This is a Chinese delicacy and also prepared in some parts of America. You can prepare them a day before you plan to eat them and fry them the very minute you want to serve them.

BBQ pulled pork egg rolls

Several techniques are employed when preparing this meal; you can fill the egg rolls with meat and vegetables and fry them to perfection.

It is usually made in a cylindrical design, and the outer part of the egg rolls is made from wheat flour, thus forming a golden yellow color. The vegetarian option is popular than the rolls made with pork meat.

Peas and corn have been used in place of pork meat, and they are juicier than the ones made from pork meat. The skin of the egg roll is also made slightly soft and not too much crispy. It is best served warm with soy sauce.


It is a fruit that falls in the family of bananas, and it is usually cultivated in the equatorial regions of Africa, especially In Ethiopia. The fruit is also referred to as the false banana, and it is eaten in Ethiopia and its neighboring countries.

This plant is drought-tolerant, and they usually are grown in very tight spaces, but they tend to feed a high number of people.

The leaves of this plant a significant role as they are used in making threads that are used for income generation by the natives, on the other hand the fruit can be consumed when there is increased starvation in a particular region.

It is a vital plant in Ethiopia as its leaves can store water for a long time, and that is why the inhabitants highly value it.


Eierkuchen is a German traditional recipe pancake-like pastry that is usually spread with jam or filled with chocolate berry sauce and Nutella.

To prepare your eierkuchen, you will need milk, sugar, flour, and eggs as your ingredients. In most German markets, eierkuchen is readily available. American pancakes and German eierkuchen are not the same as many people would think. The eierkuchen is usually flattered and a bit larger than the common pancakes.


This is a traditional cheese with its origin from Switzerland. It usually has a sour taste and has a yellow color. It has a stronger taste and it is considered one of the best cheese in the world. They are tastier when eaten with corn and bran in addition with some sweet swine.

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