Fried Milk Recipe – One Of The Traditional Chinese Desserts

Milk: something found in almost every kitchen. But with this recipe, you can learn a great new way to enjoy it! Crispy, fried milk is a delicious treat. Add cocoa or matcha powder, or just coat in coconut- there are several ways to enjoy this snack!

Fried milk is a traditional treat from Shunde, Guangdong Province. This dish is golden on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. It is an iconic Cantonese snack.

Fried Milk

The nutritional value of milk is well known. In addition to rich in protein and minerals, it is also the best source of calcium. However, just drinking milk every day can be a little boring.

Fried Milk

Following this recipe will give you a great new way to enjoy a simple and nutritious ingredient- milk!

Fried Milk


  • 1) 250g of milk
  • 2) 30g of corn starch
  • 3) 25g of fine sugar
  • 4) Low-gluten flour
  • 5) 1 egg
  • 6) Bread crumbs
  • 7) Cooking oil

How To Make Deep Fried Milk:

Step 1. Milk, corn starch, and fine sugar are placed in a pot and stirred.

Fried Milk Recipe step1

Step 2.Place on the stove over low heat, stirring constantly.

Fried Milk Recipe step2

Step 3. Cook until the mixture has thickened.

Fried Milk Recipe step3

Step 4. Coat the inside of a dish (like shown below) with a thin layer of oil, and pour in the thickened milk. Once the milk has settled evenly, put in the refrigerator.

Fried Milk Recipe step4

Step 5. Once the milk has cooled and solidified, you can turn the dish upside down on a cutting board to remove.

Fried Milk Recipe step5

Step 6. Cut into even, rectangular pieces.

Fried Milk Recipe step6

Step 7. First, put the solidified milk into the low-gluten flour and coat evenly.

Fried Milk Recipe step7

Step 8. Then, dip in the whisked egg.

Fried Milk Recipe step8

Step 9. Finally, coat with a layer of bread crumbs.

Fried Milk Recipe step9

Step 10. Heat oil on the stove (enough to submerge the breaded milk). Place in a few of the breaded milk rectangles (the oil should bubble, that means it is hot enough).

Fried Milk Recipe step10

Step 11. When the surface is golden, remove it, set on a paper towel to cool, and enjoy!

Fried Milk Recipe step11


1. In addition to the original flavor, you can add a small amount of matcha powder or cocoa powder to give an extra pop of flavor.

2. The refrigerated and cut milk cake can be eaten directly, coated in coconut.

3. When you fry, you must use low heat. The oil temperature should not be too high, otherwise, the milk cake will be scorched as soon as it is put in.

4. Don’t fry too much at a time. Since the fried milk will become soft if you don’t eat it on time.

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