30 Unique Hello Kitty Kitchen Stuff You Would Like

Have you noticed? The hello kitty kitchen stuff has taken the world by storm. We will all agree that the hello kitty which is a Japanese cartoon is loved in the food world. From the large to the small kitchen gadgets you have options to choose from.

Most of the kitchen items will help you in glamming your kitchen space while delivering on the tasks it’s required to undertake. If you are looking to buy the kitty kitchen stuff, sit back and relax as you read through this article. You will find all the best kitty kitchen stuff you need.

The Origin of Hello Kitty Kitchen Stuff

You have probably all seen the white kitty with pink lace and different regalia. This is the cornerstone of the Japanese pop culture which was invented in the year 1974. It’s a fictional character that the sanrio company produced.

History has it that the hello kitty was the invention of a woman h=who gave birth to a child with mouth cancer. All the doctors told her that the little girl would die eventually and sure enough, her health kept deteriorating.

However, you know mothers, they never give up and so the woman decided to take her to every church she knew of in search of a miracle. Even then nothing happened.

She then decided to seek the devil’s help who assured her that she would be healed only if she would make a symbol that would be famous and likeable in the world.

She agreed to these conditions and her child was healed. To keep her promise, she made the famous hello kitty. This was a cat without a mouth and has since become popular. Note, the word kitty in Chinese means demon so hello kitty is an interpretation of hello demon.

For other historians, the hello kitty was made without the mouth for people to easily project their feelings to the cartoon. There are more stories to relate to the hello kitty but one thing is that the image has won souls over.

Hello Kitty Kitchen Stuffs

Hello kitty tableware

1. Hello Kitty Flatware Set Kids

Zak! (12pc) Hello Kitty Flatware Set Kids Silverware Spoons & Forks Sanrio Tableware, 6 Sets

Having the colourful tableware makes eating fun even for those kids who don’t love eating. I can attest to this. The fact that the tableware has kitty cartoons and they love cartoons make them want to eat the food regardless.

The set is easy to use as it gives the children a firm and comfy grip. They are made using the stainless steel and cute plastic handles that come in pink and with the hello kitty graphics.

They also come in 3 more colors for your convenience. For safe use, they are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

They can serve you well when you have parties. If you want a perfect gift set, consider these items. They are designed for small hands and since they have a quality design, your children and teens can use them at school.

You can use them to eat, appetizers, soups, desserts and most other meals.

Hello kitty household items

When it comes to the kitty household items you have hundreds of items. We, therefore, suggest five items for you to buy.

2. Hello Kitty Inspired 2pc Bright Smile Oral Hygiene Set

Hello Kitty Inspired 2pc Bright Smile Oral Hygiene Set! Girl's Hot Pink Soft Manual Toothbrush & Brushing Timer! Plus Bonus "Remember to Brush" Visual Aid!

Maintaining your body hygiene is essential especially the oral health. The toothbrush here is a recommended type by dentists for effective brushing. What’s even better is that the brush has the kitty cartoon which will make the kids want to use it as often as they should.

3. Hello Kitty KuruKuru Ice Cream Maker

Both the adults and children love ice-cream and this would help you to make the ice cream at home. With its bright color it will enhance the appearance of your kitchen and even make it attractive to use by children.

If you don’t like it in pink you may also have it in black. It comes with a spoon which means you are ready to scoop your yummy ice cream.

4. Hello Kitty S2 Refillable Butane Lighter – Bottle Opener

B17 Hello Kitty S2 Refillable Butane Lighter - Bottle Opener - Blue LED Light - Unboxed

The one essential kitchen item is the bottle opener and lighter. Every so often, you want to open your bottles in the kitchen thus you need an opener. Investing in this item that has a gorgeous kitty design is a sure way to open your bottles.

Sometimes you may also make use of it when you have gone for your outdoor activities and there are no lights. It uses the butane gas for the lighting. B17 hello kitty is a small gadget which means you can carry it to any event you have.

5. Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Tray

Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Tray

You need the trays for various reasons in the kitchen. This one is your best tray for multipurpose use. You can use it for stationery items, kitchen items among other uses. It has up to 4 portioning and a removable handle.

Made using the high-quality item the tray it’s durable and easily cleaned.

6. Finex Pink Hello Kitty Foldable Storage Organizer

Finex Pink Hello Kitty Foldable Storage Organizer Box for Desk - with Removable Drawer

When you have many of the small items, you need to store them safely for easy access. This foldable organizer box is the ideal item for storage. It helps to keep your small items in order in your lightweight bag.

Moreover, you can place the bag anywhere and carry it for your outdoor activities as well. It comes in the beautiful hello kitty designs and will help you keep your kitchen organized.

7. Hello Kitty 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster

Hello Kitty 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster With Cool Touch Exterior

Are you a toast lover?

You will enjoy your toasts with this item. Coming in an elegant design, the toaster gives you the extra wide slots for use even when you have the sandwich bread. It has 2 slots for you to brown your bread slices.

Moreover, it has the removable crumbs tray and it allows you to brown it to any brown level choice. You can even make the bagel toast with the item. While it looks like a toy, it’s not and shouldn’t be used as so.

It remains cool to touch thus keeping your hands safe from burns and scalds.

Kitchen utensils

8. Hello Kitty Sanrio design utensil set

Hello Kitty Sanrio design utensil set (spoon, fork, chopsticks)

The set features utensils made from Japan. You have your ready spoons, forks and chopsticks for easy use. They are nicely arranged in the utensils coordinating case. Having a set at a reasonable price means you have every utensil you need for cooking different kinds of food.

Since they have a coordinating case, arranging them is easy thus they are readily accessible and well organized after you use it.

9. Hello Kitty 1 X Pull lid chopstick set

Hello Kitty 1 X Pull lid chopstick set

Having hello kitty chopstick is another solution to learning how to eat using the chopsticks from a young age. Coming in the pink color, the chopsticks are designed for use by both the children and adults.

They are especially suited for those with small hands.

10. Hello Kitty Cutlery Set

7.3" MIX Hello Kitty My Melody Pompompurin Cinnamoroll ABS-resin BPA FREE Cutlery Set Fork Spoon Chopsticks with Case

This set is made using the BPA-free plastic material with ABS resin and the best part being that its skid-resistant. It will also stand high heat use. Coming in a set of fork, spoon and chopstick you will enjoy eating your meals.

Hello kitty coffee mugs and pots

11. Hello Kitty Coffee Mug Water Cup Set

Finex Hello Kitty All Over Pink Ceramic Coffee Mug Water Cup Set with Lid and Spoon

For those of us who love coffee, this set is ideal for your usage. It comes with a lid and a spoon to make the drinking process easy. What’s more, its dishwasher safe and microwave safe. You can use it when on transit and the best part is that its reusable.

12. Hello Kitty Merchandise : Ceramic Coffee cups

Hello Kitty Merchandise : Ceramic Coffee cups with lids and handle and Spoon - a Special Gift for her

This is a ceramic mug which doesn’t alter the flavour of your coffee drink yet its durable. It features keen details imprinted on the exterior part of the mug. With its mirror lid cover, it keeps your drink hot and ready for you to drink.

Moreover, it has a coaster to absorb the water formed while keeping it slip-resistant. It comes with a cleaning spoon for ease when stirring the coffee as well as the brush for easy cleaning.

13. Hello Kitty Ceramic Coffee Mug

Hello Kitty Ceramic Coffee Mug with Cute Sunglasses and Bow Design - Sanrio - Large 20 oz

This is a great way to start your morning. The ceramic mug ensures you enjoy the sip of coffee chocolate, tea and soup among others. Here the hello kitty has sunglasses which gives it an enhanced touch.

14. Hello Kitty Coffee Maker

Hello Kitty Coffee Maker

For those who love brewing their own coffee, this item is ideal. It reaches the ideal temperature to brew your coffee quickly. The item is known to make the perfect deep brewed coffee. Also, this item has a removable and washable filter.

Its water tank further has the mark measurements on where the water should reach. Moreover, it has the automatic-off function to keep you safe when using it. This is your best coffee maker that will enhance the outlook of your kitchen.

Though it’s beautiful, it would work best with the singles and college students because it’s small. Use it only when you intend to make a small amount of coffee.

Cooking set

  1. Kakusee Sanrio Hello Kitty 5 Set of All Stainless Kitchen Tool Series Ladle,Mesh Ladle,Turner,Whisk & Skimmer


Featuring the stainless steel sets of 5 cooking items, the hello kitty brings you the above items to use in your cooking needs. They are durable and easy to wash. The handle offers a great design with a hole to hang the 5 pieces set.

The handle is further made of polypropene which makes it easy to clean and can stand high heat that it’s subjected to while cooking.

16. HELLO KITTY KT5235 Hot Air Popcorn Maker

HELLO KITTY KT5235 Hot Air Popcorn Maker

I’m one person who loves popcorns and this gadget has always come in handy. It will make it easy for you to enjoy your bowl of popcorns while having a fun watching time. In 3 minutes, you have the bowl of popcorns.

It has the non-slip feet for stability as you are cooking. What makes it even ideal is the pink color that enhances the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Once it’s cooked, the doomed shape top makes way for the popcorns to flow into the bowl.

Mini fridge

  1. Hello Kitty Mini Fridge Model FR17-HK 1.8 CU. FT Refrigerator


This mini refrigerator may work as a second refrigerator for your home use or sometimes it can work as a freestanding fridge in your office or dorms. It’s small but effective and it comes in a pink color.

The hello kitty image further enhances its outlook. It’s easy to use and portable when necessary since its small.

Hello kitty refrigerator

  1. Hello Kitty Compact Refrigerator Cooler Warmer Rare Limited Addition BNIB


Sometimes all you need is a small item to refrigerate your few items, cool and warm them. This is such a unique design of fridge. It’s further ideal because it comes in a non-regular fridge shape.

It assumes the hello kitty image and on the inside, you can keep up to 6 sodas. It further maintains a cool temperature of 20˚C and a warmer temperature of 50˚C. Your friends won’t even know you have a fridge with this item.

  1. Hello Kitty microcomputer for overseas rice cooker 3 cups JAJ-K55W-P 220V


Here is a rice cooker that features the hello kitty design. It’s further a cooking plate with a side dish and rice cooker in the same item. If you like to have your perfect tasting, fluffy and the perfect textured rice, buy this rice cooker.

You can use it to cook 3 cups of rice which makes it ideal for use by a small family. What’s more, it’s a non-stick pot that makes it easy to clean and release the food from the container. It has a perfectly colored exterior that remains cool to touch.

You can cook your rice and stew at the same time using this gadget. The sturdy construction is designed to last longer.

Hello kitty kitchen knives

20. Pink Hello Kitty Fruit Purer Slicer and De-corer Cartoon Fruit Knife

The knives here use the latest coating technology that is done on the stainless steel knives. It contains a knife and a peeler with a high-quality stainless steel and plastic body. The blades are sharp enough to cut through your fruits.

You will have all your fruits juice retained while you are coring. Moreover, it offers the perfect design and comfy hand grip for ease in cutting your fruits. Both the peeler and the knife make the cutting an easy task.

The kitchen timer

21. Hello Kitty Digital Kitchen Timer

Hello Kitty Digital Kitchen Timer

For a great kitchen cooking, you need the timer. Most people will have their food burnt because they didn’t realize when it got cooked. With a set timer, you will have it alert you when the time of cooking elapses.

Moreover, it’s easy to use and has large writings for even those with poor eyesight to see. It uses the battery life which means you should use it in a way that conserves its battery life. You only need to press the mid button once the cooking time elapses.

For easy hanging, it has a small magnet on its back that will stick on the wall.

Hello kitty sandwich maker

22. Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

If you are anything like me, you will know what a sandwich means for your morning breakfast. It has the non-stick cooking surfaces which make the releasing of the sandwich and cleaning a breeze.

Moreover, it has 2 sides for cooking the sandwich on both sides all at once. For those kids of yours that hate eating, this will be good for them since the sides come out with the hello kitty face on both sides.

It remains cool to touch with a convenient handle. You can easily have the sandwich maker on your dining table even when guests are around because of its beautiful exterior design. For all your grilled cheese, hot panini sandwiches and other sandwiches use this sandwich maker.

The hello kitty cookbook

23. The Hello Kitty Baking Book

The Hello Kitty Baking Book: Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes, and More

This book is the perfect item for use with your hello kitty cooking items. It’s meant to make you the yummy baking items. The list of items you can bake with this book is endless. From pumpkin pie to chocolate cake and to cake pops the list is endless.

The book is designed to offer each individual a recipe to enjoy. It’s your book if you enjoy the hello kitty desserts.

Hello kitty pots and pans

24. Hello Kitty Premium stainless steel cookware set

Hello Kitty Premium stainless steel cookware set 3 piece Pots and pan Pot with 2.6L and pot with 1.4L & Frying pan with 1.1L

This is the sturdy design of cookware set to use when you want to cook that give you the hello kitty design. The pots and pans surfaces are coated with diamond to avoid the tendency to stick as you are cooking.

Featuring 2 pots and 1 pan they have removable handles for easy cleaning of the cookware set. Avoid using this item in the microwave oven as this may lead to the chipping off. They further have the glass tempered lid for ease in monitoring the food as its cooking.

Hello kitty pancake maker

25. Hello Kitty Pancake Maker – Pink (APP-61209)

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker - Pink (APP-61209)

What defines a delicious breakfast for you?

For me, pancakes are a must-have whenever I mean to set a complete breakfast. The hello kitty pancake maker makes the pancakes in the design of the hello kitty character. Made using the ceramic, the item is durable for use.

It’s also easy to use as long as you have access to electricity. Moreover, it features a non-stick coating for the easy release of the food and cleaning. You may find other people using it for making the grilled cheese sandwich.

I must say, I haven’t tried it yet but I plan to try it. Remember, to buy this item since it’s a great addition to your dorm or kitchen.

Water dispenser

26. Hello Kitty KT3102 Water Dispenser

Hello Kitty KT3102 Water Dispenser

For those health-conscious individuals, taking water is mandatory. It’s even better when you will take it from the beautiful hello kitty design dispenser. It dispenses 8 glasses of water and thus works best for 1 or 2 people in the house.

It has a lifted sprout that you use to dispense the water and your favorite juices. This design looks adorable in any part of your home or even office. Both the kids and adults love it which makes it rather a best buy when you wish to consume more water.

27. Hello Kitty 7″ Electric Quesadilla & Tortilla Maker Pink Kitchen New

We all love the hello kitty design on our quesadilla and tortilla. This item is not only suitable to use for your main meal but also the snacking meal. You may use it to make 6 delicious wedges with cheese.

The upper part is lockable to produce less mess during the cooking thus it requires less cleaning. It has a non-stick inner surface for the easy releasing of food and cooking. Use this item to create your delicious snacks as well as decorative quesadillas.

All 7 quesadillas come out with the hello kitty imprint on. You only need to wipe it when cleaning.

Hello kitty toaster oven

28. Hello Kitty Toaster Oven Broiler Kitchen Appliance

Here is a perfect design of a toaster oven for your kitchen. It features the white colored metal design with the exterior surfaces having the hello kitty design. Its interior has the metal tray that collects the crumbs and thus eases the cleaning process.

Whether you want to toast your sandwich or bagel or even make the pizza, use this item for the perfect results.

29. Wilton Hello Kitty Cake Pan

Wilton Hello Kitty Cake Pan

You should buy this baking pan in order to make your unique cake that will excite your guests at home. This is made using the heavy aluminum that will make it long lasting and you can wash it in warm soapy water.

30. Zak Designs Sanrio Plate, Bowl & Cup Gift Set

Zak Designs Sanrio Plate, Bowl & Cup Gift Set, Hello Kitty, 2 piece set

This is your great dish set that features a bowl cup and plate. You may use it in the service of any meal at any time of the day. It’s made using the durable plastic that is BPA free. Although its dishwasher safe never put it in a microwave.


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