Best 10 Home Hibachi Grills – Buying Guide

Home Hibachi Grills

Talk about hibachi grills to an outdoor enthusiast and it conjures images of laughter, groups of people enjoying the different kinds of meats, veggies and drinks on a bright sunny day.

Well, it’s summer again for some people in the world today and they are just experiencing those images you have. Mostly, grills come in different shapes and sizes. You can have a very small one and very large grills.

Most people love to have medium-sized ones for home use. Note that, a good hibachi will hardly manage to cook for 6 people. But for those who enjoy the charcoal flavor, it’s everything.

What Is Hibachi Grill?

Home Hibachi Grills

They are usually small portable grills or cooking devices that use charcoal and are easy to use when cooking your favorite meats and veggies.

However, the story of the rise of hibachi grills dates back to the golden age of Buddhism, Taoism and during the reign of Fujiwara when Japan experienced an economic crisis. At this time, the country was experiencing winter season yet they were making houses using paper.

This meant that making fireplaces was not an option. So, the Japanese decided to place hot charcoal in fireproof containers with open tops. To their advantage, the coal made the houses warm since it burns for a long time without smoke. This is how the hibachi was born.

Now, realize that what the west named hibachi is something close to it but not really it. Hibachi in Japanese just means fire bowl. As the US continued to receive immigrants from Japan, they brought along the hibachi grill idea.

Of course, the idea that the native Americans had of hibachi is not exactly what the Japanese were talking about. They ended up making something closely related to teppanyaki griddle in the name of the hibachi grill.

In summary, hibachi grill was a Japanese idea but the Americans modified it to a grill. The one that is called hibachi grill in America is just the shichirin in Japan.

Enough of the western confusion and the ancient hibachi let’s venture into this popularly used grill.

What are the best indoor hibachi grills for home

Small hibachi

1. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill, Red

Today, the grills are modernized to suit the modern lifestyle. For a brand like Cuisinart, you expect them to produce nothing but top-quality grills. This features an authentic design with a striking red cover top to fit into any home décor.

Made of stainless steel the grill cooks at a 5500 BTU. It’s made of porcelain enameled grate to offer even heating. The grill is small but it will cook the same way your regular large grill does. Look at the construction and all you see is durability, right?

The grill is fueled using propane gas and will work where space is limited. I like that you can place it anywhere and it will bring the heat close to the food thus efficiently using energy. This is a superior quality grill that you may use everywhere and anywhere.

Since it’s small, it uses lesser gas than normal and it’s portable in that you can fold the legs and carry it to your camping or other outdoor activities. You can cook anywhere and at any time with this grill.

Gas grill

2. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station - 2-burner - Propane Fueled - Restaurant Grade - Professional Quality

Are you looking to cook restaurant style?

This grill is ideal for making all kinds of meals including the teppanyaki-style on its large flat surface for grilling. I know that the item is easy to assemble and use. I’m sure you will be throwing your barbecue grill pretty soon if you buy the Blackstone.

Featuring a sturdy construction, the grill uses gas meaning you can control the pressure to which your food is subjected. Starting it is also easy, you just need to push a button.

Are wondering how you will carry it to the campsite?

The item has a removable top griddle which is light in weight and you can transport it to the site by disassembling it. Also, its wheels allow you to move it around your yard. The grill is durable since its body is made using the black steel and the burners are made of stainless steel.

Its 2 burners have a power of 30000BTU which produces sufficient heat to cook your favorite meats. Whether you want to cook in small quantities or large ones this item will serve you. After the meal, consider wiping off the food scraps before storing it for future use.

Large hibachi grill

3. Large Charcoal Hibachi-Style Grill

A large charcoal hibachi grill is what you need when you are having company and for the fun in cooking, right?

The lodge cast is your companion when it comes your outdoor activities like picnics or camps. Made using a cast iron material, the grill offers durability and effectivity. With its flip-down door, you can regulate the heat to use when cooking.

Aside from that, it has adjustable heights that determine the heat subjected to your food.  The cookware comes already seasoned and ready for you to use. Thus, keep using it to make the seasoning stick for enhanced safety.

You know cast iron material retains the heat. Which means that your cookware will sear your meats and grill your food leaving you with memories of the best-flavored food. To maintain it, season it once in a while.

Consider washing it without mild soap and water then be happy to use minimal charcoal in the grill yet achieve perfection.

4. Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Are you going camping anytime soon?

Consider buying this item. Featuring a stainless steel grill grate, it has a large surface area for grilling. Since it has the plated legs, they manage to secure your grill cover as you are traveling. It’s coated with porcelain to reduce the tendency to rust or be scratched.

I like that the rectangular grill’s handle stays cool to touch even when cooking. Since the item uses charcoal for grilling, your food will have charcoal infused flavor. You don’t have to worry about losing some parts when you are traveling because the item uses no nuts to join it.

5. Son of hibachi grill

Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Vintage Cast Iron Charcoal Grill | Self Cleaning/Self Extinguishing | The Ideal Portable Folding Grill (1980's Model)

This is your ideal grill for barbecuing both at home and while on transit. It takes you less than 10 minutes to put this thing together. If further has its own chimney effect to light up the charcoal. It has a large grilling surface that you can convert to a roasting oven.

Use it for cooking your breakfast, dinner or lunch then fold it and let it clean itself to reduce the hassle of cleaning.

Made of cast iron grate and carbon steel, the item is here to stay and it limits the wasting of charcoals by extinguishing it then you can store it for future use. Remember to frequently season it to keep it safe.

Countertop hibachi grill

6. My Hibachi BBQ HBC1B

My Hibachi BBQ HBC1B Outdoor 3-in-1 Sit Around Propane w/Flat Top Teppanyaki Griddle, BBQ Rack & Cast Iron Portable for Tailgating Grill

Here is a 3 in 1 hibachi grill that you may use with your propane gas it’s ideal for the flat top surface. The barbecue rack is constructed using the high-quality stainless steel. Consider using the griddle to make pancakes, bacon, eggs, veggies among others.

Whether you want to grill your burgers, steak, pork, fish or chicken the hibachi grill has you covered. It has a powerful 40000BTU burner to distribute heat evenly.

It then comes with foldable stools for your convenience. The multipurpose grill is the answer to all your grilling questions.

7) Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill – Gl10447

Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill - Gl10447

What a strong hibachi grill? Made using cast iron the grill features nothing less than durability and efficiency. The round and tabletop grill is portable and allows you to begin cooking right away. It comes already pre-seasoned and will gladly cook for a few of your friends and family.

The item is lightweight making it portable and favorable for use during your outdoors. With the use of a few pieces of charcoal, the grill works well to grill your meats.

8) Mini Hibachi for use with Sterno #Hib-01

Mini Hibachi for use with Sterno #Hib-01

Lighting the small grill is as easy as scooping sterno gel below the iron bowl under the grate then lighting it.  Use it to cook your marshmallows, reheat your skewered meats or grilled veggies.

It doesn’t work with charcoal so you can use it on your table as you are eating to retain the heat of your meats.

It’s so small and made of cast iron, therefore, you will have your friends talking about the hibachi grill that is also known as pu pu

9) Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product’s Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product's Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill, 10 by 18-Inch

When most people see this item, they can’t help but want to buy it. The charcoals grill has 3 adjustable cooking grid levels leaving you in control of what happens to your grills. What I like about this option is that it will cook your meats to perfection.

The sturdy constructed Marsh Allen has wooden handles that you can use to adjust the food on the grill. It also has its sides curved upwards to keep your food safe and in place.

Its two air vents give you the chance to control the air circulation in the grill thus determining its burning rate. It has a large cooking surface for most of your meals. Now this is my all time favorite because it’s easy to carry to whichever place you want because it’s light

The easy to use gadget has the split grill system to allow for different levels of cooking. Mind you, both sides have the 3 adjustment heights. The adjustable grates can either keep the food close to the heat or further away.

Made of cast iron It’s durable and will offer you a lifetime service.

10) Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Hibachi-Style Portable Cast Iron Charcoal BBQ Grill

Lastly, here is another ideal design to buy. I own this one and I couldn’t finish this article without telling you what it’s about. I’m a member of a family that loves going for picnics and camping. During this time, we test our cooking prowess and I must say this tool has really come in handy.

It has always worked because it occupies minimal space in my car but it cooks for a whole lot of people. Grilling has never been this fun with this item. From, meat to fish to seafood and even vegetable I enjoy cooking when I have it by my side.

Since it’s made of cast iron like most hibachi grills, its durable. Remember to clean it after it cools down and season it before storage.

How to Make Hibachi Grills at Home

What Is So Unique About the Grill That Makes It Popular

Home Hibachi Grills

The grill is as simple as having a container that has hot coals then you place a grill grate over them. It’s an open grilling system and the ancient style also has legs to support it.

However, like any other ancient thing, the modern-day hibachi has some modifications but they aren’t so important to the cooking process.

  • The grills are portable since they are small yet affordable.
  • They use charcoal which is cheap to buy and you can use wood as well.
  • The hibachi can still serve the ancient purpose of warming your house during the cold season.

This will work when your house has a proper ventilation system. Besides, the grill keeps the coal hot for long and thus you can grab a bite even in the middle of the night.

  • The grill is utterly flexible for use and you don’t have to worry about losing some of the parts when moving.


  • They are pretty small compared to most other grills which make it hard to cook in large quantities.
  • Though they are being modernized, no one has figured a way to regulate the heat. You only reduce the amount of charcoal you place in the grill when you want to reduce the temperature or adjust the vent.
  • Don’t use hibachis for cooking your large chunks of meat because it won’t cook the inner part. Instead, cook your thin meats for the great tastes.

The Buying Guide

Hibachis will rarely let you down. You can buy the ones you need to use only once on a special occasion at any store. However, when you want one that promises you durability, your search process may take a little more effort.

  • The material

Of course, there are hibachi grills made using different materials including stainless steel and aluminum among others but if you want one that will last for ages, choose the one made using cast iron.

They are heavier than the regular hibachi grills but they will serve you a lifetime. They are also not expensive

  • It’s easy to use

Go for a grill that you don’t have to crack your head down when you are fixing or adjusting its parts. An easy to use grill that has adjustable height is the way to go.

  • The handles

I would choose those with wood handles since wood will remain cool to touch when grilling and it’s simpler to use. However, if you can find metal handles that remain cool to touch as you are grilling why not buy it.

  • What heat source is used?

Most hibachi grills use charcoal and I prefer those ones but you can also have those that use propane, electricity and sometimes wood. I don’t know which choice works best for you but I would choose the charcoal one.

  • What is the size of the grilling surface area?

The hibachi grill is normally generally small but, you want one with a reasonable surface area enough to comfortably cook your meats.

  • What about the weight?

Of course, we have mentioned that cast iron ones are better but you don’t want it to be too heavy to enjoy using it when going for your outdoor activities.

  • Check its design

Remember, this is an item you intend to use every so often when you are moving around like going hiking or camping. If you find a grill that is too bulky or poorly designed, it will be hard to use. If you can find grills that have handles you can fold the better.

Using Your Hibachi Grills

It’s easy to use the grill you don’t need a lot of effort before you begin cooking your meal.

But, begin by seasoning your grill if the manufacturer hadn’t seasoned it first. This is especially so if you bought a cast iron hibachi grill.

  • How to season it

The one common thing about cast iron is that they are susceptible to corrosion and unless you season it properly, you may spoil the grill sooner than you should.

Begin by, cleaning the grill with water and a nylon brush to remove any dirt. Note that at this point you should never use soap or detergent just water and let it dry.

Using vegetable oil, olive oil or other food grade oil, give your grill the light coating.

Next, place your grill in the oven at 350˚F for only an hour then let it cool down and you are ready to use it.

  • Check the grill safety

Assuming you are using a cast iron grill, find a safe place to put the grill on a surface that is resistant to heat because cast iron retains heat for long. This is especially so if it has no legs to stabilize it and keep it above the surface.

  • To start the grill

Lighting the grill can be done in 3 different ways.

  • The pyramid method
  • Using the chimney starters which we cover in this post
  • The electric charcoal starters.

Using the chimney starters should take you 2 minutes to light. Find a metal can that has space underneath. This is where you will place your papers. Ensure it also has holes below then place your charcoal in the can. Light the paper and give the charcoal time to light.

In a few minutes, the charcoal should be red hot. Pour the hot charcoal in the hibachi grill then arrange as desired using the tongs.

Note, you should buy a charcoal chimney starter as it will save you from the hassle of starting your charcoal.

  • Let’s get grilling

Next, place your food grate back to the grill and adjust it to the level you want. This helps to slightly regulate the temperature.

Next place your food on the grate and begin cooking. If the grill has vents open them to heat up the charcoal faster.

  • After use

After you finish grilling and your grill is cool, you need to clean it. Remember you only use water and if need be mild soap. But its best to just use water.

Where to Buy the Grills From

Buying these grills is the easiest part you can buy them at any appliances store. Go to home depot stores, Lowe’s and other home improvement shops.

For those like me who prefer to go the easy way, go to the online stores where there’s a variety to choose from. Read the reviews and check the same item in different online stores before you make a decision into buying it. Such stores include Amazon, eBay among others.

Reasons Why You Should Buy It

  • Cooking is an art. I assume you have heard that phrase. When you are cooking outdoors in the presence of many of your friends and family it not only becomes an art but it’s fun too.
  • You diversify your cooking skills. There are meals that you must use hibachi grills to prepare. Especially the Asian and specifically Japanese meals. Don’t you want to try them out?
  • Also, if by any chance you enjoy Japanese meals then buying your hibachi grill is a great start to the Japanese style of cooking.
  • You have dishes that you ate in a particular restaurant but you haven’t recreated them at home with your regular cookers. With the hibachi grills, you will cook them. Example, it’s easy to cook fried rice on a high heated hibachi grill.
  • Your meats won’t have the same flavor as the one you do when you use the regular grill. Try cooking shrimps, pork dumplings and Kobe beef in this grill.

How Much Does the Grill Cost?

The hibachi grill price is dependent on a number of factors but it can cost anything from $30 to $200. You can even have those that cost up to $1500. Its all about the features it has.


To be honest, the number of great hibachi grills out there is increasing on a daily basis. If you will remember to keep yourself safe from fires by applying the safety measures of using an open grilling system, these items will serve you for long.



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