26 Hominy Recipes (Easy + Healthy)

Hominy is commonly used in Mexican cooking. Hominy corn is a uniquely flavored puffy and chewy big kernels of corn.

They have a memorable taste, and if you have tasted them before, you cannot forget about them.

They are fluffy, giant corns, and chewy because of the unique processing technique used to process them.

What is hominy corn

Hominy corn is made from maize. You can find it in both white and yellow colors.  This maize is put through a chemical process where it is subjected to an alkali solution.

This removes the germ and hull, making the grain puff up and swell to almost twice its size. 

What is hominy used for

Hominy is mainly used in Mexican cooking in stews, casseroles, and soups. It is also used to make cornflakes and cornmeal. 

hominy corn soup

You can buy hominy in either dried form or canned. The canned hominy is cooked and can be consumed as it is. But for the dried hominy, you will have to cook it first.

The hominy is cooked until soft. After that, you can use it as a thickening agent in soups, casserole, and stew.

How to prepare hominy

You can purchase hominy in 2 forms, either as dried hominy or canned. 

  • How to prepare dried hominy

After hominy is dried to form dried harmony, it is grounded to form some form of flour. Thus flour is cooked with milk or water to form a porridge-like meal.

  • How to prepare canned hominy

Canned hominy is used the way sweet corn is. First, drain it to get rid of all the liquid to use it. Then, you can use it in chili recipes, in cornbread, chicken soup, etc.

Hominy comes in 2 colors, white and yellow hominy. They are used in different recipes. Here are some of the hominy recipes:

White hominy recipes

1. Pantry White Bean Salsa Verde Soup 

This is a recipe consisting of items in your pantry. This is an easy 10 minutes recipe; therefore, you can make it on weeknight dinner. It is a hearty meal that your family will love.

Add some vegetables like cilantro and avocado. Then, add some lime juice to add some zing to it and then hot sauce to get the fantastic kick.

Serve while hot.

Here is the recipe.

2. Ham Hock-Hominy Soup


This is a delicious gluten-free hominy soup that will have your family coming back for a second serving. It is highly nutritious. It tastes just as good as it looks.

In this recipe, you can either use white or yellow hominy. You will also incorporate locally available ingredients to make it more delicious. This is not a classic Mexican soup, but it tastes just as good.

Here is the recipe.

3.Masato de Maíz Blanco

Masato de Maiz Blanco is a traditional Colombian drink, also known as a White Hominy Corn drink. It is a refreshing drink. Masato de Maiz Blanco is a thin drink, and you should serve it cold. You can garnish it with some ground cinnamon. 

Masato de Maiz Blanco tastes better when left to ferment. The fermented version has more flavor; therefore, let it rest for a few days in a plastic container. Traditionally, it is left to rest in a clay pot.

Here is the recipe.

4. Sticky Rice and Hominy (Xoi Bap)


This is a Vietnamese recipe. Sticky rice is primary in Vietnamese cuisine. However, sticky rice cannot exist on its own because it is bland and lacks a lot of flavors. That is where sweet white hominy cony comes in handy.

This sticky rice and hominy pair well, but the recipe tops it with fried onions and mung beans to make it better. It has various textures, and the different flavors from the ingredients come together to form a complex, dreamy flavor.

This dish is dense; therefore, be sure you will be satisfied for long. It, however, has a lot of carbs; therefore, if you are checking your weight, take it in moderation. 

 It is hearty and delicious. Your family will love it. 

Take it with beef stew or your favorite stew. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

5. Canjica (Brazilian Hominy Pudding)


Canjica is a delicious Brazilian dessert made from white hominy corn. It is a pudding in form. You might have had it being called Mugunza by other people and online. It is creamy and sweet. 

Canjica is a heart and comforting food perfect for cold winter evenings and when you are having a gloomy day. This recipe is straightforward. Serve it hot. It will feel like porridge. But you can as well serve it cold, and you will get a rice pudding vibe. 

Garnish it with cinnamons and peanuts. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

6. Cauliflower, white bean, and hominy chili


This is a nutritious, vegan, gluten-free dish that will soon become your every week night’s favorite. It is a hearty and rustic meal. The cauliflower added takes it to a whole new level.  The sauce is thick, thicken by the slightly crushed bean.

Do not be shy with the onion, garlic, cumin, and chili powder to get the full, mouthwatering flavor. Add some cilantro to garnish.

Here is the recipe.   

7. Blue Cheese Hominy Casserole


I remember enjoying this blue cheese hominy casserole all through my childhood. It was and still is one of the best comfort foods I have ever enjoyed. This casserole is so hearty and homely. Try the recipe, and I guarantee you will thanks me later.

The blue cheese hominy casserole recipe is straightforward even for beginners. You can enjoy this casserole as a side dish.  Serve while hot.

Here is the recipe.

8. White bean and Hominy Chili with Sweet Potato Jalapeno Corn Muffins


My secret addiction is sweet potato. And I have to admit, the word sweet potato is what drew me to this recipe. However, the whole dish in its entirety shook me. This meal is savory and spicy, just the way I like it. 

The sweet potato jalapeno corn muffins are delicious. However, paired with white beans and hominy chili, they taste like tiny bits of heaven. 

Serve it at the temperature of your liking and enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

9. Hominy salad/salsa


When I first ate this salad, I was in an Indian restaurant. It was strange because I had initially believed that hominy is only a Mexican ingredient. So I tasted it with a lot of doubt. But immediately after I took the first bite, I knew I could never go back. So it instantly became my number one salad.

Stumbling upon this hominy salad recipe has to be one of the best things ever happened to me. The recipe does not disappoint. It is straightforward and perfect for people who have a hard time following recipe instructions.

Serve it hot.

Here is the recipe.

10. Classic White Hominy Grits


Grits are common in southern America. They are made from grounded white hominy corn and are chewy and bland in flavor. You will learn how to sweeten them and enjoy them as part of a meal in this recipe.

They are easy to make. You can sweeten it with honey and raisins. You can also fry it or slather it with cheese or butter.

The recipe is simple, and it will be ready in 5 minutes. Serve warm with butter and honey.

Here is the recipe.

Yellow hominy recipes

11. Hominy Sausage Bake


This is a delicious hominy bake made from baking sausages, hominy, ham, and some vegetables. It is a different but fun way of enjoying hominy corn. 

You can add other ingredients as you want. Add seasoning, spices, and herbs too. You can play around with the recipe and add ingredients that are not in the recipe.

Serve it hot with a side of salad. Enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

12. Lamb Shoulder, White Bean, Hominy & Green Chile Stew 


This is a delicious, one-pot meal that is guaranteed to leave you full for a long time. It is easy to make. Every bite is a burst of flavor that will make you want more and more. 

Lamb’s shoulder, shite bean, hominy, and green chile stew is a nutritious dish that provides all the nutrients in one pot. You can add your vegetable of choice to make it greener. You can use either fresh or frozen vegetables. 

Garnish it with cilantro, and serve hot.

Here is the recipe.

13. Hominy Casserole


Hominy casserole is perfect for holidays or family get-togethers. It is comfort food that is perfect for bonding and festive times. It might not be my best casserole, but it sure ranks in the top 3.

If you want to be a little more adventurous, add some bacon, chicken, and chopped zucchini. Then, of course, you can add anything else you prefer.

Serve it warm with a side of steamed broccoli and meat stew, and enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

14. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili (with hominy)


This is another hearty chili to enjoy during a gloomy day or cold winter days.  It consists of white beans with hominy topped with chicken soup cream. The hominy to use should be of your choice. Both yellow and white hominy work well.

The slow cooker white chicken chili is flavourful with a brothy consistency. You can dictate the amount of broth to use. Use as much as you want.

The white chicken chili is made in a slow cooker, and you can use a crockpot too.  Put as much seasoning as you possibly can(or like). Remember, the secret to delicious chili is in its seasoning.

Serve hot with your favorite toppings.

Here is the recipe.

15. Chili Cheesy Hominy Casserole


I have you covered if you are wondering what to carry with you to the next family gathering. This is a delicious casserole that is dense; therefore, do not make a lot of it. 

If you do not have yellow hominy, you can use the white one instead, but I like both. I find the white and yellow contrast interesting making it less work to garnish the dish.

This recipe recommends using sour cream. This will result in a heavy mix. You can add some greek yogurt to make it lighter. I add fresh green chillis too to make it have a more fresh taste.

Serve it hot. Serve it with beef stew or some beans and a slice of avocado. Delicious!

Here is the recipe.

16. Pioneer Woman’s Ranch-Style Hominy Casserole


I am obsessed with Hominy casserole. It is a flexible casserole that you can make in many ways. This is one of my best hominy casserole recipes. It is hearty and contains most of the ingredients I love. 

The bacon transforms this casserole from a basic hominy casserole to the type I will gladly pay a lot of money for in the restaurant. The good news is that you can prepare the bacon the way you seem fit. It will not interfere with your outcome.

You can also opt out of the breadcrumbs if you prefer. I have tried it either way, and there is no significant difference. Add the seasonings and spices as you prefer. And when ready, bake it.

Serve your casserole while hot with a vegetable side dish.

Here is the recipe.

Mexican hominy recipes

17. Mexican Pozole (Posole)


Mexican  Pozole is a Mexican dish that is celebrated all over America and Europe, if not worldwide. It is the best meal on a budget. It is easy to make and perfect for a crowd. 

Pozole is a tasty, hot, and spicy pork in a soup made from yellow hominy corn. Of course, you can also use white hominy as per the recipe, but I believe the yellow one brings out a fantastic color that blends well with the brown-red color of the soup.

Add some lemon juice for tanginess and cilantro to garnish. Serve while hot.

Here is the recipe.

18. White Menudo Soup Recipe


White Menudo is an easy Mexican soup that originated from Sinaloa in Mexico. It is made from a few ingredients; however, it is flavourful.  To make a perfect Menudo, you can cook it overnight. However, you can also use a pressure cooker though I sometimes do not think it does justice to this heavenly soup.

Serve your Menudo in bowls and let everyone garnish theirs as they like.

Here is the recipe.

19. Vegan Poblano White Bean Chili


This is a deliciously smoky and hot Mexican dish made from bean chili, hominy, and corn.  The beans are mashed to thicken the soup. To improve on the texture and flavor, add some crumbled tortilla chips and avocado. 

Serve hot and enjoy.

Here is the recipe.

20. Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup with Hominy


This is one of the hearty and nourishing classic Mexican hominy dishes.  It is packed with lots of minerals and vitamins. 

With winter days ahead, I have started gathering soup recipes because my family will need many comforting dishes. This soup, by far, ranks amongst my top three. It is also filling; hence you can take it over dinner or lunch.

If you do not have enough time to make chicken broth from scratch, which I recommend you to, you can use store-bought chicken broth. The difference wouldn’t be that huge.

Serve it hot with a bowl of rice on the side.

Here is the recipe.

21. Pozole Verde con Pollo (Green Chicken-and-Hominy Stew)


This is a savory and delicious stew made from chicken and hominy. It is called green stew because of the cilantro, scallion, green chiles, and tomatillos. Green chicken and hominy stew have a complex flavor that will make you want to eat it more and more.

You can add green pumpkin seeds to get the creamy texture. Gren chicken and hominy stew will be ready in less than an hour, and even beginners can make it.

Serve it with your favorite side to enjoy a delicious Mexican dinner. 

Here is the recipe.

22. Mazamorra Dulce( sweet white hominy soup)


Mazmorra soups exist in 2 versions. The sweet one (sweet white harmony soup), which is more popular, and the vegetable version. This is a recipe to make the sweet mazamorra soup.

To make this soup, all you need is a handful of locally available ingredients together with the white hominy. You can either use dry white hominy or canned white hominy. However, it is essential to remember that they do not taste the same, and the canned one has a sweeter flavor with a different texture.

Serve it hot or cold for dinner with guava paste.

Here is the recipe.

23. Binatog Recipe


Binatog is a street snack that most Mexicans grew up enjoying. It is a classic Pinoy Merienda that is salted and served with coconut meat. The coconut meat is often grated.

Traditionally, Binatog was made using white corn, which the Mexicans soaked in salty water until it swelled.  Then they would boil the corn until the skin peels off. Finally, they would place the boiled corn in a bowl of sugar or salt with grated coconut meat.

However, with the presence of canned white hominy, you do not have to go through all that process. If you choose to use dried hominy, then let it soak overnight.

Eat while hot or cooled.

Here is the recipe.

Hominy vegetarian recipes

24. Vegan Hominy, Lima, and Great Northern Bean White Chili


Hominy recipes usually have some bit of meat here and there, and you might wonder what vegetarian dish to make with your canned hominy. Vegan hominy, lima, and great northern bean white chili is a delicious chili packed with so many proteins. It also boasts of a fantastic aroma that will make you hungry tenfold.

This recipe is perfect when you want to clear everything in your fridge. Therefore, you can add your favorite vegetables, whether fresh or frozen.

This recipe can be prepared in a crockpot or made on an instant pot. It is comforting and hearty. Don’t be shy about the seasonings, herbs, and spices.

Serve hot or warm.

Here is the recipe.

25. Hominy with Cilantro and Lime


Hominy with cilantro and lime is another easy hominy recipe. The secret to getting the best out of this recipe is adding as much seasoning as you would like. I like my dish hotly spiced. That is why I do not go easy on the pepper, but you should add it to your liking.

The lime juice sprinkled adds a zing to the fantastic dish. Serve hot.

Here is the recipe.

26. Meatless Potato Hominy Soup


Soup is the highlight of every meal, at least for me. I have made so many soups since I started cooking, some of which I have experimented and invented in my kitchen, at least I hope. 

But with all that experience, I am yet to find a soup that tastes better than this meatless potato hominy soup. Do not be mistaken, I love meat, but this soup makes me forget about it a bit. If you cannot do without meat, you can dress the soup up with some of it.

This recipe is perfect for both vegetarians and vegans. It is healthy and will leave you satisfied for a long time.

Serve it hot.

Here is the recipe.


Hominy is delicious. However, very few people are aware of its versatility. You can use it to make different kinds of dishes for different meals. Try out these recipes and enjoy.

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