44 Best Hong Kong Food You Can Try

Hong king is an international crossroad city where the east meets the west. It’s a home to a tribe that loves food. You see, the food business in the city has every reason to thrive.

This is because aside from our love of food, we enjoy dining and drinking out. It’s no wonder Hong Kong is known as a gourmet paradise. It’s home to about ten thousand restaurants, roadside stalls and street dishes.

Hong Kong Food

Believe it or not, these food joints don’t go through the turbulence that affects food business globally. We may attribute it to the fact that the joints offer a plethora of cooking styles with distinctive tastes and fragrance.

Here is my advice, if you are a tourist visiting the city, it’s okay to enjoy all the attractive sites and historical cultural practices of the city.

However, your epitome of enjoyment will only come when you open yourself to enjoy the restaurants as well as roadside meals and drinks.


Like I’ve stated already if you want to enjoy your trip, embrace the Hong Kong lifestyle. This won’t only assure you of fun but you will avoid landing in various awkward positions.

Unlike other places of the world, sharing the table in Hong Kong and other major cities is expected and perceived normal. In fact, when you visit the crowded joints you should know that you are expected to eat very fast and excuse others to eat as well.

The foods served to you have hidden costs. This is especially so in Chinese restaurants. If you are given other things aside from what you ordered there is an extra pay expected so reject if you don’t want it.

Sometime you may meet rude people who are ready to scold you. I’m not saying we aren’t friendly, just forewarning you against the possibility of meeting the arrogant ones. I mean, isn’t it just normal that some people due to the challenges they face may be rude?

If you aren’t okay to eat the authentic Chinese dishes, worry not because your western cuisines are equally accessible.

If you are adventurous and would love to sample the dazzling Asian cuisines, Hong Kong is the city to do so.

Basically, Hong Kong is the city to try out the exquisite and tasty meals. No wonder it’s the city that holds the ‘world food fair’.

Since it’s an international city that is home to people from different regions of the world, different cuisines are represented.

In this article, I am trying to find out what things to eat and where to eat in hong kong for you.

The 45 foods in Hong Kong You should Try

1. Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu 2

You have probably heard about this unique dish that stinks literary but is delicious. It’s famously used in China and Taiwan.

It’s a snack that you deep-fry after the fermentation process. The result is a strangely smelling stinky tofu with a mild taste of sweetened soybeans.

The stinky tofu was accidentally discovered during the Qing dynasty and has since become popular across China and other Asian countries.

For those of you who believe that your meal must have an attractive, you may not want to taste this but you will miss out. It has a mild flavor and its smell is from the brine that comes from milk or shrimp.

There are so many places to find it since it’s a street food of hong kong but below is the address you can go to.

Place: KAI KEI snacks

Address: 41 Dundas street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

2. Dim sum

kinds of Dim Sum

Your other food to try when visiting Hong Kong is dim sum. Dim sum literary means ‘touch your heart’ and it sure does touch your heart especially since Hong Kong is the home of dim sum. The dim sum items are either deep-fried, steamed, baked or pan-fried.

We believe in a culture of drinking hot tea (yum cha) and this tea is often served with tiny bite-size snacks. No wonder, dim sum is famous in tea houses. It ranges from braised chicken feet to porky Siu Mai or shrimp har gow.

It’s not only famous to eat dim sum along with your tea but it offers a delicious experience. The tea house is your place to catch up which means it’s usually full of chatter that complements the good dim sum.

Place: Lin Heung teahouse

Address: 162 Wellington street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

3. Fish balls

Fish balls

We say that this is a typical Hong Kong snack as everybody knows how delicious it is. The snack is made using fish meat and it’s famous in food stalls.

The food became popular in 1950. At the food stalls, they are sold with sweet and spicy sauces.

Alternatively, you may have it cooked and served as a major ingredient of hot pot. Sometimes they cook it with noodles in a hot soup. These ones taste different from the famous snack one above.

Nevertheless, they are readily accessible in traditional markets.

Statistics say that in a day we consume millions of fish balls which means everyone has their favorite fish ball joint.

Place : Tung tat restaurant

Address: G/F 172 Fa Yuen street Mong Kok.

4. Char Siu and roast duck

Char Siu and roast duck

From the top restaurants to the street stalls the roast duck and Char Siu are widely known. You will notice the roasts hanging on the window of the restaurants or stalls. This is to lure you into eating them.

Char Siu is the reddish Hong Kong style pork barbecue. Using hoisin, honey and rice wine the pork acquires its reddish color and a sweet and spicy flavor. Char Siu is popularly used for filling of the dim sum dumplings/rolls.

Char Siu 1

You can also have the roasted duck which is popular for its tender, flavorful and juicy meat as well as the crispy skin. Don’t confuse it with Peking duck because it’s nothing similar although it’s equally sweet.

roasted duck

Place: Kwan Yu roasted meat (it’s popularly known for its roasted meats which include pork duck and chicken)

Address: G/F, 102 Electric road, Tin Hau Hong Kong.

5. Clay pot rice


Who wouldn’t love the clay pot rice?

This Cantonese rice will render you addicted. About its name, the dish features a rice with marinated meat and veggies which you cook in a clay pot then drizzle your unique flavors on the sauce. with this cooking, you expect to find a flavorful dish.

The rice comes in varieties which include pork ribs and black beans, Chinese sausage and salted fish. What makes the rice stand out is the sauce you splash over the rice before you begin eating it. Moreover, the crunchy rice with a mixture of other ingredients is a result of a sweet aroma.

Place: Visit shop 1 Kwan Kee clay pot rice

Address: Wo Yick mansion, 263 queen’s road west, western district.

6. Lo Mai Gai

Lo Mai Gai

It’s another classic dim sum dish that’s a little larger and means steamed glutinous rice and chicken in Cantonese. Some people use pork or Chinese sausage then its steamed with lotus leaves. The flavors blend to produce a unique fragrance and nice texture.

Place: Tim ho wan restaurant

This restaurant serves the Michelin star rated meals. It’s a joint loved by both expatriates and locals.

Address: shop 12A IFC mall, Hong Kong Central.

7. Egg waffles

Egg Waffle

This is a crunchy, fluffy egg waffle that will remind any Hong Kong-born of their childhood days. It’s made with eggs, sugar and flour which is cooked between two plates and round cells. Enjoy these treats with the additional fruits and other sauces.

However, the natives know that the egg waffles are eaten plain in a paper and piping hot. You will find them anywhere in Hong Kong mainly because they grab and go snacks. They are crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside.

Place: Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles

Address: 492 Kings’ road, North point.

8. Pineapple bun

pineapple bun

Before your mind races to the pineapple, you should note that the bun has no pineapple. The name comes from the shape and pattern of the bun’s top. It looks like the pineapple skin. Like many other buns, it’s made using eggs, flour milk and water.

They are mostly eaten for breakfast and you can find it in almost any bakery in town. The bun assumes a crispy top and soft bottom while the best of this bun is served with butter in the middle.

Place: Tsoi Wah restaurant

Address: 15 Wellington street, central Hong Kong.

9. Chicken feet

Chicken feet dim sum

Forget about your tendency to feel like it looks awful and you will enjoy this meal. It features a Cantonese dish that is deep fried then stewed in black bean sauce. They sometimes refer to it as phoenix talons.

Most foreigners are a little adamant to try this dish but not the older generation of the Chinese. Remember to cut off the nails before you begin to cook. You can serve the chicken feet individually or with rice and pork ribs.

The chicken feet are good for your skin because it contains collagen.

Restaurant: Fu sing

Address: 353 Lockhart road, sunshine plaza Hong Kong.

10. Har Gow

Har Gow

This is basically a steamed shrimp dumpling and is another dim sum signature dish. In a bamboo steamer, you have 4 pieces of har gow with each piece having a shrimp or 2 and a wrapper that has a little pork.

It appears crystal like when served and it is a bite-size juicy dumpling. It is served in dim sum tables with the fresh ones made of sweet shrimps and chopped bamboo shoots.

Restaurant: Man wah,

Address: 5 Connaught road central, 25/F mandarin oriental Hong Kong.

11. Roast goose

Roast goose

This is your other best eats in Hong Kong. The secret to the best roasted goose is the marination done using the secret spices and aromatics. To further blend in the ingredients it’s roasted using charcoal until it turns golden crispy.

You should never visit Hong Kong and not try out this juicy, lusciously sweet and succulent meat.

Place: Yat Lok

The address: Conwell hse G/F 34-38 Stanley St, central Hong Kong.

12. Cheung fun

Cheung fun

This is your dish for either lunch or breakfast and it’s also called rice noodle roll. It’s made by rolling your rice into a long, silky cylinder shape.

You then add the prawn or Chinese barbecue pork folded to layers. You can then coat in sesame paste, hoisin, soy sauce and roasted sesame seeds.

Place: Fat Kee 67

Address: Kin Yip St, Yuen long.

13. Egg tart

Portuguese Egg Tart

This is a snack that is closely like the custard tart of the British. Its origin is murky but today the Hong style egg tart has become quite common. It uses the paste from egg yolks and ice then layered with buttered pastry. You fold it many times and let it rest in the fridge.

Place: Honolulu coffee shop

Address: 176 Hennessy road Wan Chai.

14. Siu Mai

Siu Mai

It’s also known as shumai and they feature a Chinese steamed dumpling. It’s served as a dim sum but its best eaten in the restaurants than on the roadside stalls. The dumpling features a minced fish or pork that you wrap in a bright yellow wrapper.

You have 5 of them skewed on a stick like kebabs and the toppings are usually sweet soy sauce and Chiu Chow chilli oil.

Place: Hop Yik Tai

G/F 121 Kweilin street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.

15. Sweet and sour pork

sweet and sour pork with pineapple

This is another famous meal in Hong Kong and it has made its way to the world Chinese restaurants and takeouts. This is also famous in the Cantonese cooking and Hong Kong specifically. The bite sizes of meats are first battered then deep fried.

You then stir them with onions and bell peppers as well as a sweet and sour sauce. The pork tenderloin and ribs are used when making this dish.

Place: Chung’s kitchen

Address: sop 1201, 12/F, times square, 1 Matheson street, Causeway bay, Hong Kong.

16. Wontons


It’s made using a thin skin and rich meat fillings. Its soup is made using pork, chicken and duck that is simmered for a long time. Its smooth and oily and the Hong Kong style doesn’t have peppers.

Wonton is also known as Chao Shoo which means crossed hands. You take other required ingredients and add them to the clear soup.

There are a variety of shapes but they differ depending on the region that is making it. The Sichuan style of wonton noodles is however popular.

Place: Tsim Chai Kee Noodle

Address: 98 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong Island.

17. Organs in a pot

Organs in a pot

This is a popular street food. It’s a pot of offal, innards, entrails and cow or pigs’ organs. You mix it with radish, peppers and sweet-salty.

Its looks may deceive you into thinking that it’s bad but, it tastes pretty good. This dish is an indication of the fact that the Chinese will not let any part of the animal go to waste.

Place: food stalls at mong Kok street market

Address: Yau Tsim Mong district, West Kowloon peninsula Hong Kong.

18. Fake shark fin soup

Fake shark fin soup

In the olden days, most sellers used the shark leftovers to make the soup but today they use vermicelli as the major ingredient this is the reason why the word fake is added to the name. As the soup boils, add mushrooms, pork and black fungus.

To accompany the meat, add pepper, Zhejiang vinegar and sesame oil. They are usually served in the small bowls by street vendors.

Place: Lvzaiji restaurant

Address: A121 Shau Kei Wan Main East Street.

19. Eggplant with minced pork

Eggplant with minced pork

This is a Sichuan dish that is mostly served in Hong Kong restaurants. You cut the eggplant into slices and then fry it with cucumbers.

You then add the minced pork and fried broad bean paste and seasonings (red peppers, ginger, garlic, sugar, salt and soy sauce).

What makes it special is the fact that you boil everything in a clay pot to make the minced pork flavors come out.

20. Hong Kong style milk tea

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong style milk tea gives isn’t only sweet but it’s a social drink that brings friends together. This tea consists of Ceylon black tea, evaporated milk and sugar. The tea is at the bottom of the glass and the evaporated milk is at the top.

Understand that Hong Kong people believe that the cup of milk should be stronger than the tea. The milk tea is a symbol of the Hong Kong culture.

Place: Lan Fong Yuen milk tea restaurant

Address: 2 Gage street, Central Hong Kong.

21. The Hong Kong style French toast

The Hong Kong style French toast

Are you feeling stressed out and looking for a perfect embrace? This toast will give you exactly that. It features 2 pieces of toast that have a spread of butter or jam. You soak this toast in egg batter then fry it in butter.

When it comes to its service, use more butter and syrup. This is a great combination of simple textures and flavors. It’s not only sweet and savory but also soft and crispy.

Place: Lan Fong Yuen

Address: 6 Gage street, Central Hong Kong.

22. Sweet tofu soup

Sweet tofu soup

If you are looking for some satisfying soup made using uniquely authentic ingredients this is surely the one.

You may find it smooth and soft then you dip in a sweet syrup and sprinkle the yellow sugar over it.

Find it at a stall at Kin Hing.

23. Rickshaw noodles

Rickshaw noodles

Another fast food dish that offers good value for money. This one features instant noodles, fish ball, carrots, sirloin, soups and sauces. Since the meal features many ingredients the dish is a mix of various flavors.

The dish is sold in the street shops and the vendors allow you to choose your soup base, veggies, meats, noodle type among other additions.

Place: Wing Kee noodle

Address: G/F, 27A Sugar street, Causeway Bay.

24. Scrambled egg sandwich

Scrambled egg sandwich

This is another famous breakfast meal or your comfort food after a hard day’s work. It features a creamy and puffy sandwich.

Place: Sun Hang Yuen

Address: 38A Kweilin St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.

25. Grilled squid tentacles

Grilled squid tentacles

This is your perfect snack if you love oil-laden foods. I know the fact that tourists find it strange but you will notice that the locals enjoy the meal. This skewered meal will give you a chewy and rubber kind texture. I believe that the color says it all.

They are rich in flavor which is a result of teriyaki, honey, barbecue and chilli. Take either of the sauces and rub over the tentacles before you begin the grilling process. You will find the natives enjoying the grills after a busy day at work. This is to assure you that they are super amazing.

Place: Intersection of Dundas street and Sai Yeung Choi

Address: Mong Kok street, Hong Kong.

26. The fried pig intestines

The fried pig intestines

This one I must say, excuse me. Nevertheless, the natives love fried pig intestines and to your utter amazement, they get cravings for the same. Believe it or not, this cheap snack is crispy, deep fried and full of flavor.

The outer crispy part is the shell to the inner soft and tender parts. If you love some zing, dip it in your chilli sauce and other sauces. Some people eat it with a glass of juice.

Place: Delicious food shop

Address: Shop 10, G/F, 30-32 Nullah road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong.

27. Fried chestnut

Fried chestnut

This is simple yet great tasting street snack. They are healthy nuts and you can enjoy them during all seasons of the year.

I always see various hawkers pedalling their chestnut carts reminding me of the Christmas and winter season.

For the delicious taste, scoop out from cauldrons and eat with hot chocolate.

Aside from hawkers in every part of the city get them at temple street night market that’s between Jordan road and Kansu road in Hong Kong.

28. Mammy pancake

Mammy pancake

If you are looking for a snack with a great texture this is it. Like most other snacks, this is crisp on the outside and light, soft and pillowy on the inside. This serves you with a blend of flavors from green tea and coffee.

Place: Tsim Sha Tsui

Address: 8-12 Carnarvon road.

29. Block 18 doggies noodles

Block 18 doggies noodles

Here is your midnight snack. This features the bowls of springy noodles that is made with shrimp mushroom dried radish and fried pork fat. The noodles have an awesome texture and the flavor of pork fat adds a dash in your mouth.

Place: Temple street night market

Address: 27A, Ning Po Street, Jordan.

30. Cheung Hing Kee

Cheung Hing Kee

This is a soup filled dumpling. The snack has a thick coating with a crispy bottom. It’s made using black truffles.

Place: Din Tai Fung

Address: 48 lock road, Tsim Sha Tsoi.

31. Miniature wife cakes

Miniature wife cakes

This is a snack that most people enjoy. It features a flaky skin that is made using pork lard and a firm chewy filling. It’s made using almond paste and winter melon this makes it tasty and easily digestible.

Place: Hang Heung,

Address: 64 castle peak road, yuen long.

32. Trendy hot pot

Trendy hot pot

This is a good meal to take while catching up with friends, especially during winter season. It features a soup base, simple veggies base or congee and soy milk base. It may have the pork balls inside with a mango centre.

Place: Meghan’s kitchen

Address: 5/FLok Kei Center165-171 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai.

33. Beef brisket

Beef brisket

In Hong Kong, you will find chunks of brisket beef being stewed in pots. The pots have different sauces cooking. Meanwhile, the brisket is cooked until its tender and the juice is spread in all the sauces. The brisket is served with noodles.

Place: Kau Kee sells the best brisket.

Address: G/F 21 Gough street, Sheung Wan.

34. Fried rice

curry fried rice

While fried rice is widely common in China the curry fried rice is a staple food in Hong Kong. To make it you need a very hot wok and ensure you use it under moderate heat.

The rice is fried in the presence of curry powder and other seasonings as well as eggs, ham and the available seafood.

With the above combination, you are bound to have a richly flavored rice.

Place: Yun Kin fast food

Address: shop A G/F Po wan building, 6 Tai Ping Shan St Sheung Wan.

35. Pork chop rice/noodles

Pork chop rice

This is a lightly seasoned pork chop which you brush with corn-starch. It features a simple and incredibly delicious meal. this is a result of a perfect balance between meat and fat.

Place: Dai Pai Dong

Address: Sham Shui Po.

36. Steamed fish

Steamed fish

The steamed fish is prepped when you mix ginger, onions and soy sauce. Otherwise prep your fish with black bean sauce.

You will enjoy both styles of preparation and benefit from the vast nutrients available.

Place: Wing Kee restaurant

Address: Bowrington market, 21 Bowrington road, Wan Chai.

37. Congee


It’s a kind of rice porridge that you cook for many hours to come up with a thick, creamy and smooth bowl of congee. The congee is full of flavor from the pork bones, meat slices, fresh prawns and fish belly.

The congee is an assortment of a variety of ingredients. All this is meant to warm your heart and tummy.

Place: Congee king

Address: 7 heard street, Wan Chai Hong Kong.

38. Instant noodles

Instant Noodles

The Chinese don’t only love noodles but they were the first to use them. The Hong Kong noodles are readily available in most areas of the city.

The thought of instant noodles reminds me of my early years in school when I would prep the noodles for lunch because of its convenience.

Place: Bing Kee

Address 5 Shephard St, Tai Hang.

39. The Swiss chicken wings

Japanese Marinated Chicken Wings2

This is a western delicacy with an addition of Chinese flavor. Here is the example of how to eat it: French toast and swiss sauce chicken wings, pork chop burger or macaroni in tomato soup and fried eggs.

Although it has a label Swiss this is not a dish from Switzerland neither will you find it there.

Place: Tai Ping Koon restaurant

Address: 40 Granville road, Tsim Sha Sui, Kowloon.

40. Mango pudding in mango sauce with extra mango

Mango Pudding

The mango fruit is the love of Hui Lau Shan. There are mangoes that are originally from China today although this drink is made using the mangoes from Thai and China. The dessert chain uses the mango in almost every side dish.

This drink is a combination of thick mango puree, chunks of mango and mango ice. It features a robust of sweetness

Place: Hui Lau Shan

Address: Tsim shat Sui, Hong Kong.

41. Mulberry mistletoe tea

Mulberry mistletoe tea

We love to use traditional medicine to heal our various ailments. The traditional medicines though, never taste this good. It’s a sweet Chinese dessert that has a strong medicinal property. It will help you reinforce your kidneys or wade off rheumatism.

The tea is rich with flavors and generally addictive. The old generation adds the lotus seeds to the drink then drink it with a steamy sponge cake.

Place: Yuen Kee dessert

Address: G/F, 32 Central street, western district.

42. Snake soup

Snake soup

This is a Cantonese dish that is not only perfect for the cold weather but also a cure for many ailments. It features a combination of snake meat, ginger, pork meat and mushroom.

The soup works well in the company of fried bits of dough and some chrysanthemum petals. This gives it a good flavor and aroma.

Place: Se Wong Yan

Address: 80A, Woosung street, Jordan.

43. Roast chicken

Roast chicken

This is my personal favorite. The Cantonese are greatly talented when it comes to roasting meats they will make you addicted. The chicken is crispy on the outside but, tender, moist and juicy on the inside.

The roast is so oily that you would think its deep fried. For more flavors, deep the chicken in fragrant salt.

Place: Wing Kee restaurant

Address: Bowrington market, 21 Bowrington road, 2nd floor Wan Chai.

44. Lotus seed paste

Lotus seed paste

Lotus seeds are useful as desserts. This is made when you soak the lotus seeds, stew them then grind to a paste. You should then pass through a cheesecloth before adding sugar. In a huge wok, dry cook this paste.

The aim is to release the nutty and caramel flavors without burning. This should result in a delicious and velvety paste that you can stuff in the fluffy buns.

Place: Lin Heung tea house

Address: 162 Wellington street, Sheung Wan.

kinds of Dim Sum

44 Best Hong Kong Food You Can Try

Hong king is an international crossroad city where the east meets the west. It’s a home to a tribe that loves food. You see, the food business in the city has every reason to thrive.
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Course: Snack
Cuisine: Chinese


  • Stinky tofu
  • Dim sum
  • Fish balls
  • Char Siu and roast duck
  • Clay pot rice
  • Lo Mai Gai
  • Egg waffles
  • Pineapple bun
  • Chicken feet
  • Har Gow
  • Roast goose
  • Cheung fun
  • Egg tart
  • Siu Mai
  • Sweet and sour pork
  • Wontons
  • Organs in a pot
  • Fake shark fin soup
  • Eggplant with minced pork
  • Hong Kong style milk tea
  • The Hong Kong style French toast
  • Sweet tofu soup
  • Rickshaw noodles
  • Scrambled egg sandwich
  • Grilled squid tentacles
  • The fried pig intestines
  • Fried chestnut
  • Mammy pancake
  • Block 18 doggies noodles
  • Cheung Hing Kee
  • Miniature wife cakes
  • Trendy hot pot
  • Beef brisket
  • Fried rice
  • Pork chop rice/noodles
  • Steamed fish
  • Congee
  • Instant noodles
  • The Swiss chicken wings
  • Mango pudding in mango sauce with extra mango
  • Mulberry mistletoe tea
  • Snake soup
  • Roast chicken
  • Lotus seed paste
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