How To Reheat Ribs(Four Methods)

Can someone show me one person who is able to resist the most amazing part of meat called the ribs especially when it’s barbecued? I know for a fact that many people love barbecued ribs, in fact, the thought of that sweet, tender, salty, spicy and succulent ribs is so yummy!

Steamed Ribs

There are many recipes online and in different cultural cuisines for one to try. Here is one I did recently and couldn’t just get my hands and mouth off Chinese steamed ribs with Tempeh. If you have ever eaten a memorable meal where every distinctive ingredient added up to the flavour this was one such kind, believe me.

For me it’s next to impossible to have leftovers for this awesome dish but, there are those who can’t resist the temptation of making a lot more than needed.

If you are a culprit in this and you know clearly that human beings have distinct taste buds that will be able to tell when the dish is not exactly what they are used to, this article will be of great assistance to you.

Note that, you can reheat the ribs and still maintain the nutritious value as well as the most amazing taste and flavour.

The guidelines to follow when reheating ribs

Understand this fact dear friends, cooking meat makes it lose its moisture, protein tissues bit by bit and consequently making it less tender and less nutritious.

The protein content in the meat is often burnt down leaving little meat deposits on the bones. The best advice is, once you have finished serving and you have leftovers, store them in airtight containers or bags to maintain its moisture.

Before you start the reheating process you should find out whether the ribs are good. Always store your left over in the frozen mode because here, it will maintain its nutrients and flavour. However, if you left the meat in the freezer for long it may oxidize and the fats get bad while the surface becomes very hard.

When you feel the urge to eat the meat again, it’s advisable to thaw the frozen meat then steam it using a steaming basket to ensure the meat regains its lost moisture and warmth.

You may also place the container in hot water which is equally effective. If you have a barbecue joint then you may employ the help of a larger steam machine for steaming to be done first.

The 4 techniques employed in reheating the ribs

There are various techniques to use when reheating ribs but we dwell in the 4 common ones.

  • The Oven
  • The Grill
  • The Microwave
  • Sous vide

There are various factors that determine the best technique to choose for reheating. Below is a discussion of the techniques suitable.

Using the oven to reheat the ribs

the oven to reheat the ribs

This is said to be the most efficient way of reheating the ribs because it maintains its taste and flavour. If you own an oven in your kitchen you will be grateful for it after this process.


  • Aluminium foil is essential to maintain the heat in the ribs and to maintain its flavour too.
  • A baking pan for the process
  • Your ready barbecue sauce
  • The Oven

A video on how to reheat ribs in an oven

Steps involved

Step one- pre-heat the oven

To start you off, preheat your oven and use an oven thermometer to ensure the temperature is maintained at around 350 degrees F. This is an assured way to make the process quicker because by the time you are ready to place the ribs in for reheating it will be ready hot. Always use oven mitts when you want to place food or remove from the oven.

Step two-wrap the ribs

In order to ensure an evenly cooked leftover, you will need to ensure that every piece is wrapped in the aluminium foil.

To do this, lay your sheet on the table and place the ribs on the sheet then sprinkle the barbecue sauce over the ribs then cover all the pieces by rolling it and add another foil on the first one to ensure it’s nicely covered and all the nutrients will remain within.

Step three-reheating

When you have checked your oven temperature and you know that the temperature is appropriate you can place the ribs in and leave it in for about 20-25 minutes. Use your oven mitts when checking whether it’s cooked to avoid hand burns.

Your food is ready so you can remove it from the foil and place in a clean dish.

For your grill reheating

grill reheating ribs

If you sure want your ribs to taste the same way, this is the best method to use. Most people love it because of its marks on the ribs after reheating.


  • A grill which can either be a charcoal grill or gas grill. It really doesn’t matter much the kind of grill you use albeit, if you need the smoky flavour then a charcoal grill will win the day.
  • Barbecue sauce.
  • Barbecuing equipment.

Steps involved

Step one- cleaning

Remember, you used the grill yesterday or before so you will need to ensure it’s clean. This helps reduce the tendency to have germs and bacterial infection.

Step two-the marinade

Make use of the barbecue sauce and any other spices you need at this step. Cover the ribs with the sauce to prevent it from drying and enhance its flavour.

Step three-prepare your grill

Make sure the grill is at a medium heat and place the ribs on the grill.

Step 4- cook evenly

Check the ribs constantly to avoid burning. Turn over to the other side so as to reheat too then repeat the process with all the ribs pieces.

Use microwave heating

microwave heating ribs

This is said to be the easiest and quickest one to use if time is a limiting factor to you.


  • A plastic or glass container that is microwave friendly and has a fitting lid.
  • A microwave.

Steps involved

Step one- the preparation

Place and spread the ribs in the plastic or glass container then pour the barbecue source on the ribs.

Step two-now microwave the ribs

Once it’s ready, place the container into the microwave and choose a medium heat for it then set the time to heat between 3-5 minutes and check until it gets hot enough. And when hot remove from the microwave and serve.

Use the sous vide option

sous vide to reheat ribs

It is not a very common method. In sous vide method you need to place the ribs in an air sealed plastic bag and then place in boiling water and another option is where you place the air sealed plastic bag in a temperature monitored environment.

Step one- prepare your ribs

You will need to thaw your ribs, then pour your barbecue sauce on them in the air sealed plastic bag.

Step two- the temperature

The most appropriate temperature is 150 degrees F while the cooking time is between 45 minutes and 1 hour. If you need it to cook slower you can turn the temperature to lower degrees and the time will be 3 hours.

Its ready therefore just serve now.

The essential tips of consideration

To keep the juiciness of the ribs

Reheating any kind of food usually dries the water or juice it initially had because it had been cooked already. This may take away the moisture as well as the nutrients and flavour.

You see people are keen with their tastes and if you have a barbecue restaurant you will want them coming over and over again so, the trick is to cover the ribs with barbecue sauce when you are reheating. However, if you don’t have the sauce you can use butter as this will also keep the meat moist.

Maintain the right temperature

No one wants to bite a hot surface of the ribs and a cold center. This happens all the time to people when they have had to reheat the food. It is important to use a cooking thermometer as this will help you ensure the heat is evenly distributed when reheating and that the whole meat is reheated.

Give your leftover a makeover

There are times when the ribs still remain after you have reheated and served your people. Maybe you prepared way too much initially and the people have had enough.

Don’t worry because you can use the remaining leftovers in preparation of other dishes. There are thousands of recipes on the internet to try and come out with the best delicacies, do not throw the ribs away just yet.

Be careful with the leftover ribs

Ever gotten into a restaurant or home and found some awful smell you definitely guessed was something rotten in the fridge?

Well, most likely you guessed right. Meat stuff when not take care of is quick to get spoilt both raw and cooked. If this happens to your leftover ribs then you may have to discard it all. Always keep it in an appropriate temperature and avoid overhandling it.


Reheating food is a fairly common way to refresh the already cooked meal. Reheating ribs as you can see from the above techniques is very easy and fun if you know what to do. I would recommend using the grill to reheat your ribs because it is appealing to the eyes even after reheating.

The new marks make it stand out. The smoky flavour is my favourite, especially when using a charcoal grill while a grill is basically said to help retain the flavour taste and nutrients of the ribs. My second best bet would be the oven. Its major downfall is the time it takes to reheat.

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