How to Reheat Tamales

The sense of taste is one of the predominant senses in Human Beings. God has enabled us to taste the various flavors of any food or drink. By nature, Human Beings fed up quickly eating same kind of food for some time. God has also bestowed us with such a level of mentality that we are inventing new foods and drinks to satisfy our sense of taste. Some of these foods have quite natural tastes but most foods are made tasty and delicious through mixing various agents. Usually, these foods are tastier because we can increase or decrease various ingredients according to our taste.

Some foods and drinks are exclusive to some part of land but most foods are eaten all across the globe. There are also many such foods as are forbidden in a particular religion. Similarly, the likes and dislikes of the people of the East and the West are also different. But, the processed foods and soft drinks have become common all across the world. Although scientific research says that these are harmful to humans, yet these are being used as a fashion and trend of time.


Tamale is also a dish made from the dough of corn flour and is filled with vegetables, meat, cheese, fruits, or chilies. It is also called a Mexican dish and is equally liked in America. Tamales can be easily made at home and can also be purchased from the market. Usually, these kinds of foods are kept in refrigerators and prove a very good option in case of any emergency. Like all the other processed foods, Tamales are eaten while these are hot because the hot tamales have great taste. Heating tamales is also an easy but technical process because overheating may spoil their taste. Different tools and techniques are used for reheating tamales to enjoy the real taste.


The process of reheating tamales is used for heating frozen tamales. Following are the five best reheating options.

  1. Reheating by a steamer
  2. Reheating by a stove
  3. Reheating in an oven
  4. Reheating using a microwave
  5. Reheating through a deep fryer

1-Reheating by a Steamer

One of the easiest ways to reheat tamales is to use the steamer. This is because you do not have to monitor these while in the steamer. However this method takes time, but can be used when you are not free to watch it. The main steps in this reheating process are:

i-Fill the Steamer with Water

A steamer works with the steam created by water vapors. Thus, the first step in this reheating process is to fill the steamer with water. Here, always keep in mind that the water level should not be more than 1/4th of the total capacity. A pot with steaming rack can also be used if steamer is not available. Now, put the tamales on a rack at such a height that these should remain suspended. This is because dipping these in water will spoil the taste of the tamales.

ii-Arranging Tamales on the Rack

The next important step is the arrangement of tamales on the rack. Place the tamales in such a way that the end of the tamales should be towards the bottom of the pot. These should never be submerged in the water.

iii-Steaming the Tamales

After putting tamales on the rack, start the steaming process. Different time limits are set for different levels of freezing. For refrigerated tamales, steam these for 15-20 minutes. If the tamales are frozen, steam these for 20-30 minutes. Tamales will be reheated in a better way if the inside temperature of the steamer is 165 degree Fahrenheit. Cooking thermometer can also be used for checking the temperature of heated tamales.


2-Reheating by a Stove

It is perhaps the easiest way to reheat tamales because you do not need any equipment for it. Also, the tamales reheated in this way are well known for their taste. These become crispier and tastier. Here are the main steps for this kind of reheating.

i-Removing the Husks from Tamales

The very first step in reheating tamales by a stove is to peel off the husk from tamales. For reheating in stove, the husk is peeled off because tamales will not cook enough and the taste will not be great. In order to enjoy the real crispier taste, you will have to peel these off.

ii-Use of Some Cooking Oil

After removing the husk, pour some oil or any cooking agent in the pan and heat it for 2-3 minutes. When the oil becomes hot enough that it starts giving out smoke, put the tamales in it.

iii-Placing Tamales and Heating

After the oil becomes hot, put the tamales into the pan. Here, always keep in mind to use a lid cover over the pan to boost the heating process. Also, flip the tamales after every 2 or 3 minutes to assure that it is heated all around.


3-Reheating Tamales by an Oven

Another reheating method for tamales which we can easily use at home is the reheating in an oven. This method takes considerably long time but the tamales reheated through this process are evenly reheated. The main reheating steps through an oven are:

i-Pre-heat the Oven

The first step in tamales reheating in an oven is to pre-heat the oven. Keep in mind that the temperature of the oven should be 425 degree Fahrenheit or 218.3 degree centigrade. The too much preheated oven will ensure even heating of tamales.

ii-Wrapping Tamales

After achieving the desired temperature of the oven, wrap the tamales in a tin foil. Keep in mind to apply four layers of covering. Also, squeeze the bundles to avoid the presence of any air in between. This is because the air between the bundles will not allow these to heat evenly.

iii-Placing Tamales Tray in Oven

It is the most important step in reheating tamales in an oven. Put all the bundles in the tray of the oven. But, always keep in mind that these tamales should not be heated more than 20-30 minutes.


4-Reheating Tamales by Microwave

Microwave is one of the necessities of modern homes. These can be used for different purposes. Reheating tamales in a microwave is quite easy and can be used at domestic level. This method is used when there is an urgent need. The main reheating steps in this process are:


The first step in this reheating method is defrosting. Tamales are often kept in refrigerators and are also sometimes frozen for future use. Therefore, it is advisory to defrost the frozen tamales. The dieticians recommend that tamales should be made ready for microwave. Putting the frozen tamales in microwave will not work because the inside of the microwave will also become cold and will take more time.

ii-Wrapping the tamales

After defrosting, wrap up the tamales in a wet piece of paper or towel. This wrapping will save tamales from drying during heating process. Repeat this wrapping process for the two times.


Put the wrapped tamales in a microwave and apply heat. Always use this heating for only a few seconds and then stop. Unwrap and wrap the tamales with wet paper every time heat for 15 seconds. There is no need of removing husk from the tamales in this method.

5-Reheating in Deep Fryer

Deep Fryers are also commonly used in our houses. These are also used for cooking certain food items. Tamales can also be reheated in Deep Fryer for crispier taste. This reheating method will cover the tamales with thick layers and also increase the calories. Therefore, use this method only when you are not worried of extra calories. The simple steps of reheating tamales by this process are:

i-Put Oil and Heat

The first step in cooking tamales in a deep fryer is to put the oil in it and apply heat. Keep in mind to apply medium heat always.

ii-Defrosting Tamales

Defrosting tamales makes their heating easier. Thus when you want to reheat these, put them in refrigerator for one day. This will also defrost tamales. After you are sure that the tamales are no more frozen, put these into the fryer. Do all this cautiously because the cold tamales will cause bubbling of oils and may hurt you.

ii-Removing Husk and Wrapping Towel or Wet paper

After defrosting tamales, remove the husk and wrap the paper or towel on these tamales. This will save you from any injury due to oil bubbling because the towel or paper will suck any moisture on tamales.

iii-Cooking and Heating

After putting the tamales in the fryer, cook these for about 2-3 minutes. The upper coating will turn golden brown and the taste will also increase.


After reading all these methods of reheating tamales, we come to know that these are almost same with little differences. Except the reheating through steaming, all other methods use oil for cooking. The rightly cooked and heated tamales maintain their original taste and seem fresh on eating. Always keep in mind to reheat tamales in large batches because this will save your time and energy. Heating thermometer is also needed in some cases to avoid overheating. This is because the overheating will spoil the taste of these.

Tamales are such a food that everyone can easily prepare at home. The leftovers should always be enjoyed to feel the real taste. Most of the people place the leftovers in fridge and use after reheating. Reheating does not change the taste and you can enjoy the reheated tamales like fresh ones.

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