28 Instant Pot Chinese Recipes

Nowadays, most people continuously embrace instant pot for their recipes because it saves you time and energy. Additionally, the food cooked is healthier and tastier than the ones found in the restaurant.

You might have bought the instant pot recently, and you’re wondering what to cook with it. Here are some fantastic and crazy delicious ideas that you should use for a start.

But, of course, you will find regular Chinese take-out also that you should prepare from the comfort of your home.

1. Honey sesame instant pot Chinese

Honey sesame instant pot Chinese

The recipe with chicken thighs should always find its way into your special everyday meal. Honey sesame instant pot, for instance, only takes 25minutes to be ready.

It is combined with savory and sweet honey sesame sauce. The sticky sweet sesame sauce gives the chicken a vast flavor.

The duration of time depends on the part of the chicken being cooked. However, the instant pot still does its work of tenderizing the chicken.

This dinner is much better than the take-outs. I guarantee you will love it. Make this easy weeknight dinner your favorite with a side dish of rice and broccoli.

Here is the link for the recipe if you like the dish.

2. Gluten-free Chinese honey chicken

Gluten free Chinese honey chicken

This recipe is healthier and better than any of your favorite restaurant take-out. This gluten-free chicken is made with the classic flavor of a delicious honey sauce.

If you want to heat the spot and quench some chicken craving, this recipe should be your gig. The dishes lightly pan-fried with olive oil and buttered with scorn starch making it gluten-free.

This honey chicken can be healthy and nutritious as it has proteins and fewer calories. You can also add vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, or sugar snap peas to ensure the presence of vitamins.

Prepare the recipe with no-fuss, plus you can make it in many ways to suit your dietary or nutritional needs. Here is the link to more insight into the recipe.

3. Instant pot Cajun chicken and rice

Instant pot Cajun chicken and rice

Unlike other recipes that consider using thighs for the instant pot, this one uses the breast part. The breast is thinly cut to allow the different ingredients to sink in, producing a rich flavor.

It is one fascinating meal best preferable during the busy weeknights and can also be used during lunch as left overs.  

If you are fascinated with the recipe and wanting to try new things out of the ordinary, you can also try it by following this link.

4. Instant pot egg rolls

Instant pot egg rolls

Instant egg roll is not the ordinary instant pot recipe you have for your meals but guess what? If you never had an eggroll before, then you should pave the way for this Chinese classic.

It is not only flavourful but also a healthy meal with balanced nutrition.

The best thing about the recipe is that the possibilities are endless and so if you not comfortable using any ingredient, you can always replace the ingredient.

For instance, you can use turkey, pork, or beef with whichever seasoning you prefer. Once you see the recipe am sure you will rush to your kitchen to try it, so while you are on it, don’t forget t follow this link for an incredible experience.

5. Healthy bang bang shrimp

Healthy bang bang shrimp

As the name implies, this recipe is healthy bang bang no need to worry about those calories. It has less sweet with some spice. It uses greek yogurt to make it creamy and healthy.

This is such a great spin on the Chinese instant pot and healthy food for your family too. Of course, you can make it more healthy by using zucchini noodles. This recipe, in particular, is a lot healthier than the deep-fried shrimp.

If you are interested in making the bang bang shrimp dish healthy, here is a link to the recommended recipe.

You will find all information regarding it, like making the food healthier by using gluten-free ingredients or dairy free ingredients if you are prone to allergies. You can try this recipe by clicking on the link 

6. Instant pot Chinese pepper stick recipe

Instant pot Chinese pepper stick recipe

This recipe is bustling with flavor and is quick and ready to cook in the pressure cooker. Once you make this recipe, you will forgo the take-out recipe.

The beef strip is deep into soy sauce and brown sugar to bring out a fantastic flavor. Top it up with the green onions and peppers that take the flavors to the next level. You can  as well use  the  yellow bell pepper to add color and flavor

The recipe is better served with either brown or white rice. And it is best to freeze the rice in advance to reduce the workload during the day of serving.

Simplicity is the way to go, as you can also serve the recipe with steamed broccoli or salads. Here is a link to the best version of the recipe.

7. Instant port vegetable lo mein

Instant port vegetable lo mein

Here is a recipe that you can refer to and make your comfort food but at the same time enjoy a healthy meal any time you prepare it.

This instant port vegetable lo mein is an easy way of making the recipe compared to the traditional boiling of the noodles then followed by stir-frying. The recipe involves you cooking everything in the same pot hence efficient with time.

Dinner has never been easy using this recipe, I guarantee. You only need to note a few things regarding the recipe, use noodles of the best quality, change the vegetables and sources  to suit your preference, and ad sautéed tofu or another protein.

You can serve t lo mein alone or decide to use other Chinese ingredients like garlic chili potatoes. See the link to the recipe.

8. Healthy instant pot orange chicken

Healthy instant pot orange chicken

Instant pot orange chicken is among the healthiest instant Chinese recipe. The ingredients include chicken broth, vinegar, chicken breast, low sodium soy sauce, ginger, crushed red pepper, garlic, orange zest, orange flavor arrowroot flour, and honey richly and flavourful combined in one pot. This recipe best suits a meal prep. You can choose to cook rice in the pot or add brown precooked rice.

You can also store the recipe in the freezer depending on the length of time you intend to keep it there as long as you don’t exceed 3- 4 months.

You can store them in one large container placing the rice on the bottom and chicken on the top. During thawing using a microwave, the best temperature is between 5 to 7. There is more to learn about the recipe if you follow this link and get hooked.

9. Instant pot fried rice  

Instant pot fried rice

Fried rice is a popular Asian dish, and you can almost find it in any Asian restaurant. Of course, instant pot fried rice can easily be found in any Chinese restaurant, but you can also bring the restaurant feeling and gig at your home’s comfort by following this guide.

This recipe requires only 20 minutes to be ready, and you can either use it as a  side dish or the main dish.

Fried rice preparation is convenient, and at the same time, diverse worry not over what rice to use, you chose to use the uncooked rice or a day old rice the outcome is always perfect.

This recipe uses a bowl of long-grain white rice. They are perfect because of their firm, dry texture, which is a  good treat for a side dish. Here  is the  link  for  the  recipe  

10. Instant pot sweet and sour chicken

Instant pot sweet and sour chicken

Here is a recipe for those who love to keep it sour and sweet in their meals. The recipe is satisfying and tasty and has many fascinating ways of preparing it.

With a few ingredients in place, you can prepare this recipe and never crave those at the restaurant. 

The ingredients include chicken, cut into small one-inch strips corn starch, eggs, large room temp, flour, sunflower oil, red and green pepper, diced, sweet and sour sauce (Stir fry sauce), basmati rice, water, for rice, Green onions to garnish.

You can make this your go for  Chinese food by simply following this link for further information.

11. Instant pot shrimp fried rice

Instant pot shrimp fried rice

Amazing Chinese take-out right in your kitchen for a family weeknight treat. This simple and easy pot fried rice is packed with shrimp and rice as the main base of the recipe, carrots, peas, and scrambled eggs. Perfect for a weeknight. They also make a perfect addition to your leftover lunch.

This recipe should be your family favorite for with reason that cleaning after preparation is easy. Your kids will enjoy it. It is delicious, and the shrimp is tender and succulent.

You can store the shrimp-fried rice in the refrigerator between 4-5 days. Here is a guide for further insight into the recipe 

12. Instant pot cashew chicken

Instant pot cashew chicken

Suppose you are not aware that cashew nuts can bring the magic into your instant pot, then here is how to make it wow you. Of course, it is also an excellent take-out at Asian restaurants, but you can fake it until you make it in your home kitchen.

The significant part is that it is healthier than those made at the restaurant and equally delicious.

If your aiming at watching your carb content, you don’t have to serve the cashew nut chicken with white rice; instead, you can try it with spiraled zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice.

Since the meal is best preferable for a Sunday evening or lunch or just when you have enough time to prepare it for the busy week, you can make it and store it in the freezer. Here is the link to the recipe. Have fun.

13. Instant pot General Tso’s chicken

Instant pot General Tsos chicken

Instant pot Tso chicken is a perfect dinner made at home within 30 minutes. This is a Chinese favorite, perfect Tso takes out, which you can make from home and make it healthier than those found in the restaurant.

It is a weeknight treat as it is quick and easy to prepare, plus it is a stylish way to enjoy a meal with a sour and sweet flavor.

this sweet and sour dish can best be served with a hot mound of white rice and further garnished with green onion and toasted sesame seeds.

This recipe is super delicious, and if you find it fascinating, why not hit the button and check out one of the fantastic super-duper recipes. Make this recipe your all-time fall greatness. have fun! Follow the link for a better experience

14. Instant pot  beef and broccoli

Instant pot beef and broccoli

This beef and broccoli instant pot uses the simplest ingredients, which are also nutritious and flavourful. The recipe ingredients include boneless beef chuck, broccoli florets, garlic minced, cooking oil. You can serve this dish with an appetizer like Asian cucumber salad.

Wow, your family with this easy-to-do beef and broccoli instant pot recipe. You can use the link below if you have no idea where to start, and it’s the first time you are trying this recipe.

The guide will give your insight into any relevant information you require. So find the link and enjoy preparing this excellent meal.

15. Vegetable lo mein noodles

Vegetable lo mein noodles

Classic Chinese noodles have different vegetables that bring colorful Finnish to the recipe. With this recipe, there is that aspect of diversity in that ijt starts from simple ingredients.

Still, yoy can also have additional ingredients found in the refrigerator to enhance the taste further and play around with the flavor and taste.

You might also want to know the components of this recipe. Since it is vegetarian, it uses gluten-free spaghetti noodles, broccoli florets , sliced  green cabbage , green onions, carrots, and sauce, including any sesame, oil, and hoisin soy sauce.

You can get more information about the recipe by clicking here 

16. Instant pot lemon Chinese chicken

Instant pot lemon Chinese chicken

This instant pot Chinese lemon chicken has simple healthy and takes the shortest time to cook it. It is the best meal for the busy weeknights and quick lunch take-out.   

Once you try this recipe on the instant pot, no looking back again to stir-frying dishes, if time is a limiting factor for you, you can also decide to add the sauce into the chicken.

With this recipe, you can use the stovetop also to prepare or a slower cooker. However, the critical thing is what works best given that time is involved and a  healthy meal.

You can bring it to another level in this recipe by using broccoli as the side dish or adding any green vegetable to the chicken towards the end. here  is a guide to the recipe  

17. Instant pot vegetable chow mein

Instant pot vegetable chow mein

This recipe uses the original authentic way of preparing the chow mein, just like an  Asian pro.

The recipe uses dried noodles which is the authentic way of preparing chow mein. prepairing this recipe at home means you have control over the ingredients being used; hence you can watch over the sodium content and ensure no MSG.

This recipe is a hit with the kids, and your family, in general, will love it. The ingredients are simple, and most likely, you will find most of them in your kitchen pantry.

If this recipe sways you and you feel you need  some additional information, you can follow this link and make the  original version of chow mein

18. Instant pot Chinese ribs

Instant pot Chinese ribs

This instant pot of Chinese ribs is packed with hoisin sauce and also blended with ketchup. Additionally, there is Chinkiang vinegar and soy sauce, and that assists in bringing out the sweet-salty and sour vibe.

Also, note that when going for the ribs, do not choose one with a lot of meat; instead, Choose one with less meat to optimize the glaze to mate ratio. In case you have too much meat, grind them.

The instant pot ribs have a wide variety of what to serve with. You can serve it with a bowl of special fried rice, chips, noodles, or salad.

Cooking instant pot ribs bring succulent flavors; hence you should not hesitate to use them. Here is a link for more information

19. instant pot Chinese barbecue

instant pot Chinese barbecue

When you visit the Chinese restaurant, you mostly find this barbecue instant pot pork served as a  side dish, but that should not limit you from preparing it as the main meal while at home.

The best pork type to go for this recipe is the boneless spare ribs. This assists in saving time during chopping. You could serve it with chicken fried rice or broccoli.

In this particular recipe, you notice that the pork is red because food coloring is added to it; however, it does not enhance the flavor.

It is simply to make it look like those from the Asian restaurant. The more reason you should try this recipe at home as you can also play around with the ingredients and make it your version. Follow this link for the recipe and more.

20. Instant pot kung pao chicken

Instant pot kung pao chicken

Here you will have a boneless sautéed chicken in a sweet, sour, and spicy recipe better than those made in the restaurant. In just 15 min you will be enjoying your meal with the side dish of jasmine rice.

If you love hot spice, add the  Sichuan pepper making sure that they are thinly chopped. Sichuan pepper helps add spice to kung pao, making It exactly like the take-out from the restaurant.

If you Have all the ingredients in your pantry to make this richly flavored recipe, do not second guess whether it turns out best or not because here you have a recipe that you might  want to use to make the exact recipe as that from the restaurant here is how to go about it by using this link 

21. Instant pot multi cooker gem Chinese sweet and sour pork

Instant pot multi cooker gem Chinese sweet and sour pork

This recipe,  use any part of the pork, preferably the shoulder, will work perfectly. Remember, pork has a lot of fat, and if you feel uncomfortable with it, just cut as much as possible.

Make this Chinese sour and sweet pork using your instant port effortless and enjoy the chunks of pork in a sweet and sour sauce.

I bet, as they say. Every dog has its day, so does every cook. You might try a new recipe for the first time, but it does not come out as expected.

So please do not give up since you learn from the mistake. Maybe next time you make it, it will b perfect here is a recommended link to help guide you in making this recipe and, by any chance, also inspired to keep trying.

22. Sticky Chinese barbecue pork lettuce wrap

Sticky Chinese barbecue pork lettuce wrap

This easy-to-make barbecue recipe is perfect for a light lunch or dinner. The healthy Chinese barbecue is served with purple cabbage, crushed nuts, fresh cilantro, and lettuce wraps.

They make insanely delicious barbecue at the restaurant, but they are pretty unhealthy because the ingredient has MSG, the sauce is packed with sugar.

At least the one made at home is healthy and uses the right ingredients, plus the recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo-free.

The meal is packed with healthy nutrients, and so you can carry it for your lunch to the office and make everyone turn their heads. You can use this link for a better experience.

23. Instant pot steamed buns(Bao)

Instant pot steamed bunsBao

Also known as baozi, Bao is a  Chinese word meaning bun or bread. These are Chinese steamed buns that contain beans, meat custard, vegetables, and other fillings.

The flavors can range from sour to sweet. For this specific recipe, we use pork and beef for the filling. You can serve it hot with some tea on the side.

You can store the buns for later use by first putting them separately on an oven tray, then partially freeze and then place them in a Ziploc bag.

Also, make sure to remove the air before zipping. It can stay up to 3 months. This delicious steamed pot bun is delicious, and you should make it from your kitchen pantry. Here is the link to detailed information of all you need  to prepare the  dish

24. Instant pot lo mein vegan

Instant pot lo mein vegan

Here is a  recipe for those who are watching their weights, and also, if you are a  vegan, this lo mein is a perfectly healthy, nutritious start for you.

Plus, you can make it by switching the spices if you don’t want some without creating a mess.

The ingredients include oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, red onion, rice wine vinegar, vegetable stock, and you only need to mix until they are well combined.

If you are obsessed with eating healthy, then this is your boy, and you will love the recipe. Here is a link to make your experience making this dish memorable.

25. Instant pot kung pao chickpeas

Instant pot kung pao chickpeas

They say it’s a mixture of Indian Chinese cuisine, and chickpeas are vegan, kid-friendly, and gluten-free. It is served for dinner or lunch.

You can make the dish using stir fry, but instant pot is the best option for cooking chickpeas as it is fast. The dried chickpeas are the main ingredient, and you can soak it in advance for 8 hours or use a pressures cooker to boil it before preparing it

The recipe also requires you to use too many vegetables, and it is a great way to have extra nutrients in the food and essential for the kids who will love it.

But depending on your preference, you can permanently exclude or include what you prefer. For example, you can use mushrooms, baby corn, bell peppers, chestnuts, scallion to make this dish. Additionally, you can follow this link if you need more information.

26. Instant pot indo-chines corn soup

Instant pot indo chines corn soup

This is just another fantastic way of enjoying your meal by simply using the ingredients in your kitchen pantry, towing them all in the instant pot, and walking away.

It is not only time-saving but also a delicious corn soup. To prepare the recipe, you need vegetable broth, minced cabbage, minced carrots, kernels, ginger tamari, sesame oil, ground cumin, and pepper to taste.

You will also need a recipe guide that will inform the outcome of your cooking. Here is a link to the recipe. I hope you like it.

27. Instant pot tofu pudding (Dou Hua)

Instant pot tofu pudding Dou Hua

Fresh and melty, that is the best way it can describe this instant pot tofu pudding. It is a silky smooth soy pudding sprinkled with sweet ginger syrup.

This a kind of popular Chinese dessert you wouldn’t want to miss after a hefty meal. However, it can also be enjoyed in the form of sour and spicy snacks or desserts.

In the Chinese shops, you find an endless combination of this delicious pudding.

This pudding has its origin in China, but nowadays, most Asian countries have adopted the snack and even gave it different names according to the country, i.e., the Indonesian Tahwa, Thai taou Huai, Filipino Taho. You can enjoy the recipe and more information by clicking on this link

28. Vegan crockpot Chinese hot pot

Vegan crockpot Chinese hot pot

A soup is recommended to be explicitly taken during January to make you lose extra pounds during the holidays.

This Chinese crockpot recipe is spicy hot has chili peppers, or you can put Siraracha on the side to make it super-hot. But you can always put the amount you are comfortable with.

The meal is hearty and has extra vegetables and tofu, which is a perfect meal for vegans.

This recipe with the link that I would recommend you use has an additional cheese that makes it not vegan but vegetarian, but it does not require cheese. The flavors themselves are enough. Use this link to prepare this delicacy  

Advantages of using the instant pot  

If you are not yet fully convinced with the above recipe, maybe here are some reasons you should fully embrace using the instant pot recipe.

1. Uses less time

Using an instant pressure cooker saves you a lot of time compared to other cooking methods. It also uses 70% less energy, thus allows you to save a few dollars. Instant pot is a lifesaver.

For example, making a goat stew should take approximately 4- 8 hours compared to 30-40 minutes of using an instant pot

2. Results are healthy and tasty meals

The pressure cooker uses less liquid because the food retains its nutrient content, and the flavors come out so well. In addition, pressure cookers are known for making rigid meat tender, including the non-defrosted meat type, which eventually turns out delicious.

3. Simple and  easy to use

You see the manual, and you might be tempted to think that it is a whole load of work using this pressure cooker. To be precise, you only need to master a few buttons, and once you learn them, you are good to go.

You only need to learn the four buttons saute, manual, plus, then you place your ingredients and walk away and come back when it is ready to serve.  Since the pot is stainless steel, cleaning it is easy.

4. No need for defrosting food

When you go home from work exhausted, you want to prepare dinner, but you have food frozen in the refrigerator, and you need to defrost it in the microwave. The best alternative is to use a  pressure cooker to defrost it and cook the food instantly in a  few minutes.

5. Convenient to use

The pressure cooker is automated because a built-in micro-processor monitors the temperature, pressure and adjusts the intensity of heat and the timing according to the amount of food placed in the pot.

It automatically switches off itself and can keep the food warm but for up to10  hours. So you can engage in other activities as you wait for your food to cook.

6. Safe to use

It has a built-in safety mechanism that makes it safe to use all time. You can use it for up to 1 year with no worries of having scary, rattling exploitations of any kind. The pressure cooker’s safety is up to standard; hence, it should not be on the list of your worries.

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